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News Briefs – 07/23/2023 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”

Visit our surveillance page, the most important page on this site, and see firsthand the massive Stasi-like domestic spying operation in the US which is targeting you and your loved ones.



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DFT – Russia Explains Its Requirements To Extend Black Sea Grain Initiative

DFT – Japan Proposes Strategic Natural Gas Reserve

DFT – FTX Executive Paid Themselves A $22 Million Bonus As Exchange Collapsed

DFT – UPS To Continue Talks With Teamsters To Avert A Strike

DFT – Tesla Offers 84 Month Car Loan As Purchasing Option

Texas Arcane, Cleve Blakemore over at Vault-Co is going over the basics – The Cutting Edge In Radiation Prophylaxis I hear the real prep for what is coming will be getting started soon over there. I don’t really subscribe to much, but I do sub to Tex. He has been predicting this stuff accurately for far longer than I have been doing this.

“A Texas man who posted on Facebook that he was selling his own guns was placed under warrantless surveillance by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). The ATF investigated the man, found no evidence, yet gave his information to the FBI to monitor him for at least six months.” Understand that in America, that is a big deal. And it is. People doing lawful things ideally shouldn’t be targeted by the government, even if they are arguably checking on crime and keeping guns out of criminal’s hands, and don’t do anything to him. You should have privacy like that. But I will tell you right now, zero doubt, I have had people listening in my house since I was a kid, and following me everywhere. I had spy-kids, gathering intel on me in school, and trying to alter my life-path. I will bet there are ten or fifteen people here, bare minimum, who have had the same thing, and some don’t know. You have real, live, trained adult spooks running kid agents against other kids, who have committed no crime, in public schools, building files on them and altering their life paths, and not for their benefit. If I wasn’t a fighter, I would have been smacked around by a kid with 30 lbs on me on the bus in the morning to school and again by him in the afternoon on the way home. I would have been smacked around in gym class by a kid with 20 lbs on me every day, then outside the cafeteria by a kid with 30 lbs on me, and five or six times in the halls between class where their kids would wait for me to pass. No other kid in my grade ever got bullied. I thought that strange at the time. Imagine if I didn’t hurt one of their kids, and didn’t enjoy the fighting, and just had to take the physical abuse like that, every day, at 13. At that age, that would change your brain. It would change who you are. Imagine how my academics would have been screwed up. Can you be valedictorian under something like that? That closes a door for a kid. That is out there, and it is in every school. “For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.” It is coming out, and it will be a bombshell, targeting the most vulnerable among us, and our very future. Though I won’t wait for Emily Miller, Ron DeSantis supporter, to bring it to light. I will bet she wrote this to make it look like this  is the worst it can be in America, so nobody would think it could be worse. No, exposing this one will fall to us.

Apollo Global Management Inc (APO.N) co-founder Leon Black paid $62.5 million to the U.S. Virgin Islands to avoid any legal claims tied to a Jeffrey Epstein sex-trafficking investigation. Another Jewish billionaire fund manager, who probably looks now exactly like Epstein looked like, before a lone detective (who later died suddenly after an unknown illness) decided he would not let Epstein get away with it. Black paid Epstein $50 million (and side note, Ghislaine may have pocketed as much as $500 million her father pilfered from his employees pension fund before he died). More: Leon Black flew model to Florida to have sex with Jeffrey Epstein, lawsuit claims. More: Lawsuit alleges billionaire investor Leon Black raped a woman inside Jeffrey Epstein’s home. His father committed suicide by jumping out of the 44th floor of the Pan Am Building in New York City at age 54 amid an investigation of his business bribing Honduran government officials (for Mossad, who tied off a loose end?). I don’t believe in billionaires. Whatever is in power is/was in too precarious a position to just let anyone gather that much money, that much power.

The guy assigned to read Lee Harvey Oswald’s mail (and Oswald was a CIA asset) was also found to have reported seeing disk-like UFOs in Russia.

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said that Hunter Biden “wanted everyone to see” the pornographic photos of him she displayed during a House hearing — hours after the first son’s lawyer filed an ethics complaint against her for publicly flashing the X-rated images.

New J6 footage: Secret Service Dropped Kamala Harris off near undetected DNC pipe bomb. Could that have had a dual function – draw cops from the Capitol to allow the penetration of the building, and as a threat to the administration, that they could kill them if they wanted? If I was Kamala, I would take it as a message they penetrated my SS detail, and could make them overlook a bomb. Because Secret Service is very sophisticated and thorough. You don’t get stuff by them.

