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News Briefs – 09/07/2023 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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DFT – G7 Nations Cease Performing Reviews Of Russian Price Cap

DFT – Brazil Takes Top Corn Exporter Title From American Farmers

DFT – Huawei Works Around US Sanctions, Releases New 5G Smartphone

DFT – Germany’s Auto Manufacturers Warn Energy Prices Are Too High

DFT – Chinese Air-Travel Boom Increasing Oil Demand

I put this here because it is interesting whatever it is. At present, you will not be able to understand the truth behind it, there just isn’t enough data, so it will fill your probability matrix with several different possibilities which I will list after it. The video, which basically depicts people testing vaxxed people, and finding one is emitting some sort of wireless WiFi signal:

The possibilities – It is a psyop produced by Cabal. Which is itself interesting, as it is pretty high production value, and requires actors, and a script, and camera people. You would think it would leak online that people are making such fake films. And you would have to ask what is worth such effort to the creators?

Or surveillance hacked the computer and made it look like they were giving out a signal, and everyone there is innocent and psyoped themselves, as they psyop us.

Or, they are emitting a signal and it is from the vax. If it were the case, then you are looking at a level of tech beyond our known capabilities. Not impossible intelligence has something in nanotech, but IMO, it would really require the Tic Tac crew be behind it, which seems unlikely, as I do not see why they would risk betraying a relationship between them and the government just to slap a WiFi network name on someone. I put this near zero.

There is a third possibility, and that is they are emitting a signal, and it is unrelated to the vax. There is a very bright German female physicist PhD, you have seen me feature here. She worked at CERN as a physicist, was fine, then sadly took a job applying her math skills to create economic models to predict how economies would behave for some investment thing. I think surveillance calculated she was about to stumble on the fact our economic system is not organically operating as a bunch of independent actors, but rather is a scam. So she immediately began getting gangstalked. When we first met her, she was in bed at night, under layers of aluminum foil, and a neighbor who was apparently running a miniature linear particle accelerator in their home pointed at her bedroom, was pelting the aluminum foil with alpha particles or something which they were blasting through the walls, as she tried to sleep, and you could hear them pelting the foil as she laid there. Then in another vid, she was doing a podcast with Bill Binney on Gangstalking and domestic surveillance, as both apparently are getting the same thing. In her last video, she was showing people how she used some sort of signal scanner to detect where they had injected some sort of signal-emitting chips into her rib cage on each side, after knocking her out somehow, and breaking into her home while she was unconscious. It is possible the signal emitters above are just targets who went under anesthesia for dental work or even came home and pulled a spiked casserole out of the fridge, and now they have a bonafide Mac address on the network.

I do not know what to make of the video above, but to me, any of those three possibilities is fascinating. And again, this is stuff you will never see any investigative reporter look into to resolve one way or another. And you would think they would.

This was killed very quickly on 4Chan – A redditor found a Chinese source selling documents online which indicate, among other interesting revelations, a lot of the Jan 6th protestors were getting paid by the CCP, including Enrique Tarrio, as was the guy who blew up his RV outside an AT&T telecommunications hub in Nashville. Looks like Tarrio was selling his services to multiple parties (As was Epstein reportedly), which may be why the FBI cut him loose and let him get 22 years. You can never verify these things 100 percent, but if they could loosely fit, you can stash them in your probability matrix, and see if other things bear on them later. I am suspicious such a great thread died so fast. And China gave us Covid-19 which was necessary for the election steal, and here it seemed involved in Jan 6th, if this is real. It could fit, and would mean China is one facet of Cabal.

Tucker interviews the gay guy who smoked crack with Obama and had sex with him in Chicago. Long analysis, follows, but you may just want to watch it. Interesting in places, as the gay guy asked his limo driver for somebody to party with, and the limo driver immediately brings him right to local politician Obama. He says the limo driver was plugged into Tony Rezko, the businessman/Dem-contributor, and knew Obama through that, but a limo driver will be surveillance, and Obama sounds like he was “on-call” and able to be mobilized on a moment’s notice. He specifically says, he did not feel Obama was there honestly doing it all because he wanted to, but that Obama was there as some sort of “con,” and that he was there playing a “game” for some personal benefit. Fits with a surveillance op. The limo driver dropped the gay guy off first, even though he could have dropped Obama right where they were. So Obama stayed in the limo, for a long drive to the gay guy’s hotel, and then had to make the long drive back to get home, rather than just get out. Possibly ground surveillance was looking to recruit this gay guy, monitoring his travel plans, this was all some sort of probe to analyze him, and Obama and the driver had to do a debrief after the night ended, when they delivered the videos as part of the op. Obama may also have done it to provide blackmail on himself, which is why he was trusted enough to be installed as President. Obama then showed up unexpectedly at his hotel room unsolicited the next day, to do the coke and sex again, which he said he was surprised by. I get the impression he was surprised Obama knew what room he was in at the hotel. Be interesting to know how this guy ended up gay, and if he was molested as a child and how it happened, because he sounds like a target. He was later reached out to by someone who said they were associated with Barack’s campaign in 2007, who was not actually associated with the campaign, who knew all about the two of them having sex, without him mentioning it. He thought it strange Obama would tell someone else when he had said nothing, but obviously this guy calling would have been surveillance, and surveillance had him call, and Obama probably had no idea he was calling. The guy who called was Donald Young, the gay choir director at Jeremiah Wright’s church, and he was later killed, possibly with a suppressed weapon. Choir Director, gay, with access to the kids. Young later called the gay guy again, admitted he was told to call, and gather as much intel on this guy as he could, and find out who he told, and he warned the gay guy that he should watch himself. When the gay guy posted a youtube video, youtube deleted all his videos, and Microsoft deleted all his Hotmail emails, locked him out, and set the account to auto-respond to senders that he was busy giving blowjobs and would get back to them when he was done. That was his local surveillance watchers shutting him down.

