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News Briefs – 01/25/2024 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”

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More big progress, I think, against The Beam, and I need a little help from people who know electricity and radiofrequency interference. We might actually be able to destroy one of the most classified, multi-billion dollar research projects, produced by the predominant intelligence operation in the world, right here, all by ourselves.

A part of me didn’t want to write this, because it seems strange all these data-points keep popping up for me, and I feel like it probably strains credibility. But I’ve been there before.

For those new to here, I have long posted stuff which sounded like I was nuts or making it up. Way back in like 2014 or 2015, I was saying there is some weird intelligence thing chasing me around town, like Will Smith in Enemy of the State, I was getting zapped in my bed by some vibration beam, and if it is as big as what I think I see, we are probably not electing our leaders, all politicians are owned by this thing, billionaires are probably fake actors managing slush funds, Big Tech companies were just fronts for intel gathering and propaganda operations, and more. I am sure the vast majority of the readers here thought I was nuts back then. But I wasn’t lying, I was just telling the truth, even if it made me look stupid at the time. This will be like that.

As always, my observations are what I saw, conclusions are tentative, and probably based on incomplete information.

When you have not had more than a few hours sleep in a couple of days, and your brain is fried, and you need to sleep, but you think if you close your eyes, somebody is going to damage your brain to make you dumber so you cannot resist them, it is an unpleasant choice. If the worm turns, you can see how I will see nothing but enemies. These are not countrymen, or even human beings. It is a war, they are OpFor to our kind.

Throughout this time, I have often heard Psalm 91 in my head, (thank you to the anon who posted it). “Surely he will rescue you from the fowler’s snare.” And Psalm 23, “For you are with me.” It reminds you, and gives you back your focus. He is with me.

First, somehow, the surveillance ended up triggering a brownout, which is really three stooges-tier. That was critical, and here is why it was critical.

That time, I decided to sleep in the basement. I take brain damage pretty seriously. When I wake up, put my finger against my skull as I lay on the pillow, and it is vibrating like an orbital sander, and that is going on for most to all of my sleeping time, it is not good. Which is what they are doing. I think of that old Special Forces recruiting poster which says, “Your brain is your most powerful weapon.” It is true. They have taken that to heart, and are seeking to level the playing field.

So I went to the most shielded part of my basement, with the most earth and concrete between me and them. I am sleeping on a folding floor mattress, and I got a box about 18″ by 14″ by 16″ deep, and laid it at the head of the mattress. I covered it with lead aprons, crossed, with the neck hole draping down at the opening and the rest draped down the sides and folded under, and put a MyPillow mini-travel-pillow in there, to rest my head on. The aprons would not allow air movement, so I got a small fan about four inches in diameter to blow air in a small crack.

That fan was critical. Because once my head was in there, I could not see the light, I was blind. So first surveillance needed to fuck up and overload the neighborhood grid and brown us out. But since my head was in the box and covered, I needed an audible measure of voltage, to apprise me of the brownout, or I would never have known of it. God gave me both, and then timed my burner flicking on to about two minutes after the static in my pillow began popping, so I could hear in one ear, the static popping, and in the other ear, the fan running and its tone and speed.

If I was looking down on some dude undergoing this, and God said, “Help him,” I could not come up with that. So the voltage waxes and wanes changing the fan hum, and I can hear exactly as it does, the static popping in the pillow, stops and tries to restart. They were linked. It was a huge get.

So how did we advance from there now? I went back down there to sleep again, figuring at least I may be increasing their electric bill by making them turn up the wattage. I got hit at that spot, so I moved around again, bringing me closer to the burner, in another corner which I felt might maybe offer more shielding. I figured fuck the box, since they got through it last time, and as a result this time I could see the lights. I began to drift off, the static popping happened under the pillow, so I figured I will probably be getting hit once I enter sleep, but I was too tired. I would have to take the hit and just grab a couple of hours to minimize damage.

Because I spent yesterday working on American Stasi, they decided to give me the whole body vibrations, which again was incredibly fortuitous. Sure enough they began just as I was entering that deep sleep which feels so good. They began in the legs, and were going up until it was an all-over thing, and there is no sleeping through that, even as you are dead tired. And on flicked the burner just at that moment, right next to me.

Again, I could feel the vibrations disrupted this time. This time, they didn’t just die, they became disordered and weird, as opposed to strong and steady. They began to happen in my ankles but die everywhere else, they emerged in the chest as the ankles faded out, and then they picked back up and kind of rippled over the body, and then died again, and then emerged for a moment in my abdomen, and then died. They broke down and stopped, before sputtering on again. It was a weaker effect than the cessation of the static, but it was great.

And now the key part. I opened my eyes and saw the lights. No brown out. They must have fixed that. It most likely had full voltage, and this time, the burner did too, and the burner still killed it. My urge to sleep evaporated and my mind raced. This could be a defense of some sort.

