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News Briefs – 07/30/2023 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”

Visit our surveillance page, the most important page on this site, and see firsthand the massive Stasi-like domestic spying operation in the US which is targeting you and your loved ones.


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DFT – Newell Downgrades Forecast Off Declining Demand

DFT – Procter & Gamble Benefits As Inflation Recedes, While High Prices Remain

DFT – Major Automakers Team On New EV Charging Network

DFT – Roku Beats Expectations, But Headwinds Loom

DFT – Russian Stock Market Surges To 17-Month Record

Texas Arcane has another Substack detailing more about what it is like to be identified by the machine as a threat. Now they are wiping government records of him from the internet. If you are here, the chances are you were identified and flagged, whether you know it or not. So these pieces are important to our readers. They are eerie, because when he writes them, so many times I am suddenly thrust into moments of my own past, which played out exactly the same. It is like whatever it is about our kind, merges with whatever it is about them and their system, and we all end up living carbon copy lives, with the same events, just different faces and in different places. I have said here, I think it possible if I could snap my fingers, and erase every member of the conspiracy from the earth, and a cop pulled me over the next day, none of my paperwork would check out, and they would assume I was an illegal immigrant, with no records. I could see getting deported, if they could find some place to attach to me. I get the feeling that the only reason now that doesn’t happen is they keep their people bubbled around me, pretending I am officially on the books, and they pretend they have all the records. And of course he writes this:

“In my experience, nobody has ever said to me when I got this close … “You’re crazy. These things you’re talking about are insane. I have no idea where any of this is coming from.” Which is what I would say if a paranoid schizophrenic said things like this to me…. They clam up completely, shake their heads and won’t utter another word. I think this is all somehow part of their agreement and most important of all I think it has been impressed upon them that if they ever violate their oaths of secrecy they understand they will be put to death.”

I have seen this exact same thing with the wealthy lifelong family friend who was one of them. That is some sort of procedure they teach their higher ranking members, and they do sound afraid when it happens, like they are in danger, and all it will take is one small misstep. If you are really insistent, and they want to pretend they are still your friend, they will revert to kind of yes or no answers, but as  “Hmmm” or “Uhhn Uhhn,” with a “Yeah, maybe, could be” or “Maybe not, might not be, I don’t know” kind of air, almost as if distracted and uncaring, said while looking at the ceiling, or off into space. But whatever their training, they are told to not say any words when you talk about the system, or when you start talking about surveillance, or any sort of organization. For some reason these higher-ups don’t lie or accuse in these settings. Street level surveillance/gangstalkers are something else different, and not as high ranking, IMO, and they will lie, deny, and accuse as a procedure. They would accuse you of being paranoid, or crazy. But not the higher ranking people with money, power, or authority. Those are the cult members, while I am not sure what the drones on the street are. One Rothschild anon on 4Chan who sounded knowledgeable called them “janitors,” and implied they had taken an entry level deal which precluded any advancement (ie competing with higher-ups), but secured their position. It is all very strange.

And you always learn something new with these accounts. I never even thought about the honors classes being designed to give us more homework, and prevent us from having time to ourselves, to develop skills we felt were important on our own, but shit, that fits perfectly. I knew kids in the non-honors classes, like regular biology, and they were learning the same material from the same text books and taking the same tests. I bought into what I can remember them telling us, the whole, “Yes it is the same material, but we are going into more depth, and learning it more completely.” But now, having gone through it, we weren’t. Even that was a scam to slow us down. I am blown away.

These accounts are important, and I endorse going to the link and getting a paid membership to Cleve to get more of them. This may be a unique moment in our kind’s history, as we have all found each other, and we are sharing stories, anecdotes, and details, and a picture of this thing is emerging, from the extent of the surveillance to the Zenner cards, to the Googolplex test. Before this, how many of our kind were kept isolated from each other, married off to one of their drones, placed on the treadmill until they died, and they would spend their lives like Neo in the Matrix, knowing something was wrong, something didn’t fit, there should be something more, but unable to even begin to understand what it could be.

The advances we have made here are probably the farthest our kind has ever come in terms of gaining an understanding, not only of what is arrayed against us, but of the fact we are not alone in this. And given the power we must have, based on how they fear our kind, there is no telling where this may lead, if we can amass. But we all have to support each other, and get a hand in this battle.

Onward. Oh, no… Not the Elonerino:

I am sorry Sam, but he is not of our kind…

Alvin Bragg suffers major court loss in bogus Trump case – Judge quashes subpoena seeking Melania Trump’s emails.

Hunter Biden downloaded sixteen private messaging apps prior to 2019, many of which utilized encryption, including Signal, Chinese messaging app WeChat, and Wickr, an encrypted app once favored in the criminal underworld, according to a New York Post report.

Hunter Biden may have stored ‘Joe Biden conversations’ on encrypted messaging apps: laptop analysis.

Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop is filled with contracts and agreements between him and foreign business partners that could shine new light on his business dealings, and potentially implicate his father, insiders said.

GOP Rep. Nancy Mace claims Biden family received over $50M from influence peddling scheme.

Ghislaine Maxwell ‘has lost millions in jewels and property’ after £4.5m home is sold… Now she tells her friends she is so broke she might have to represent HERSELF in court.

Anons on 4Chan are talking as this was just taken, right after Obama’s chef showed up dead, he shows up with a black eye and his finger’s bruised:

They eye is difficult to tell, but the hand is strange, for a guy who likely leads such a pampered life. It is like Randy Quaid, saying of his celebrity star-whackers, something like, “I know 72 people who died unnaturally in the last three years. How many do you know?” There is something weird going on up there.