Elon Musk trolls Barack Obama with pedophile codes found in the Podesta E-mails. Instead of “domino effect,” Elon wrote “Dominoes effect.” Dominoes they say was code for a sex act in the Podesta emails, and of course Pizza was also code.

On this next one, Liberty Safe Company keeps a Master Unlock Code for each safe they sell, and they turned it over to the FBI for a Jan 6th protestor after the FBI called and asked for it and said they had a warrant for the house, but not the safe. Which means when domestic surveillance surreptitiously breaks into your house while you are at work, they have free access to the interior of your Liberty Safe, by simply using a code just like you, and you will never know they were in there. Because they will have those codes:

I am more interested that a dude who was at Jan 6th and apparently in the Capitol had a high end multi-thousand dollar electronic safe for his guns. Some interesting 4Chan comments, thrown together:

Resetting the master code does nothing. Their backdoor supersedes whatever you do. There is no way to stop them from opening your safe for the feds if the feds want in, and they have demonstrated they will open it for the feds with no fight.

i can tell you this young grasshopper, the more sussy their company name sounds the more likely they work with glowies. ergo: liberty safe, american first lock, patriot front, etc.

I’ve worked in electronic locking hardware for 20 years. Every single electronic lock of any kind has a backdoor, and all of the ones for homes and apartments have backup codes for police, fire, military, etc. It’s billed as “emergency access” and also each lock has an audit trail, where every interaction with the lock is recorded.

Apparently we are still on the FBI is the enemy scene of the script in this one:

12 of 18 were FBI assets. Suppose 18 of 18 were Cabal agents, all reading lines from a script. It is possible FBI got comped by Cabal, this is the White Hats disassembling it, and the regular rank and file agents who did good will just have to go down with the ship now. I am getting so paranoid I wonder if the FBI guy who ran this was actually instructed in the script to go to a wife-swapping party, and then get arrested for beating his wife, and his wife, who was also a ground-level agent, was told she needed to bruise up her face and get the husband arrested, and put in the report he beat her after a wife-swapping party, and all of that was scripted too.

The two options are, Cabal has so degenerated that all of their people are just totally criminal, and entirely incompetent degenerates, and this all was as it appears (and somehow they have lost the ability to quash stuff on Twitter), or it is a script to destroy the organization from within by infiltrating, creating public goatfuck after public goatfuck, and then going so far you turn yin into yang and destroy the Bureau – and whoever is destroying FBI controls Twitter, and is allowing/creating this.

I just think, it would not have been difficult for a competent intelligence operation like FBI, manned by selected and trained professionals, to avoid producing this magnitude of a public goat-fuck, with so many aspects publicized which were just total pooch-screws from every angle. And we are getting one after another of these. I am not even trained, and I could have avoided almost all of this, especially given access to Cabal’s ground surveillance files, which offer incredible control, and would have let them find a large group of people who actually would have shot at the governor for money, instead of refused to do crimes at every turn. I am sure there are nuts are out there.

And then there is Twitter. I am telling you, the Stasi is in full control. They could very easily let Tucker post this, and just not show it to anyone, bar their people from promoting it, and see to it every mention of it, though visible to the poster, was invisible to everyone else, and just got no engagement, or only got engagement from their ground assets who would see it would go no further. I get that treatment myself, it is no big deal to them. So this coming out is the show, and we are being manipulated by people who cannot just explain something to us, and get our acquiescence, in a democratically elected representative republic. Whatever they are up to, they feel they have to fool us, because if they explained it, we would not agree with them. Obviously, if we can find them one day, they will not agree with us then either.

