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Killed Soldiers ‘Military Folks’ Who Died For the Administration – HotAir

As Ed noted in his headlines post, KJP is the worst press secretary ever to “grace” the podium at the White House.

On her best days, she does little more than engage in gaslighting to the American people, and on her average days, she does the same but incoherently.

But today? Today of all days? She insulted every American serving in our armed forces, especially the families of the three soldiers who died in an Iran-sponsored attack and the many more who were injured.

Of course, the entire administration from the president on down, has betrayed our soldiers, sailors, and airmen by pursuing policies that put them in harm’s way without advancing America’s interests, Americans’ safety, or the security of our allies. American lives and treasure are being thrown away in pursuit of manifestly stupid policies that make America and the world less secure.

But this? This is insulting:

It’s like she isn’t even pretending to care in any way, and she certainly misunderstands what the members of the military signed up to do.

The certainly didn’t sign up to serve an “administration;” they signed up to serve America and Americans.

It says quite a bit about how KJP and Biden see the military and their own role as the Executive branch of our country. The Executive Branch is supposed to serve Americans, just as the military serves America. We don’t have emperors, we don’t have a Praetorian Guard, and soldiers are not “folks.”

Beege, were she writing today, could speak to this much more eloquently than I. For her, the reaction would be visceral, as a former Marine. I see this through the eyes of an intellectual who is watching our Republic devolve into a degenerate mess run by crass, self-centered, half-witted fools who are dragging us into unnecessary conflicts and sacrificing American lives for nothing.

As much as Donald Trump gets accused, often rightly, for bending the truth, Biden does far worse in far more damaging ways. He just did so this weekend by spreading a falsehood spread by people who hate Trump:

Given that KJP thinks that soldiers serve Joe Biden and that Trump has done nothing but support our troops (who loved him a lot more than I do), it’s unsurprising that the Biden administration keeps failing to recruit people to serve.

It’s infuriating to see what this administration has done to disgrace America, weaken it, and turn our military into a DEI experiment that exists in their eyes to provide abortion services and sex change operations.

I find it impossible to express my disdain strongly enough. Biden and his crew are disgusting degenerates who can’t get booted fast enough.

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