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Understanding Democrats, especially far-left radical ones, isn’t that difficult. First, it’s important to grasp that as much as they talk about equality and fairness, they really don’t care about those things at all. In fact, they have no moral compass whatsoever. Next, understand that literally everything that comes out of their mouths will be an attempt to project something that they are doing onto someone else. This projectionism is literally a form of camouflage that they conduct in plain sight. By sounding authoritative while blaming everyone else, they are remarkably effective at fooling the uninformed and the naïve.

One of their largest and loudest platforms is a perfect example of their total ignorance of reality, and that platform is transgenderism. I and my fellow writers have contemplated and expounded on the dangers of this defiance of science. The question has always been why a group of Americans, political affiliations aside, pursue something so dangerous that deep inside they have to know is wrong. 

My answer is that being indoctrinated with the far-left ideology is similar to being baptized. The difference is that instead of being filled with the Holy Spirit, all sense of moral responsibility is removed. What is left is an empty shell that blindly pursues power. They develop the ability to simultaneously ignore and deny the truth, which, when combined with ignorance, makes them dangerous to society, even when society doesn’t realize it. 

Then a sort of mind meld takes place with other leftists and a rare form of entitlement and arrogance is born. They bond and only the agenda matters. 

From that point on they are relentless, attacking schools and innocent school children. They get their way by infiltrating school boards and teachers’ unions and intimidating those that get in their way. Meanwhile, conservatives fumble about, relying foolishly on the hope that some moral switch will be flipped and sanity will be restored. It won’t, of course, because it isn’t within them. 

This may seem like a stretch, but I find myself thinking about the movie “War of the Worlds.” A seemingly unbeatable enemy that is taken down by a common, but unexpected nemesis. In this case, since attacking morality is futile, it may be money that slows the LGBTQ–Transgenderism insanity.

Blinded by their pursuit of the agenda and uncaring of the consequences, they may have exposed their Achilles’ heel. By rushing young teens into the use of puberty blockers and unnecessary surgeries in an attempt to transform them into something they can’t become, money, of all things, may eventually bring them down.

Because of the lack of concern, insurance companies, fearful of massive liabilities that could spread years into the future, are reluctant to ensure those facilities that provide those surgeries. 

A report at ZeroHedge explains that “market forces can impose their own powerful form of regulation,” above and beyond any “regulation” that might come from government. “Happily, we’re beginning to see market forces create a major impediment to the practice of irreparably altering the bodies of confused adolescents. Those forces have emerged in the form of soaring malpractice insurance premiums for clinics that use hormones, puberty blockers and surgeries to address gender-confused children. Many insurers are refusing to offer coverage at any price.”

An example of the issues the soulless now face can be found in the report regarding an organization called “The Project of the Quad Cities.”

The report said the Illinois company was ramping up on the border with Iowa, intending to cash in on “Iowa minors who could no longer receive gender-altering services in their own state after they were banned in March.”

The clinic spokesman, a ghoul named Andy Rowe, told reporters he “didn’t anticipate that it was going to be a big deal” to obtain malpractice insurance. Then one insurer turned the company down, then a second, then a third, and finally nearly a dozen more. 

The report went on to explain that one willing insurer eventually was found, but the cost, which Rowe anticipated to be around $10,000 at most, actually was $50,000.

The report explained: “Insurers’ mounting unease comes as a growing number of suits are being filed by individuals against doctors, they accuse of rushing them — as children — into permanently altering their bodies rather than addressing adolescent angst over puberty.”

There are a rising number of cases where reasonable medical protocol has not been followed. Isabelle Ayala, 20, sued doctors in her Rhode Island case for being “a collection of actors who prioritized politics and ideology over children’s safety, health, and well-being.”

Another defendant alleged that during a single, 60-minute visit she was told that she should be given cross-sex hormones, ignoring factors like autism, ADHD and PTSD.

The report stated that in certain states the statute of limitations for such cases have been extended from the typical couple of years to “15 years after minor patients turn 18.”

Mike Stinson, of the Medical Professional Liability Association, explained to Time: “If state laws increase the risk of civil liability for health professionals, premiums will be adjusted accordingly and appropriately to reflect the level of financial risk incurred by the insured.”

Judging by the callousness of the left’s agenda, they anticipated that the wounded and disfigured would end up being nothing more than silent collateral damage. Unfortunately, the lives of the mesmerized and misled victims could be permanently damaged, unless they receive the help they should have received originally before anything surgically or otherwise was done to them. 

Ironically, but mercifully, it may be those whom the left was least concerned about who bring them down. Revenge is best served cold with an insurance company riding shotgun. Reality is catching up to the radical left. While we work to stop their reign of terror, we can also pray that their own deeds catch up to them before more lives are shattered.

What goes around comes around. Let’s pray that the damage is minimal before those responsible are stopped. 


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