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News Briefs – 01/19/2024 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”

Visit our surveillance page, the most important page on this site, and see firsthand the massive Stasi-like domestic spying operation in the US which is targeting you and your loved ones.


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So far, it appears the impulse/particle/tapping dew, recorded by Dr Katherine Horton (the wife of NSA legend Bill Binney) here is stoppable:

That is a 100 percent legit video, by the way. I have experienced the exact same thing in America as she was experiencing in Europe, meaning this elite intel op spans borders, and so does its tech. Notice how hard the impacts were on the pans. That is a feature of the tech. I think the frying pan was only able to generate such force, because it was a large, thick, conductive metal, and somehow, the kinetic force is being generated at the target by some kind of charge movement within the material, or discharge of charge, or change in polarization, and thus it is dependent on the material the “beam” is targeting having certain properties and mass,

Regardless, there is an outright Stasi intelligence service, employing supposedly American civilians, hiding in houses, and deploying weapons like this on innocent Americans and Europeans, absent any judicial ruling, any law enforcement authority, or governmental imprimatur, and entirely criminally. And the government will not do anything about it.

The impulse weapon is not defeatable by steel sheet metal sheeting as a shield, which implies to me it may not actually be a particle, but rather some sort of charge effect engendered at the target, perhaps by charging or polarizing the environment, and then creating some kind of point discharge with a beam of some kind, with the steel being transparent to the beam, or interference effect which precipitates the discharge.

As a result, aluminum foil is useless as well. Nor does a Faraday cage do anything. I think they actually use some resonant effect in conjunction with the Faraday cage’s conductors, to actually make the vibrations and the electricity bathing (another form of electronic harassment) worse in the presence of a Faraday cage.

I was being hit from two directions by the particles, which preferentially attack the head presumably to degrade cognition and functioning (the sensation penetrates fairly deeply into tissue). The sources are at roughly 90 degrees to each other. Both houses have a thermally emissive band on them which seems to warm up during usage. I would estimate is it four to six feet, by maybe an inch to four inches wide, positioned horizontally. It is tough to tell thickness with thermal as it blurs as temperatures change at distance, and the band is quite warm relative to the rest of the structure when it fires up. And it is possible that is something else, related to scanning or monitoring or targeting, which is merely used during the impulse attacks, or even that both houses happen to be losing heat for some reason in lines on the side of the house.

One of those bands however, appeared to be installed by some operators posing as workers for a local roofing company, under an eve. If that is the emitter I get the feeling you may be looking at an array of emitters, precisely spaced, in a line, perhaps using constructive inference effects to affect points in space. I could be wrong about all this, as I am making observations on the fly. I just want to document them here as we go, before I have figured anything out definitively, in the event something happens, or I discover something really good which should not be lost, so all propositions are preliminary and subject to change. However I now suspect this is not a satellite or aviation asset delivering the impulse/particle impacts.

I have had excellent luck blocking the impulses using the following system. I sleep on a floor mattress, and between myself and both sources, I place the following. A plastic bin holding 18 inches wide of water, 14 inches high, with MgSO4 in it, which the impulse must pass through within two feet of me, then a doubled lead blanket which it will hit on exiting the bin, then a regular beautyrest pillow with an unknown spun material inside, on edge to get maximum height, and then a lead blanket which drapes over my head and back down under it, which may or may not be important. Over me on a platform, is another lead blanket, which meets the water bin, preventing any spillover of beam from above the bin down to me. My sources are about 75 feet away and about 150-200 feet away.

Without the pillow, I have still felt the impulse hit the lead blanket after passing through the water. with the pillow, I can hear it absorbing the impacts and being struck. I cannot imagine why the pillow would be important, but a pillow alone will not stop the impulse. Perhaps it needs to be focused somehow when passing through the water, and then the pillow can absorb it, or perhaps the water just takes enough energy out to make it stoppable. I only discovered it when the pillow bunched up at the top of my head in front of the water bin as I squished under the platform, and I could feel it jumping and being impacted with each shot, but the shots were not reaching me. So far, the system is 100 percent effective, however I assume they can turn up the energy, so I will videotape going forward in case we get a dramatic escalation.

All of these things, I suspect will be cat and mouse, in the form of a continual battle to overcome their technology, followed by them trying to improve it to overcome your defense. Until we expose the surveillance, and trigger the purging, this is the game. However their tech is defeatable by simple observation and experimentation, even by somebody who just encountered it recently and is not a specialist in the field.

I have no idea how much that system cost to develop and field, but whatever it was, a single rube with too much time on his hands due to not being allowed to sleep has, for now, hopefully wrecked it all with a pillow, a lead blanket, and some water.

If we expose this thing, and get every American on board, I think the entire unit will be quickly defeatable, and we will end up living free again.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation recently updated one of its countersurveillance tools – “The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) today unveiled its new Street Level Surveillance hub, a standalone website featuring expanded and updated content on various technologies that law enforcement agencies commonly use to invade Americans’ privacy.” Note, in the video above, an innocent girl was being hit by particle beam weapons. Throughout America you have Americans complaining of Gangstalking, directed energy weapon harassment, and it is so bad a raft of intelligence operatives set up BiggerThanSnowden.com, which was somehow forced to shutdown, so all that is left of it is the archive on the Wayback Machine. Meanwhile Bill Binney is giving interviews saying he is trapped in his basement because they are beaming him. Where is the EFF on that? Why no task force of technological experts getting to the bottom of it? No calls for congressional hearings? Nothing. They list a bunch of local PD surveillance things, which might have been the only way a Police Chief like James Burke could have prevented the machine from crushing him. But on any real issue, they are useless. Still think they are real?

