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Memphis Population Decreases As Crime Rates Increase

Image Credit: Joseph / CC

The Tennessee Conservative Staff –

A newly released study shows that, as crime rates continue to increase, Memphis has actually seen a decrease in population over the last five years.

A 2023 study done by SmartAsset gives a ranking of cities that had the greatest population decrease between 2017 and 2022. 

The population of Memphis fell almost 5% during that time, placing Memphis at number 27 on the list of the top 30 major U.S. cities with a population decrease. The population was at 652,231 in 2017 but fell to 621,050 by 2022.

In contrast, Knoxville’s population increased by about 5% and both Nashville and Chattanooga saw increases of about 3%. The greatest increases came in Clarksville with a 15.51% increase and Murfreesboro with a 19.09% increase.

According to SmartAsset, “This study examined the 344 U.S. cities that had a population of 100,000 or higher in 2022, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 1-Year American Community Survey. Cities were ranked by five-year population decline between 2022 and 2017. The population of men and women as a percentage of the whole was also examined. Population data includes people of all ages. Changes in population may be due to births, deaths, or migrations.”

In the case of Memphis, this decrease in population coincides with the Bluff City’s increasing crime rate.

As reported last month, the city saw a record number of homicides and experienced crime rates that surpassed other traditionally crime-ridden cities such as Detroit.

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