I have said the impulse/particle/tapping beam, which may be related to the vibrations, is precise. But I do not think you really understand, and I have hesitated to try to explain it for fear of sounding even more kooky than I already do. It is so precise, I cannot imagine what the user interface must look like. I mean you walk to the sink, and it pops right over the hole in your ear as you stop. For some reason the ear-hole is a point it focuses on. It hits the keys in your pocket. How do you do that? It isn’t a joystick and a keyboard. Probably not a touch screen either. How do you present a 3D room to an operator, and give them a control interface which will let them pop a discharge in a guy’s ear as he moves? I even had in my probability matrix these people went to command, which were actual demons, and a demon was assigned, and showed up at my house. It makes me think the guys at Skinwalker Ranch who say, “something” followed them home, may just be encountering these people psyop-ing them.

But it never dawned on me, that to be that precise, they need something with data coming out of my house which must be accordingly precise. And whatever is going out could be jammed, and that might impact the weapon’s ability to function.

What would the oil burner be doing? First, I have always said I think there is a resonance aspect to the vibrations. When I recorded the tapping, it began with the sound of an MRI warming up, which I think is an EM disturbance associated with the vibrations. I have said the vibrations are heralded by a sudden nasal drip, which begins one to two minutes before they arrive, like that EM hum running for a minute or two, before the tapping started. The vibrations may even just be the tapping, done inside the body really fast.

I think during that warm-up period, they are feeding in energy impulses of some sort at varying frequencies, and using some detection mechanism to gauge when they begin to see resonance and where. It is like you have a long thin balloon filled with water, and you hold the top and begin to bounce it up and down. At the wrong frequency, you will lift up as it is still going down cutting it short, it will begin to rise and you will push down, and you will never see resonance as it is all disordered. But if the frequency times it right, just as it hits bottom you begin pulling up, and just as it reaches the top, you push down, and the oscillations will get stronger and stronger.

From this tech’s perspective, that would be great, as instead of feeding in massive amounts of energy, you feed in little bits, and let the big long water balloon on the floor bounce itself more and more until it can’t sleep. If he gets up and breaks out a detector, all he sees is a little influx of energy, not realizing the massive effect was built up over a few minutes of resonance-building. You could even hit the whole body, say from the side, and only target one piece, based on delivering the right resonant frequency for that piece. Hit the stomach just right, and it will resonant, but for the legs, or the chest, the frequency would be all wrong. Maybe you could move the vibrations up or down just by changing the frequency.

But the body will have different resonant frequencies depending on the angle it is hit from and what part is hit. I think they hit you for a minute or two, and you don’t feel it because the hits are too small, and they don’t get resonance.

From how disordered the vibrations became before breaking down, it felt like they were losing resonance next to the burner. I think the burner was disrupting a feedback  the emitter normally got somehow to fine tune the resonance, and it lost resonance as a result. I think it needs that datastream.

I see three things possible. The oil burner uses an extremely high pressure fluid pump to drive oil through a very fine nozzle, atomizing it into a spray. A fan then blows air on the atomized mist, carrying it past two electrodes which are fed a very high voltage by a high voltage transformer which creates the spark which ignites the fuel

It is possible a high pressure pump, and the blower fan, would generate a strong fluctuating magnetic field to drive the spindle, and this disrupted their impulse tech’s feedback detection. In the first instance, the burner was at a distance of maybe twenty feet away, through a cinderblock wall. I am not sure the magnetic disruptions would extend that far, although the burner was between one of their houses which is highly involved and me. Maybe that affected something. But I have tried disturbing EM with fan motors, and seen no effect.

Two sound. If they deploy geophones, and they do, it is possible they leverage the return sound waves after sending an impulse, to gauge resonance effects. The downside is sound is slow traveling, it would be affected by the materials it traveled through, it would be of limited precision, and as I said this thing is precise. But it is possible the burner firing was like a big white noise machine on its concrete pad, and drowned out what they needed.

The final possibility which initially struck me was that spark that ignites the fuel. It could be acting like a spark gap transmitter, and introducing a radiofrequency interference. Then I found this, which indicates there are several potential sources of radio frequency interference on a burner:

Interference usually comes from splash coming from contacts opening or closing, so control box could be suspect, or worn motor brushes could be causing the problem. If it only lasts for 5 seconds, I would suspect the control box, but it may not even be with the burner. A room stat, boiler stat or timer, or motorised valve switch could cause it. I doubt that the ignition transformer is causing it, but to test, you can hot wire the individual components independantly by removing the control box and bridging each in turn to live.

