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News Briefs – 09/22/2023 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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DFT – Airlines Under Attack Over False Climate Claims

DFT – Thailand’s Prime Minister Meets With Elon Musk

DFT – United Auto Workers Union Strikes At ZF, Supplier To Mercedes Benz

DFT – OECD Slashes Global Growth Forecast

DFT – Russian Oil Exports Surge

Tourists watch a black SUV pull up next to their vans, quickly get out and break into their vans and begin stealing their bags. From the piece:

“We saw them taking bags from our vans and started putting it into the black SUV,” Koval, 30, said. “That’s when my friends started running and other people there were honking their horns. I heard someone yell, ‘Don’t run to them! They might have a gun!’

Would you know instantly what was going on there, when these things happen so fast? Would you intervene that fast to stop the people getting robbed from stopping the robbery? It is like Portland, where random bicyclists and homeless people cut off the guy chasing the thief, and told him they would get him if he didn’t stop. Those drivers and bystanders above were ground surveillance running overwatch and interdiction for the thieves. Which means these victims were probably followed there the whole way, and surveillance probably called in the thieves. It is possible surveillance was watching and listening to them prepare for the trip days and weeks before, and knew they would bring $10,000 worth of stuff, which the thieves apparently headed right to in the vans. More:

He said the only solace he took from the incident was from the bystanders who saw the robbery and quickly rendered his friends aid and called the cops.

Kyle Rittenhouse attacker Gaige Grosskreutz hit by car in Milwaukee. This was the guy with his bicep blown off. Looks like they got his other arm with this one. Video at the link, and it is worth the click. Notice he was just hitting the corner as a walker, just as a dark sedan has stopped pretty far forward in the intersection, and just as there is an oncoming car, all as the white SUV comes up to the intersection, and makes a quick decision to take the turn, where it hits Grosskreutz. And at that moment, Grosskreutz just walked in front of the car without looking, putting himself right in front of the SUV, possibly to force the SUV to stop. I think the black guy who hit him was a target, and they were fucking around with him. They wanted to stop him at that corner for some reason, and he decided to jump ahead of the car in front of him to get away. The target was probably so flustered his amygdala was overloaded and not functioning, and he could not process the multiple streams of data well enough to avoid the accident. You can easily get that way in the shock and awe phase early on, when your brain has to go from total normal complacency to adapting to being Will Smith in Enemy of the State for real. Most will not be adapted.

And he was probably in flight mode, which is a very primal mode you go into when being chased, where a switch gets flipped by what the brain sees early on, and suddenly you are a focused machine, totally focused on looking for a place to squirt out of, and if you see a little gap, you go. Most here will have no ability to understand that, because you never flipped that switch. I remember when I never had. But it is an interesting experience. When I thought surveillance was a small team out of DC, or some far away place at first, and they were trying to box me in and I was trying to get the fuck out of there and get away from them, I entered it, and it really is a mode switch in the brain. You would be surprised at the degree of pre-programming you have up there, totally dormant until the right stimuli flip the switch. And once your goal is to flee, it is almost like having Jason Bourne programming. I never understood people who ran from the cops, but now I think they just flipped that switch, and they were probably not even consciously thinking. They were just looking for the gap to squirt out of, and barely thought about how there were cops around.

And then the driver did a Terry Davis and took off, so he was running in his mind. Also, look at how cement-head Grosskreutz did all that canvassing and intel gathering to deliver everything to the cops. Be interesting if more info comes out on this, given Grosskreutz is an operator. I think his earpiece literally told him to take out Kyle, once that little pedophile wind-up toy got skullcapped. Kyle just got the drop first. Only by God’s grace were the glowies thwarted that day, and Kyle survived. That night in Kenosha, if we knew the full scope of the operation, and everything deployed, all the agencies involved, and the objectives, and the manpower assigned and where it came from, it would blow us away. But interesting to see Grosskreutz is right back out there, doing foot duty. Imagine,  being a soldier for Cabal, and what it stands for. It is so baffling. Fingering a baby-faced kid like Kyle, who just wanted to help everyone, and marking him to be the one to die that night at the hands of a little pedophile, just for politics. Probably feeling like with such a cherry to target, you had hit the goldmine, and could almost go home and knock off before the op even got underway. All for this conspiracy. I am gobsmacked.

