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News Briefs – 02/07/2024 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”

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Shawn Ryan interviews CIA Officer Andy Bustamante. Don’t bother watching it, Bustamante makes even Ryans’s show uninteresting. I cite it for two reasons. Shawn asks him about having a firearm, and Bustamante is clearly totally unfamiliar with guns. He says he prefers a baton and an electronic alarm (?), because kids could pick them up and it is no problem, while he would not want a kid to pick up a firearm, and a gun is too complicated to secure. It shows an unfamiliarity with firearms, procedures and technologies for maintaining/securing them, as well as an unfamiliarity with how difficult it is to physically damage the human machine absent a firearm, or even a knife, so he is not a fighter. Even Mike Tyson could hit somebody and then get stabbed in the neck. In addition, he appears to have never held or had any familiarity with a Sig P365 series, the best sub-compact 9mm chassis. His comments while handling the Macro version indicate he is definitely not a gun guy, and for the role he supposedly filled, it all betrays a strange lack of intellectual curiosity about the science of violence, which almost assuredly would translate into a complete lack of skill or practiced technique in that area. My impression is, this is very common in the Cabal’s ground game. I never understood it, but they seem to be relying on the conspiracy for protection, probably through tech. Which is weird, because I think the conspiracy actually has killed a fair number of them, sending them into dangerous situations, like to get an up-close at a mass shooter in action. I have wondered if the conspiracy demands they be vulnerable, and take no measure to harden themselves, as a display of their willingness to make themselves wholly vulnerable to the conspiracy, and dependent on the conspiracy.

Of course it bodes well, should there be full exposure which leads to war, as there are not enough Havana machines, I suspect, to fight a civil war, and the majority of the network are just sheep, who I do not think will be cut out for any sort of kinetic resistance. Still, there are puzzling aspects of their culture which make no sense, implying there is something we are missing about them all.

FOIA’d emails reveal MI AG Nessel personally visited Detroit USPS distribution center day before 2020 election after whistleblower claimed “thousands of ballots are sitting” inside Post Office warehouse, not being delivered. If USPS is surveillance, they know exactly how everyone is voting, and they will know whose ballots to deliver, and whose to lose.

Donald Trump does not have immunity from charges he plotted to overturn his 2020 election defeat, a federal appeals court ruled on Tuesday, bringing the former U.S. president a step closer to an unprecedented criminal trial. Some point out this also means Biden will not have immunity once Trump is in office. Though all of this presupposes utilization of the present system, which is so corrupt, I would think it easier to declare open war and simply fight it out, win lose or die n all sides. If Patriots are in control, then just kill all the bad people, explain what happened, and go forward from there. Spare us all this bullshit.

Tucker Carlson claims he’s interviewing Vladimir Putin because ‘Americans are not informed’ about the war in Ukraine – despite ‘paying for it in ways they don’t understand.’

Tucker’s statement on the upcoming interview is here.

RNC Chair McDaniel has offered to step down following South Carolina primary.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel will resign after months of pressure from Trump allies – NYT Trump reportedly supporting North Carolina GOP Chair Michael Whatley.

RNC’s chief of staff steps down as Trump pushes for shakeup in leadership.

Findings in Biden classified documents probe expected in coming days, with no criminal charges expected.

Biden struggles as he tries to remember the name of Hamas. “There is some movement, and I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, let me be choose my words — there’s some movement. There’s been a response from the, uh, there’s been a response from the opposition.”

Biden is taxpayer funding to create anti-conservative AI censorship tools.

The House rejected a resolution Tuesday night to impeach Alejandro N. Mayorkas, the homeland security secretary, over his handling of the southwestern border. Three Republicans joined with Democrats to sav him – Tom McClintock of California, Ken Buck of Colorado and Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin.

Biden to send troops to stop Texas from protecting the southern border.

Arizona officials arrest several illegals suspected in beating of NYC officers.

Conservatives have attacked a provision of the new border security bill that would strip the power of Texas and other states to challenge some of the its provisions in their local federal court.

Biden gives game plan away: Senate bill precursor to Amnesty for illegals.

Trump planning to ‘flip’ New York amid illegal immigrant crisis.

