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News Briefs – 02/01/2024 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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Another fun video from AC’s poltergeist house of horrors. When the video begins, the compass had just returned to actual magnetic north, but I kept filming anyway. At 1:15 in, that is over 90 degrees off. The second clip is just outside the front door, same orientation relative to magnetic north as the first clip. Third was an encore performance which was better than the previous one:

It is not my best videography. I was not prepared for this, and as I was filming, I am trying to figure out if it was worse at the height of my head, might my computer be doing it, is it happening even more to my left or right, but as far as I could tell, it was a field through the whole house, to the front door. I cut out some parts where I was moving around a lot though.

Interesting points. When this hit, before I looked at the compass, I noticed the air became kind of heavy, electric, tingly, numbing, and burning. Not really any one of them specifically, but sort of a mild mélange of all of them. Just weird and uncomfortable, but not exactly like what I have felt before with the electricity. I looked at the compass on the table next to me, not knowing if it would show something, and it was off by maybe 20-30 degrees. I went to go video it, and by the time my phone was up and running, it had returned to normal, but I decided to video anyway since it still felt funny and I thought maybe it was not done, which is where the first segment above starts, with the compass pointing to normal magnetic north. As the first segment progressed, I began to get a little dizziness, and it progressed enough over 15-20 seconds, I thought to myself it was a distinct possibility I would be going unconscious in another fifteen seconds, that might be the plan, and I might end up with missing time, and maybe a new implanted chip. Before I could map out if I wanted to keep filming, or hit the door and move out of there, it seemed to stabilize at slightly woozy, so I decided to keep videoing to see the video later and look for things I missed. Oddly enough there was no real wooziness during the last clip, which you would think was worse.

In the video, I am sitting in a recliner, with a laptop on my lap. The compass will not move like that normally in that position. I have tried since, just as it was videoed, so it is not the recliner or the computer, and there is no weird magnetic field there normally. I zoom back enough at one point you can see the yellow blanket on the arm rests. I left the computer there, figuring it was a good point of reference for the angle of the needle.

I got up and went to the door, to step outside and see if this was still going on out in front of the house. I was, as I always am, armed. I also was not thinking entirely clearly still, due to whatever that field was doing, so I would have been more likely to be fun with a gun. I think they thought I was going to follow the compass needle back to my brand new shiny magnetic north pole, and maybe kill a few people there and seize the field generator, so as I stepped off the front stoop, I think they killed it, and you will see the needle return to normal magnetic north, I went back to check at the door, and it was over. It means I probably cannot map out what is going on in the yard when this happens, if it happens again. It if helps, the opening to that door was about ten feet ahead of the recliner, and eight feet to the right, pointing 90 degrees to the right. Coming up those stairs, you would be pointing in the same direction as you are sitting in the recliner. I do not know if Magneto anons can figure anything out about where the source would be from that and the video. Probably not as the needle was moving around even without changing position.

In the final segment, the fluctuations came back for a short bit, and you will see it went full reversal in the next go around, moving down in the opposite direction that time, and it kept spinning past that. I do not know if that is significant – it going in the opposite direction, and not just going halfway. Might the source have been moving around me, ie aerial, if it exceeded 180 degrees rotation?

After coming inside, I thought to myself my two neighbors with line of sight are about 75-90 feet behind me, and at 90 degrees, about 180-250 feet down the road. That would be an awful lot of juice to create a field that big, so I went and killed all my breakers, depowering the house except for my isolated outlet, and it still happened after that. Whatever it was, it was not powered off the panel.

I also went out and checked transformers with thermal, but did not see an unusual heat signature on the cans or the wires for the two houses right there, but I do not know how much juice that would draw. Plus, they will know now I would be looking, and I suspect the neighbors are vaguely worried I will go postal on them at some point as I go down, so I do not think they would invite targeting that way, and I am guessing however they would do this, they would make sure it did not leave a heat signature on their poles. Still, I would think it would take a lot of juice. A can, down the street three poles, which leads to a larger, more secluded property was white hot compared to everyone else’s gray, but it is also a slightly smaller can, maybe 2/3rds the size of the normal ones. But its heat is way beyond the nearer houses, and the property being more securable makes me wonder if the higher ups who are doing it might be up there. I’ve wondered if they might be setting the impulses off remotely, and the neighbor doesn’t really know. I am sure there is someplace nearby which is more of a higher ranking command post, probably with more monitors, based on what I have gleaned about their procedures.