Ray Epps pleads guilty to single petty misdemeanor count, faces a maximum of six months in prison and a fine up to $20,000 when sentenced on Dec. 20.

Four-year-olds at an Alert Bay, British Columbia school were reportedly given a homework assignment on touching their private body parts which asks students to draw pictures of places in their homes where they can masturbate privately. Your gut instinct is this is just the old Porn Fairy operation, being targeted at kids even earlier, and able to operate more boldly. And it is. But it is also likely more. Why do you think they would ask THIS question? They want to know where the kid would go, to do something embarrassing, where nobody would ever know, or be able to see them. Why would that be important to them?

I would bet some of those kids, the gifted ones who already have neighbors next door, will have their houses broken into while they and their parents are out during the day at work and school – and hidden cameras will be installed in those spots. “Tell me exactly where the secret place you would go is anon, where you would do something embarrassing you would never want anyone to see video of. And draw me a picture of exactly what the spot looks like and if there are any clocks with a sightline to the spot or any smoke detectors overhead, or any other good place to install a hidden camera.” They want to give intel to the tech team before they go in, so they have an idea of what they are going to be doing. We are all basically in the position of a Latin American dictator, who is a priority target for compromising by the full weight and force of the CIA. It is that big. So people do not realize, a gifted enough kid, ID’d for targeting, they can get every house with a sightline to the target residence (I have that now, in two houses), and they know if there is any house they do not have, they can know that resident is at work and the house is empty, so no neighbor is calling to report a break in. They control the scene, and have all day to do something they are trained to do in thirty minutes. Vehicular can both watch the streets for approaching cars or foot traffic, and watch the residents at work and school, to confirm they are 30 minutes or hour away, and the entry team will get that much warning to clear out. And even if a cop got called and showed up, they can make the cop walk away. They have that pull. There is no risk to breaking in, and their trained teams are good enough to get in, get out, and leave no sign, except their hidden devices. There is no risk to the operation, and as a result it has become like standard operating procedure. I think all governments are like that, actually, and it is almost a kind of brainwashing, that we have been programmed to think nobody in our intelligence services would ever do this to us, even though they are psychopaths, and there is no risk to them. Blackmail files start early. Also note, most computers, which are where most people get porn from, have cameras pointing right at the user which can be activated covertly. How many cover them over? And I will bet a lot of couples have those cameras already in their bedrooms, maybe even installed there from before they purchased the house. There was an anon of 4CHan spilling intel stuff. He implied this was the case, and when he left, said the word on their comms was Gavin Newson was about to bang some intern, and people were logging into some network they have to watch, and he was going to check it out.

Residents of Palm Springs, California, are a bit butt-hurt over a proposed AIDS memorial sculpture looks suspiciously like a human anus. Behold! The monument to homosexuality! For those not wanting to click, it looks like a giant concrete donut, with ripples in it that head to the center, to give it that balloon knot appearance. There is no doubt that is what the artist was going for. Somewhere right now there are like thirty Michelangelo’s who cannot rub two dimes together, and nobody will ever know they existed. But we have a giant concrete asshole in display in the middle of a city. The movie Idiocracy never dreamt of this.

CT to subpoena Bridgeport absentee ballots amid fraud allegations.

The people of Alaska have won the right to examine taxpayer-funded reports concerning dead people on the state voter roll.

Third IRS agent who worked Hunter’s case comes forward, corroborates whistleblowers and reveals more possible DOJ corruption.

Jeb Bush: “I would like to see Gavin Newsom run against Ron DeSantis.” The strange thing is before, I think DeSantis would have just “surged” in the polls, the media would have told us how everyone loved him, and that would have been it.. Just like Bush I, Dole, Bush II, McCain, or Romney. Or Joe Biden in 2020. Something which changes the entire way elections work happened, and none of us noticed, or even have any idea what it was. Plus, you wonder, what was in that letter he got at Poppy’s funeral?

