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News Briefs – 08/21/2023 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”

Visit our surveillance page, the most important page on this site, and see firsthand the massive Stasi-like domestic spying operation in the US which is targeting you and your loved ones.


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DFT – Woodside LNG Notified By Unions A Strike Is Imminent

DFT – China’s Laoshan Mineral Water Company Looks To Kyrgyzstan Glaciers As A Water Supply For Europe

DFT – Corporate Bankruptcies In The EU Surge To Highest Since 2015

DFT – Energy Costs Skyrocket In The Southern US

DFT – Chinese Imports Of Russian Gas Surging

Prominent conservative legal scholars are increasingly raising a constitutional argument that 2024 Republican candidate Donald Trump should be barred from the presidency because of his actions to overturn the previous presidential election result. They are our fellow conservatives, anon, just like us.

Meadows told special counsel he could not recall Trump ever declassifying Mar-a-Lago docs. It is a story out there, but again, it is leaks from the prosecutor to poison any jury against Trump, so maybe Meadows turned, maybe BS.

NFL star Tua Tagovailoa went viral on Friday after voicing his support from the anti-child trafficking movie “Sound of Freedom” and warning millions of Americans that the CIA operate the largest pedophile ring in the world. It is worth noting whatever we face very likely predates the CIA, and compromised it from the beginning. Most likely CIA is merely one “employee” of something much bigger, which spans national boundaries – and national security services.

Six Obama admin officials used alias emails: Obama, Hillary, Holder, Lynch, Jackson, and Biden.

Leaked documents reveal Hunter Biden was involved in Trump Impeachment over Ukraine.

Hunter Biden’s legal team used threat of calling Joe Biden as a witness to blackmail DOJ.

The Department of Justice planned to let Hunter Biden off the hook until two whistleblowers came forward to expose political interference in the investigation, according to the New York Times.

Who are the newly revealed Jeffrey Epstein associates? Nothing that really blew me away, or was too new.

Klaus Schwab says we will not even need elections, we will just let computers predict who will win the election, and that will be it.

Jim Jordan subpoenas Citibank for alleged ‘back channel’ sharing of customer data with FBI in Jan. 6 probe.

Biden regime sold $300 million worth of border wall parts for $2 million.

AP covers the ongoing case regarding “Forced Reset Triggers,” which basically make your AR fire like a fully automatic, and which the ATF say are machine guns, and should be illegal, but which the manufacture says comply with the letter of the law, even if they make the gun fire like a machinegun. It is curious we have gone from exactly how many “Assault Weapon” features should be outlawed, and how many rounds you “need” in a magazine, to just how many places you are allowed to carry your firearm in, whether felons really lose the right to guns for self defense, and whether or not near-fully automatic fire is legal or not.

Maui wildfire death toll, already highest in modern U.S. history, could surge. Again, while you and I were watching  the replays of the twin towers burning and falling, and visualizing the horrors our fellow citizens on the planes felt, there was a giant fuck-load of people in this country, who knew, everything was different, and who saw it all much differently. I cannot over-emphasize to you, the degree to which there is this parallel society, living in an entirely different world – a total dystopia regular Americans cannot even begin to imagine possible, let alone tolerate, but which the secret society seems to crave. It is so strange.

ZeroHedge – Hawaii state government attempts information blackout on Maui fire – refuses media access. Article goes into the denial of water and the denial of firefighting resources. It does not cover the refusal to employ sirens, sending the town’s firefighters off to the farms, the road blockades, or the fact GPS went out just when people needed to evacuate, which is still not being discussed anywhere. But still, they are hiding things.

San Francisco fire sale: Investors ‘bottom fishing’ are buying up city’s downtown at ‘70% discount.’ It is like Portland. Right now, there are probably people literally taking laxatives and shitting on the sidewalk on orders of surveillance command. Now that I think about it, the clear plastic bag that had five gallons of diarrhea saved up in it which was left on the sidewalk, was probably also surveillance. Even  the poop app makers may have been Cabal and feeding the psyop. Shoplifting, stabbings, petty crimes, car thefts, the elimination of Policing, 90 percent or more were probably part of the operation. Now this is phase two. Phase three will be all of these homeless evaporating, and being assigned elsewhere, crime plummeting, and the return of Police under a command which supports them, at which point the neighborhoods will reinvigorate, property values will soar, and these properties will be sold at a 233 percent profit – maybe in a year or two. Look to who is buying, and you will find Cabal.

