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MSM Knew About Epstein and Covered It Up – HotAir

The Jeffrey Epstein saga has been long. Much has been forgotten, and much is still covered up.

Epstein’s “black book” is still hidden–the revelations of the past 24 hours are just what came out during one trial, and the government is still hiding the ball when it comes to more shocking revelations. Don’t be fooled; there is much more to be learned, although we may never see it.

It has been so long since the saga started that you may not remember one of the more shocking revelations–ABC News had the Epstein story, photos, interviews with multiple victims from whom we still haven’t heard, and the executives at the company quashed the story.

We learned this from a leak–the reporter who researched the story went on a tear when she was off air but still being recorded, and Project Veritas got ahold of the tape.

The people who did this are also the ones who stage-managed the January 6th hearings. And it shouldn’t surprise you that this is the case. In both instances, the whole point was to shape the information landscape to use a narrative to aid the people in power and suppress any information that might muddy the waters and/or expose just how corrupt these people are.

It has been a strategy that has worked for decades, although the efforts of conservative activists and alternative media have been chipping away at the credibility of the MSM and the Elite. We are nearing the climax of this conflict, and I am not at all certain just who will come out of the conflict still standing.

Americans have been waking up to the corruption, but the corrupt have been taking out all the stops to destroy their opponents. All the powers of the security state are being mobilized–remember that disgruntled parents and even traditional Catholics were labeled “domestic terrorists”–and the powers that be are now doing their best to strip conservatives and even dissenting Democrats off the ballot.

President Biden has signaled that his entire campaign will be about destroying conservative Americans, labeling us a danger to the country.

The next 10 months will be filled with propaganda, both hiding the corruption as they did with the Epstein story and spewing a stream of hatred at people who are angry that the Left is destroying the country before our eyes.

The MSM long ago chose to collaborate with the Elite™, and are willing to expend every last bit of credibility they have to do so. They sincerely believe they won’t need it soon, because their positions of power will be solidified by a permanent Leftist security state.

They expect to be Pravda–state media that depends on lies, censorship, and the money generated by the corporations who collaborate with the government. Pfizer funded the media during the pandemic–$6.6 billion in advertising in the 2020-2022 period–and they are just one company in the Establishment that keeps the media going.

Tesla, by the way, spends nothing. No wonder they have a target on their back.

Hot Air and the Townhall properties can’t and don’t rely on advertising–Big Tech demonetizes much of our content, so the big guys won’t touch us. That’s why we keep pushing the VIP memberships. It’s not just because we want your money–and yes, of course, we do–but because without that support from our readers, we would dwindle and die.

When you aren’t part of the Establishment, the Establishment comes for you.

You see what the MSM media will do to protect their membership in the club; we simply won’t play that game.

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And do it to piss off George Soros and Klaus Schwab.

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