New Iowa poll presents a ‘very bleak picture’ for Ron DeSantis

Poll: Joe Biden trails Donald Trump, leads Ron DeSantis and generic GOP candidate.

Trump triumphs in New Hampshire poll as DeSantis brutally plummets 13 points.

President Joe Biden praises ‘Congressional BLACK Caucus’ during address to the Hispanic Caucus in ANOTHER gaffe for aging Commander in Chief.

Biden repeats same story word-for-word just minutes apart, raising fresh concerns about age, fitness for office.

Biden appears to wander off UN stage without shaking President Lula’s hand at end of joint speech – leaving Brazilian leader visibly irritated – minutes after President walked through a flag to take the podium.

Rupert Murdoch steps down as Fox and News Corp. chairman, sending shockwaves through media and politics.

Shutdown looms as US House Republicans again block own spending bill.

Shutdown is nigh as Trump tells Republicans to defund the government.

As the “Squad’s” Democratic Reps. Ayanna Pressley (Mass.), Ilhan Omar (Minn.), and Cori Bush (Mo.) rage against capitalism from within the halls of Congress, their husbands bring home the bacon, raking in millions through consulting firms, vineyards, and private security operations.

Using Southern Hemisphere data, New report from Denis Rancourt et al. estimates 17 million died following C19 injections – ONE DEATH PER 800 DOSES and that injecting the elderly was NOT a good idea.

More than 18,400 migrants have come to Denver since Christmas. 6,739 of them were bused to other cities.

Joe Biden’s DHS plans photo ID cards for illegal aliens freed into the U.S.

The Biden administration has launched a new program that will boost illegal immigration by allowing immigrants to fly directly from their country of origin to any US city of their choice, according to newly obtained records.

Thousands of migrants have been camping out beneath a bridge in Eagle Pass, Texas — though you wouldn’t be able to tell by viewing the city’s livestream where the overflow facility is obstructed by a giant black box.

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul’s migrant U-turn: Video reveals how Democrat welcomed asylum seekers ‘with open arms’ in 2021 – but TODAY she tells them: ‘Go somewhere else.’

Mass migrations have always put an end to weak and declining civilizations. The interesting thing about watching this is, we are getting to see these things in history that we were told happen organically, from migrant surges, to pandemics, and we are seeing that in this go-around, they are totally engineered by a covert intelligence operation which appears very, very old. Which begs the question about whether all these similar patterns in the past were really this thing as well, and this is just their script, which they play, over and over.

Chicago signs $29.3 million contract to build ‘winterized base camps’ for migrants. Sounds a little militaristic?

Biden grants quasi-Amnesty to 470,000 more Venezuelan migrants.

Who are all these thousands of unvetted Venezuelan migrants marching into Eagle Pass? Odds are, they are Hugo Chavez’s shock troops, engaging in the invasion Hugo envisioned. Chavez was constantly taking photos with Cabal figures like Sean Penn and other leftists.

Donald Trump promises the ‘largest domestic deportation operation in American history.’ A potential savior seems a different direction from the regular script, though if the 2024 election is successfully rigged, and we just continue the decline, obviously, it will be the same script and we and Trump were burned. The script writers do have a challenge this time, as I doubt they have ever had an empire they sought to crash in which the citizenry was so well armed, and potentially dangerous.

Democrat Senator Bob Menendez and his wife now under investigation for allegedly accepting gold bars for favors.

Fetterman presides over Senate wearing short-sleeve shirt, no tie, and shorts. Unless he is a bonafide mental case, you would think there is no reason he would not just put on a suit like everyone else. He doesn’t HAVE to wear that. And yet, he appears to HAVE to wear that, to the point Schumer even changed the official dress code for just him. I think they are giving him this costume, because it means they do not have to find a perfect match for his troglodytic features. If they can get the face and the oafish body close enough, the costume would sell it. If he was in a suit, and the faces didn’t quite match, it would be obvious. But dress him like this, give him a moustache and glasses, as they just have, and you just have to get close enough, and it will look the same. I just don’t see any other vaguely plausible explanation.

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin breaks with Schumer on Fetterman dress code change: ‘Need to have standards.’ For some reason they need us to see Fetterman in that costume more.

