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News Briefs – 09/15/2023 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”

Visit our surveillance page, the most important page on this site, and see firsthand the massive Stasi-like domestic spying operation in the US which is targeting you and your loved ones.


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DFT – Russian Business Ombudsman Says Russia’s Eastward Pivot Irreversible

DFT – Iron Ore Hits Highest Level Since April As China Supports Property Sector

DFT – UAW Strike Begins At Ford’s Wayne Plant

DFT – Stocks Open Up Thursday After Stronger Than Expected Retail Sales

DFT – August Retail Sales Strengthen As Gasoline Prices Soar

From the comments, an anon writes:

So I used to work for a transportation planning organization (governmental body). Whats funny is there are extensive studies on driver behavior on roads. Traffic planners spend countless hours developing models for driver behavior (what you are describing is the “inch worm phenomenon”, really just means stupid drivers can’t maintain consistent speeds in large groups) for the traffic volume. Here’s a stupid little example that really doesn’t say much.


In addition to think that modern economic theory I learned in college is nothing but Jewish propaganda to explain their control over the system. Now I think all this urban & traffic planners are wasting their time. Domestic surveillance is the cause of all this crap. Everything we every been told is a lie.

This one made me think, and I realized, the main objective of the traffic may not even be screwing with surveillance targets. I mean what I experienced, that was not their first rodeo. That was an established and practiced technique of creating traffic backdowns.

If you stop and think, a major goal of this whole operation to subvert and control the government is to waste our lives. I saw it in my own life, where they were pretty successful. Guns, porn, women, martial arts, lifting, they threw it all at me as a kid, some sticking more than others. In other places, I was diverted from just doing my own thing. The goal was to put, and keep me somewhere, that I would not notice them, and their schemes, and their corrupt system. A lot of us get that. Tik Tok. Social Media. Pretty much anything on TV. And it is not new – ie, Bread and Circuses. Now look at something as silly as traffic, and the return on investment nationally.

Every year, people have 365 days of life. How many days are spent on taxes, registrations, inspections, forms, and so on. Form a business, and look at everything you have to go through. Every moment they can, they put people on the treadmill because every moment a person is occupied with survival and can’t do anything else is control, and safety for them.

Now imagine every day, they assign maybe 30 cars to spread out, three at a time side by side, and trigger backdowns on a single highway leading into a city, to add, say, just 10 minutes to the average commute. One three-car rolling roadblock-traffic-generator reaches the end of the highway, they double back and repeat the backdown process, all just during commuter hours. And the truth is they probably roll that many roving surveillance on that highway every day anyway. Check this out:

On the 405 Freeway in the Sepulveda Pass, drivers motor along at 16 mph during the evening rush hour, an even slower pace than before the pandemic. On an average day, more than a quarter of a million motorists drive through the Sepulveda Pass, according to data from the California Department of Transportation.

250,000 cars, stuck on the highway doing 16 mph. Nobody at the front ever drives faster than 16 mph and maintains the speed, gets where they are going, and is followed by everyone else. The passing lane is never able to pass. It always ends up an average of 16 mph. You could almost run faster.

250,000 people on one highway. Imagine 30 drivers assigned to that freeway (which they probably already have, as quasi-posted/quasi-roving undercover surveillance), and all they do is add even just ten minutes to the commute in the morning, and ten minutes in the evening, by backing down the highway with a little full stop here, and a full stop there. “Oh, no, anon, I see a blinking road sign, let me hit my brakes and stop everyone.”

That is 20 minutes a day for each commuter, going in, and again going out. 83,000 hours each day for the 250,000 drivers that is not spent learning about the government and what is going on. Five days a week, say 48 weeks per year. That is twenty million hours a year wasted, on one smalllish highway for the cost of 100 cars that just drive on the commuting side in about 33 rolling roadblocks that just hit their brakes here and there and bring everything to a stop. Imagine how they laugh as everyone is hitting their steering wheel, thinking that is naturally happening. And that assumes they only add ten minutes.

From a website, “More than 130 million workers drove to work in 2019.” 130 million workers, 20 minutes a day, five days a week, 48 weeks per year, 10,400,000,000 man-hours not spent, maybe looking at news, or reading politics, or starting a side-hustle, or just catching their breath. That is 1,187,214.6 man-years, 24/7 stolen and gone, every year, if all they take is ten minutes. For a small part of their vehicular fleet that was going to be roving that highway anyway.

From the comments:

I spent more than two hours in a traffic jam on the DC Beltway once. I finally inched up to where there was a car parked by the side of the road. The cars in front – both lanes – would come to a complete halt, gawp for a while, then sloooowwwllly creeeep away down the completely empty freeway ahead of them.