The voltage drop might have enhanced the effect as the spark made and broke, which is why it killed the static popping outright. There is precedent for using radiofrequency waves in thru-wall imaging. And Bill Binney’s wife said all of the targets she has helped in their path to a doctor in Europe, who said they were hit with directed energy, all of them had radio-emissive microchips which had been covertly implanted, and which she thought were being used to precisely target the weapons. It is also possible the chip detects the effects of the weapon and is charged and transmits, which facilitates attaining resonance. I have no idea what it would be. But radiofrequency emissions/reflections would be light-speed data transmission, and it would be precise.

It is possible introducing a source of radiofrequency interference would leave surveillance with an awesome beam emitter which was perfect for use as a paperweight or door stop, and nothing else, since it could not build resonance, or maybe even target. It might also disrupt thru-wall imaging, and sound gathering as well, as I would bet they would use the reflections and wavelength shifts to gather sound too. So it could be multifunctional as well.

And it would also be consistent with my theory the vibrations were originally a mapping technology, which the surveillance realized was highly irritating when resonated on a target. Once they had thru-wall radiofrequency observation, they might introduce an impulse to see how it affected something, to measure mass, or material qualities. And eventually they did it to a person.

A distant fourth possibility is like Bill Binney said, it would be a new physics which has not been shared with the masses, like scalar waves or something, and the burner works by an entirely different mechanism. Regardless, the key would be, it worked. That I know. Even if we can’t understand it, we could still exploit it, if we fish around for similar devices until we find something workable. But to do that we would have to experiment and hope we hit something which worked.

I want to start with radiofrequency, covering whatever frequencies that burner spark or other component could be disrupting. I need something which innocuously leaks enough radiofrequency interference across a broad enough spectrum it will smother just about anything. I am guessing the reflections are not that strong in my basement, since I think line of sight, except at the poles, is limited, but up in the main floors of the house I might need more wattage to cover their signals, so I want to smother all rf entirely and aggressively. I would prefer to save a full spark gap transmitter for if nothing else worked. Something like damaging a microwave oven so it leaked is fine, but I’d want something less expensive to run and less dangerous. Something like that, just affordable and safe, with modifications which render it damaged being fine.  I would also want it to last for a while, and not need weekly replacement. Can anybody knowledgeable think of anything which would fit the bill, and cover a wide range of frequencies?

I need like six hours of sleep, at least every few nights to recharge, where the radio frequency spectrum is unusable. I am wondering about a plasma ball, or is there something similar? Maybe multiple plasma balls, if needed to increase the EM leakage? Would a decorative Van de Graff generator left on and sparking be enough? EMF and radio interference stuff is not my specialty.

I can’t put into words how excited I am this site could possibly destroy a multi-billion dollar, decades in development, super-elite covert, crown-jewel weapon of this thing, and free all targets, at least from this weapon, just by coming up with something which would block their reflected data coming out of the house.

And, Trust unto God, and all glory to Him.

One other thing for specialists looking at this to consider, and maybe comment on if they see any interesting observation. I have said, there is a static discharge aspect to the impulse/tapping/particle beam. I had static popping under my pillow like crunching up a potato chip wrapper when it starts. It seems to charge the surface plastic on the lead aprons with static electricity, and the impulses seem sometimes like mini explosions of static discharge. I am unsure how all that would fit together. Might they charge stuff to the point it discharges, even unnoticeably at a point, and it releases radio impulses, and they are capturing those impulses like photons, and using them to map out rooms and people in them? If you had a dental apron hanging in a room, and wanted to put a static charge on the blue plastic covering, and you were in the room next door, how would you do that at a distance? I see X-ray, and EM fields. Anything else? I have actually had so much of something which seemed like static electricity build up in bed, between a blanket and the dental apron, that the blanket was wrinkling up against the apron and moving, so much I would have believed a mouse was between them, moving around and making the blanket squirm against me. What could do that, and not kill me?

I mean, I think most people could not imagine how weird the stuff they deploy is. You pretty much just tell the truth, and you are immediately a diagnosable paranoid schizophrenic.

Interesting video by O’Keefe where a congressional intern explains how everyone in DC is blackmailed, and all the high level Congress people have sex with each other like a big club or sex party, behind their spouse’s back. I told you strange pictures pop up on Q’s board. One was Sarah Palin, sitting at a bar smiling, in a short skirt and a bra pulled down below her breasts, which were exposed, and which she was proudly displaying. In the background John McCain was smiling and leaning around to look at her breasts. I assumed it was AI, or maybe photoshop because of the material. But like you can tell an AI picture when you see it, this did not look like AI or photoshop. It looked real. It looked so genuine I filed away it could be much stranger up there than we would believe. The intern also says the gay guy who had homo-sex in the Senate room, was blackmailed into it and Representatives do not actually vote themselves, the party gives them a piece of paper which tells them how to vote on every vote. So all the stories about how Representative XXX bravely stood up and voted his conscience, was bullshit. He got the paper, voted, and the story was made up to fit afterward.