Growing concern vaccine heart damage in adolescents may be permanent.

Robert Kennedy Jr: “Tony Fauci knew that Remdesivir would kill you. How does it kill you? Kidney failure, heart failure, and all-organ collapse. All the doctors said. You heard it again and again. ‘We’ve never seen a virus that attacks the kidneys.’ Because it wasn’t the virus; it was the remdesivir.”

On Twitter –

@Kevin_McKernan has cleverly produced an assay that allows pathologists to identify *which* vaccine mRNA is present in tumour tissues.This could support some huge lawsuits.

Maybe. It depends on the mechanism. If the SV40 sequence in the vaccine, or something else acts like a promoter inside the cell, and turns on cell division, then yes. But many cases of VavCancer may be immunological. The immune system sees a vaxxxed cell with a big foreign spike protein on the outside, attacks, and then notices other things on the cell surface, as immune systems are wont to do, and develops antibodies to normal human cell surface receptors which bind to and activate them, just like a hormone. In that case, the immune system may make cancers out of other healthy cells without vax in them by producing hormone-like antibodies (autostimulatory antibodies), which set off cell division in healthy cells. No way to know though without experimenting.

Two athletes die suddenly during triathlon swim in Ironman Ireland.

Government seeks 30 years in prison for J6 political prisoner Zachary Rehl for walking through Capitol building for a few minutes. Again, another of these Proud Boys, who make the owl symbol when they took pictures of themselves at the Capitol riots. It has, for me, the feel of surveillance. They are all signaling to each other they know something, and are in the secret club.

You should not homeschool, anon. Public school is perfectly fine:

NYPD cop needs 20 stitches after maniac bites ear, and the violent serial criminal who bit him was later released without bail.

In China, people walk around the city, until a poorly maintained escalator opens up some hole in it, sucks them into the gears inside, and eats then, or the front wall of a building falls into the street and squashes them flat, or a manhole cover explodes as they step on it, launching them instantly 200 feet in the air, or something else which can only happen in China happens to them. Now, America is beginning to look like China. Somebody will be walking on this sidewalk soon, and suddenly they will just disappear, only to get run over by a train:

In what is being called the “world’s worst traffic jam,” some 200 cargo ships are waiting to pass at the Panama Canal as the area experiences its worst drought in 100 years.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan plunged into race row after his official website publishes picture of white family and says they don’t ‘represent real Londoners.’

Ukrainian Parliament poised to legalize porn production, claims will help fund military.

Zelensky claims Netherlands to send entire fleet of F-16 fighter jets after meeting with Dutch PM.

The CIA warned US Secretary of State Antony Blinken that “the Ukrainian offense was not going to work,“ reports veteran journalist Seymour Hersh. “The end of the Biden Regime’s “murderous and failing war policy in Ukraine” is near, Hersh wrote.

Majority of Ukrainians blame Zelensky for government corruption. None of us like these leaders. What we are waiting on is a reason, and it feels to me like the surveillance could serve as that reason.

In a remarkable convergence, scientists have discovered that the same blood factor is responsible for the cognitive enhancement that results from young blood transfusion, the longevity hormone klotho, and exercise. Platelet Factor-4 (PF4). If you did not have Cabal fucking with the GATE kids, I would bet all of this would have been worked out decades ago.

‘Choke Point 2.0’: Bank regulators cut off porn industry from banks. Curious.

Trump posts biggest lead yet over DeSantis, other 2024 rivals.

President Donald Trump leads Joe Biden and Green Party presidential candidate Cornell West in a hypothetical three-way race for the White House, according to a national Emerson College poll.

CBS News poll finds Trump’s big lead grows, as GOP voters dismiss indictments.

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