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Kamala Is Perfect, So Why Don’t People Like Her? – HotAir

TLDR: Kamala shockingly thinks that people don’t like her because they are sexist.

It’s really the only explanation, given that she is so inspiring.

Watching this clip makes me want to hurl. Not just because of the obvious and ridiculous sycophancy of Coates, a lawyer of some note who is now CNN’s Chief Legal Correspondent, nor because of Kamala’s default to the non-explanation of sexism as the sole reason why people think she is vapid, frequently incoherent, and obviously incompetent.

No, it’s this: We are seeing one more reminder of CNN and the entire MSM becoming no more than regime media whose sole goal is to prop up whatever Democrat Establishment narrative which happens to be trotted out that day.

Nobody likes Kamala and with good reason. She is incapable of expressing a thought more complicated than “Hello, my name is Kamala,” and she can only do that while cackling uncontrollably. It is hardly an exaggeration to say that the only reason she is in a position to replace Joe Biden in the Oval Office should the unfortunate happen is because she is a minority woman.

She is “DEI hire” exemplified. Ticks the boxes–even Joe Biden admitted it when he promised he would choose a Black woman to be his VP.

Democrat media can’t admit that, though, because nobody wants a DEI hire to be the Vice President, so Coates gets all fake emotional about how wonderful Kamala is. Passionate. Inspiring.

I refuse to believe that even a CNN correspondent actually believes that Kamala is presidential material, but Kamala is what she has to work with, so she gamely tries.

Even the sycophants at the DNC know that Kamala is a disaster, and I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that the primary reason Joe Biden is still in the presidential race is that everybody there knows that Kamala would be a disastrous candidate. She was so bad a candidate in 2019-20 that despite a massive media push to get her onto the ballot she disappointed voters so much that she didn’t make it to the first primary.

Democrats think she is an idiot and annoying to boot.

The sexism explanation is, shall we say, weak if not entirely implausible. Surely there is still sexism still out there, and you could find a few voters who wouldn’t vote for her based on her gender alone. But I can confidently say that sexism explains no more than a percent or two of the massive number of people who disdain her. If anything, her obvious idiocy reinforces the sexists’ worry that women aren’t capable of being leaders.

After all, if Kamala is the best they have, then Houston, we have a problem.

Of course Maggie Thatcher faced sexism, but the force of her intellect and her iron will dispelled any concerns about her, and she could win a Republican nomination in a walk. At least against almost anybody but Trump.

Alas, she isn’t eligible because, you know, she passed and was British.

The simple fact is that there haven’t been many presidents, and women didn’t become a force to be reckoned with in politics that long ago. Statistically the chance any one person will become president is zero. 1/330,000,000 in fact, which is 0.0000003%, which rounds down to zero quite readily.

That Kamala would win the lottery and become president is a joke and a bad one at that.

I have to believe that anybody who was an actual trial lawyer at a prestigious firm, no less a federal prosecutor as Laura Coates was, can believe that Kamala isn’t disdained because, well, she is an idiot.

Kamala is a halfwit. That is why people are scared that she may become president.

It is less scary to have a senile Joe Biden than Kamala Harris as president.

Yet CNN and Coates are participating in the “revive Kamala’s reputation” tour version 21.0–the last 20 haven’t worked because most people aren’t blind and deaf and can see for themselves.


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