I cut the audio due to potential doxing. I am including a 30 second WAV below from it. This is the phone microphone, not the Tascam. I did not think to activate the Tascam:

I do not know what the first two clicks are. I did not hear them, I think they were something EM interacting with the mic. I only heard “The Hum,” that diesel engine sound only some people hear, which might have been louder than usual, and the gonk. There are a bunch of soft impulses, like fireworks going off in the distance you will hear. You cannot hear them with the ear, but they pop up as clear as day on the Tascam with earpieces, even louder than that. They happen all the time and I can actually track them directionally with the Tascam to the house 200 some-odd feet away. He fires them over, rapid fire periodically. You will also hear a “Gonk” which is a radiator pipe, I think. I think it makes that noise when it gets hit by one of those impulses randomly. I do not think it is just metal expanding or contracting with heat, as I often hear the impulses coming in fast and then hear the gonk, as if they are related and one impulse happened to hit it directly. I also believe when they hit the lead dental blanket those impulses cause the tapping, if the blanket has been charged up using something else.

I have also at times not seen or heard anything, and just curiously to get a baseline, put the Tascam mics up to my forehead, and heard those impulses from inside my head, only louder, which I think is them shooting me in the head painlessly and silently, maybe just to degrade me slightly, as I am in the house. For some reason, the Tascam can hear it hit my head. I do not know what the background hiss is, it might be related to the magnetic reversal tech. Or not. Maybe an audio anon will see something interesting in it.

Also I should add, I am not sure this had any purpose beyond a psyop, to make us more interested in their magnetic field manipulation ability, so pursuing it massively might be a waste (though maybe not, too, I do not know). While this was impressive, the interesting things they do, I think are related to creating charged surfaces to facilitate force generation, and I do not know if that relates to magnetism yet. I did not notice the static buildup while I was chasing the field shift here. I think with the important stuff, they may be creating some kind of standing electric field waves, and using interference effects to produce charged-nodes on surfaces and maybe even inside people. Then somehow they pass a beam through the standing charge peak which interacts with the charge, and you end up with the energy being dumped on that spot somehow through the movement of the charged material, even if it happens to be transverse to the beam’s vector.

This is all very bad, and I do not mean for me. The goal of MK Ultra was to control everyone. We know about the drugs and the hypnosis where it started. But we are clueless about the rumored covert experiments on wounded vets with TBIs to figure out what damage to different brain structures would do to cognition, personality, mental health, controllability, and will. Some thought that was why they killed Brain Mancini. He got too close and it was too important to their plans. And I will bet there were other experiments worse than that on how damaging a part of someone’s brain changes them. I will bet innocent Americans, with no idea, have awoken with sudden “strokes” they had overnight, which changed them, and then surveillance set about documenting the changes.

These people wanted to take anyone who would oppose them, and turn them into good little slaves, who are happy being slaves. If they can disrupt matter at a distance, covertly, from within nearby homes, with nobody knowing, without any risk of law enforcement consequences, inside a brain, precisely enough to actually destroy specific brain structures, and they have a map of the brain to know what everything does and what removing everything does, and they have the surveillance infrastructure laid out strategically throughout the nation in such a way as to be able to covertly target anyone in moments from inside a residence, unseen, all just waiting for the order to zap somebody’s brain, it is bad. They are going to do it. And they will do a lot of it.

Basically the people running things are like Jeffrey Dahmer. He wanted to create zombie slaves too. The only difference is, his technological prowess began and ended at drilling into someone’s skull and pouring in bleach. These people are actually advanced enough technologically to do what he could not, with precision, and no chance of exposure. And I think they are rolling it out.

