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News Briefs – 07/22/2023 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”

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DFT – Musk Loses $20 Billion After Tesla Shares Slide Off Profit Fears

DFT – Russian Foreign Ministry Says BRICS Currency At Top Of Summit Agenda

DFT – CME Group To Lay Off 3% Of Its Workforce

DFT – AI Companies Agree To Voluntary Safeguards

DFT – TSMC Chip Plant Standup Delayed By Lack Of Skilled Workers

Shawn Ryan with the Third Congressional whistleblower. Full summary of the important details follows.

The guy is a firefighter contractor and construction/plumbing contractor that was trained as a remote viewer for Project Stargate. He got a contract with Raytheon, and was sent to operate at a base in Antarctica which the company operates, and was given a key to every single door in the facility due to his firefighting job. He maintains they have every weapons system and technology you could imagine down there, from directed energy weapons to earthquake machines that can set off an earthquake anywhere in the world.

The ice cube neutrino detector is not a passive detector of neutrinos, but rather it can transmit energy through a one kilometer by one kilometer by one kilometer antenna array – the largest antenna array and the largest Directed Energy Emitter in the world, made up of an array of “Digital Optical Modules,” basketball sized devices, which can pump out 2047 volts each, all imbedded within the ice, and they can set off earthquakes. He believes either there is a nuclear reactor grandfathered in, contained in the first Antarctic base, or they have some kind of exotic energy generator which is not covered by the Antarctic treaty to power the weapons systems down there. He was present when the weapon was used to create an earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand in 2011, and has checked the operators manuals and released them to the relevant parties in Congress, which show this system is an energy transmitter. He knows the researchers, and they told him the Christchurch Earthquake was an accidental friendly fire incident which happened the first time they fired it up, and wanted to hit one place, but they accidentally mis-calibrated it and hit Christchurch.

The antenna can also detect neutrinos from exotic propulsion systems of either our, or alien aircraft/spaceships and allows them to be tracked. He says the base doubles as a sort of air traffic control system for the other level of craft on this planet which is not publicly discussed by anyone.

It can also be used for faster than light communications using quantum communications, and this facility is communicating instantaneously with an off-world fleet of spacecraft which is out in space, and this fleet is the one hacker Gary McKinnon found a roster for and photos of the ships, when he hacked into the Pentagon. He says, “We have a fleet out there.”

He says the technology can be used for voice to skull technology, and they can use this to blanket voices into people’s heads over a large area and affect their thoughts. I understand just enough biology and the mechanism of the brain to question the thought thing. Again, he sounds like he is outside his area of expertise here. I do not know everything. If they have acquired alien tech millions of years beyond us, or if there is a splinter civilization millions of years beyond us, and they have some array, over a half mile cubed of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of some devices, I can’t say for sure. But as you deal with neurons, the idea of controlling even just one becomes increasingly difficult, because at the scale of neurotransmitter emitting structures, and receptors in the synaptic cleft, you are almost getting into the realm of quantum mechanics, where things are kind of vague. And when you then zoom out, and a single, simple thought is like hundreds of millions of those, all clouding over each other, it sounds tough to get in there with energy and massage it. Some have even speculated consciousness and free will have something to do with quantum mechanics because of that. I think you could change mood, just general irritation, such as by stimulating the amygdala. I think you can disable, But I am not sure you can read minds easily at a distance, or implant thoughts. Though admittedly, they have probably been developing a lot they have not been telling us about.

He also says this voice to skull technology has been described as a symptom people have experienced with Havana Syndrome in memos from the Department of Defense, whose employees hit with Havana Syndrome have reported also hearing voices in their heads. That I could see, with operators close by deploying the tech. He says the South Pole crews are suffering from Havana Syndrome too, and he says we are going to find a lot of people in regular society will be found to be suffering from it as well, as the technology is a weapon which is being rolled out on a much broader scale than society is being told.

That kind of makes it sound like either the South Pole is deploying Havana, and getting residual effects, or the South Pole operation is operating against the Havana Crew, which is retaliating against them. Not sure what that means, and he does not clear it up.

He says the ELF system is claimed to be offline and defunct, but when he looked at the electrical circuits, as he had to do a repair, he noted the ELF circuit is presently flipped on, powering that whole section of the base, and the device is operational as a multi-faceted weapons system. He told his command, and was told to not say anything and do his repairs.

He says there is a green laser pointing up into the sky, which he assumes is another weapons or communications platform, however Phelps here has pointed out most observatories have them pointing up to measure atmospheric disturbances and refraction, so they can better tune their optics pointed at the sky. He admits he doesn’t know what it does, but he knows the laser exists and it looked significant to him.

He says we are in a state of war, with players who exist entirely above and outside of the governments of nation-states, who permeate all the countries, and who have taken our nation’s money and developed incredibly advanced weapons which they are using in a war they are waging on all of us from the shadows. That was the end of it.