President Trump breaks record for most votes ever received in NH primary.

Sen. Mitch McConnell referred to Donald Trump as “the nominee,” a monumental admission from the Trump antagonist who has largely refused to even utter Trump’s name for over three years.

Seen on Zerohedge – Reid Hoffman pulls out of Nikki Haley after New Hampshire pounding.

Lindsey Graham said Trump would believe a theory that ‘martians’ stole the election, as he told a Georgia grand jury he ‘cheated at golf’ and ‘hugged Fani Willis’ after his testimony: New book claims senator threw ex-president under the bus in wild testimony.

Two North Carolina counties withdraw from ‘Zuckerbucks’ alliance as 2024 election cycle begins.

Representative Joaquin Castro (D-TX) called on President Biden to “seize” the Texas National Guard by calling them into Federal service, removing them from the command and control of the State of Texas.

Senate conservatives are ratcheting up their opposition to an emerging bipartisan deal that would fund Ukraine and address border security, declaring it a “stinking pile of crap” that will allow millions more migrants to cross into the country without resistance.

Senate immigration deal allows 35,000 illegals at border every week.

Mitch McConnell lobbies Republican Senators to pass secret migration bill.

Far more than the border wall’s cost: HHS spent huge money to help illegal aliens improve their credit scores.

Massachusetts Governor demands help from Biden admin as dozens of migrant families camp out in Boston airport.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott releases statement: “I have declared an invasion under Article I, § 10, Clause 3 to invoke Texas’s constitutional authority to defend and protect itself.”

Chicago residents reject blaming Greg Abbott for migrant crisis.

American attorney Aaron Siri announced that a judge had ordered the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) to release 7.8 million additional text-based records collected by the V-safe online application, typically detailing injuries after being injected with a covid “vaccine.”

NY Post – Why cardiovascular deaths had an alarming post-COVID spike. They cite everything but the vax.

Medical research without informed consent now allowed by FDA. It sounds like they will allow doctors to perform research with informing the patient if if is like prescribing one drug instead of another which is supposed to have the same effects, and there is no risk. But those things can be a slippery slope, and there is no reason not to inform.

Florida’s undercount in the 2020 census may have cost the state at least one, possibly two, seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and up to $21 billion in federal funding, according to a new report by Florida TaxWatch.

Jill Biden extends State of the Union invite to woman who left Texas to abort baby with disability.

Joe Biden headlined a pro-abortion rally today and promised he would sign legislation to kill babies in abortions up to birth if Democrats win complete control of Congress this November.

Mexico’s $10 billion lawsuit against US gun manufacturers to proceed, appeals court rules.

Nashville holds first blood drive for newly-eligible LGBTQ donors.

Oregon lawmakers now want to recriminalize possession of small amounts of drugs after facing rampant public drug use.

Solomon Friedman, the high-profile criminal defense lawyer, firearms advocate and ordained rabbi is on a mission to save Pornhub.

Federal appeals court slams FBI’s actions in security deposit box company raid.

City of Oakland now charging small business owners for summoning Police when robbed.

A bill to require all cars sold or made in California after 2027 to have devices limiting their top speed to only ten miles per hour above the speed limit was introduced in the Senate.

Billionaire CEO sees $1 trillion in commercial real estate defaults coming for ‘very, very ugly market’ over next 2 years.

Maryland woman loses $17K in SIM card swap scam despite two-factor authentication. How many thousand?

This could be Cabal seeing the trajectory heading toward exposure, and they are looking to cobble together a world war to send everyone to, in order to save themselves. It is very dangerous.

NATO General Secretary says there is no threat of Russian expansion beyond Ukraine.

EU Border Chief Hans Leijtens, Says ‘Nothing Can Stop’ Migrants – ‘No Wall, No Fence, No Sea, No River,’ that borders don’t work and that Europe should shift away from the “narrative” of “stopping people.”

Eurabia on the horizon: Islamization will be complete in 50-70 years warns French intelligence veteran. And whatever this thing is, doesn’t care. It is somehow bigger than the difference between Christian Europe and the Muslim Middle East and Africa.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the last remaining holdout in Sweden’s bid to join NATO, now says he supports its application and vows that Hungary’s parliament will say yes “at the first possible opportunity.”

Pentagon has no more money for Ukraine as it hosts a meeting of 50 allies on support for Kyiv.

Russian Parliament speaker accuses Ukraine of shooting down plane carrying 65 POWs.

Multiple myeloma cured after hepatitis treatment reveals that this cancer can be caused by viruses like Hep B or C.

Fed. judge rejects N.M. Governor’s “emergency order” denying open-carry rights to gun owners.

Trump holds big lead over Biden on most key issues in latest I&I/TIPP poll.

Trump routs the Republican Establishment once again.

Spread r/K Theory, because if you trust onto God, he will determine your path.

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