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News Briefs – 08/24/2023 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”

Visit our surveillance page, the most important page on this site, and see firsthand the massive Stasi-like domestic spying operation in the US which is targeting you and your loved ones.


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DFT – Western Companies Ignoring Russian Crude Price Cap

DFT – Coinbase To Shutter Centre, Invest In Circle

DFT – Europe Sees Gas Tumble As Woodside May Have Union Deal

DFT – German Central Bank Forecasts Zero Growth

DFT – Moody’s Estimates Hawaii Fire Damage At $4-$6 Billion

Links to Trump’s Tucker interview at the bottom. Should be at the top, but I like to finish these on a high note, and those are in short supply lately.

RFK Jr. bombshell: ‘Operation Mockingbird’ is alive and well today.

RFK Jr SHOCKS: CIA operated over 200 outdoor experiments on MILLIONS of Americans.

Georgia Secretary of State admits botched ballot process involving MTG’s ex, blames county. I don’t buy the innocent excuse. They were marking people as voted who didn’t vote and undoing it if they showed up. What is the statistical probability her then-husband would have been told he had already voted in the system? How prolific would that indicate the problems would be?

Rudy Giuliani, once ‘America’s Mayor,’ gets mugshot in Georgia jail.

Donald Trump’s ‘Kraken’ lawyer Sidney Powell poses for her mugshot after surrendering in Georgia.

Donald Trump defiant: Declares he will ‘proudly’ be arrested in Georgia.

Christie says he would’ve charged Trump on documents case, Jan. 6.

Fox News and Martha MacCallum caught presenting Koch brothers activist as fake GOP voter in Wisconsin to support Ron DeSantis.

Pittsburgh active shooter: SWAT team rescues a neighbor in armored vehicle as gunfire continues between cops and a squatter barricaded inside a house after eviction turned violent. Probably a dude who fell on hard times for a reason, who didn’t understand who his real enemies were. If the truth is someday revealed the nation will be filled with these guys popping off.

Biden admin welds Arizona border wall gates open.

Vox Day on the new “viral sensation” country singer here, and here.

The latest “viral sensation” has a very bifurcated face, with one side (if he is right handed and the picture is not reversed, then his left real side), even the eye, showing a sort of resignation, that this is what he has to do, while the other, dominant, consciously controlled, manipulative side, is looking entirely wiped blank:

As I wrote in the comments:

You have to do this. For years, the right way, and then it is obvious. I show up every day, produce interesting stuff, some of which should go viral, over and over. Surveillance on Google streeview in your neighborhoods. Idaho victims under surveillance. Irah Sok murdered after the conspiracy has ATF pull her veteran brother’s weapons. Cleaners scrubbing the plane which didn’t get hijacked on 9/11. GPS knocked out in Maui. Narcissists, r/K Theory, and I show up every day, and do it all over again. I can even look at just about anything biotech related, and give you an as good as, or better than, opinion as the best minds in the nation, based off being trained in the field and knowing my shit.

It puts a totally different flavor on some 80 IQ guy who acts like a Hillbilly as he says, “Aw shucks, did that piss poor song I did for two minutes really go viral on me, without me doing anything? I never intended that, and now hundreds of millions of people are all listening to me! If that could happen to me, it could happen to anyone!”

They would never, ever allow it. Not when they have the secrets they have, and there are at least 50 million hungry trigger pullers in this nation who without real freedom have nothing to lose, and are just waiting to see shit light off to a degree the machine cannot protect itself from everyone, and everyone is on the same page about it.

Which is why I would not even mention it. I don’t push the psyops here. If you don’t see it here, as a general rule, it will not be worth your time.

BA.2.86 subvariant potentially better at causing breakthrough infections: CDC. I report these only so you can keep track of whether they will try to reclaim lockdown controls for 2024. They may not know. Things might he different based on whether Trump vs Biden polls 52-48 or 70-30. They may just be holding a door open.

Nordstrom Rack and Macy’s stores are ransacked by groups of thieves who made off with thousands of dollars worth of designer purses in California.

Man stabbed, beaten with bat in wild altercation after wrong-way crash in NY: video. Sounds like another place where criminals take control of the street with shotguns while their buddies go to town beating whoever they want.

Motor vehicle thefts in Chicago have jumped by 139% in 3 years, while only 4% are solved.

