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John Podesta Replaces John Kerry as U.S. Climate Envoy – HotAir

John Kerry is leaving his job as top climate grifter in the Biden administration. He’s moving to the Biden campaign. Yea! John Podesta is replacing him and remaining in the White House. Boo!

Kerry worked out of the State Department. Podesta is currently a senior adviser on clean energy. He doesn’t want to leave the White House so he won’t. Podesta’s new title will be senior adviser to the president for international climate policy. Ugh. That title tells me that Podesta will be jetting around the globe on a government plane or maybe a private plane like Kerry did. These progressive hypocrites just won’t go away.

Podesta now oversees implementation of Biden’s signature climate law, the Inflation Reduction Act. The law devoted billions of dollars to accelerating the nation’s transition to wind, solar and other sources of clean energy. Podesta also played a critical role in brokering the 2015 Paris climate agreement as a counselor to President Barack Obama, and helped steer President Bill Clinton’s environmental policies while serving as White House chief of staff.

The move comes at a crucial time for Biden’s climate agenda and global efforts to slow Earth’s dangerous warming. The president is racing to finalize strong environmental regulations by the end of his current term, as former president Donald Trump campaigns on a pledge to undo many of those actions. The outcome of the election could influence the credibility of the United States, the world’s biggest historical emitter of greenhouse gases, at the next U.N. Climate Change Conference this fall in Azerbaijan.

Our only hope for sanity is to get a Republican in the White House, probably Trump, who won’t kowtow to the lunatics in the climate hysteria world. Podesta is a longtime Swamp creature who knows a good grift when he sees it.

Podesta gushed over John Kerry.

“Secretary Kerry has put the U.S. back in leadership on climate around the world,” Podesta said in a phone interview with The Post on Wednesday. “And we’ll ensure that we keep up the momentum that has been built up through his efforts.”

What has Kerry accomplished to justify the position that Joe Biden made up for him? Nothing. He traveled to conferences but those conferences result in lots of preachy speeches and maybe a group statement that isn’t worth the paper it is written on. China and India continue to pollute the air with impunity. You can see that going to the next conference is the top priority. Gotta get to Azerbaijan in the fall.

Podesta plans to keep working on domestic clean energy projects. He may have to travel less than Kerry but that still could be a lot of taxpayer-funded travel. Kerry “kept up a fast-paced schedule flying around the world”, as the WaPo article reports. Kerry is considered a top U.S. climate diplomat in the role. What conflicts is he solving? All of this is just fantasy land, an excuse to keep Kerry in government and now to keep the made-up position going with a replacement.

There are tens of billions of dollars being flushed under the cover of the Inflation Reduction Act. When did John Podesta become a clean energy expert? He’s a political activist, a lawyer, and a lobbyist. He’s been around since the White House days of Bill Clinton. He was Clinton’s chief of staff. He was a counselor to Obama. He was chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. He’s known for his connection to the Center for American Progress, a progressive organization in D.C. Podesta is the organization’s former president. The 75-year-old Podesta is currently a chairman and counselor for the organization. It truly doesn’t get any swampier than Podesta.

If we lived in a sane world. the climate envoy position would be scrapped and taxpayers would be saved some money. I guess we’ll have to wait for a Republican to get back into the White House. Let’s hope that happens in November.

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