Top prosecutor in Hunter Biden tax probe David Weiss had his law school fees paid for with dirty money from his crooked IRS agent father who was caught accepting $200k in bribes from shady businessmen. What they are caught with is a fraction of what happened. Stop and think for a moment, if the conspiracy controlled the IRS. Do you think you could have found a corner of the business world, where you were making money hand over fist, and were on course to make a hundred mil, five hundred mil, maybe a billion dollars. Would it have been possible the local intelligence would have noticed you, and moved the IRS on you to disassemble your business as they moved a replacement into place to fill your niche as you were taken out? Before this, if that had happened, would you have ever thought the whole thing was a conspiracy of coordinated enemy action? Knowing what you know now, could you imagine a world which would not work like that? Or would it seem silly to think the conspiracy would let you just amass that much money, that much power, freely? I can remember 4th or 5th grade, we had the same teacher, and the assignment was what you wanted to be when you grew up. There were Presidents, astronauts, movie stars, millionaires, and her lesson was, because this was America, you could be whatever you wanted to be. Nobody could stop you, it was just there for the taking. And all around me were surveillance kids.

House Oversight Committee has ‘more bank records’ linking Bidens to RUSSIA, Ukraine: Comer.

Comer shares suspicion that Joe Biden sold ‘access to our enemies for decades.’

Biden campaign had plan to send alternate electors if needed in 2020 – now they are suing Republicans for doing the same.

Paul Sperry:

Hunter Biden’s daughter Naomi met overseas w Burisma oligarch Zlochevsky’s daughter Karina. The 2 attended Burisma board meetings w their fathers. Naomi Biden works at Arnold & Porter LLP. IRS agents testified they were prevented from interviewing her in tax fraud case.

IRS agents were blocked from questioning Joe Biden’s sister, Valerie Biden Owens, after learning she received cash transfers from Hunter Biden “I wasn’t allowed to go and interview [her],” IRS agent Joseph Ziegler said

3 days after an FBI informant revealed Burisma’s boss made bribes to VP Joe Biden, FBI counterespionage agents re-interviewed him & learned of possible hard evidence, inclg texts, recordings & transfer statements, indicating the FBI took the informant’s bribery tip seriously

A police traffic stop in suburban Chicago turned into federal charges after cops found law enforcement badges and about $800,000 in counterfeit U.S. Savings Bonds in the driver’s car, according to a newly-filed criminal complaint. Krilich told the officers that he just picked up his car from O’Hare after returning from Las Vegas, and he believed someone stole his plates. From the standpoint of making you more operationally competent, nothing happens by chance. If you are operating some day, and something unusual happens, always, always be calculating the statistical probabilities in your head. You are operational, and somebody stole your plates. How often are you operational? How often to plates get stolen? What is the chance it happens just as you go operational? As those statistical probabilities tic down, you have to increase the likelihood of enemy action, and begin mapping  out how that could fuck you up seven or eight steps ahead. I find it amusing you can kidnap innocent young girls, and plant their bodies all day long, and that surveillance will not get operationalized. You can be prepping to knock down the Twin Towers and take out targets in DC, killing thousands, with hundreds of front line Cops and Firefighters dead, and the surveillance may even run cover for you when James Woods reports you. But be a former SEAL robbing a small local bank of maybe low six figures total, or start fucking with that Rothschild/Cabal financial system even a little bit, and the whole CIA-like machine will jump into action, and begin laying out these complex plans to parallel construct your ass in about two seconds.

Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) said he is 100% sure that the federal government is covering up documents about UFOs. I can understand lying to keep the tech secret. But within the military, reporting and investigation should have been encouraged, they should have wanted to know more about these. That is was not, indicates to me those things recruited agents and tasked them with keeping us helpless against them and shutting down investigations. That would be standard operating procedure for a foreign force operating in a potentially hostile civilization’s airspace. If they are here, they will have agents in our government.

Maryland woman describes terrifying moment a ‘thug’ pointed a gun at her HEAD because he thought she and her boyfriend were taking photos of him while in line at convenience store. Statistically, how often have you seen people, playing with “filters” taking pictures with their phones, in a store where they are present there to do shopping? When you go somewhere to shop, do you shop, or do you sit there doing something else?

Two guesses what is going on with this guy, especially given he pulled a gun, and they just kept filming with their cell phone, and didn’t put their hands up or flee. If you saw that dude with that piece, coming at you, what would you do? He looks like a smaller guy, so I assume they got him in school as a kid, he couldn’t fight back, and he was conditioned to rage at it. Then he grew up, thought he could be free of that as an adult, and now he finds he is dealing with the exact same shit, it is triggering all those old pathways, and he just freaked and got his gun. I look back now quite amused, because they appear to have expended all of their bullies on me back then, to no effect, so they basically wasted all those resources, and no other kids in my class had to deal with it, or had their paths affected.