It was just a stalled car. An ordinary car, not the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, not on fire, not halfway in the right lane obstructing traffic. Just a car by the side of the road, like you might see a couple of times a week on any given stretch of freeway.


I once spent 4 hours in a traffic jam. The cause, a single traffic cone in the road.

Nobody, not even me, pulled over and removed the cone.


I have experienced what I suspect could be coordinated activity. And my participation here makes me question everything. Sometimes on two lane roads, one car will pull up to another and match speed for a while, making it impossible to get past them. I used to think this was some function of the sheep brain where they need somebody to pace with, but it could be coordinated just to piss me off for whatever reason.

Driving to work yesterday, I was in the left lane. The car in front of me was doing about 63, and I had a tractor trailer to the right of me. I was trapped like that for a while until the car in front finally sped up a little bit and I could get in the middle lane in front of the tractor trailer and go around. I have no idea if any of this is coordinated, but it seems like a strong possibility based on our discussions here. I have no idea what purpose it would serve.


I read something in a Libertarian newsletter about a decade ago about how the Beltway in DC would clog every morning and nobody could figure out why. This went on for over 10 years. They eventually figured out that a single FDA (Fraud and Death Administration) bureaucrat merged onto the Beltway, but since he had a 17 mile commute would get in the left lane but maintain the 55mph speed limit the entire way. This caused the entire Beltway to clog. The bureaucrat said 55mph was the law, but since he was on the road for some time he got in the left lane.


It takes, at bare minimum, one car per lane. It’s a common experience in my personal life that there will be X number of cars driving side by side on and X lane highway, making it impossible to go faster than them.

As always, it’s less manpower intensive than first thought.

I will bet it is a bigger program than we think, because that is what they would do to maintain control. It is like Tik Tok for working adults, wasting their time, just without the dopamine, and it is not your own choice to scroll, but rather it is them actively doing it to you. And their attitude is, they are just preventing you from being a problem. You can catch up on the sleep on the weekend. Yeah, anon, you should spend those days off sleeping, because you might do something dangerous to the machine on those days off anyway.

And I am sure the vehiculars find it funny to see everyone on a road, with cars stopped fully, going nowhere, everybody beating their steering wheels, and thinking that is totally the natural state of things. Nobody at the front just drives to where they are going, and gets there, and the next car in line does the same.

Which brings you to how this conspiracy, fascinatingly, seems likely to have begun simply as a grab for power, and yet morphed over time, step by step, into a wholesale war on every aspect, no matter how inconsequential, of every normal citizen’s life. I think this is because their power requires a subversion of the natural system which would arise, were they not there to seize power. That system which needs to be subverted, which exists in diametric opposition to their seizure of power, is simple freedom – people doing what they would normally do, absent external thwarting. And as a result, to seize power most effectively, they need to subvert and thwart every facet of that freedom – every facet of a normal person’s life. Leave even a single moment free, and you will naturally gravitate to a measure of freedom.

I think this is like a natural law, a sort of Newtonian physics of despotism, which in its most derived form, will basically say the sum of the various facets of our living pleasurable, rewarding lives is inversely proportional to their degree of power over the system. And there will probably be another formula which says the likelihood of their mutilated body hanging from a lamp post until the head rots off, is inversely proportional to their degree of power over the system. I will leave you to combine the equations.

And that points to the likely fact, that the more we examine this thing, the more facets of our lives we will find were being fucked up by it – even minor, inconsequential facets we cannot clearly perceive were in any way related to Cabal’s grasp on power. It will likely have been shown to be targeting everything which is rewarding in the lives of normal people, from family, to personal friendships, to simply getting home after a day at the office. Because at the end of the day, rewarding life equals freedom.

I have told you, if it all comes out, there will be people who snap and start taking out anyone remotely involved. And if the surveillance is legitimately taken down and rendered inoperative, those snapped citizens will have free reign. And if the surveillance is not taken down, it will quickly be made obvious by that situation, and that will precipitate a whole other war to get rid of the surveillance. It could be possibly the most interesting time in history fast approaching – and it is within our reach to bring that about, anons. All we have to do is legally expose this more widely to everyone. Please help, wherever you can.

And thank you to the bimbo in the Jeep for pointing all this out to me.

Married FBI lawyer Lisa Page – who had an affair with boss Peter Strzok while investigating Donald Trump’s Russia ties – has DIVORCED her husband. I am surprised, I would have assumed in the conspiracy open relationships were normal. Might she have married a normie, who didn’t know what she had to give them to be trusted at the level she was operating at? Or is she just going to declare bankruptcy to get rid of lawyer fees?

In a brief order issued by Alito, the Supreme Court on Thursday temporarily blocked a lower court ruling that would place restrictions on the Biden administration’s contact with social media companies.

