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Master Plan To Destroy Democracy (Op-Ed By Thomas Antkow)

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“Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have a right… and a desire to know; but besides this, they have a right, an indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible, divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge, I mean of the characters and conducts of their rulers.” ~John Adams

Image Credit: David Shankbone / CC

by Thomas Ankow [Special to The Tennessee Conservative] –

I have been observing the Caucus proceedings in New Hampshire over the past several days with a keen eye, ears attuned and acutely aware of their state motto, “Live Free or die”. Seems that now that the field of contenders has been whittled down to just two, the importance of their words has been become particularly interesting.

It seems to me that one candidate spouts how “it’s all about me, me, me”. The other? It’s about what I wish to do for “We, We, We”. No. I don’t mean the little piggies going to market (which has become increasingly expensive). I’m referring to the individual recognizing the solid foundation forged by our Founding Fathers and shining the spotlight on the framework of our beloved Constitution and Bill of Rights. Remember “We” the People? I will leave it up to you to determine who has “our” best interests in mind.

Now let us examine the issue at hand. Destroying Democracy. I believe the following game plan is and has been ongoing for quite some time.

First. Find out the best way(s) to infiltrate the government. Quick lesson.

Our government was structured with leaders and appointees for three specific “separate but equal” branches. The Executive led by the President. The Congress led by the Speaker of the House and Senate Majority leaders. The Judicial dominated by The Supreme Court.

The first two branch members are elected by the people and are to serve and represent ALL peoples in their states and districts that elected them and act as a voice (not lord) of everyone concerned according to the wishes of the majority.

The Judicial Branch members are appointed and confirmed by those above.

The President executes the laws and commands the Armed Forces. The Congress (Legislative) branch creates the laws and designates spending of the taxpayer monies. The Judicial Branch is supposed to interpret the laws created by Congress.

Feeding the trough. If you want to take over the government, it starts from the bottom up. Sometimes from the middle down. Control the children and youth. They will eventually populate the top. As will those from the middle.

Immigration v. native born. Assimilation v. Indoctrination.

For over two hundred years children in this land have experienced and were taught history (good or bad, fact or fantasy, right or wrong) of the founding of, and journey embarked upon by these United States. Especially those that are native born.

Reading, writing and math were the primary parts of education.

In the late 1800’s immigrants into this Country, including my descendants, were “assimilated” and gladly so, into our country by pledging allegiance to and taking part in an oath, a promise to honor, obey and defend the Constitution of these United States. Learning English. Not anymore.

Now immigrants do not participate in any allegiance. Aliens are no longer tasked to learn and become proficient in the English language but are encouraged to place their own culture, embrace their past history and resist any assimilation into and above American society.

Nowadays, students are indoctrinated to believe that all men are NOT created equal, that they are much more important than any common good or other citizen, flash gangs are a necessity, and the government is there to take care of them. All history that preceded them was a myth. Erase History and create a new one through indoctrination into a socialist model of society. The people should serve the government. A master slave mentality. WOW! Thought slavery was frowned upon. Not by the master’s it isn’t. The epitome of the Communist doctrine.

How do the woke ascend to the top? Begin in the middle. Trickle down to those below.

The indoctrination of Ivy League college professors and administrators began happening in earnest in the 1970’s. Law schools began really grooming attorneys such as Barack Hussein Obama in Constitutional Law shortly thereafter.

Note: The United States Legislature both local and federal, and the Supreme Court are populated with scores of attorneys and judges both past and present. Makes you wonder. Law school demands an adversarial system of law. The winner takes all mentality abounds. That may be one reason that the twain between Congress and the Legislature will never really meet. Bi partisanship be damned! SEE it’s all about “me, me, me” above.





DEMOLISH THE EXISTING STRUCTURES (haul away history and monuments to the past)

BUILD THE FOUNDATION (Start with a conceptual drawing)

HIRE THE BUILDERS (Radical professors, teachers, mainstream media, and radicals)


BEGIN CONSTRUCTION (build the foundation)

CHOOSE THE CONTRACTORS. SCHOOLS IVY LEAGUE COLLEGES TEACHERS UNIONS (trickle-down theory target the young adults and then the children)

RAZE THE OLD TO RAISE THE NEW (Chose the right lumber)

That may be why I’m looking at Trump! Not a Lawyer or politician. Comes from old lumber.

THOMAS ANTKOW is currently a freelance writer and produced and hosted his own daily radio show on KCSF AM 1300 and co-hosted talk shows for KVOR AM 740 for Cumulus Broadcasting in Colorado Springs.  He can be reached at  You can subscribe to Tom’s FREE newsletter at:

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