Pentagon issues statement in response to ‘jellyfish’ UAP questions. Not much. It is a UAP, and was filmed using thermographic FLIR.

Hunter Biden will sit for a closed-door interview on February 28, along with five Biden family associates at various dates, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) and Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) announced Thursday.

The House Oversight Committee reported Thursday Lawyer and film producer Kevin Morris said that he gave Hunter Biden at least $5 million to pay off his tax debts and personal expenses and purchased over half of Hunter Biden’s artwork.

Biden donor P. Kevin Morris admitted the “loans” he provided to son Hunter Biden do not have to be repaid until 2025 — after the next presidential election — and could be forgiven, according to his transcribed House deposition.

DeSantis press sec attacks Trump for being in ‘basement’ while ex Prez attends Melania’s mother’s funeral.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. campaign forms new parties in six states to ease ballot access requirements.

177 members of Congress joined Ted Cruz and Steve Scalise in an Amicus Curiae Brief to the US Supreme Court in support of President Donald Trump in the Colorado case to remove Trump from the ballot.

Trump lawyers say document shows he kept ‘Q’ clearance for nuclear secrets, so classified documents case is moot.

Georgia Judge orders DA Fani Willis to respond to allegations of impropriety by Feb 2nd.

Biden mistakenly claims he just saw NC Rep. Deborah Ross who was actually in DC: ‘Where’s Deborah?

An article by New York Post legendary gossip columnist Cindy Adams reports Barack and Michelle Obama are angling to replace Joe Biden with former First Lady Michelle as the Democrats’ 2024 presidential nominee. On the one hand, Michelle was so repulsive when Barack first ran, they had to hide her, particularly after her saying it was the first time she was actually proud to be American. On the other hand, it seems the program is, to do things which even idiots can see could only happen in a rigged system.

Third party group No Labels files election interference complaint with DOJ over leftist groups trying to threaten people who work for it with being blackballed from politics in the future.

‘It’s time to act’: McConnell pushes Ukraine-border plan despite Johnson’s doubts.

House Passes Pelosi-Schumer CR, averting shutdown fears until March.

Heating system shut down on political prisoners in DC Gulag – with freezing temperatures outside, temps inside drop to 55, as guards wear jackets and hoodies, but no extra clothes or blankets are given to prisoners.

A Republican running for Congress in North Carolina previously compared deporting illegal immigrants to Nazi Germany, and said he was “not opposed” to fast-tracking citizenship for recipients of Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

New York cuts money from schools to pay for Migrants.

TSA sign says migrants without ID can choose not to have photo taken when entering U.S.

The Homeland Security Department is working on a digital ID for refugees and asylum seekers that is based on privacy-enhancing technology.

Feds seek 5-year prison term for IRS contractor who leaked Trump’s tax records.

Justice Department report finds ‘cascading failures’ and ‘no urgency’ during Uvalde, Texas, shooting.

Walgreens exec John Driscoll asked global lawmakers to tax millionaires like himself more. Note, how if Cabal raids national treasuries, and if it creates almost all billionaires, this is really a brilliant play to eliminate all non-Cabal who attain wealth independently, and consolidate control of the conspiracy. Cabal will always be able to replace what is taken from its agents, as what is taken is being given to Cabal. Everyone else will be wrecked.

‘Squad’ lawmaker Jamal Bowman proposes a bill to distribute $14 trillion in slavery reparations: ‘Moral and legal obligation.’

Dramatic video of a Boeing 747 with an engine fire after takeoff, before it circled around and landed in Miami.

A Chinese marathon runner who chain-smoked his entire way through a 26.2 miles race has been disqualified, despite achieving a competitive time.

Netanyahu furiously hits back at US for suggesting there must be a Palestinian state after the Gaza war – as he warns Biden ‘don’t try coerce us into endangering Israel.’

Iran could produce enough fuel for six nuclear bombs in just one month and even produce a single atomic bomb in as little as a week, a former UN inspector has warned.

The new right-wing government of Sweden has already scrapped the renewable energy plans of the old government and have been pushing for more nuclear power.

Argentina’s president at Davos denounces “collectivism” and says Free Market Capitalism is the “only morally desirable system.”

A drug cartel in central Mexico has kidnapped 14 local residents, including four children, in apparent retaliation for an uprising by angry farmers earlier this month that killed 10 cartel gunmen.

Russia on death of Gonzalo Lira: “Kiev is allowed to torture and kill Americans, and everyone keeps their mouth shut.”

World not producing enough weapons to beat Russia – Zelensky.

Japanese startup testing ground-based fusion laser in pioneering effort to combat space debris and orbital threats.

Shooting the way to fusion energy…Super high-velocity projectiles might ultimately beat lasers in the race to achieve practical fusion energy.

K-selection rises – Number of children living in 2-parent household increases, continuing upward trajectory.

Ron DeSantis falls to 7% in winner-take-all Texas, 62 points behind Donald Trump.

Former First Lady Melania Trump gave a moving eulogy full of emotion at the funeral of her mother Amalija Knavs Thursday morning with her husband and family gathered around to say a final goodbye. Deepest condolences to the Trump family. It does not end here

Donald Trump Jr for US President in 2028? Ex-first son says ‘never say never.’ He might have to move from Florida if he is to be the Vice President in this race, which would be the best possible choice I could imagine. Double the Trump, double the fun.

Spread r/K Theory, because even the Seals can figure out how things work.

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