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A young woman named Bianca has an OnlyFans account. Bianca may not be enjoying the level of success some of the other performers on the platform have experienced. 

At last check, Bianca is a student at Arizona State University. That may change after the Christmas break now that her career on OnlyFans has come to light. But her prurient digital life may not be what sinks her college career at ASU. By all lights, the university has no problems with members of the student body displaying their student bodies for money. After all, college is not cheap, and anyone who has ever sold back their textbooks at the end of a semester is acutely aware that they have probably been ripped off. 

By all lights, Bianca needed an upsurge in subscribers. The Publica notes that to do that, Bianca announced that ASU had expelled her because of her OnlyFans page. She even went so far as to take to X to tell the masses about her plight. As evidence, she displayed the expulsion letter from ASU. The reason? Her avocation violated the university’s standards. There are two problems with Bianca’s story. The first is that she seems to have manufactured the letter. The second is that the school has no such policy.

So Bianca may find herself in hot water with the administration when classes resume next year, if for no other reason than because she forged the letter.

I am not an OnlyFans subscriber, but the number of models/performers who go on to make millions exposing and debasing themselves for faceless patrons is probably quite small. I suspect that it is somewhat like real estate. There are a precious few who become extraordinarily wealthy in their pursuits, but there are many, many more who give up, burn out, and move on after a year of struggling. I know of one man who was lured by the promises of mad stacks to sign on with a national real estate company. He ultimately decided to return to his job as a bartender before moving on to nursing school when the dollar signs before his eyes did not immediately materialize into actual dollars. It may well be that Bianca realized that after “giving her all,” as it were, she was not on track to buy her mansion and her sports car. Perhaps not enough people had seen her shed her clothes and perform, so she pretended to be penalized with expulsion to boost her number of subscribers. She had to lie so she could further exploit herself. 

That a young woman in 21st-century America would find herself in such straits is pathetic enough as it is. That she would have so little regard for herself or her future and had to invent a crisis to create traffic is as lamentable as it is sordid. But let us consider ASU. Bianca had to forge an expulsion letter because the university has no prohibitions against students appearing on an adult website. While colleges, particularly in this day and age, should not act in loco parentis, I find it sad that there are seemingly no standards in place to discourage students like Bianca from displaying themselves on the web. There is no encouragement to hold oneself in high esteem. And if Bianca wanted to declare herself to be a man and parade around waving a marital aid,  tear up an anti-abortion display, or break a few windows in support of Hamas or in the name of destroying the patriarchy, chances are excellent that the college would have looked the other way or even enabled her.

Conversely, what would the school, and for that matter, the student body, have said if Bianca had decided to create, rather than destroy, an anti-abortion display? Or if she joined YAF? What if she was part of a Christian group or one that scheduled Charlie Kirk as a guest speaker? 

I doubt that very little of substance happens on OnlyFans. Its sole purpose appears to be to enable young women to make money and perhaps find a modicum of meaning through the patronage of men whose only interest appears to be grim, loveless, soulless self-satisfaction. Perhaps Bianca did not find meaning or money and had to craft a fantasy in pursuit of both. 

Collegiate double standards and the possibility of expulsion aside, I sincerely hope this is not the end of Bianca’s story. I hope that someday someone takes Bianca aside and tells her that she is a person of value and that she has worth and potential beyond enabling hordes of emotionally challenged men to pleasure themselves over her images and videos. For that matter, God willing, someone will do that for every young woman who has an OnlyFans account.

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