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We don’t want to rule anyone but ourselves

Dear Editor

The cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason is uncomfortable about the playing of Rule, Britannia! at the Proms. 

What he may not have grasped is that most of us are not interested in ruling others. But we do want to rule ourselves and our territorial waters and not to be controlled by others, such as unelected rulers from the EU, the WHO and the WEF. 

After all, we did vote to take back control in 2016.

Roger J Arthur 

W Sussex


The blight of solar farms

Dear Editor

Huge solar farms are being installed all over the UK, destroying the countryside in the name of Net Zero without proper risk assessment or consideration for the neighbours. 

Councils are going bankrupt by overspending and keeping the budget information unavailable . . . sending minutes of meetings which disclose nothing. Even the so-called audit committees are not being given the information they are supposed to be auditing.

Local effort to stop the Net Zero lies is non-existent or suppressed as any independent council members vote with the Lib Dems pushing the agenda locally.

In Bracknell a huge solar and electric car charging park is planned: the risk of fire there must be enormous. It is not in the middle of nowhere but in a residential area on some woodland. That is why I have made FOI requests for all solar farms in the area.

Sylvia Priest


Let the rich pay for green nonsense

Dear Editor

UK electricity prices have risen faster than almost any other developed country since 2019, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). Now UK electricity prices are among the highest in the developed world. New analysis from Citizens Advice has found that more than two million people across the UK will disconnect at least once a month from their prepayment gas and electricity meters because they cannot afford to top up. A report from the House of Commons library says the UK’s spike has been driven by green taxes and levies linked to Net Zero. Green taxes and levies add 19 per cent to household electricity bills and 7 per cent to gas bills. Add on VAT of 5 per cent and one can see how hard businesses and households are being hit. Has this been deliberately concealed? Green taxes, levies and VAT should be removed from energy bills and a green levy of 15 per cent introduced for those who obviously have the money. Footballers, people who buy tickets for music festivals, sporting events and those buying exorbitantly priced clothes, accessories and luxury goods. Tickets for Taylor Swift concerts range from £500 to £4,000. A theatre ticket may be £300, a season ticket for an English Premier League club could be as high as £3,000. Target these punitive green taxes at those who can afford them, not the businesses and households already struggling to make ends meet.

Clark Cross 



The media should be clear – we’re at war

Dear Editor

Mainstream media have a heavy responsibility to democracy, truth and freedom of speech but are failing to give attention to the danger we now face from war. 

Instead, they are mostly participating in propaganda and reporting distracting trivia with rare exceptions by principled journalists.

This country is actually at war, regardless of any technical or legal definition. 

Our bombing of Yemen puts us an ally of Israel and its incipient war with Iran. And it’s real war with Palestine. 

Sunak’s treaty with Ukraine, like our treaties with Belgium in the First World War and Poland in the second, puts us at war with Russia, again regardless of technical definitions.

How many news reports make this clear? Free speech, like truth, is the first casualty of war. 

However, there are growing, unreported opposition movements in London and around the country. Also unreported are the arrests of celebrities who have had the temerity (courage) to speak out. Freedom of speech is only permitted if it meets Big Brother’s approval. Anything else is sedition.

War is openly and brazenly discussed by military leaders who call for national mobilisation and conscription. Practice emergency service drills are being carried out as part of the conditioning to normalise what is to come.

It shows the hypocrisy of Remembrance Day. Just what do we remember? Apparently nothing. Let’s all go and have fun driving tanks and drones, killing people to make profit for arms manufacturers. What’s blood got to do with it? Or nuclear obliteration? It might solve the immigration crisis or population problem. The rich will have their luxurious nuclear shelters fitted and ready.

I implore everyone to write to your MP, sign petitions and stop this before it’s too late.

The energy and lives of the young should not be wasted on war. It must be used for truth, and defeat and to reform our undemocratic system. 

Malcolm Naylor 



Water storage should be a priority

Dear Editor

Almost every river in Eastern Australia is pouring surplus water into the sea. But only two dams have been built in Queensland in the last 20 years – the Wyaralong Dam built 13 years ago and Paradise Dam built 19 years ago.

Droughts will come again and we will wish for another dam-builder like Joh Bjelke-Petersen whose government built at least eight dams in Queensland. That all came to a halt in 1988 when the plans to build the Wolffdene Dam were scuttled by the usual suspects. 

Taxpayers spent some $460million on preliminaries for the Traveston Dam, but it was cancelled when the infamous Peter Garrett got the Commonwealth to interfere. And recently it was revealed that the Paradise Dam in the Bundaberg Region had faults in the wall and a new one would have to be built.

So while our water storages are stagnant or declining, our politicians
support dangerously high levels of immigration as well as promoting tourism, games and circuses, all of which add to the demand for water. The population clock managed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics tells us that Australia’s population increases by one person every 50 seconds. They all need water.

And some fools want to use more of our precious stored fresh water to produce hydrogen fuels (every tonne of hydrogen produced by electrolysis consumes at least nine tonnes of fresh water.) The ‘green hydrogen’ cycle needs lots of water and will always be a net consumer of electricity.

The climate alarmism of Tim Flannery and others resulted in a rash of
desalination plants being built in Australia about 15 years ago. Just recently, Hunter Water announced that it was going to spend $500million on a desalination plant south of Newcastle. All desal plants are costly to build and operate, and many stand idle most of the time. And of course green politicians want the power to be supplied from wind/solar, adding greatly to the costs and environmental destruction.

To let surplus fresh water escape into the oceans and then try to recover it using desalination plants is the ultimate stupidity.

Australia must build more dams for flood mitigation, urban water supply and irrigation. A sensible society would identify the best dam sites and have a long-term plan for acquiring and preserving the land rights needed for them. We do the reverse. Decisions are postponed until the need is critical. Then landowners with vested interests, green busybodies and media stirrers manage to scare the politicians, and the water conservation proposal is killed.

Then the ‘No Dams Ever’ mafia takes over, trying to sterilise the site for all future dams by quietly changing land-use or vegetation classifications. They search for (or manufacture) evidence of native title or endangered species, and declare national parks over critical areas.

Green destroyers have also grossly mismanaged stored water by insisting on excessive and ill-timed ‘environmental’ flows. This is a scheme where you build a dam to catch water and then try to manage the water as if the dam did not exist. It is very slow and expensive to get this lost water back from the sea using the Flannery desalination plants.

Existing dams have two great enemies: silting, which gradually steals their water capacity, and evaporation, which continuously steals the water itself. Our engineers can manage ‘desilting’ and resources could be diverted from climate alarmism to reducing evaporation.

But most of all we need more stored water. The wet La Niña will inevitably be followed by a dry El Niño.

Viv Forbes

Queensland, Australia

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