911 calls in Seattle could soon be answered by unarmed “crisis responders” instead of police officers through a new “alternate response team” spearheaded by a Democratic council member.

A top member of NASA brass, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) director Dr. Laurie Leshin, is doubling down that Earthlings have yet to observe a UFO of alien origin — her remarks coming amid extra interest in extraterrestrials fueled by bombshell congressional hearings and alien whistleblowers. I don’t buy it. People have undoubtedly seen things. Technology has backed them up. The subject is fascinating to ponder. When someone who is supposedly smart dismisses it, and has no sense of the wonder, or the curiosity anyone smart should have, I think they know something, and are deceiving people. Either that, or they are too stupid and closed minded for their position. But even idiots should think that the subject sounds interesting. I think they know something, and are purposely deceiving people. For who is the question.

Rep Tim Burchett:

During the UAP hearing, David Grusch testified he could not provide specific details about UAP crash retrieval programs or reverse engineering programs, but said the Intelligence Community Inspector General could. So my colleagues and I wrote to him to ask for details.

Top American law schools promote ditching the Constitution. These are agents of the conspiracy. They are a part of their own little secret society, and for that group, raised from children with no values other than control, the Constitution is really just in the way. As are we, apparently.

NASA discovers sunspot so big it can be seen from Mars that could release solar storms that knock out Earth’s power grids next WEEK.

Hawaii wildfires: More than 1,000 people reported missing in Maui weeks after blaze.

Hawaii delayed diverting water that could have helped Maui wildfires, letters obtained by CNN allege. If it was an op, And one feature was containing people near the fires by blocking roads, then knocking out GPS so they couldn’t reroute would just be standard procedure which planners would almost pull off a checklist to add to the prep for the op. And it kind of looks like an op. To that end, I reported the outage, and got this back:

We don’t have any evidence of the kind of situation that you suggest and we have confirmed that the constellation of GPS satellites was operating normally and there was no satellite maintenance that would have been the cause of a loss of the GPS signal in the Hawaiian Islands at any time during the fires on Maui. Additionally, we have confirmed that space weather would not have been a factor.

While this is speculation, some additional factors that could have played a role if GPS connectivity was delayed or had problems during this time:

– The situation on the ground there may have been the contributing factor. While a GPS chip is integrated into any given cell phone, all the mobile phone systems broadcast information to assist in the fast acquisition of a GPS location, this is called Assisted GPS or AGPS.

– How recently a device was used for location, without AGPS information, the GPS Navigation message downloading to GPS units from the satellites would have taken up to 12 minutes to complete before a location would have been possible.

– The status of the cellular system, even if a GPS location was processed and available, the device would have to connect to the internet to use mapping software like Google Maps, Bing Maps or WAZE.

Please accept our most sincere condolences for the tragedy in Lahaina. We wish the people of Hawai’i the speediest recovery.

CWO Wayne Horn
GPS Information Analysis Team
USCG Navigation Center
TEAMS 571-607-0413

On their website they never offer other explanations. They just confirm the satellites were working, there was no test of jamming signals in the area, and that system was good. Of course the proposed possible reasons do not address the fact one system was a rental car GPS, and one was a maritime unit which should not have been affected by anything other than a loss of satellite signals. And if the sat signals didn’t shut down, then they would seem most likely to have been jammed to a degree a ship off the coast had no GPS.

Those who disobeyed the barricaded road closures during the Maui fires survived the disaster, while many of those who heeded orders to turn around perished in their cars and homes with no way out. “Officials closed Lahaina Bypass Road due to the fires, blocking the only way out of Lahaina to the southern part of the island.” It is kind of like they want us to know. I am not stupid, or so autistic I cannot fathom how other people see things. I can imagine to most people here, I must sound like a psycho, alleging these powerful forces running things are little different than criminal masterminds, bent on murder and mayhem for nothing more than profit or simple domination. But as someone formally trained in the most advanced sciences, I understand the Darwinian mindset and thought processes as they exist in nature, and because of my training in the biological sciences, and science in general, I can extrapolate a logical origin path which leads from the state of nature to this system, being in operation today. The world is Darwinian. I can extrapolate, and see why and how it is like this still. And you have to admit, if you look at my analyses, it does look kind of like I might be right, even here. You get in one of these situations, don’t just think, “How do I survive this disaster?” Think to yourself, “Somebody may have done this disaster to kill me, they may not be finished, and I may have to evade, or even take them out on my way out of this kill zone.” And do not rely on tech, from cell phones, to GPS, to internet connectivity, as knocking that out will be standard operating procedure. Get a map. and compass. It is really nothing like you were told growing up. Because they told you it was like they said because they were purely Darwinian, and they wanted you weak. And in the Darwinian world, the weak do not last long when the shit touches off.