Hunter Biden was indicted by Special Counsel David Weiss on three federal felony counts related to his purchase of a firearm in 2018, two counts being related to his attestation of being drug-free on a purchase form and one count related to his possession of the firearm while using narcotics.

Robert Barnes: Goal here is to tie up Hunter such that he can’t be subpoenaed to testify in any impeachment effort, and can claim the 5th.

David Brock threatens to target the children of GOP members investigating Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden filed a civil lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for Central California on Wednesday against nonprofit Marco Polo’s founder, Garrett Ziegler, for publishing 128,000 indexed emails from his abandoned “Laptop from Hell.”

An investigation by The Washington Post, published Thursday, found DeSantis apparently took at least six undisclosed trips on private jets and accepted lodging and dining from wealthy donors in late 2018, and the DeSantis campaign says it “sounds like more Trump-legacy media collusion.”

A state judge Thursday rejected prosecutors’ request to try all 19 defendants together in the Georgia 2020 election interference case next month.

Trump trial in Georgia election case won’t happen in October, judge rules.

2020 election fallout: Wisconsin chief election official facing imminent ouster.

In July alone, Alex Jones spent $93,180 — excluding legal and professional fees — including $15,184 on payments to his wife Erika Wulff Jones, $7,900 on housekeeping, $6,338 on meals and entertainment, and a separate $3,388 on groceries, an August 29 court filing from lawyers for the families shows. Eight grand every month on housekeeping? How messy is that slob? And $93K per month? You see how silly it is, when his products are free, essentially. No normal person is paying Alex Jones anything, let alone the money to run that massive operation, and this on top of it. You do not get that rich doing this, unless somebody is paying you to not say stuff.

A state judge Thursday rejected prosecutors’ request to try all 19 defendants together in the Georgia 2020 election interference case next month.

Lauren Boebert gave usher the FINGER after being booted from Denver Beetlejuice musical performance – as pregnant woman who sat behind GOP rep shares details of lawmaker’s horrific behavior. Fascinating. Her blackmail videos must be amazing. She is obviously crazy. She was arrested before, when cops were dealing with a bunch of teens, she went up and tried to get all the teens to just run off in different directions, which cops just love to see happen. And there was that “modeling” site thing. And yet, whatever the criteria is they base their decisions upon, you go through that high school intel-surveillance-assessment, and no matter what is up with you, no matter how hard you work, or how much of a fuckup you are, they have decided whether you get planted as a congressperson who can just fuck off all the time in life, or end up a wagie who is stuck in traffic commuting for three hours every day.

Kevin McCarthy melts down and throws a fit amid threats from GOP members to remove him as House Speaker.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy brutally savaged a reporter who questioned if there was any evidence to warrant an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

CNN humiliates itself with ‘fact check’ admitting McCarthy’s Impeachment inquiry evidence is true.

Ken Paxton Impeachment crumbles as witness admits bribe never happened.

CIA Employee who leaked the Vault 7 hacking tools to Wikileaks convicted of having child porn on his computer. He is the only leaker who is still in jail. Bradley Manning, who damaged military intel is out and Snowden, who damaged NSA, was allowed into Russia and is free as a bird.

Kim Davis is ordered to pay $100,000 to same-sex couple she denied marriage license. If I am denied my right to own a submachine gun, can I get the same deal from the government functionary who denies me the right?

New Mexico governor should face federal charges for gun control power grab: former prosecutor. Can she be sued personally for denying a Constitutional right?

Kanye, who had decided he opposed the Jews so much he was going to run for President, was told by his Jewish “trainer” he needed to knock it off or he would have him committed and drugged up again. Then Kanye disappeared for a while, and now he is back, wandering around aimlessly on a trip through Europe, in ridiculous outfits, with some sort of Cabal bimbo who is wearing a nude-suit, and it appears the Presidential run is off, and Kanye will not talk with the media.

DHS Chief Mayorkas calls for Amnesty as DACA is ruled unconstitutional again.

The Biden administration has skewered New York City for having “no exit strategy” for asylum seekers in shelters — as the feds themselves appear to lack any substantial plan to help US cities with the flood of migrants from the borders.

NASA admits they can’t identify mysterious flying objects, appoints first UFO director.

US school shootings reach new high, doubled in past year.

Suicide ruling upheld for Philly teacher found with 20 stab wounds but judges slam ‘deeply flawed’ investigation. An older case. You have to see the picture of the stab wounds to see how fully any case could be covered up. It has Cabal fingerprints all over it, but I do not have time to delve into it now. Looks like somebody plugged in snapped and killed her, but was one of those who is above the law. You can see how the ties binding the rule of law together have always been tenuous at best.

