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News Briefs – 02/06/2024 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”

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Mohammed Ali showed signs of his Parkinson’s disease as early as age 38, when the typical age of onset is an average of 60 years old.

From here:

In 1971, Ali’s Fight of the Century with Frazier was used by an activist group, the Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI, to pull off a burglary at an FBI office in Pennsylvania; the anticipation for the fight was unlike anything else, so they believed the security would also be focused on the fight. This raid exposed the COINTELPRO operations that included illegal spying on activists involved with the civil rights and anti-war movements. One of the COINTELPRO targets was Ali, and their activities included the FBI gaining access to his records as far back as elementary school; one such record mentioned him loving art as a child.[82]

Do you think a teacher, who has had hundreds of students would remember Ali liked art decades later? Or might little Ali have mentioned to another student he enjoyed an art class, all the ay back then, and that got added to his file? I think Ali had the spark, and they have some way to identify it in kids. And as a result, Ali had the kids of surveillance people put in his classes, and they built that file on him during his childhood, perhaps later structuring it to look as if they had gone back and assembled all the data after the fact. Regardless, Ali was a target and a recalcitrant, steadfast, moral, intelligent target who you would not want to engage in overt violence on. And his brain just melted away, despite him being a world-class athlete.

RFK Jr. says Tucker Carlson has ‘every right’ to speak to Putin as Russian media shares video of host ‘leaving the Kremlin.’

Most news outlets are still saying there is only a  chance Tucker will interview Putin, with Tucker only giving a wry smile when asked, and saying, “We’ll see.” However there are a lot of people on Twitter linking to this – Tucker Carlson’s exclusive interview with Vladimir Putin in Moscow – Full transcript released. It does not look like a whole transcript, and whoever transcribed it appears to have copied some segments a few times, so there is no knowing if this is legitimate.  From the transcript:

TUCKER: What is your opinion of President Biden?

PUTIN: We’re convinced he is not running the country. Let’s say we have good sources that confirm that but it’s plain for anyone to see for themselves. The US has now entered into a dark period. It has unaccountable leadership.

TUCKER: Do you think Joe Biden won fair and square?

PUTIN: I would rather not get into domestic American politics but will say my embassy reported your southern border was better run than that 2020 election.

PUTIN: …Contrary to longstanding accusations we do not meddle in your elections. We don’t need to because the same people end up running things anyway.

TUCKER: so who do you think is running the US then?

PUTIN: The forces which have always ran it. You may change presidents but you do not change those in real power. That is who we have to deal with. Joe Biden is just a façade for this power structure.

TUCKER: Let’s touch on climate change. It’s still being pushed in the United States and Europe. What’s your position?

PUTIN: Humanity is not even a Type 1 civilization on the Kardashev scale. If we can’t harness the energy potential of the planet how can we control the climate?

TUCKER: Are you at least concerned?

PUTIN: I’m more concerned with real issues. Climate change is not one of them. The Earth does a fairly good job of regulating itself. And if Siberia gets a little warmer all the better. More farmland for Russia.

f real, how many people know the term Kardashev scale off the top of their head? Putin is sharp.

Also:, if real, Putin has a killer sense of humor:

TUCKER: Will you be watching? [The Superbowl]

PUTIN: The game will not be shown in Russia.

TUCKER: So you won’t get to see Taylor Swift either then?

PUTIN: No. We have been given a reprieve.

Thomas Massie on Twitter:

Secret Service deleted texts from J6 and destroyed their phones AFTER being told by Congress to preserve them.

Obstruction of Congress occurred under Sec Mayorkas.

I asked Chair of J6 committee about this & whether he even investigated the bomb placed near VP Harris. Nothing!

First Circuit Court of Appeals rules voter rolls are public records and election officials cannot hide them from the public.

Biden appears to confuse current French President Macron with dead French leader Francois Mitterrand – who died in 1996 – in another rambling anecdote as GOP and Democrats become increasingly concerned about 81-year-old’s ability to lead.

Nikki Haley asks for Secret Service protection after increase in threats on campaign trail.

According to a group of 16 Republican senators, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) deleted records pertaining to its infamous anti-Catholic memo after former agent and whistleblower Kyle Seraphin leaked it to the press a year ago.

