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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”

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Today we have Teo Toon from our comments. Teo has to find a new residence as his landlord is selling his current apartment building. He needs a two-room or large one room apartment for $475/month, ideally in the Greensboro, NC area before the end of November. He is  a retired artist with an M.F.A., and proficiency in excel spreadsheets, and will need work as well, ideally online. He is one of our readers, so he is sharp and a critical thinker, and probably takes loyalty seriously, meaning he will work hard out of appreciation. He is probably also a target of surveillance, so if you need foot traffic in your business, there is a good chance if you hire him, you will have a stream of surveillance coming through all day, buying stuff on surveillance’s dime as a cover for action to check in on him. He is also a devout Christian, and would, in addition, request anyone who can, offer prayers for him to find his way through this turmoil to a place of secure peace and happiness. If you have something, post it here, in the comments, preceded by “DO NOT POST – FOR TEO TOON.” I will not post the comment. If you wish to include your email so he can email you directly, say that, or, alternately, you can ask I act as an intermediary for security, and I will email him for you, then I will email his response to you, and each of you will have my email, but not each other’s, up until you actually decide to connect IRL. Thank you.


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DFT – China’s Property Crisis Accelerating As Country Gardens Defaults

DFT – Everton Purchase By 777 Partners Stalls As Regulator Demands Audited Financials

DFT – Hyloris Pharmaceuticals’ Pain Treatment Receives FDA Approval

DFT – Infineon Inks Deal With Hyundai And Kia For EV Computer Chips

DFT – Putin Reaffirms Backers Of Power Of Siberia Pipeline Remain Behind It

Hey anon, remember how embarrassing it was the first time your chin started to turn into a scrotum? I remember it with me:

In Chinese medicine, parts of the face can swell, or betray some type of imbalance in the related organ system but even there, I have never seen anything like this. It is not even like it is one frame. If it was just loose skin, why isn’t the center of the chin hanging the lowest? I do not really see any lymph nodes there. Unless he wanted a cleft chin, and got some kind of plastic surgery implants for it. And moreover, it is not just one thing with him. He scratches the back of his neck, and it looks like a latex layer over his skin. He goes out to talk to reporters, and it appears green screened. Photos of him have weird AI defects, indicating they are not real photos. His eyes look strange in some shots, like cat eyes. It is just one weird thing after another. If I had to pick one origin, I would say some psyop is altering the media to make them look weird to degrade our ability to tell what is going on, and to psychologically unsettle the truth seekers who look at such things.

My alternate hypothesizes, the Havana Syndrome people may still be out there, and they don’t actually let Biden outside due to the threat. But they do not want us to freak out so they are making it look like he is going out, and they are using a double with a mask and screwing it up here and there.

I do not see how Secret Service had somebody zapped by an energy weapon, and measurable damage done to their brain, on White House grounds, they could not prevent the attack, or even catch who did it, or maybe even tell how it was done, and they are just letting Biden go around outside like that threat is not out there. Secret Service are the ultimate anal retentives. They X-rayed a coin flipped by a President at a Superbowl, just in the event somebody at the factory filled it with C4 and a detonator. They would not just go on like that DEW attack never happened. I could see them going hyper-paranoid, and whoever they get tasked with protecting as the President is limited to some shielded Faraday cage facility underground where they are secure, and everything done in public is a double in a mask, or AI-generated, or photoshopped until they figure out what happened and how to stop it. We are in unprecedented times.

And understand the risks of the Havana attacks, and everything else going on, and how strangely our intelligence fantasy-campers who do NatSec work, are out of their league when pitted against it. BiggerThanSnowden.com was set up by some of the top intelligence whistleblowers in the country, from NSA to CIA to military intelligence. Guys like Bill Binney, with three decades working for NSA, at the highest level, with access to all the secrets. They wanted to reveal that there was a shadow intelligence operation utilizing directed energy weapons to torture citizens in the US, freely. They all ended up shutting the site down shortly after setting it up, and to this day, none will even talk about why. Nobody has a clue what happened, although Bill Binney’s last tweet said somebody blew a hole through his ceiling’s shielding with a directed energy weapon from a drone flying over his house. We can probably do the math on what happened to all of them. Notice the media will not touch it. They work for the operation.