The number of people under 50 diagnosed with cancer has surged worldwide in the last three decades but it is not fully clear why, a study said on Wednesday. I would bet you it is surveillance tech. They removed lead paint so it would see and hear through walls more effectively, the neighborhood crews deployed it liberally to monitor people in their homes for the local surveillance commands, and maybe just for fun, and now we are seeing the effects in cancer rates. I have been hit by this stuff, and at high revs it is no joke over the short term. At low revs, day in and day out, I will bet it does real damage over time. And they are using it a lot. I will bet many of the drive-bys are doing it too from the street. And they are not going to stop just because innocent citizens are dying. Again, I do not see, how after this is exposed, you have a country with people whose loved ones died from cancer, who are just content to let all this go and live side by side with these people.

NY Post – Democrats have to dump Joe Biden as their 2024 nominee — prez, policies wildly unpopular with the people.

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley warned America that Democrat President Joe Biden could be the next Anthony Weiner because of his use of pseudonyms to cover his tracks as vice president.

Obama, Clinton and Biden ALL used secret, fake-name email accounts to hide their actions.

National Archives threatening to withhold some evidence in Biden probe as ‘personal,’ Comer reveals.

Ukrainian investigators/witness traveled to US in 2018 and provided Biden corruption information to DOJ, CIA, DIA, US Treasury, OFAC, FinCen, DHS, FBI, DoD – nothing done – House Oversight recently given details.

COVID-exposed Joe Biden goes maskless in front of elderly hero at Medal of Honor ceremony.

Prosecutors plan to ask a grand jury to indict President Joe Biden’s son Hunter by the end of the month, likely on charges related to having a firearm while being a drug user. Oddly enough I could see him walking, off a Bruen defense. I mean if you do drugs, and break a law there, do you lose the right to free speech everywhere else? Can they show up on your doorstep and quarter troops in your home all of a sudden if you smoke a joint and Raul on the street sees you? Does that mean you have no Fourth Amendment rights and they no longer need a warrant to go through your home, or they can torture you until you incriminate yourself? Especially if you have not yet been convicted of anything, and nothing is proven, you have just done it in a private setting, like Hunter? If no right in the Bill of Rights is bigger than another, and can be denied by the government, I think he walks, and expands our gun rights in the process.

Hillary Clinton insists she’s not running for president again, but has offered only a tepid endorsement of Biden while raising questions about his age.

Pence to take aim at ‘the siren song of populism’ as Trump, Ramaswamy surge.

Vice President Kamala Harris said Wednesday that an important part of her job is the fact that she “may have to take over” if President Biden is unable to complete his term in office — and that she’s ready to do so if required.

Harris on Trump charges: ‘I believe that people should be held accountable under the law.’ Says the cunt who was laughing at how she sent young guys to prison for pot, and then went home and smoked a joint as she laughed about what she had done to them.

Former President Donald Trump is on the hook for damages in E. Jean Carroll’s second upcoming trial accusing him of defaming her by claiming she made up her sexual abuse allegations against him, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.

Now the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust is insisting that the Senate Select Committee on Ethics “immediately investigate” Raphael Warnock for his $155,000 payday in 2022 from the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta where he apparently still is a part-time pastor, since the Senate limits outside income for Senators to $30,000.

“Voter identity theft” – Arizona judge defines voter registration record, rules that mail-in ballot signatures have been compared illegally.

2024 will be lit, literally, as in cities will burn down – New York AG Letitia James forces NYPD to send less officers to protests after BLM agitators win $13.7 million 2020 riot lawsuit.

The city of Denver just agreed to pay out $4.7 million to 300 BLM rioters arrested in 2020. Do you see what is going on here? They waited to do all these settlements until now, to show BLM and Antifa, right before the next election season, not only won’t they be arrested, they will be given millions if they will burn down the cities. The next election season will probably be an order of magnitude worse than 2020. I mean, we may see a city which looks like Hiroshima after the bomb. And we may see a case like Kyle Rittenhouse where they succeed in killing the targets, and some pedophile will kill seven or twenty conservatives. 2024 will be a warzone. The question is, when will the good guys wage war back?

NY Post. You do want to pay for these migrants, don’t you anon?:

New York City education officials were scrambling Tuesday to get as many migrant kds registered before the start of school in two days. About 19,500 kids currently live in temporary housing — most of them asylum seekers — according to recent numbers released by City Hall — and most have been enrolled since 2022. With public schools set to open on Sept. 7, the Big Apple is moving into the next phase of the humanitarian crisis: finding room, money, and teachers to handle the influx of children who speak more than a dozen languages.

Wealth transfer: New Yorkers paying millions to NGOs aiding illegal aliens.

Texas ordered by federal judge to remove Rio Grande floating barrier, Gov. Greg Abbott promises to appeal.

Federal deficit unexpectedly set to double this year. Coming on the heels of pandemic spending, mind you.

