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Not many of my leftoid friends are still speaking to me. Sure, they’ll “tolerate” a needy man in a dress shaking his bahookie in their kid’s face, but diversity of thought is verboten to the Marxist ambergris who have wormed their way into every institution in America.

Here is how a few of my friendships with pinkos ended via text, email, or Facebook Messenger. Names have been changed to protect the stupid:

Y’know, if you scroll through our conversation, you’ll see I already said I don’t give two f***s about investigating Hunter Biden. But I’m beginning to come to the conclusion that you’re a lost cause. As much as I love you and consider you a friend, I think we need to adjourn this convo for a while. You really don’t seem to understand that I am AFRAID that Trump (and you’ll notice, please, I use his name b/c it offends you when I don’t) will END OUR REPUBLIC. And yes, I’m shouting. I mean it. 

—KDJ’s “friend” Jack Pudding

Since this conversation, numerous blue states have tried to throw Trump off the ballot. Fourteen others are considering doing the same. Red states have yet to throw Biden off the ballot despite his seemingly treasonous relationship with China and leaving the border open to millions of illegal invaders. I’m going to call this a win for KDJ and a potentially huge loss for “OUR REPUBLIC” if we don’t get peacefully noisy.

Here is another, which I received after the raid on Mar-a-Lago. I’ll leave in the typos:

Dude you’re on the wrong side of history. I dont [sic] get you as yo [sic] seem smart. tRump [sic] was sending nuclear secrets to who knows!! prolly [sic] his buds in Saudi. How can you support this pile of s**t??!?? You know bookers avoid you right?

—KDJ’s comedian “friend” Shecky Dingleberry

Since this convo, we have learned that Gropey Joe Biden has stuffed classified documents — which are illegal for him to possess — in numerous places, including an office he shared with Chinese communists. 

Shecky is correct in that there are comedy bookers who refuse to book me, going back to 2016 when I came out hard for Trump on social media. I happen to know I have lost several Elks Lodge gigs and a couple of bar shows in Maryland. Big whoop. 

Since then, I have had the pleasure and privilege of joining the illustrious PJ Media staff and have also started my own daily radio show. I have made much more money than these bottom-feeding comedy bookers cost me, and I am getting the message out to far larger audiences than Facebook could or would ever allow. Win for KDJ, win for the cause.

Now here is the sickening part. A friend I will call Phil Icide has three kids: two sons and a daughter, all of whom are between 18 and 24 years old, prime draft age.

FACT-O-RAMA! Filicide is a mental illness that presses parents to kill their kids.

Phil hates Trump and those who support him (like me). Phil drinks from the MSNBC Kool-Aid pond every night. He referred to Trump as “President Cheeto.”

Sadly, Phil has never read a history book. He doesn’t realize that the world is looking a lot as it did in the 1930s.

Phil doesn’t realize WWII didn’t start on Dec. 7, 1941. Nor did it really start on Dec. 1, 1939, went Hitler blitzed his way into Poland.

WWII started with smaller battles and incursions around the world. Japan went into China in 1931, and a full-scale war broke out in 1937. Italy went to war with Abyssinia, now Ethiopia, in 1935. Spain’s civil war, fought between commies and nationalists from 1936-1939, was a dress rehearsal for what lay ahead.

Today, war is brewing in or near the same places WWII began, Eastern Europe and Asia. Ethiopia is only 1,500 miles from Jerusalem. 

But Phil doesn’t comprehend any of this. He doesn’t see that his kids could be drafted and sent to burn in a tank on a Ukrainian battlefield. He doesn’t grasp what will happen to his daughter should Houthi animals capture her. He hasn’t read enough history to understand there are still young American bodies in ships sunk in Asian waters back in the 1940s. Phil only knows one, thing: “Orange Man bad.”

I know a 24-year-old guy who hates Trump and would never vote for him. I asked if he would change his mind if he saw WWIII brewing, which it is. He said he’d think about it, but his friends will almost certainly vote for Biden or not at all. Voting for Trump, which may keep them out of war, would make them a pariah.

I remember my grandmother telling me that she would read the Detroit Free Press every week during WWII looking for names of young men she knew who died far away in a war we didn’t want. Entire neighborhoods were shaken when a family learned that their son wasn’t coming home. Everyone felt the loss and grief.

Sadly, some people, like Phil, need to experience pain, fear, and loss before they wake up. 

Today’s world bears a striking resemblance to the 1930s, but it wasn’t this way with Trump in the White House. This all happened in the not-quite-three years that Biden has been at the helm. Funny how it all just seemed to happen the moment Biden showed up, right?

Joe Biden appears to be doing everything he can to push us into World War III while his apparatchiks on the home front are fighting to keep Trump off the ballot. Why would they do that? Because the military-industrial complex wants its money, and the globalists want their power. Democracy be damned.

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Trump wants peace and a sound Republic, yet a sizable portion of the nation hates him, which is a tribute not only to fake news but also to the willing idiocy of those who swallow it. 

The problem with democracy is that brainwashed idiots get to vote too. 

When my friend Phil and I queue up for grasshopper sausage, I’ll be sure to give him my condolences over his missing son and then remind him how cool he is for voting against “President Cheeto.”

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