Critics aren’t buying story of why pilot ejected from $100 million F-35 fighter jet before it crashed—here’s what they’re saying. Q had implied there was some sort of remote control override in at least some military aviation assets, and when Cabal was not getting what it wanted from some patriot with decency, it would crash military planes and helicopters, killing military members, until it got it. There were a raft of crashes early in Trump’s Presidency.

Unfunded pension liability has every Illinoisans on hook for $37,000.

Chicago mayor advances government-owned grocery store after Walmart, Whole Foods close over crime. Slick. A Government funded grocery store, where they funnel taxpayer dollars into it, and then allow the same street crews of surveillance you saw in Portland to take their salaries by walking in and grabbing whatever they can carry out to resell on Ebay.

Big banks predict junk food giants to lose BILLIONS over next decade as Wegovy and Ozempic sap nation’s sweet tooth.

The mothers of the two teens accused of deliberately running over and killing a retired police chief in Las Vegas last month have broken their silence, as one proclaimed her son’s “side of the story” will be told. This feels off to me. I know, they gave us a video of it, which showed two goofballs hitting cars and driving over him. And the video was totally legit, so it must have been stupid kid criminals on a spur of the moment. Maybe I am just overly sensitive to an old-timer Police Chief getting taken out, but I have the same feeling about this I had when Lowell posted the guy who was set up by an ATF informant, and it turned out they were tying him up because they wanted to murder his sister, Irah Sok, who had the Postal Service Truck of Death parked outside her house on Streetview, and subsequently got shot in the head in front of her young son. I read the account of the brother’s set up and instantly felt it was off. I get the same feeling here. Like they wanted to take this guy out, and somehow assigned these surveillance kids to do it, after staging a fake bump-collision with this next surveillance vehicle while videoing it to show it was not a conspiracy:

Notice the window. And now to the public, obviously, it must have just been a “dumb kids on a spur of the moment” thing. But is it really likely one would not say to the other, “Yo Dog, we just killed that guy. We can never speak of this again, and you better delete that video!” Do you know how dumb you have to be to then not only not delete it, but to post that on social media? And the mom is this dumb too? That feels like a play to make you marvel at how dumb the mom is rather than question anything. There is in fact, a bottom trailing end to the Bell curve. It is possible we are seeing it here, but that many standard deviations from the mean, and you are getting into smaller and smaller probabilities. It is possible, but it feels off. Never just believe anything they tell you, or show you.

Senate Republicans are predicting that Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) will need to reach out to House Democrats to get the votes to prevent a government shutdown at the end of next week.

West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin has floated a proposal to reverse changes to the Senate dress code.

Michael Bloomberg unleashes another $500 million to destroy US coal industry. And if you did landscaping work for him at a vacation house he owned, he would probably be out there personally, taking 20 minutes of his time with a tape measure arguing over the sq footage of his law to save $200. But then you think he turns around and blows $500 million on something this meaningless to his life, where everything he is spending is getting siphoned off to other Cabal operators, and he will never see any tangible effect from it?

Razor company Braun faces backlash for featuring trans man in ad. There are not a lot of trannies out there. I have only ever seen one, and in that case it was surveillance, though I am unsure if it was a real tranny, or just one of the surveillance people fucking around for laughs. They are not doing these ads because they will sell more electric razors. Everyone which does this shows you it takes orders from Cabal.

Biden taps Vice President Harris to lead executive level gun control office.

Garland says incendiary memo directing FBI to use counterterrorism tools on parents never rescinded.

Project Veritas had information in 2021 Big Pharma was lying on Covid vaccine safety data, O’Keefe told board member, it was never published. It was already comped. And notice, Big Pharma probably didn’t launch an intel operation itself to comp the organization. Cabal comped it, and the agents it placed knew Big Pharma was a protected Cabal subsidiary. All these things are parts of a whole.

