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News Briefs – 01/22/2024 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”

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DeSantis drops out of Presidential race and endorses Trump. It had been like watching a wounded animal flailing about, knowing it was going to die and just wishing the suffering would end.

Why DeSantis FINALLY pulled the plug: Florida governor was given internal polling showing him facing a crushing defeat in South Carolina where he had focused all his resources – and told he had no path to the White House.

Ron DeSantis uses FAKE Winston Churchill quote in final message to voters as he ends disastrous presidential campaign.

Local reporter describes election expert Halderman breaking into Dominion voting machine and changing vote totals during his Georgia testimony.

Crystal Hefner says creepy Playboy Mansion ‘peep holes’ caught ‘celeb orgies’ in Hef’s bed.

Cancer cases expected to hit record high in 2024… What changed? You want to say the vax. But it could be The Beam increasing in usage. I was rewatching that Bill Binney interview on my surveillance page with his wife and Bill Still, to transcribe it, and he noted his wife died of cancer, his son had cancer, and every other house on his culdesac street had cancer, which he attributed to radiation-emitting surveillance devices he was being exposed to when he was head of technology at NSA. If that many neighbors were getting it, it probably means his surveillance was getting it too from stuff command likely installed in their homes without telling them, pointed at Bill’s house, to be operated remotely. He noted the rates of cancer in intelligence families is off the charts, and he thinks it is due to the irradiating surveillance technologies like thru-wall microwave, thru-wall radar, and other things. That tech is all over the United States, in neighborhoods everywhere. I was a 20-ish goof, waking up when the neighbor was hitting me, so anyone can get it. And that stuff is going right through the target houses and on through the neighborhood. Then you have apparently planes flying overhead beaming vast swaths of residential neighborhoods and setting off heart attacks, according to studies. The heart attacks may not be the only thing which correlates to plane overflights, though. And who knows what is scanning you on the highways, beaming in your house as cars drive by on the street in front of your home, and on and on. Even regular agencies are doing it too. NYPD was open about the fact it runs box trucks with backscatter X-ray machines in them on the highway scanning cars as they drive, and it said to civil liberties groups, they would just have to trust them it was safe, as they will not let any independent organization look at the machines to see what they are putting out.

Trump wants his own version of the Wagner Group ‘that is only responsible to the president’, claims former White House official Miles Taylor who thinks he would use a second term to exact revenge. That actually sounds good, though this guy doesn’t intend it that way. Miles Taylor was a victim of Havana Syndrome. I believe, IIRC, he was hit on White House grounds while working for Trump, and again in his house. When he was hit in his house, he ran to the front, and saw a white van driving away. though I would assume that was a distraction from the real source. After that, he turned on Trump, and now attacks him regularly. You have to wonder if his harassment amped up, and this is him hoping to appease it, and make it go away.

AP does a hit-piece on the John Birch Society, which sounds basically like this site does, only compared to them, we were late to the party.

Here’s what I learned as the U.S. government’s UFO hunter. He maintains the story there is a secret UFO reverse engineering program is all made up and retold by the same individuals to each other, and there is nothing to it. Of course that he says the idea it would exist, means congress would have had to be briefed extensively means he is either clueless about the fact that a lawless conspiracy rules the country and politicians are just actors, or he is in the conspiracy.

Someone on Twitter notes, the shadow banning is returning. Oh my God! Elon was going to save us so we could have real information sharing in the runup to the 2024 election. Now everyone came back because of their hero, and they can’t stay in touch with their audience when it really counts! You do not understand, if you even thought it was possible Elon actually would have freed up Twitter for 2024. There is a pretty good chance I will either be killed, or turned into a vegetable, just for shitposting here. You would not believe the technologies which are being brought to bear on me now every day. I don’t cover it every day, but it is bad. If I was even slightly weak in loyalty, could even vaguely betray the nation, I would break and start telling you to vote for Haley. Whatever is coming, they want full control of everybody’s feed, to spoonfeed you only the information they want you to see, and they do not want any of you providing any information to everyone else. That is how fake and gay the upcoming storm will be. We cannot talk about it, or it will all fall apart. No way Elon is allowed to blow $44 billion to bring everyone together honestly in this world. They would kill him long before it came to that, and he knows. Also, if my experiences are nationally correlative. you may have mass shooters popping soon.

The Gateway Pundit – As expected “X” is censoring our report on the most explosive voting machine development of the decade! Please  @ElonMusk allow the people to read about an election expert hacked into a voting machine in Georgia Court on Friday and CHANGED THE RESULTS!