I want to say these whistleblowers are psyops, because I keep coming back to the GATE kids of /pol. If a small group of intel guys has decided to make a stand – against the aliens, against the Cabal, against whoever or whatever the evil is, they are likely not smart enough. Because if they were smart enough, the machine would have ID’d them, and put them under suppression and gangstalking/harassment-surveillance. They could have hearts of gold, and the courage of lions, but they will be midwits. However, there is a pool of people smart enough out there, with the cognitive flexibility, the creativity, and the spark to come out of nowhere and see what nobody else could see, and do what few others could. And because of the suppression, many don’t have a lot on their plate right now which if given a chance to destroy the ultimate evil, would lead them to say “pass.” But I still seem to see them all on /pol, talking about Jewish artsy girlfriends and being gangstalked, and what it is like to be broke. Which makes me think there is no resistance, or they would be disappearing, recruited into the battle.

And yet there is a trajectory. Notice this guy’s message. There is a secret group, which exists outside of nation-states. It is pilfering national treasuries to develop incredibly advanced weapons. And it is waging war on everyone. Although he arrived there from working at a secret base, and I headed there from simply encountering the embedded intelligence/surveillance operations in our society, we arrived at the same destination. And if he is a psyop, look at the trajectory he is driving. He just added 50 megajoules of energy to our trajectory, driving us to the destination even faster. More people, whether they believe him or not, will file away the possibility. They will be more open. The people who need authority’s imprimatur to believe, have now heard Congress accepts this and is looking into it.

The one possibility is at the last minute, they are planning to reveal it is “The Jews,” they will turn around and look at the Jews like this guy:

And then they will disappear into the shadows until everything blows over.

If that is the case, our job is to piggyback what they are doing, and at the last point, reveal the surveillance. It should be easy, and I believe it would happen whether we pushed for it or not. Everyone will know about this in ten years, even if it just spread organically online from here without us.

At some point, people will find out they are being watched by an enemy who has no regard or respect for their individual agency, their freedom, or even common decency. They will realize they are watched, and intruded upon even in the most private parts of their homes. The stress, the anger, the rage, will not abate, even as they lay in their own bed, in their own bedroom, in their own house. It will only build. Their amygdalae will harden, and sooner or later, killing is going to become entirely socially acceptable, because everyone will understand, and everyone’s amygdalae will be hardened.

I did a year of a dedicated graduate level cognitive neuroscience course, which was taught only from the latest papers that had just been released, as there was no textbook advanced enough, specialized enough, or detailed enough to capture the state of the art we learned. I aced the course. When the professor made a mistake correcting one of my papers, I corrected the prof, and got those ten points back.

When it comes to science I know my shit. And my shit says, this party is going to be wild when it finally touches off, because America will be wild. I am pretty sure it is going to be worth the wait. Everyone out there suffering needs to hang tough, and have faith.

FBI officials improperly searched a foreign intelligence database for information on a U.S. Senator, a state senator and a state judge, according to an unsealed court opinion released Friday. Normally the judge who released the opinion would have been owned, and would have been forced to cover it up. Something is different.

Actor Jim Caviezel says that adrenochrome is ten times more potent than heroine, he says there are multiple Epstein Islands run by intelligence agencies.

I don’t want to get super conspiratorial here, but the crazy-looking woman behind Plaskett seems to have the power as she stops her to make her recite the speech correctly here.

Trudeau seemed to have his own moment like this here.

Of course then there is Strzok, whose handler flashed the reptilian eyes as he did his demon impression:

Atlanta’s top prosecutor is preparing to charge former President Donald Trump with racketeering for his efforts to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia.

A federal judge ordered Friday that the trial in the classified documents case that special counsel Jack Smith brought against former President Donald Trump begin in mid-May 2024.

Hunter Biden’s lawyer Kevin Morris is seen smoking a BONG on the balcony of his LA home while clearly visible from the road during a visit from the president’s son.

Steven Crowder sent photos of his genitals and exchanged drugs in ‘super creepy’ workplace, ex-staffers say. The problem is decent people look at Crowder, about to get $50 million, or whatever, from Shapiro, and think “I could do that better, and if I just made one hundredth as much, I would be happy as fuck.” It is natural to assume this whole area is swimming in cash, and anyone could siphon off a living. In the late 90’s I thought about running a Drudge-like site, because if Drudge could make $30 million, I could probably siphon off $60K or $70K easy. But it is not like that. One, Crowder is either outright controlled or was promoted because there is something about him which would allow them to pop his bubble and bring us all down, if we were with him. They are popping his bubble now, because he exposed Shapiro’s operation as bogus. But if he signed on with Shapiro, he would either have led us astray, or he would have gotten this treatment there. They are all like that. The money flows freely because it is flowing from people who want to screw us. If there are big bucks, it is not a war, it is a demoralization op for our side.

Rand Paul’s office building catches fire, one day after referring Fauci for prosecution.