Dove hit by growing BOYCOTT for hiring BLM activist Zyahna Bryant who ruined white student Morgan Bettinger’s life.

An ex-con out on parole for attempted robbery, with a lengthy rap sheet, was arrested for sucker-punching a Yonkers cop – and released without bail just two days later, sparking outrage among both city officials and the police commissioner.

No cash bail set to start Monday in Illinois. Chicago is already an animal house, and now they are going to no cash bail. How many shootings per weekend will we get now?

Denver homeless camp features pop-up bar with rentable prostitution tents.

5 states’ residents got richer, but 17 states’ got poorer, new Census data shows.

CIA whistleblower: CIA works with pedophiles, retaliates against whistleblowers, and put men in harm’s way for frivolous shopping and baking activities.

BBC is creating re-education videos for UK kids by telling them the original Britons were black.

In Germany, more statuary and artwork will need to be removed – Can you guess why? They are claiming Muslim migrants will be offended by Renaissance-type art of women who are partially clothed, and not in burkas. But it may just be a cover story to remove real art, which they do not want us to see for some reason.

A flotilla of migrant boats from Tunisia overwhelms an Italian island and tests Meloni’s policy.

Video of Meloni coked up out of her mind on twitter. They are not leaders with responsibility. They are just actors occupying space, and acting out the lines they are given.

Police in the United Arab Emirates have seized 13 tonnes of amphetamine pills smuggled in furniture.

Ukraine is running out of cemetery space, so they are trying to sell people on being stuffed in a bag and planted under a fruit tree, so your family can eat apples which have a little bit of you in them:

Sean Penn says Will Smith slap made him want to melt his Oscars down to bullets to ‘shoot at the Russians.’ Mainly interesting in that Penn is thoroughly Cabal, so I view this pointless dig at the Russians as the way Cabalites, who will never openly tell us anything, speak to each other in private about the Russians, probably as a way to socially signal their membership to each other. But why would Cabal members be so reflexively hateful of the Russians? It is like they know some way Russia is helping to take apart their conspiracy, and whatever it is, is so important, they all socially signal to each other by attacking the Russians like this. And whatever it is, they dare not mention it to us. They all seem to know all these secrets about the secret battle going on, but none can mention any of it to us, because it would instantly reveal there is this conspiracy subverting our nation, and poison us against them.

Zelenskyy is expected to visit Washington as Congress is debating $24 billion in aid for Ukraine. Is it possible for $12 billion Putin would kill this guy and just finish the war fast?

A Russian fighter jet tried to shoot down a British spy plane off the coast of Ukraine carrying 30 crew members, firing two missiles after mistakenly thinking he had been given orders to. Sounds like Russia staged an event so dangerous Britain would have to pull back, and probably did it without endangering anyone. My guess is the first missile went off course because it was designed to, and the second did what it was supposed to as well. Brits probably suspect, but cannot take the chance. Well done, Putin. Hats off.

Russia responds to transgender Ukrainian official’s death threats to journalists. Ukraine is an example of the end state of tyranny. Nobody is allowed to voice an alternative viewpoint, even in support of their own country, if they are Russian, or they must die, and will be put on an official list, hosted on CIA servers, of people they say must die, with all the info to find them and kill them. They have even killed a few Russians, just for not supporting Ukraine against their country. Say what you will about Russia, you don’t see that from them.

Russian manufacturers are making up to 7 times as much ammunition as Western arms makers, Estonian defense official says.

Putin warns Britain of ‘serious consequences, as he accuses the UK trying to ‘disrupt Russian nuclear power plants.’ Cyberattacks trying to melt down Russian nuke reactors? Triggering another Chernobyl is grounds for World War III. Nobody will fight for the trannies of Globohomo.

The incredible shrinking offensive: How the definition of Ukrainian ‘success’, once grandiose, keeps getting more and more modest.

A Christian doctor has won a legal victory in the UK and been found not guilty of “serious misconduct” for praying with his patients.

Still reeling from $36M defamation judgment, Oberlin risks new suit from censored coach.

Researchers at the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering (PME) have developed a novel vaccine that, in laboratory tests, can completely reverse autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, and Crohn’s disease. It is untenable we live in a society where you cannot tell if this is a miracle cure, or a killshot. If real, I predict it will stall the progression of certain cancers.

Mitt Romney’s startling but familiar concession: The “demagogues” have won.

South Carolina poll: Trump leads by 28, DeSantis fourth.

Former President Donald Trump now leads His Fraudulency Joe Biden in the RealClearPolitics poll that averages all the most recent national polls.

Spread r/K Theory, because it is looking like everything fucked up, was fucked up purposely

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