Cernovich is in the club, but he isn’t wrong here, and the idea makes me think of Q saying, you have to be brought to the brink:

E. Jean Carroll’s jacket-dress comes into question, was not available for sale yet, when she claims she was trying it on and Donald Trump attacked her.

New York Post – Trump case could go off rails as Fani Willis love triangle, corruption investigation heats up.

Glenn Beck told Trump he should choose Vivek as VP. Trump was non-committal. Beck loudly complained about being gangstalked. Now he is clearly pushing a Cabal asset. I think they eventually break.

Hunter’s lawyer’s massive financial support to Hunter Biden raises ethical and campaign finance concerns for President Joe Biden.

Treasury reports allegedly flagged Hunter’s insurance, opening new line of inquiry in impeachment. It looks like Hunter and Joe may have been dumping money into overfunded life insurance policies, and then taking loans out against the policies to avoid IRS scrutiny.

Elon Musk calls for unmasking of Patriot Front: ‘just follow them.’

George Soros has a plan to transform Texas from red to blue. Obviously not him, but whoever is behind his operation is doing it.

Alex Soros Tweets out a bullet hole and 47 — A direct violent threat to Donald Trump:

Honduran illegal charged with child sex abuse freed after local Fairfax, Virginia authorities refuse to cooperate with ICE.

Oregon uses AI to flag election ‘misinformation,’ raising fresh concerns about censorship.

Johns Hopkins study says gun control will prevent second civil war.

At an undetermined date, in an undisclosed location, the Biden administration began operating a secretive new surveillance court to protect Europeans’ privacy rights under U.S. law. “… it was authorized in an October 2022 executive order to fix a collision of European and American law that had been blocking the lucrative flow of consumer data between American and European companies for three years.” Nobody knows what it is doing, and it sounds unlikely any European will petition it.

Covid vaxxed are testing positive for HIV, multiple studies warn.

Bill Gates set up 20 shell companies to hide purchase of $113 million of Nebraska farmland.

Milford Regional Medical Center warns it may deny care to those using ‘unwelcome words’ about race, gender.

Illinois State Police firearm seizure unit about to be drafted into gun confiscation, budget quintupled.

There are 1.33 million attorneys in America and only 1.08 million doctors.

US Army’s Select, Train, Educate and Promote policy was temporarily suspended, as it promoted over 10,000 soldiers without required military education, training.

Google engineer found in catatonic state and ‘spattered with blood’ after reportedly beating his wife to death inside their $2 million Santa Clara home. Commenter pointed out it happened because his wife got rid of his computer and bought him a new one, raising the question of what was on the computer.

Samsung unveils “Ballie” spy machine that rolls around your home spying on everything.

CEO Larry Fink speaking at the WEF forum – “You have to force behaviors, at Blackrock we are FORCING behaviors.”

US base attacked in Iraq hours after Iran vows revenge for Damascus attack.

Iran weighs next steps against Israel, US.

Israeli regime’s president hit with war criminal charges in Switzerland.

Maria Bartiromo: Klaus Schwab got up and walked out of room during Argentina President Milei’s speech at Davos attacking globalist power-hungry elites.

Ukrainian shelling of Donetsk civilian shopping area kills dozens, local officials say.

Louisiana lawmakers pass closed primary bill, new congressional districts.

New bill bans chemtrails over New Hampshire, including weather modification, stratospheric aerosol injection, solar radiation modification, nd geoengineering.

Pennsylvania gun restrictions for adults under 21 struck down By federal court.

New Mexico state Republicans file impeachment articles against Dem governor over gun control.

Texas authorities begin arresting illegal immigrants at southern border.

Trump announces “Ron DeSanctimonious” nickname “officially retired.”

Biden campaign performs damage control as’ black voters break away.

ABC poll: 69% of Americans don’t believe Biden “has the mental sharpness to be president.”

Cook Political Report shifts Michigan, Nevada toward GOP amid Biden’s weak polling.

Recent polling confirms a Trump-Kennedy ticket would win 60% of the vote – and would nearly double Joe Biden’s totals. Very strange, as this looks like the Cabal media trying to trick Trump into joining with Kennedy. But I would think the media would know more than me, being deeper into the conspiracy. And even I know, Trump has some sort of backing by some entity which makes much of this predetermined. I would be surprised if he did not already know who he will pick, and if that pick was not chosen years ago.

Former President Donald Trump has not named his running mate but said that “people won’t be that surprised” by his choice.

Suffolk Daily NH tracking poll: Trump up to high of 55%.

InsiderAdvantage New Hampshire GOP primary post-DeSantis poll: Trump leads Haley 62%-35%; undeclared voters apparently not a major factor.

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