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News Briefs – 01/06/2024 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”

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I was thinking about the tapping tech. Remember I said when I was under the lead dental blanket and they tried the vibrations, I could feel the lead blanket vibrating, instead of me? I will bet, the tapping is the vibration beam, just made more precise, and more sudden and instantaneous, so instead of pulling the lead blanket up and down, it simply launches one impulse, which impacts it. I think they wanted to make covering your head with the blanket unpleasant so they could get you to uncover it, and they could use the vibrations to rattle your brain, and maybe do damage to it to degrade cognitive function and IQ, which is your real weapon against them. I have long suspected the vibrations may actually be bones vibrating. Interestingly, calcium and lead act very similarly. Lead is poisonous because it tries to pass through calcium ion channels, like calcium, but it is too big, and gets stuck, basically destroying the calcium channels your nerves need to transmit neural impulses down axonal membranes. I would bet that vibration beam and the tapping tech are the same thing, just tuned differently. So the insights we are making into the tapping tech, might be of use to our brothers still getting the vibration beam. We are making progress here. We also had some great technical analysis of the recordings which found oddities. I was afraid the comments would get lost so I stuck them on the original post here, in the event it jars any other ideas out of anyone else. This tech is a menace. If we can expose and eliminate it, we would be American heroes. It is also worth noting they had to have a “torture-tech” to go to, to complain people were using lead blankets to stop them from vibrating them out of their sleep. Somewhere out there is a geek who develops this shit for them. We need to find him and get his name one day when this all goes public.

So I downloaded an Infrasound Detection app, and guess what frequency of infrasound is high in my house? 14.5 Hz. What is the significance? That is judged the optimal resonant frequency to disrupt visual structures. My vision was always crystal clear, so the intermittent visual degradation is not really that bad, though I have noticed that periodically it goes slightly blurry, then just as quickly returns to crystal clear at times. But be aware if you have intermittent blurry vision, it can be the American Stasi trying to limit your screen time. If only they devoted as much time to doing good as they have to figuring out how to fuck with Americans who were just going about their lives peacefully.

And it is worth noting, I think the real reason I am getting so much attention may be I am the node where all you you meet and share ideas, and reinforce each other’s experiences, being followed, getting The Beam™, and so on. They really want all of you isolated. And notice how much support we are getting from the rest of the online conservative news community. Where is my Tucker Carlson interview? When will Steve Bannon call? I can’t even get through to Alex Jones. Are Nick Fuentes and the gay guy in the cat ears still doing interviews?

Biden says that “Trump plans to invoke the Insurrection Act which will allow him to deploy US military forces on the streets of America.”

Only 60 of about 250 Epstein documents that will be ‘unsealed or unredacted’ have been published so far.

NEW EPSTEIN FILES: Prince Andrew “in an orgy with numerous underage girls.”

Interesting comments from Megyn Kelly:

“We’re going to hear a lot more about Jeffrey Epstein in the coming year. You may be even hearing from him directly. More on that as I’m allowed to tell you.”

What if it is like Q claimed with McCain. Epstein was given a death penalty for treason, was forced to make a final video explaining everything, and was put to death, and the whole correctional thing was just a ruse to explain things. Although the nose and the ear on the corpse did not match, pointing to some poor guy who surveillance pegged as looking like Epstein, going to put out his garbage, and getting hit over the head with a sack full of pennies, and his body being used for Epstein’s. Unless Epstein was imprisoned, and that guy was some useful double to shoot that scene, and wasn’t dead. It was always strange, them wheeling Epstein’s body around like that, with no cover on the face.

This is the type of thing the Conspiracy would not want to see being said, and here it is being said by one of the controlled voices, no less:

As if it is part of the script, albeit a script the old boss would not have ever allowed to become the script. Interesting.

Jeffrey Epstein fixer’s office burglarized hours before document dump, computers stolen.

Top prosecutor on special counsel Jack Smith’s team shut down FBI investigations into the Clinton Foundation in 2016. Don’t forget, Epstein was a co-founder of the Clinton Foundation, which means there is a theory where the Foundation is likely a Mossad laundering operation. Presumably Epstein would run the honeypots, the payments would be made to the Foundation, maybe Hillary gets a cut, and the rest gets donated elsewhere and flows on. All clean and pure, and the blackmailee even gets to look extra angelic and charitable.

Virginia Giuffre was forced to have sex with “the former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Barak.”

