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News Briefs – 01/12/2024 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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The family of a second inmate who died while incarcerated in Alabama’s prison system is alleging that his body was also returned to them with missing organs. Now this government is getting scary.

An “accidental” geofence warrant typo cast a location dragnet spanning two miles over San Francisco, revealing location data on everyone in the zone.

Fani Willis secretly colluded with January 6 Committee; could blow up case.

Jill Biden: Joe must win — ‘We cannot let go of “Our” Democracy. I am not sure when they say Democracy, they mean what we mean when we say Democracy.

28% of Americans are satisfied with the way our Democracy is working. If you figure 20% liberals as a ballpark, you would be looking at 8% American Stasi Domestic Surveillance.

Joe Biden used alias emails to communicate with members of his family while he was Vice President, according to a batch of records obtained by Judicial Watch, including one email where Joe Biden signed off on a brief pause of Secret Service protection for son Hunter and granddaughter Natalie Biden during a Kosovo trip. Natalie was the daughter of Hunter’s brother. Giuliani and Kerik went to Delaware State PD with the video from Hunter’s laptop, showing Hunter molesting her when she was underaged, and nothing could be done. I immediately think he was bringing her to have sex with her on camera, to give the other side blackmail on him, while the other side probably did something itself on camera to seal the deal from the other side, so nobody could back out. That could explain why he could not have Secret Service see it. Everything you think you know is wrong. You can’t go to the Police, with evidence of a crime, and get it dealt with. The Police are just a stage prop to this thing. They have no real powers, no real ability to enforce any laws. And the times when they try, cops like Miosotis Familia get killed, to put them back in line. Not that even if they pursued it, they could get the prosecutors or the judge on board. There are multiple, redundant levels of control, all of them are either in the conspiracy, or they are afraid of The Beam™. At the normie’s level, there is some fantasy of a system, and justice, and laws, and the Constitution. But once you get where things really happen, it is just a dictatorship, with things like Hunter molesting his underaged niece able to be on video, as clear as day, and nobody can do anything. I have not endured all I have endured to bring this to you because I am some attention whore or drama queen. We are literally at the edge of losing the nation.

Now there is this – Hunter Biden will be arraigned Thursday afternoon in California on nine federal tax charges, which have him facing up to 17 years in prison. Maybe. It certainly did not work like that three years ago. Has that much changed, or is this just theater? I am still being Beamed, and will have more recordings soon, so I tend to think not.

Hunter Biden pleads not guilty to federal tax charges.

Hunter Biden has been spotted traveling with U.S. Marshals. Why not Secret Service? Would Secret Service hand him off to the Marshals for a flight, or might he be in some kind of witness protection program?

President Joe Biden’s polling numbers made history in Michigan, as 17% of state voters said the Democratic incumbent deserves another term as president.

‘I did nothing wrong’ Trump says in dramatic moment at close of NY civil fraud trial.

Former Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) said Thursday that he wants former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) to consider a third-party presidential bid with No Labels after Christie ended his GOP campaign.

US intelligence officials warn Hezbollah may target mainland US amid war in Israel: report. Absolutely cannot happen, unless domestic surveillance allows it. Anytime someone new lays their head somewhere at night, the local embedded coverage sees them enter their sector, and works double time to figure out their deal, using advanced tech to watch them to a degree you could not imagine. There is no chance these characters could get an attack off the ground, unless it was allowed by domestic surveillance.

Substack drops the ball, is now censoring writers. Whatever is coming will be such bullshit, they fear if anyone anywhere is allowed to point it out, their entire plan may collapse. I am sure everyone everywhere is getting pressured in all sorts of ways to back off and let them tell everyone what to think.

The Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) is on track to reach full operational capability (FOC) by Sept. 30 — or the end of fiscal year 2024, DefenseScoop confirmed on Tuesday. This itself is a huge change. Whoever was covering things up, because they already knew all this, would seem to not be in full control anymore.

UAP bipartisan bill aims to protect pilots reporting sightings.

On Twitter – Video: I received this from a source in O’Hare Airport in Chicago. Parts of the airport were sectioned off to house illegals. There were too many illegals and now they overflowed into the terminal area. My source says he was asked not to record.

Maine builds new rent-free apartments for migrants paid by state’s taxpayers.