I now suspect when Klaus Schwab said you will own nothing, and you will be happy, he meant anyone not happy owning nothing would have the brain structures producing the unhappiness zapped by the beam while they slept, so sooner or later they would wake up happy owning nothing. I think they actually see a path to a world where everyone has nothing, and is happy, and they see it as a wonderful place, where their slaves are happy serving them. I think I see the path too, just when I see a nation of people with lobotomized smiles, and no personality, I do not see anything good.

And remember the old days, where a dissident would be sane, and they would claim they were crazy and institutionalize them, but at least they were sane, albeit if locked up? Now I think they will zap a few brain structures and make them legitimately crazy, and then institutionalize them and forget about them.

We need to expose the surveillance nationally, and we need to figure out how to stop the brain tapping. And not just so I don’t turn into a schizo in three months. There is a dark path up ahead for every human on the planet if we fail.

Moving on, from the comments:

In the Montana kidnapping (cuz that’s what it is) case:

“We even moved from Flathead County in west Montana to a much smaller town in Valley County in east Montana, hoping that this will give our daughter a fresh start in a new school system and new environment. On August 18, 2023, we received a call from our local city police. We were informed that our 14-year-old daughter was texting a friend that she had met at a school track meet, saying she wanted to kill herself.
“It should be noted our daughter had only met this child once face to face several months prior and had only phone conversations with her ever since. We took this threat seriously and spoke to our daughter.

Maybe I’m reading into this…but isn’t it interesting how the daughter is seemingly okay but then meets this “friend” and she “had only met this child once face to face several months prior”.

Spidey sense tells me that this “friend” is exactly what AC has been talking about concerning children of the cabal/surveillance. That “friend” was probably sent in there to push the daughter over the edge.

Yes. And that child is not doing that on its own. It is following orders from an adult intelligence officer assigned to the local school, who has an objective he or she was given by a national command, which answers to a larger command throughout the Western world. Which means, if your child is targeted, you cannot just move. This thing will not only follow you, it is already embedded just about anywhere you will go, in all the positions it needs to destroy your family. It is very dystopian.

I think I met one of the adult intelligence officers assigned to the school when I was growing up. When they sent in one bully my freshman year of high school, I hurt him. While we were fighting, I looked over and saw one of the elderly female hall aides peeking at us from around a corner. I thought she was going to break it up but she did nothing and disappeared, which I thought weird. I figured after he took off nothing would come of it but the next day I showed up to lunch and was told by a teacher to go to the entrance office of the school. Once there, the receptionist called to the back and some old heavy guy came out. He was one of the “security aides,” older guys who nobody dealt with in the school, and who just seemed to wander around, or hang around the smoking area, though if you asked about them, you were told they were security aides, and the school hired them in case there was a big fight, though there never was. He ushered me into what seemed like a storage closet, where he had jammed a school desk/chair and another chair, positioned next to it, pointed toward his direction, like cops have. He sat me down surrounded by old boxes of something covered in dust, and asked about the fight. I asked how he even knew about it. He said somebody reported it, and I assumed the female aide. He was concerned I was going to turn the other kid into my personal punching bag, but when I said as far as I knew it was over, and that kid wasn’t going to screw with me anymore, he seemed satisfied and sent me on my way. Before I left he told me I had far too much potential to be getting involved in stuff like that, which again was weird, if he was just some dude who wandered the halls in case they needed a cement head to break up a brawl. I did not look bright, and I had just beaten some kid up. I remember wondering, how would he know if I had potential? The weird thing was, when you got in real trouble, you were sent to the third floor administrative office to deal with a Vice Principle. I knew because three days in, I had already had my first fight with the kid on the bus who was supposed to make my life miserable before I got to school and after I left each day. The bus driver left to get someone to break up the fight, the kid got away and ran off the bus, and by the time the driver was back with a teacher, I was the only one there. The next day I was called up there to the main office. This guy down at the entrance office had no disciplinary authority. He didn’t even really have an office. He was, I suspect, the school intel officer, and he probably had sent those kids in to tune me up, and now was worried about his charges. That is how this story probably went down too. For whatever reason, the machine didn’t want this child with their parents, and they wanted them sterilized and disordered. And because nobody knows this thing exists, they will get it. I cannot believe how 20 years ago it felt like I lived in this bright shining light of  nation, where we were all a team, and all protected each other’s freedom, so nobody would ever have to feel they were not in control. And in almost no time, this nation has become the worst dystopia you could possibly imagine.