Pressure is mounting on the FBI to release a tranche of ‘missing’ evidence uncovered during the raid on Epstein’s New York townhouse in July 2019.

Lawyers for Virginia Giuffre were seeking Ghislaine Maxwell’s communications with Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.

A top model who jumped to her death from her Wall Street apartment building had previously been one of the teen girls flown to Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, newly unsealed court documents show.

This girl makes it look like Epstein’s op was a hardcore Jewish supremacist conspiracy, lending credence to it being Mossad, or a Cabal faction of Mossad, which I assume has a Mossad Fantasy Camp component just like every other intel agency:

A theory Epstein was taken out in a turf war between Jewish cliques, which is why so many are allowed to talk about it:


Jack Smith goes off the rails, claims Trump immunity argument would allow him to order his supporters to murder opposing lawmakers.

Supreme Court to hear Trump challenge to Colorado ballot removal next month.

NY AG Letitia James increases amount she wants from Trump to $370 million, seeks lifetime ban for him from real estate industry.

Republican presidential primary candidate Nikki Haley is reviving former President George W. Bush’s so-called “Any Willing Worker” policy that sought to import foreign workers for American jobs at the direction of special interest groups.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just stunned viewers on national television by admitting that she thinks states should decide who’s allowed to run for president of the United States, and not citizens voting. Everything is getting more blatant.

Biden marks Jan. 6 anniversary by calling Trump a threat to democracy and freedom.

Judicial Watch files $30 million wrongful death lawsuit against U.S. Government on behalf of Ashli Babbitt’s husband and estate.

Daily Mail – What voters REALLY think about January 6: More Americans think the election was stolen and a growing number of voters think the FBI was behind the violence ahead of the third anniversary.

The theater kids club is global:

TSA director arrested by US Customs and Border Protection over a warrant for her arrest posted by the St. Lucie County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office, which claimed she and an alleged accomplice exploited a relative suffering from dementia by falsifying documents in their name.

Bill Ackman’s celebrity academic wife Neri Oxman’s dissertation is marred by plagiarism. I would take this to mean she is covert surveillance, was following people through grocery stores when younger, and her degree was gotten for her by some Agency lackeys while she was off operating, maybe as a honeypot, maybe as a NOC, and it is likely her relationship to Ackman is more complicated than it would appear.

The Pentagon says that US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was incapacitated and hospitalized this week as he was treated for complications following an “elective medical procedure.”

A recent Wyoming Supreme Court decision finds that police can enter homes if they believe they have permission.

A Bill Gates insider, who served as the Microsft co-founder’s vaccine specialist has warned that population numbers around the world will plunge by “up to 30-40% in highly vaccinated countries.”

Italian hospitals collapse with over 1,100 patients waiting to be admitted in Rome due to a sudden rise in respiratory symptoms due to a wide plethora of respiratory infections which are now strangely aggressive. Or the patients’ immune systems are not fighting them off for some strange, vaxxed reason.

France raises alarm over ‘very disturbing’ spike in sudden deaths of babies since introduction of new RSV vaccine.

Wayne LaPierre resigns as NRA leader, days before start of his civil trial which alleges he violated nonprofit laws and misused NRA funds to finance a lavish lifestyle.

Abortion has topped several infectious diseases as the world’s leading cause of death for at least the fifth year in a row.

California to provide free sex changes for illegal immigrants.

3000 Special Forces cut from US Army. Odd, since they cannot hit their recruitment goals.

Funny videos of European farmers protesting. Those manure spreaders are top notch.

Foreign aid to Ukraine tops $200 billion.

As America is looking for even more ways to make every citizen even more miserable.

Grand jury DECLINES to charge ‘hero’ vigilante who shot and killed serial thief Eugene Washington inside Houston taqueria as he was walking away after robbery.

Civil Disobedience in Illinois as gun owners defy registration mandate.

President Joe Biden, 81, holds the worst net approval rating in history at this time in office, 1,080 days into his tenure, FiveThirtyEight polling found this week.

Black Chicagoans are increasing their calls to “turn Chicago red” in the coming elections in response to the growing border crisis that has flooded their neighborhoods with illegal aliens at the behest of “welcoming” Mayor Brandon Johnson.

Trump beating Haley by 29 points in her own state of South Carolina.

Americans continue to arm themselves at record rates.

Spread r/K Theory, because nations should be trying to ake their citizen’s lives better

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