Rand Paul says Mitch McConnell plans ‘sellout’ on border security.

Mitch McConnell agrees to allow the Biden administration to bring in 5,000 illegals per day. No wall $735 million in funding for a path to citizenship.

Twitter – The state of Texas has seized all city property along the riverfront at the border in the Eagle Pass area under governors emergency powers, including federal processing locations and equipment—This is according to multiple sources. All access to the property is limited to state authority only. Border Patrol will be permitted to enter the property to remove their equipment and supplies—Agents will not have access to the area unless there is a medical emergency. I am told that the state plans to start arresting all who cross for criminal trespass—This is not under the new illegal entry law #SB4– They have been arresting for criminal trespass for months.

Mike Cernovich literally sued an Epstein trafficking victim on behalf of Alan Dershowitz- A woman sued Alan Dershowitz civilly claiming Jeffery Epstein trafficked her to Alan Dershowitz. She had petitioned the court to keep her name private during the lawsuit. Cernovich sued and she had to dox herself and it paved the way for Dershowitz to countersue her for court costs. You have to understand, at that level, fame is something I think those in the club cannot give out through association on threat of punishment, unless command allows it. Trump and I would get along well, I am sure, but he cannot go near me. Even if I were Jewish, and doing ground surveillance locally, and he was a fan here, Dershowitz could not go near me, unless his command allowed it. That Cernovich could make Dershowitz’s acquaintance is astounding, let alone end up doing legal stuff for him. I am sure there are many in ground surveillance who would never be able to get close to Dershowitz. Makes me curious about just who Cernovich is, and how he is so important. I would think such importance would precede his Gorilla Mindset days. Familial bloodline? CIA? Military Intel? Something curious. All these people, from Cernovich to Posobiec, to Andrew Tate, to Jack Murphy, are secret keepers. There is stuff about them they will be incredibly disciplined about never revealing.

Billionaire Hyatt hotel magnate Thomas Pritzker was photographed leaving Jeffrey Epstein’s $77million New York townhouse in January 2019. Brother of Illinois Governor JB Pritzker.

If they genuinely developed this thing will mal-intent, as appears likely, it is not impossible they engineered that mRNA to function like a virus purposely, and what people are calling vax shedding is just an inefficient, engineered, quasi-viral spread. I mean, you really have to exercise extreme caution going forward, because whoever is running things is a full-blown psychotic.

Pneumonia-like outbreak continues to sweep through China with “suspicions” it may be linked to Covid.

Google Whistleblower Zach Vorhies: I suspect that Google doesn’t actually make that much money off of ads and instead, they are just selling your data to the CIA / NSA / China etc since the early 2000’s. I believe the whole ad revenue narrative is mostly a cover for their surveillance capitalism which is growing obsolete in the face of competition.

Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) stepped down as co-chair of No Labels last month, raising speculation about a potential third-party presidential campaign. RINO.

Washington State’s proposed ammo tax is a clever ruse to undermine gun rights.

Extremist Jewish teens secretly ‘hired migrants’ to dig covert Brooklyn synagogue tunnel ‘Shawshank’-style. I wonder where the dirt went?

John Fetterman defends Israel against accusations of genocide in fiery speech: Stop talking about proportion.’ Fascinating. He has to know the Oct 7th attacks were just like Sept 11th. But he is reading the script he is given. And it is an evil script. The young guys it sends into the flames, on all sides of these scripts, are the absolute best of every society, the ones willing to die for something. And I think it writes these scripts specifically to kill them.

Fetterman attacks white Christian genocide in South Africa. You know all of this is coming in his earpiece.

I think they may be posting stuff now just to fuck with our heads. Following is a video of a traffic stop by a cop. The guy looks sketchy, has an FBI badge, his story is he was issued it with no credentials to go with it, while working a contract for the FBI, the cop notices he has Police lights in his car, he appears to have a body bag and a shovel in his trunk, and the cop arrests him for having Police lights, which is illegal. He also knows where all the local law enforcement task force operations centers are. The guy also appears to have one-off pads, and he admits to having serious felonies in his juvenile record, so you could assume he was not law enforcement. The cops look genuinely concerned the guy is an impersonator pulling people over with fake credentials. Now the story is the stopped guy was an “ex-USSS Special Agent, FBI Task Force Officer, and Special Deputy U.S. Marshal arrested while on assignment investigating Child Trafficking.” Why would he not say that to the cop? Why no credentials to go with his badge, or even person at some agency for the cop to call to cut him loose? Why does he have a $50 Police light setup in his car, plugged into his cigarettes’ lighter, with no siren? Why a body bag and a shovel? And he has flashbangs, but no gun. And supposedly one of the cops was released from the department due to the stop, and every comment in the comments is cheering this guy and cursing out the cops, for being concerned a guy with no credentials was impersonating a law enforcement officer. I don’t see how they could have turned him loose:

