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Welby Confused?

Dear Editor,

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby recently attended a vigil to oppose anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. I agree with him that nobody should be hating anybody. Hatred does not help humanity to advance. However, the word ‘Islamophobia’ is a nonsense word, because a phobia is an irrational fear of something harmless, and Islam is far from being harmless.

If Archbishop Welby would examine Islamic scripture, he will notice that it makes numerous anti-Semitic statements. The original Hamas Charter quotes several such scriptures in order to justify its violent hatred of Jews. It is vitally important that the Archbishop, and others in authority should firstly acknowledge this fact, before any rational path can be proposed.

A printed copy of the book Concise Islam was sent to every Anglican and Catholic Bishop in the UK two years ago. There really is no excuse for them now not to have a reasonably accurate understanding of Islam. And that it is illogical to simultaneously defend Islam and oppose anti-Semitism, because Islam itself is anti-Semitic. The Archbishop may not want to do so but ultimately he is going to have to pick a side. Is he aware that Islamic scripture also calls for the killing of Christians? The eBook edition of Concise Islam is a free download here.

Clive Matelas


Power Mad

Dear Editor

Ignorance, irrationality, hubris, and ingratitude: the four horses’ asses of the Apocalypse. Or at least four of the more ostentatiously flatulent ones. And, not coincidentally, quintessential attributes of every leftist.

As for the above-mentioned prats’ obsession with and ruthless pursuit and exercise of power, it’s easily accounted for: once you’re convinced of your omniscience, the only remaining goal worthy of you is omnipotence.

Anthony Stimson

New Hampshire



Blood and Iron

Dear Editor

It seems that US military aid to Ukraine will run out by the end of the year and that they won’t be able to help finish what has been started.

So why did they and the EU poke the Russian Bear by inviting Ukraine to join Nato and the EU in contravention of the Minsk Agreement? That ignited the flames of a conflict which is not likely to be won, while sacrificing lives and denuding themselves of munitions, in the face of challenges in Ukraine, Taiwan and now expanding to the Middle East.

As Churchill observed, America always gets it right, after it has tried everything else. But why should we follow their expansionist agenda when Nato was meant to be a defensive organisation? When can we return to peaceful coexistence?

The expenditure of blood and iron, from Vietnam to Afghanistan, has left us with increasing numbers of migrants who want to escape the mess left behind, many of whom now hate those who put boots down in their homeland. 

We cannot resolve by force the problems of countries where sectarian civil war has prevailed for so long and where only they have any chance of finding a lasting solution. Isn’t it a pity that we have increased our dependence on overseas energy supplies at this critical juncture?

Roger J Arthur

West Sussex


Answer This, Carbon Crazies

Dear Editor

As anyone who paid attention in primary school knows, anything multiplied by zero equals zero. To give a practical example of this, when as last weekend the wind speed is below nine miles an hour, thousands of wind turbines throughout Britain generate no electricity.

The carbon crazies, who demand that we ‘de-carbonise’ our economy, have no answer to this. We do not have the topography for endless inefficient pumped storage of energy. Even if we had vastly more capacity to import electricity from the continent that would not solve the problem, as a cold front and low windspeed can be spread over several countries simultaneously meaning that they wouldn’t have excess electricity to export.  

If we want to keep the lights on, our homes warm and industry moving, we need to continue to rely on oil and gas. Nuclear power can help a bit. Part-time short-life wind turbines and endless solar panels can’t. 

Otto Inglis



Merry Christmas, Mr Markle

Dear Editor

As the Royal Family consider their response to the latest Scobie offering, could I make a suggestion? Let the expression ‘actions speak louder than words’ guide them and let them invite Thomas Markle to join them this year for Christmas. This man has been shamefully and discourteously treated and all for being pictured in a morning suit? I believe a certain Prince was seen in his ‘birthday suit’ in Vegas, so which behaviour was worse? Harry and Meghan will be upset. Gosh, what a shame.

Kathleen Carr



A populist writes . . .

Dear Editor

A correspondent last weekend referred to academia’s view of ‘populism’.

Populism is usually a pejorative term – ‘far-right populist’, for example.

I see from the Chambers Dictionary that populist means ‘One who believes in the right and ability of the common people to play a major part in governing themselves.’

That sounds like democracy to me – more so than having hundreds of appointed peers in our upper house and smugly calling it democracy.

I think I am a populist who will vote for the Reform party.

Christopher Darwin



Johnson the scruff

Dear Editor

If you want to gain an idea of the depths to which the modern-day Conservative Party has sunk you only need to look at the physical state of Johnson arriving at the Covid Inquiry. This inquest is exploring the circumstances leading to thousands of premature deaths. In such a grave setting Johnson looks a complete scruff and is wearing a Grimsby Town football hat. 

Until a couple of months ago I thought the Conservatives would salvage about 180 seats at the next election. I very rarely bet, but this week I have placed a wager for fewer than 100 seats.

Ian Robertson – a former Conservative voter

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