As immigration bill fails, Stephen Miller Tweets: We all owe a deep, deep debt of gratitude to @BasedMikeLee.

Sen. Mike Lee: The Firm™? intends to force through the Ukraine aid portion of the supplemental aid package tomorrow.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz calls for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to step down.

Jim Jordan debuts ‘Amazon Files’ showcasing federal censorship efforts against books. Article and released docs apparently only focus on vaccine books, though obviously our Q-anon book was banned by Amazon.

Emails show how Biden officials considered covering up censorship activities in the wake of DCNF report.

Lue Elizondo: These 4 common UFO shapes may be related to their missions.

House of Representatives has rejected a bill to send $17.6 billion in aid to Israel.

After several days of freedom, Ninth Circuit resurrects California ammo law.

Squatters are ruining entire neighborhoods in Atlanta and police response to evict is so slow, some homeowners have resorted to paying nuisances to leave. If we elected our leaders there would be a call or two to local officials, and this would be squared away fast by politicos afraid of losing their offices.

Candida Auris unleashed: A silent menace with a 60% fatality rate spreads rapidly across the US.

Man busted after falsely claiming to be Federal Agent, Marine. Was trying to ship guns to a “security service,” Strategic Security Corp, but their webpage is awfully cagey about who works for it, not listing any bios of upper management, and at least as of six years ago their corporate offices were a dance studio, with an awful lot of wiring on the pole going in the building.

Elon Musk helps Gina Carano sue Disney for firing her after internet smear campaign.

Bill Maher reveals he has a two-hour interview with Kanye West that will NEVER air – because rapper is a ‘very charming anti-Semite’ and because he doesn’t want young people to hear heinous views. Kanye must have been wildly persuasive.

The mother of a shooter who killed four students at a high school in Oxford, Mich., in 2021 was found guilty Tuesday on all charges of involuntary manslaughter. She bought the fat kid a Sig 9mm, didn’t restrict access, even after teachers complained he was a potential shooter, he killed four kids.

Body is discovered in Austin’s Lady Bird Lake where at least five other people have been found dead in recent months. Could be surveillance knocking people off. From the article: An autopsy report obtained by Fox News Digital revealed that a ‘transient bystander’ witnessed John stumble into the water. The medical examiner deemed his death ‘accidental drowning,’ KXAN News reported. But, John’s parents believe there is more to the story behind their son’s disappearance and death. Unusual for somebody to see a guy stumble into the water and drown. Especially when the two are alone when it happens. And especially when that bystander does nothing and then goes on as if nothing happened until Police come calling. But if surveillance killed the guy. it might arrange for a “transient bystander” to approach Police and say, “Oh, yeah, I saw that guy when he drowned. He just stumbled and fell in. That was totally innocent.”

DC supermarkets turn to high-tech security gates which only let customers leave after they have scanned their receipts, as crime continues to surge.

Three explosions rock Stockholm in four days as country comes off record year for bombings.

Couple sent to Sweden by Iran lived in country for 5 years under fake names before being activated in plot to murder 3 Jewish citizens of Sweden, including community leader and dual US citizen.

UK conscription: Why the youth won’t fight for the UK.

Geert Wilders’ bid to form a government appears to be stumbling just days before a key deadline.

Sweden plans to stop probe into 2022 Nord Stream blast.

Thousands fill Dublin streets in protest against migrant invasion.

Spanish farmers join protests over EU regulations.

Sebastian Pinera, 74, Chile’s billionaire former president and pal of the Clintons, dies in horrifying helicopter crash into a lake during heavy rain – as three others on doomed flight survive.

Kazakhstan will surgically remove pedophiles’ genitals under new draft law after complaints that chemical castration was not harsh enough.

South Carolina wants to bring back electric chair and firing squads – says ‘painless’ death not mandated.

A group of black men in South Carolina sat down with far-left MSNBC to explain why former President Trump might win their vote.

Donald Trump WINS Nevada primary without being on the ballot: Voters picked ‘none of these candidates’ over boosting Nikki Haley. Delegates will be awarded by caucuses, where Trump will obviously win.

Spread r/K Theory, because the migrants would pose a threat if their command and control is dead.

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