Project Veritas ceases operations, lays off all remaining journalists. Interesting in that it was not just O’Keefe, and journalists. Blackwater’s Erik Prince, as I recall, had set up a little intel training op in there for O’Keefe, where recruits were vetted for ability to gather intelligence when the interview was set up, and if they passed, they were trained up by intel professionals and deployed to gather the videos for O’Keefe. But I got the impression somebody else was probably piggybacking that, as a good way to locate recruits for their own operations, whatever those might be. So whoever was behind taking this down did not just destroy the work of a few kids making youtube videos.

Dr. Harvey Risch, professor emeritus of epidemiology in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine says there is evidence that cancers are occurring in excess after people receive COVID-19 vaccinations. The other problem is to make the mRNA last longer, they substituted one of the nucleotides, or “letters” with something less degradable. and when the mRNA finally is degraded, those building blocks that do not break down so easily, end up floating around waiting to be recycled into new signals. The body is designed so when it makes these signals, they degrade relatively quickly, and if it needs more it makes more, if it doesn’t, things turn off. But once vaccinated, cells will make signals with non-degradable building blocks, and when they would normally turn off, like to stop cellular proliferation, these will not degrade, and will just keep signaling and signaling. I mean there were so many theoretical biochemical engineering disasters in the vaxxes it is hard to think it was just sloppiness or rushing. It had to be malicious, which makes you wonder what else is in there they have no talked about.

Gas jumps above $6 a gallon in Los Angeles.

New report from industry researchers finds that 95 percent of the once-hyped crypto assets Non Fungible Tokens have hit rock-bottom valuation and are largely worthless.

Australian delegation visits DC to push for Assange’s release.

Harvard’s Jacinda Ardean calls on the United Nations to crack down on free speech as a weapon of war.

From here:

The recent rape of a French woman, identified only by her first name, Mégane, by a Muslim migrant, Oumar Ndiaye, was particularly brutal, leaving the victim in a month-long coma. Now she is out of the coma, but still in critical condition. A dozen French protesters recently stood silently outside Ndiaye’s home, holding signs to protest the fact that despite 17 previous offenses, Ndiaye had remained free — and while free, had committed his rape. Now it is those protesters who face prosecution; they face up to five years in prison for taking part in a silent protest.

India has stopped issuing visas to Canadian citizens amid an escalating row over the killing of a Sikh separatist on Canadian soil.

Swedish police chief warns of ‘unprecedented’ wave of gang killings. They are going to have to learn to embrace warfare. Because when things turn K, and you have Great Depression era levels of poverty, as eventually will always happen, those gangs will turn on the population and take everything they have. If the population is made up of meek rabbits, they will die, Europe will turn Muslim, and radical Imams will have intercontinental ballistic missiles armed with nukes.

South Korea raids US military bases in drugs probe – investigating 17 US soldiers and five other people who allegedly smuggled or used synthetic marijuana via military mail.

Mexican cartels are fifth-largest employers in Mexico, study finds.

The Clinton Foundation is back, and it’s headed to Ukraine. All that money we are sending over there proved too much of an allure, and now even the Clintons are heading over there to take their share.

In return for a secret arms deal with Ukraine, the U.S.-brokered a loan for Pakistan which let Pakistan’s military postpone elections, deepen a brutal crackdown, and jail former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Ukrainian media edited Zelensky’s UN speech to make it look like he had a bigger audience.

Ukrainian spy chief asks West to empty warehouses of military supplies.

Pentagon exempts Ukraine operations from potential government shutdown.

Newsweek buts the best spin it can on an embarrassing situation – “A video of Volodymyr Zelensky dancing in high heels while wearing a midriff-baring top has resurfaced online, with people widely praising the Ukrainian president.”

On Tuesday, a Polish MP presented the Ukrainian embassy with a ‘bill’ for $23 billion, recommending that Kiev reimburse the aid it got after suing Warsaw for imposing a restriction on grain imports from the country.

Another $325 million to Ukraine.

With opposition in Congress, Biden issues memorandum granting new powers to the Secretary of State to provide $128 million in assistance to Ukraine without regard to any provision of law within the purview of section 614(a)(1) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961.

Lancaster, Nebraska County GOP affirms its shift rightward, returning populist and Trump supporter to top job.

Spread r/K Theory, because God’s protection is more powerful than the Cabal

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