And there is no way out of this, short of war, and mass killing of the evil. I may not make it there, but if you do, remember, those things you do, so that your children will never know such horrors. It will all be about the next generation. You will do it for them. You cannot allow Klaus Schwab’s vision to become reality.



Scott Rasmussen identified a strange cohort of people who overwhelmingly answer radically on his surveys with the Cabal narrative, and in so doing may have sketched out a profile of the members of Cabal.

Joe Biden groping victim Tara Reade files $10 million tort claim against FBI for ‘Operation Cassandra’ to stalk her, discredit her, intimated her and maybe “eliminate her” if the need arose. 

Hunter Biden compares self to a Romanov, a migrant child, a Greek tragedy, children in Japanese internment camps, and to undocumented immigrants in a new court filing in his federal gun case.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says he’s “looking at” potential bid for Libertarian Party nomination in recent CNN interview.

DeSantis super PAC quietly funnelled money into anti-Trump group.

Top White House cyber official tells O’Keefe in disguise “they can’t say it publicly” the White House wants to replace Kamala Harris and Joe Biden is in mental decline: “Biden is definitely slowing down.”

Biden gun rule being drafted to effectively ban private sales: ATF whistleblowers.

DOD holds staff event on ‘rise of far-right terrorism’ in U.S.

Denver mayor says city ‘very close to its breaking point’ amid influx of migrants.

Sanctuary cities and their suburbs are experiencing a crime wave from migrants who are released by the Biden administration.

NYC homeless shelter population surges 53% during migrant crisis: mayor’s report.

Outrage as Massachusetts Dem’ governor closes cherished sports center in majority-black Boston suburb for FOUR MONTHS so it can be used to house migrants.

The Texas Military Department posted a photo to its official X account Tuesday afternoon, showing the Gonzales flag, which reads “Come and Take It,” flying above its headquarters in Austin.

Controversy erupts over proposal to grant citizenship to undocumented military recruits.

Illegal immigration has increased by almost 1000% over the past decade and is still rising rapidly.

Speaker Johnson sets vote on tax bill conservatives call ‘Trojan horse to expand welfare’ for illegal aliens.

Speaker Johnson endorses bipartisan tax bill as ‘conservative,’ ‘pro-growth’ reform.

U.S. syphilis cases have reached the highest levels since the 1950s, creating a critical public health need.

White House adviser John Podesta will replace John Kerry as the nation’s lead climate diplomat, the White House announced on Wednesday.

A state representative from Chicago has introduced legislation that would prohibit police officers across Illinois from stopping motorists for a host of violations, including expired plates, tinted windows, improper lane usage, and even speeding up to 25 mph over the posted limit.

32-year-old blogger’s research detecting cut and paste pixels on faked research images forces Harvard Medical School affiliate to retract 6 papers, correct another 31.

A doctor gives a fairly disturbing rundown of how the medical establishment looks to con people into giving the hospital their organs, and their loved one’s organs, so they can make money off transplants. He makes a good case that in may hospitals, if you are between 16 and 30 and unconscious on a ventilator, they will be looking to kill you to get those organs.

The son of an Israeli diplomat was arrested over the weekend after he allegedly intentionally ran down a Florida police officer. He was driving a motorcycle, and it looks like he tried to gun it to run and hi

In Victoria Autralia, Monkeypox is back.

Brussels threatens to hit Hungary’s economy if Viktor Orbán vetoes Ukraine aid.

FBI violated hundreds of Americans’ constitutional rights in Beverly Hills raid, appeals court rules.

Pro-migration Republican Senators are signaling a quick collapse for the Democratic-backed migration plan now being negotiated by Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) and Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

Marking a major victory for California gun owners and advocates of Second Amendment rights, a federal court in the District of Southern California today ruled to strike down the state’s 2019 ammunition law requiring in-person background checks for every individual purchase of standard ammunition.

Donald Trump tops Joe Biden in 7 of 7 crucial swing states.

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