60 Minutes correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi reported Sunday night on a tiny gap in the border wall in southern California near the town of Jacumba located about sixty miles east of San Diego where thousands of Chinese migrants illegally enter the United States every week, are processed by Border Patrol and then shipped off to San Diego where a well-funded NGO helps the migrants make connections to move further into the U.S.

Under the Senate’s atrocious border bill, everybody gets asylum.

Senate border deal will also legalize all the Afghans Biden brought to U.S. Maybe we can institutionalize Bacha bazi as part of American culture.

Flashback 2018: Senator Lankford admitted he was doing an amnesty deal with Democrats, behind his voters back.

Senate Bill would prevent Trump from closing the border in the next term.

Mitch McConnell does shocking about face —recommends Senate Republicans to block advancement of border bill.

Knives out for Mitch McConnell over border bill: Republicans start calls to kick him OUT of leadership and accuse him of a ‘bromance’ with Democrats on package that’s a ‘betrayal’ of American people.

Illegals who assaulted NYPD Officers part of major theft, robbery conspiracy.

Biologist Bret Weinstein recently traveled to Panama’s Darien Gap, where he discovered camps funded by the United States and the United Nations designed to help passing migrants reach the U.S. southern border. Cabal has embedded itself deeply in the US government while we all slept. I think it is making this big a move because something made it think exposure was inevitable, even before we saw that was the trajectory. Interesting to wonder what it was. A splinter clique seeking a coup? Patriots amassing a resistance movement? AI predictions? This probably means there will be a civil war of some form, and Cabal is hoping to make up for only being 5-10% of the population by utilizing a foreign proxy force.

Illegals on moped drag woman along NYC street and rob her – cops reveal Venezuelan gang is linked to dozens of similar attacks – two thugs identified and arrested.

LAPD working to allow non-citizen DACA recipients turned officers ability to carry firearm full-time. That is disturbing.

Razor wire results in ‘massive reduction’ of illegal immigrants into Texas: Abbott.

Jeff Berwick on Twitter:

BREAKING: I have said how I haven’t seen any evidence of these large, mostly African male caravans walking through Mexico and speculated that the UN/HIAS/Soros were flying them right up to the Mexican/US border. Through my source, we have footage of a large African caravan walking past the last gate in San Salvador, El Savador and onto the tarmac to what is likely a private charter flight up to the Mexican border.

Bob Beckwith, the retired firefighter who appeared in an iconic photo with President George W. Bush atop a fire engine at Ground Zero just three days after the Sept. 11 attacks, has died from Ground Zero-related cancer. It didn’t have to be, and Bush had to have known. The amazing thing about this whole thing is we are seeing the banality of the face of psychopathy. I used to think Bush would be the ideal neighbor, and just a great American who loved his country. In reality, not so much. The man is a demon.

Marjorie Taylor Greene moves to CENSURE Squad Rep. Ilhan Omar after her alleged ‘Somali first’ declaration sparked Republican outrage and calls for her to resign.

Biden administration pressured Amazon to censure books that questioned COVID vaccines.

Rand Paul: Powell says federal debt problem is urgent. McConnell, Biden & Schumer response: borrow another $118 billion and send it to foreign countries.

San Francisco’s Democratic mayor London Breed pushes for adults to be screened for drug addiction before they can get $700-a-month welfare payments amid city’s spiraling fentanyl crisis. $700 per month, if you have no housing costs, goes a long way.

Government-funded entities are building a network to flag “misinformation” in private messages.

China’s economic challenges are taking a toll as the fallout from the Evergrande crisis continues to reverberate.

Beijing powerless as Chinese stocks crater after Trump confirms he will impose 60% tariffs. Looking at it from an intelligence perspective, I am struck by how now China will feel obligated to meddle in the election. It almost feels like Chinese interference is something Trump wants for what is coming.

King Charles III has cancer. Went in for enlarged prostate, found an unspecified cancer which is not prostate cancer, he will undergo treatment, prognosis looks good per the King.

Houthis may sabotage western internet cables in Red Sea, Yemen telecoms firms warn.

Georgia seizes Ukrainian bomb shipment; foils big attack on Russia.

The Ukrainian government could be heading for a major reset, as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy told reporters in a press conference on February 4 that he is considering replacing several senior officials.

Newsweek admits Russia looks likely to win in Ukraine.

Black male voters shut down MSNBC, declare they love Trump.

Spread r/K Theory, because you neve know when the worm can turn

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