As I said a day ago with the cops who were shot and the guy shooting people in his neighborhood, I am guessing command has put out the call for another shooter, and has them all pressing buttons on all their targets, so be aware, be ready to duck and cover, and know where your exits are.

Pic of the couple at the link. I don’t know what it is about them, a sort of “look at me, and how innocent I am” look, mixed with vacant eyes, like something hiding is behind them. I think if you are guilty and hiding something, and try to look innocent over and over again, even at rest you can begin to have the look of hiding something and trying to look innocent, all of the time.

But keep your cool. Follow the trajectory. Our time is coming. And for now, tell everyone about the surveillance. Point them to my page. Build the awareness we will need. And pray the Lord brings the justice it appears is coming, and finally frees this nation. We are going to destroy this thing, and expose it to the nation. And where we could deal with the blowback, they don’t look ready to handle what I think will eventually come of all this.

More than one million people became American citizens in 2022 after Joe Biden made the exam easier to pass. We added a million people in one year? Those will be an enormous number of Cabal surveillance agents brought here to operate against you.

Border Patrol reports surge in illegal aliens on terror watch list. Those will be agents of the exact same conspiracy.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. calls for Fauci to be charged with murder.

Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post is on pace to lose $100 million in just a year. I know what you could do – you could start a news media company anon. The are worth hundreds of millions of dollars – assuming you invest a billion at the outset.

America’s first elected trans lawmaker is charged with stomach-churning child porn offenses ‘after daycare worker girlfriend sent naked photos of toddlers in her care.’

A transgender woman is suing a Manhattan yoga studio for $5 million because she was forced to use the men’s locker room. Because a man who still has his junk was not allowed to go into the room with the naked yoga girls. Pic at the link is basically a dude in women’s glasses. It is maddening when the whole world is rewarding the evil among us. This does not happen if you elect your leaders.

Michigan GOP is functionally bankrupt, according to audio recording of a closed meeting.

Ford just got a loan bigger than anything seen ‘since the advent of the auto industry’ from the U.S. Department of Energy to build electric cars.

Cases of myocarditis soared among U.S. service members in 2021 after the COVID-19 vaccines were rolled out.

An undersea landslide apparently caused a 27-mile-long rogue wave late Friday night in Florida, that rose as high as 18 feet high out of a calm sea and crashed ashore, smashing hundreds of vehicles parked on the beach and causing 75 minor injuries. UPDATE: This was an old article from 1992.”

New data shows hot weather devastating for the endurance of electric vehicles.

New York comptroller: Taxpayers fleeing, slowing economy are driving $36 billion budget shortfall.

Video, significant stat is, Britain has a historically low unemployment rate of 3.6%, yet poverty levels are breaking all records with almost 15 million Britons are considered poor these days, although there’s almost full employment. They are bleeding everywhere dry, and everyone is working like slaves for barely enough to survive on. Only the most complex intelligence operation could do this.

Netanyahu will get a pacemaker, in what it is said should be a quick procedure.

Brazil’s Lula goes for the guns now that he stole election.

Spanish general election tipped to put the far right back in office for the first time since Franco.

Italy starts removing lesbian mothers’ names from children’s birth certificates.

Wildfires on Greek island of Rhodes forces hundreds to flee.

Retired four-star General Stanley A. McChrystal, who was removed from his command by Barack Obama following critical comments on his administration, has made explosive comments suggesting that the United States was behind the Nord Stream pipeline bombing, in a covertly recorded conversation obtained by Valuetainment Media.

A Russian war reporter was killed and three were wounded in Ukraine on Saturday in what the defence ministry said was a Ukrainian attack using cluster munitions, prompting outrage from Moscow.

Vladimir Putin accuses the west of ‘outright satanism’ in fiery speech after annexing four Ukrainian regions. Putin knows. I believe it.

German mercenary Jonas Kratzenberg who fought in the Ukrainian ranks for months describes the corruption in the Ukrainian ranks: Guns loaded into civilian cars in the middle of the night, Glocks that went missing after two days, constant lying from the Ukrainians at every level, constant misinformation and gaslighting and rough mistreatment of foreign volunteers.

Trump beats Biden in general election, dominates GOP field, poll shows.

Surveys show blowout leads for Trump in Michigan and Iowa.

Donald Trump leads Joe Biden by 18 points among independents.

Spread r/K Theory, because there is more to this world, Horatio…

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