Insiders have revealed to Blaze Media that Fox will subsidize some of the very activist groups that despise and seek the ruin of the network’s viewers, evidencing a “complete disregard and hatred” for its core audience.

Jack Schlossberg, one of the grandsons of President John F. Kennedy, has joined fellow members of the Kennedy family in attacking Democratic presidential Robert F. Kennedy Jr. over his decision to run. If what it looks like is true, is true, the people who killed Jack and Bobby and John are behind Biden. Which means just about everybody in that family now is not just remaining silent, they are actively supporting the killers. It is strange to the point I almost feel like I am missing something. Are they just all psychopaths? Are they just all faking opposition to RFK, knowing it will not affect his course, and hoping to save their family?

Biden DOJ suing Abbott over Texas buoy barrier in border river.

Michigan Court of Appeals upholds ban on guns at University of Michigan. They are now trying to claim since Bruen said you can ban carry in some sensitive places, wherever they don’t want you to carry needs to just be labeled a sensitive place.

An article on 4Chan’s moderation policies: 4chan has 17 “Global Rules.”

LA Times asks, Would an occasional blackout help solve climate change? What’s more important: Keeping the lights on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, or solving the climate crisis? That is with no gas stove, no generator, and it opens the doors to stealing the normally electrified copper wires off the poles, making it even more fun. Looks like even Vox Day was optimistic thinking we would just lose the plumbing. I am afraid those light bulbs are too nice for you too, anon.

Caroline Ellison paid herself $22.5 million bonus around the time she estimated a more than $10 billion cash shortfall at FTX, lawsuit alleges.

16-year-old female swimmer banned by YMCA swim team for not wanting to share locker room with men.

California to fine school district $1.5 million for rejecting materials mentioning Harvey Milk.

Russian researcher says Poland’s military will enter Ukraine with the approval of the United States to occupy regions Ukraine presently occupies in the counteroffensive.

Ukraine’s ambassador to London appeared to side with the British government when it said Zelensky would be wise to start showing more gratitude to the Western nations showering the country with tens of billions of equipment and cash, and now he has been fired.

The Kiev Armed Forces, together with the Ukrainian authorities of Severodonetsk, organized a children’s brothel in the city’s general education boarding school for orphaned children.

Country music star John Rich just became Garth Brooks and his wife Trisha Yearwood’s worst nightmare after delivering a brutal roast that leaves the couple absolutely trashed after the two posted a video supporting Ukraine. Is Garth Brooks just a bullshit artist and an easily programmed virtue signaler, or does he get something material out of supporting the conspiracy’s cash cow in Ukraine?

Criminal gangs, arms traffickers in Ukraine snatching US weaponry, Inspector General’s report says.

The United States plans to announce as soon as Tuesday a new military aid package for Ukraine worth up to $400 million.

United States-provided cluster munitions made their debut on the battlefields of Ukraine this week, with Ukrainian commanders reporting they are making a difference as efforts continue to break through Russian defenses. “We have gotten some initial feedback from the Ukrainians, and they’re using them quite effectively,’ NSC spokesman John Kirby said in a White House briefing.

Russia gives Ukraine a fireworks show, as they free their nation from the kiddie-diddlers of Cabal.

Ukraine’s counter-offensive is failing, with no easy fixes.

Australia is just like another world:

Mark Zuckerberg’s Threads traffic is now down 70% from its peak—just 2 weeks ago. They used bots to make it look like everyone was going there, in hopes the lemmings would follow.

Alabama seems to have defied an order from the Supreme Court by passing a redistricting map that only included one majority black district instead of two on Friday. It is entirely possible in ten years, there will be no federal government. Just an aggregation of states who ignore the pronouncements of the federal government the way the US ignores the UN. At this point, if it helps Republicans, I’d say go for it and take what you can.

Sound of Freedom thunders past $100M at the box office and edges out Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible on Wednesday – despite being dismissed as QAnon conspiracy fodder.

Experts “puzzled” by drop in Brazil’s homicide rate amidst rise in gun ownership.

Over a million guns sold in June despite drop from last year. Those are not people thinking the next decade will be peaceful and happy.

Academic researchers condemned students’ irreverent and offensive responses to an LGBTQ survey, claiming the pushback indicates “fascist ideologues” are “living ‘inside the house’ of engineering and computer science.”

Trump vows to institute death penalty for child traffickers after screening ‘Sound of Freedom.’

DeSantis plans ANOTHER reboot as cash crunch hits.

Vivek Ramaswamy has now overtaken Ron DeSantis to become the top loser to Donald Trump in the GOP primary race.

College-educated Republicans drop DeSantis en masse, joining non-college grads in their Trump support.

A video shows former President Donald Trump at the Los Angeles International Airport being greeted by a column of uniformed law enforcement personnel who staged a round of applause, then stuck around for some selfies with the current front-runner for the GOP nomination. Leftist media horrified.

Spread r/K Theory, because there is a difference in a piece of shit

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