These were the people who were at the tip of the spear in NatSec, and whatever happened when they set that site up, they all closed it down without a word. Whatever it was, must have been something that they could not even have imagined would exist, despite most of them having decades at the tip of the CIA and NSA and MilIntel spears. There is stuff out there the fantasy campers are not told about and cannot imagine, no matter how elite their CV looks.

There will come a time, when the worst cases of being censored on social media will seem like a period of freedom. Because in that future time, they will have taken the machine which shut up all those intel experts, and built it up to a size where it will be available to the neighborhood Stasi, and they will routinely use it on anyone in the neighborhood who says anything the machine disapproves of online. Did you argue with that purple haired 300lb tranny on Reddit about how many genders there are? Well anon, lets see if you are so porky after you haven’t slept for a week, and your brain has been microwaved like a hotpocket.

It is happening now, in small numbers, like a pilot program. I have seen it. But you know they are desperately scaling it up for the mass market control of everyone. If you have been banned on Twitter or Facebook, you are probably on course to get droned, or satellite’d once that machine is up and running at scale. Because that is how they will handle it in the future. There will be no negative publicity, there will be nobody you can call or complain to. You will comply, or you will get the beam.

Unless we can reveal the surveillance, remove their civilian overwatch from the gameboard, and get this all exposed now, there is nothing else which will stop it. We have a narrow window I think, but it is closing rapidly.

Douglass Mackey, who ran a Twitter account as Ricky Vaughn, with over 58,000 followers, was sentenced to seven months in prison Wednesday for a meme he shared on social media during the 2016 election. He supported r/K Theory, and was one of us. His legal fundraiser is here.

Elon Musk tears apart the injustice of the Doug Mackey verdict. He points out Mackey had no effect on the election, while those who claimed the Hunter laptop was misinformation had an effect on the election, and yet suffered no punishment.

You know who must have really been pissed at Israel’s 9/11 anon? The Jews at the Southern Poverty Law Center, because they are really Jewish:

Like I said, they do not belong to your group. She does not care what happens to other Jews, because while she says she is Jewish, she is really something else. Whatever she is, those Intifada people are also it, and it is not Arab or Palestinian. She is like Soros, cavorting with the Nazis, and saying it was the most exhilarating time of this life. Or, like all the people who saw 9/11, and knew they were working for whoever allowed it, and maybe even did it, and they just kept supporting the conspiracy, while in public, among us, pretending to be as horrified as we were.

Rumors Israel waited six hours to respond to the attack, to allow as much carnage as possible. It would not surprise me, given there are a lot of indices it was allowed, and even the music festival was moved there. The article argues it could have been patriotic, to allow for wiping out Gaza, but the thing is, I do not think Gaza is going to be wiped out, nor do I think they would have thought it possible. I think the same people run Hamas, as run the Israeli government. And I think they run all the other governments in the West, and have the ability to influence Iran too. And for whatever reason, I think they scripted this whole thing.

Israeli surveillance drone video of the fully intact and undamaged Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza after rocket hits parking lot – NOT the Hospital.

In August 2022, more than one-fifth of the 1,000 rockets fired by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group toward Israel failed and landed in Gaza, causing one-third of the 44 deaths recorded. The people making the moves on both sides are the ones who view us as some sort of opposition force. It is quite impressive. Israeli citizens have no bigger enemy than Cabal, Palestinians have no bigger enemy than Cabal. Cabal just killed a bunch of Israelis and has gotten Gaza wrecked. And yet neither side has any idea their real enemy even exists. I would bet if we went back through the wars and skirmishes and terrorist attacks of the last thirty years in the region, they were almost all hatched by Cabal, and any which weren’t, Cabal allowed or assisted, because they could be used. I think they have been behind everything from the Parkland School shooting, to 9/11 in America, and I will bet it is like that everywhere else.