FEMA order surfaces for media ‘blackout’ of Maui disaster images.

Hawaii officials are concerned not enough Maui residents are handing over their DNA samples after wildfires. They need to identify the people they burned to death anon, what aren’t you helping them?

Louisiana wildfires: Louisiana officials urge, stop sending drones up to take pictures. “We have aircraft in the air and people’s drones are getting in the way,” Department of Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain said. I am sure the aircraft can’t see the ground beneath the drones. Makes you wonder what they are afraid might get filmed.

British Columbia wildfires intensify, doubling evacuations to over 35,000.

Investigations begin into ‘organized arson’ as wildfires spread across Greece.

Greek firefighters battle major blazes on multiple fronts.

Nigel Farage – The ex-Boss of the bank that closed Nigel Farage’s account then lied to the media is to get $3 million payout!

A pair of Prescott area lawmakers have put Attorney General Kris Mayes on the clock to figure out if City of Phoenix officials broke state laws by sending up to 600 seized firearms to police forces in Ukraine.

Ukraine to cost half-trillion more if war ends now. They are already setting the stage for the “reconstruction,” which for some reason we are supposed to pay for.

Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin was on the passenger list of a jet which crashed killing all on board, Russia’s civil aviation authority has said. Plane crashes, with all their collateral damage, are Cabal’s MO, not Russia’s. And you can tell it was Cabal by how they blame Putin, hoping Wagner will turn against Russia. There is a thoroughness about Cabal’s repugnant nature. Killing without facing their enemies, then lying and blaming the innocent, and then crafting the lie to try and trick good men into doing even more evil on its behalf.

Wagner is not falling for it – Wagner group wants to march on Poland, Putin ally warns.

As with so many Cabal murders someone had a camera ready to film the hit, to capture something for the scrapbook of murders.

Wagner decries ‘murder’ of Prigozhin amid reports anti-air missile struck plane.

Others are saying it may have been a bomb placed on board after the plane was screened for explosives:

Expert warns fake Prigozhin body double may be on board crashed jet. These Russians are not amateurs, and they know what they are up against, so maybe. I hope so. He was a colorful character, and did good work against the conspiracy.

Russian scientist goes on vacation to Germany, goes hiking, and follows his hiking app, which walked him off a cliff, causing him to fall 500 feet to his death. He supposedly only studied ultraviolet light, but the death sounds kind of like Cabal. If you are a Russian contributing anything to Russian society you might want to stay out of the West for a while. The shit is really unbelievable out here right now.

Pollster Rich Baris says Trump is stronger today than he’s ever been“Is it true that Donald Trump is stronger today than he was in 2020?” Kirk asked. “Yes,” Baris said. “It’s also fair to say that he is stronger now than he was in 2016 when he won. We got this new poll coming out and I’ve been trying to beat this like a dead horse… It’s just not 2020. It’s not 2016. They are just totally different races and he’s doing so much better”

A Massachusetts judge recently concluded that the state’s prohibition on non-residents bearing arms for self-defense without first obtaining a temporary license to carry is a violation of their Second Amendment rights; a stunning development in a state where lawmakers are currently trying to obliterate the 2A rights of gun owners inside the borders as well.

Donald Trump called his critics ‘savages’ and claimed his opponents will try and ‘steal’ the election again in the preview of his interview with Tucker Carlson – which will run at the same time as the Republican presidential debate.

Trump crushes Biden, DeSantis in latest landslide poll, while DeSantis fails to even beat Biden. The more you hear DeSantis speak the weaker and more of a doughy pussy he sounds like. That is why he was being beaten by Gillum before Trump stepped into his race and endorsed him.

Interview here on twitter, or here for download if you do not have an account (right click and choose save file). Trump is still in top form.


Spread r/K Theory, because Trump is back

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