When I was in a parking lot once, one of my followers pulled up to the Mall cop in the parking lot and flashed some kind of badge at him and said something. Now this guy is running a GoFundMe off this video, which strikes me as something a US Secret Service Agent or US Deputy Marshal would probably not do. Plus he obstructed his plate with a shaded cover, and I see surveillance running all around me with plates they have scrapped paint off of, no plates, even plates which are flapping in the wind and look like they just printed them off on paper on an ink jet printer before my follow. And the cop was fired. Very strange world lately.

CNBC’s Santelli: It takes $1.19 in 2023 dollars to buy what a dollar bought pre-COVID.

Emerging Credit crisis: Americans accumulate record credit card debt.

Medical bills have become backbreaking as health care expenditures devoured more than 17 percent of the U.S. GDP.

Discord is laying off 17 percent of employees.

PJMedia does a piece on how ultra-left Drudge has gone. Drudge’s sudden changeover from more or less right-libertarian, to ultra-leftist has a much different feel to me now. I cannot imagine the pressure which would come down to bear on this site, if we had millions of views per day and were a go-to news source. I am sure he had no choice but to turn the site over.

Vatican official says St. Peter’s Basilica will bless homosexual ‘couples.’

Canadian store clerk charged with aggravated assault after would-be robber beaten with a baseball bat the robber brought to rob the store with, and used to beat the clerk before the clerk got it away from him and hit him with it.

Canadian police warn that posting videos of alleged package thieves could be ‘violation’ of their privacy. These are things which show, you are not electing your government, because it is refusing to represent the interests of decent people.

BC authorizes giving free fentanyl to kids without parental consent. It is like the porn fairy, only lots more dopamine. I am still gobsmacked you have domestic intel giving kids it identifies as potential problems porn, with an eye to controlling them decades later. Think about the commitment to purpose, and the established procedures, and the attention to detail in those grade-school intel operators. Even the fact they can hit some store room and pull up an inventory of porn magazines the op amassed for operational purposes. Just amazing.

New protest wave sweeps through Germany as farmers and train drivers join to bring transportation in many cities to a near halt.

US and UK launch air strikes against Houthi militants in Yemen.

Democrats fume after Biden orders Yemen airstrikes without congressional approval: ‘Unacceptable violation of the Constitution.’

Russia said it had requested an urgent meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Friday to discuss military strikes on Yemen by the United States and Britain.

More than $1 billion worth of shoulder-fired missiles, kamikaze drones and night-vision devices that the United States has sent to Ukraine have not been properly tracked by U.S. officials, a new Pentagon report concludes.

Zelensky tours Baltic states appealing for more weapons.

Moscow’s top spy warns exchange-program graduates of US colleges. He is basically saying US colleges are riddled with spies who will look to recruit the Russian students. But it is not just Russians who have to watch their asses in college. It is a massive and multifaceted control operation, seeking blackmail, building files, kneecapping threats and making sure who goes where is under strict control.

Judge orders California district to reinstate teachers who refused to hide students’ gender transitions.

Ohio House Republicans override governor, vote to ban ‘sex changes’ for children.

New Oregon gun control permanently blocked by State Court Judge.

The number of gun sales estimated using the National Instant Background Check System, or NICS, for December of 2023 was about 1.74 million guns – the fourth-highest number of gun sales for December in the NICS system.

Utah on right track with plan to encourage armed teachers.

Former President Donald Trump’s town hall on Fox News Channel (FNC) Wednesday night received nearly double the viewership of CNN’s Republican primary debate.

CPAC endorses Trump. 

Spread r/K Theory, because the control operations are everywhere

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