Illinois Governor signs bill allowing migrant non-citizens to become Police officers. I told you those migrants are agents of the conspiracy, and they were being brought here as elements of a force being deployed against you. Making it dangerous for cops to do policing was phase one to drive our kind out of the Job, and now they will try to replace them with foreign Cabal agents.

Chicago residents berate officials over crime from illegal aliens at shelters: ‘They disrespect us; they rob us; they harass us.’ What you are seeing is the modern version of the historical phenomenon of the Brownshirts. I never understood, in Germany, how did the Brownshirts operate, when the Police would have had guns, and authority, and the power to crush criminality? Where were the Police back then? But you can see the power of an intel operation today. I would love to know if there were Derek Chauvins in Pre-WWII Germany. I would bet there were. And now today, these migrants may end up as the next class graduating the Police Academy if the Cabal politicians get their way.

Election Interference: YouTube takes down James O’Keefe’s interview with Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy, Jr. The video is here:

Interesting older case of a parent who had a dental practice flip out and demand she turn over her kid to them for dental work, or they would have CPS seize the kid. The dentist would not show her any x-rays revealing work needed to be done, he wanted to take the kid in the back and would not let mom watch, and the dentist is government-affiliated. I would not rule out them inserting things in the teeth of kids to enhance surveillance abilities, like the ability to listen remotely, or even some kind of RFID for tracking movements on highways and travel corridors. Some tech they use reportedly detects vibrations in teeth from speech using penetrating emissions of some sort, which is why they can even hear breathing, from air moving around teeth and causing vibrations at the teeth. That is the problem with this thing, and why it needs to be totally eradicated. It ends up everywhere.

Megan McCain says she saw the Phoenix lights, and they were not flares.

CIA has a well-documented history of planting fake “UFO stories” when they want to distract the public…

The Biden administration has launched a two-pronged attack against the right to bear arms in America, using the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA) of 2022 to both bribe states into creating red flag laws and withhold federal funding for schools with hunting and archery programs – and Congressional Republicans made it possible. 

Fetterman short-circuits during interview with New York Times: “Hungry. Hanger. Hangry. Hanger. Hangry.”

A New York mother has shared how she receives $84,000 of taxpayer cash a year towards her son’s private education because her five-year-old son Oscar has ADHD, generalized anxiety, and a condition called pathological demand avoidance, which is defined by the Child Mind Institute as going to ‘extremes to ignore or resist anything they perceive as a demand.’ Why do I get the impression Pathological Demand Avoidance will turn into Pathological Law Avoidance as an adult?

Transgender double-murderer Jessica Marie Hann who killed both her babies will receive taxpayer-funded BREAST IMPLANTS in California women’s jail.’

Biden regime’s incandescent light bulb ban goes into effect next week for all Americans.

Daily Mail: I used a jailbreak to unlock ChatGPT’s dark side – here’s what happened.

Nicolas Petro, son of Colombian President Gustavo Petro, has been arrested as part of an investigation into money laundering and illicit enrichment, the attorney general’s office said early on Saturday. They are calling him the Latino Hunter Biden. This is probably the scam leaders have done forever, from Billy Carter to Hugh Rodham to Neil Bush. Neil was banging the Chinese girls they were sending to his room each night in China too.

Looks like the South Koreans did another CGI video to help Canadians understand how their government works (might not want to open this if the boss were going to look over your shoulder):

A court in Malawi has ordered a Chinese national to leave the country in seven days after being found guilty of selling exploitative videos of Malawian children.

Majority of Greek wildfires result of arson, Minister admits.

The Biden administration is hunting for malicious computer code it believes China has hidden deep inside the networks controlling power grids, communications systems and water supplies that feed military bases in the United States and around the world, according to American military, intelligence and national security officials.

Wagner Group mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin voiced support for the ongoing coup in Niger Thursday evening, offering his services to the rebels. Interesting. So a move by anti-Cabal forces?

Russia proposed a BRICS space station to replace the ISS.

Putin promises grains, debt write-off as Russia seeks Africa allies.

World Bank sends $1.5 billion to Ukraine as Kiev is also expecting another $2 billion from Japan following the latest payment guaranteed by Tokyo.

Ukraine says Qatar will give $100M in humanitarian aid during ongoing war with Russia.

Russia is ready for confrontation with NATO — Putin.

The SpaceX co-founder, US billionaire Elon Musk, prevented Ukraine from using his company’s Starlink satellite communications system to strike Russia.

Putin says Russia does not reject peace talks. But clearly Cabal will.

Alaska Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy on Saturday signed into law a measure that seeks to block state and local officials from closing gun stores during disasters declared by the governor, unless such closures apply to all other businesses.

Trump calls on all Republican challengers to drop out of the primary, and their funds be used to finance the largest ballot harvesting operation the world has ever seen. If only they were all on our side…

Ron DeSantis drops to single digits in Ohio, Trump crushes field with 64%, Ramaswamy gains second with 12%.

President Trump:

Any Republican that doesn’t act on Democrat fraud should be immediately primaried and get out. Out.

And we have some, you know, you show them the fact. 10 million here, 10 million there. This came in, that came in, that came in. “Oh, that’s too bad. But we have to worry about other things.”

You don’t have to worry about other things. You’ve got to stop it. You got to stop it. They play a different game. These people are corrupt as hell, and they play a different game. They play a much tougher game of hardball. And the Republicans have to play like these two guys and these three people, actually four people that we have They have to play tough.

And honestly, and if they’re not willing to do it, we got a lot of good, tough Republicans around, then people are going to run against them, and people are going to win.

Quick Palate Cleanser – The power of friendship:

Spread r/K Theory, because friends, real friends are good

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