Pro-Palestinian protesters invade the Capitol: More than 100 arrested. Will they get the Jan 6th treatment?

Virginia attorney general launches effort to send surplus police body armor from local Sheriff’s Departments, and tactical gear to Israel. Disarm the Police, if you can’t defund them. All as you let criminals out, and try to disarm the populace. I told you, they view us as some sort of opposition force. All of the misery, risk, and suffering they can inflict on the rest of society is a win for them.

According to multiple Israeli Officials, during a Closed Door Meeting earlier today between U.S. President, Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu it is claimed that President Biden gave Netanyahu his Personal Blessing and a “Direct Green Light” for the Invasion of the Gaza Strip.

17 journalists confirmed dead in Israel, Gaza and Lebanon.

23andMe hacker leaks 4 million stolen DNA profiles from customers with British ancestry in fury at UK’s support for Israel – and claims the data includes ‘Royal Family’ members.

Steve Bannon: I have spies – Lobbyists were walking around the Capital Grille last night cutting deals with GOP reps to vote against Jim Jordan. Interesting, though I do not trust anyone who knows the secret, and all about the surveillance, and does not warn our kind. And I am sure Bannon knows.

Biden announces $100 million in aid for Gaza, West Bank. Again, Cabal operatives there will divvie the money up, and it will disappear into the accounts of the real enemy, and no regular citizen will ever see a penny.

The U.S. gov’t hired a pro-Hamas PLO spokeswoman to handle asylum claims.

A year after moving into the Washington, D.C., home he spent about $25 million to build, Fox News anchor Bret Baier said his family is relocating to Palm Beach, Fla., and he is putting the house on the market for $31.9 million. Look how much more important than you he is, anon. Clearly you should listen to the high-status monkey. Notice, nobody has ever bought an item because Brett Baier said to. He creates nothing of value that you cannot get free in a million other spots, and he will not even tell you the truth about the world – that very rich and powerful people run a Stasi-like intel operation that is even embedded in your community, fucking you over to keep you under control as it targets your kids. His news division is a monetary loser, there are millions of guys brighter, more charismatic, and more interesting than him, who would do that job for $200K in a heartbeat. But the company pays him that much money to turn out a half-assed product not even a tenth as good as free stuff elsewhere. It is not his money. I would bet on it. They whole thing is a cover provided to him by intelligence, to try and get you to think the chubby freckled dork in the back of the class spouting the establishment line, is the guy everyone should look up to and follow.

NY AG Letitia James failed to disclose six figure, dark money loan possibly tied to anti-Trump media operatives.

Leaker of Trump taxes worked for Biden Beltway donor that just won a big new IRS contract.

Jordan fails to clinch Speakership on second ballot. One step closer to Speaker Trump, and then President Trump.

20 Republicans who voted against Jim Jordan funded by anti-Trump billionaire Paul Singer, DeSantis and Youngkin donors.

RFK Jr. comes out in favor of reparations, carving out lane to Biden’s left.

“Asking for trouble:” Minnesota gives illegal immigrants driver’s license that looks exactly like legal residents.’

Just 2k migrants in NYC have applied to work — with none approved to earn a paycheck.

New York City officials face new problem amid asylum seeker crisis as shelters get cited for fire code violations.

Video of a Haitian guy in Mexico complaining the UN did not refill his debit card, and now it is empty. You wonder if the UN has an intelligence/surveillance agency.

Syphilis epidemic breaks out in the US as STI clinics struggle to get antibiotics.

Sam Bankman-Fried had meeting scheduled with Bill Clinton weeks before FTX collapsed: Crypto boss’ calendar reveals appointments with NY Gov. Kathy Hochul, Mayor Eric Adams and chief of Saudi’s sovereign wealth fund.