Car makers Nissan and Kia can collect data on their drivers’ “sexual activity” and “sex lives” off connected devices like phones, — and may sell the info to third-party advertisers, according to a shocking study by an internet privacy watchdog.

Joe Biden, who represented DELAWARE in the U.S. Senate for 36 years: “I wouldn’t have been elected to the United States Senate in the first place were it not for Philadelphia! That’s not a joke.”

New Covid booster shots to be rolled out next WEDNESDAY – but just 17% of Americans got the last one.

What it looks like when you are not allowed to leave your surveillance post under any circumstances, and you have to always play it cool, from this video of kids feeding laxatives to seagulls:

77% of US youth unqualified for military service. And those are the kids of our society. One thing is many surveillance are not active physically due to sitting in the car all day, and they never built up a reserve of physical capability when they were younger. I feel like I am in better shape now than 99 percent of them, even despite all the time I spend doing this site. Those 23 percent who qualify will overwhelmingly be our kind.

‘Sound of Freedom’ screening CANCELED on US military base over false allegations of ‘QAnon’ ties.

As a general rule, you probably should not get liberals into guns:

Between that, and the fact there will probably be a Civil War soon, and they are likely to be Cabal, we are probably best keeping to ourselves for now.

Over half of Americans believe they’ve interacted and communicated with a deceased loved one: study. It does not end here. Live long enough, and keep your eyes open, and you will realize that.

California bills would remove visitation rights for parents who don’t ‘affirm’ child’s gender identity.

Female prisoner claims she was sexually assaulted by a trans inmate with male genitalia at an all women’s jail: Lawsuit says two other females became ‘pregnant from sexual interactions with transgenders’ at New Jersey prison.

Fr. James Martin says Christ raising Lazarus from dead is ‘invitation’ for ‘LGBTQ people’ to ‘come out.’

From a comment on a Garand Thumb interview, (the GunTuber):

16:10 = Micah was watching Garand Thumb’s video on setting up his Crye JPC (Jumpable Plate Carrier) when he was airsofting.
18:15 = Mike had a buddy filming for him before Micah. Micah met Mike at a shooting class off of Instagram (at the time had 300K subscribers). Micah mentioned he was a camera guy and Mike said to reach out. Micah sent a message via Instagram and Mike never opened it. A month later Mike and Micah’s mutual friend gets them introduced to each other. Then, Mike’s original camera guy (Qua?) sleeps in. Micah steps in and Qua is out.
39:00 = Mike hired Micah’s friend as well.

Feels off. Like things went too well too many times. Suppose I want to be Garand Thumb’s cameraman. I am a fan, I then have to meet him in a class and stand out from the thousands of people who will all want to have a moment connecting with him as fans. I have to DM him, he misses it, so then I need a “mutual friend” to help things along. Then I need his regular cameraman to “sleep late.” And it all happens. Feels off. You want those connections in your life to just happen – bang! If it misses, and then there is a second bite at the apple, and then it needs a third bite at the apple, and then that all happens, it is too many bites. It feels like somebody is helping things along. I don’t know what it means. I would have assumed Mike was in too, but maybe Cabal needs that second point of control? Or was Mike just viewed as clueless and harmless? Or did they want him planted there in controlled fashion with an asset overseeing because he might be dangerous elsewhere? I do not know, but the link up with Micah feels off.

Israeli Intelligence company Black Cube made sure all three of its international phone numbers ended in 666 (click for full size):

Intelligence is kind of the work of the Father of Lies, from lying and deception, to manipulating people to steal their free will. It might not be surprising those best at it got a leg up in it by appealing to him directly, to get additional advantages. Might explain why we do not really see an intel agency which seems to be doing good these days.

Scientists grow whole model of human embryo, without sperm or egg. If we are here now publicly, this may have been what Pelosi was talking about with her drunken “He’s doing mine!” statements. There may, right now, be warehouses full of these things, all strapped down, producing young blood transfusions for the elites they were cloned from.

Germany: Migrants skirt local polygamy laws, import second wives.

Mexico’s Supreme Court decriminalizes abortion nationwide. I find it fascinating their President started out anti-surveillance and anti-Cabal, and then he seemed to pull a complete reversal. Like he was replaced with a look-alike.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense has significantly expanded the pool of Ukrainian women who are required to register for possible military conscription in the event of a major war.

At his first press conference since latest freezing episode Mitch McConnell says Biden has been too slow in giving more assistance to Ukraine. MK Ultra re-programming status: Successful.

Judge rules Georgia can resume ban on hormone replacement therapy for transgender minors.

NYT: Joe Biden’s Black, Hispanic polling numbers worst since Walter Mondale in 1984.

Spread r/K Theory, because 2024 is coming, and it feels like a climax


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