Famous UFO reporter George Knapp just decided to be a reporter on a whim, when some people he knew told him to go to Vegas they knew somebody in television, and would get him a job in the news. So when he got there he worked as a cab driver, despite not knowing where anything was, and then got a job as a reporter. And he is known for eavesdropping on other people’s conversations. And John Lear, of Lear Jet Family fame claims aliens and the government have met and communicated in something like a formal summit at an Air Force base.

Japan does ship-board test firing of a military-grade railgun.

SCOTLAND is ready to take one million refugees from Gaza (population 2 million) if the UK is willing to set up a scheme to resettle families fleeing the war, First Minister Humza Yousaf said. So wait, the First Minister of Scotland is a Palestinian whose brother-in-law is a doctor in Gaza? Do you still think elections in the West are real? Or that Cabal is not in control everywhere?

Former Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro should face criminal charges for plotting a coup d’etat in response to his 2022 election defeat, the lawmaker leading a congressional probe into Jan. 8 riots that ransacked the capital said in an official report.

Following a recent report that the gas pipeline between Finland and Estonia was reportedly sabotaged, news of a man who was observed photographing Finland’s Electrical network have further fueled suspicions. 

Republic of Chad sex tape scandal leads to government resignations. Intel cleaning house. One was a husband and his wife. Anything you record and put on a computer is being looked at by your neighborhood Stasi archivist, and anything like that is getting pulled off and stored in your permanent file. I think that is where MTG’s topless photos that popped up on 8Kun came from. It looks like she was videoing herself working out and had no top on, and I would bet her local surveillance grabbed it and leaked it as some sort of retaliation. It is even possible she used a GoPro or something, and never put it on a computer, but surveillance was grabbing the video right off a WiFi on the camera. Your local crew is much more into everything in your life than you would think. From the shadows, they will be going through everything on all your computers, recording everything in your house. It is ridiculously creepy. But it is normal to them.

Russian forces destroy over 8,000 military drones in Ukraine operation.

Lingerie chain Victoria’s Secret is reportedly ditching its woke, feminist makeover of recent years as it hasn’t translated to business success. It is a social trend indicating a return to K, but this is obviously a Cabal institution, maybe even associated with Epstein-like activities, and definitely associated with an Epstein associate, Les Wexner, so fuck them.

Arkansas forces Chinese-owned seed producer to sell 160 acres of farmland amid national security concerns.

Texas installing concertina wire along New Mexico border.

An Ugly bunny fight is swiftly broken up by the chicken police. There is more law and order in that yard than we can produce in our major cities. But that is how natural law and order is. Even the Chickens want it. Imagine the scale and intricacy, and evil of the conspiracy which can deny that simple quality of life to man.

Donald Trump shares link revealing Letitia James’ address while raging against her. Whoops. LOL. We are going to be so back once the Presidential season kicks off in earnest.

Pres. Trump amplifies DOD contractor Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes’ claims in Truth Social post – Suggests Space Force has evidence of 2020 election fraud: “Trump knew if he presented any of the goods early on, we’d have a CIVIL WAR.” I am not sure why the Civil war would be bad. If you have 20 or 30 million people, who are hostile foreign intelligence operatives with legal citizenship, you need to get rid of them. Even if you defeat their operation, you cannot leave them in place. It would seem your options are revoke citizenship and expel, which is probably not legally possible. Try in court and imprison for life, which is probably too expensive, try in court and execute, which is an awful lot of executions, and with appeals will be decades, so again expense. Or do the Civil war, sweep the slate clean and start over. Unless we just had to bring the population to this level of cynicism first, where they would believe it is possible, and the Civil War is still coming. But I hope we are not going to do what we did in the first revolution, and act like everything is fine. If they try that, you will know it is all bullshit.

Spread r/K Theory, because with God all things are possible

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