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News Briefs – 09/25/2023 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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DFT – Fears Of A UK Recession Building

DFT – In Kosovo, Fake €2 Coins Used As Tender Due To Ubiquity And Quality

DFT – Gazprom Subsidiary Almost Entirely De-Dollarized

DFT – Global Price Of Olive Oil Skyrockets

DFT – Eurozone Economy Continues To Contract

Over at Texas Arcane, another paid article about the time he started a street newspaper, and it was shut down nearly overnight by local government. You can see the big advantage to all the rules and regulations. Anybody can be made a criminal and fined into oblivion overnight. What I found most interesting was he got the “Be Careful” decades ago. I don’t doubt it. When I have gotten it, it was delivered like I would know what it meant. I do not know if that is just them trying to scare you into mentally spiraling with all the possible ways you could die, or if in their world, it has some special meaning. I would think if it was just a general threat, you would get all sorts of variations. Instead, they all say the same two words. Maybe they MK Ultra a lot of people, and that is a trigger phrase, and it just means nothing to me since I never got the programming package. Or maybe it is something said in some ritual they all undergo. But it is fascinating to me that over decades, across the nation, they all use the exact same phrase when dealing with people who, when they hear it, will certainly say to themselves, “Yeah, there is no harm to being a little careful,” before continuing toe do what they were just doing a minute before. Cabal needs to learn, when dealing with autists, you need to speak clearly and directly. Autists don’t play charades, or look to read deeper meanings into literal phrases. The fact the morons in that organization still haven’t grasped that does not bode well for the future of their little conspiracy. As always, I do not recommend subscribing to most stuff, but I endorse Cleve’s substack, and subscribe myself. He has walked the path.

There was a cool comment which I cannot repost, as the commenter asked me not to, but he said I could share the overall info. It turns out we are big enough we are beginning to get commenters who have close contact with people in the news we report on here, in this case the Tranny spokesperson for Ukraine, Michael “Sarah” Cirillo. The commenter related the following tale:

They knew him back when he was just a regular married guy with a son. During the period in question, about a year, in 2011-2012, the tranny claims he was living in Las Vegas, however for that year or so, he moved to North Florida with his wife and son, on a gig he does not talk about, where he claimed he had a sort of forgettable BS business job to people he met, which he may have actually had, or not. The commenter noted that Cirillo did not list the interlude on his LinkedIn, however for reasons I do not want to include due to privacy concerns, there is no doubt, the commenter can say, 100 percent, this is the same person and he did a year in North Florida.

While there in North Florida, Cirillo enrolled his young son in a local T-ball team, which is where our anon saw him, and got to observe him from a distance. Also on the sports team was the young son of Frank Brogan, former Lieutenant Governor of Florida. If you look up the guy’s Wikipedia, he was still very high ranking government until a few years back in DC, and clearly must be plugged in. Cirillo’s kid quickly cozied up to this politician’s kid, and they became buddy-buddy,  so our anon said that in retrospect, it appears pretty clear this was a Cabal domestic intelligence infiltration operation. Cirillo must have been pretty respected within domestic intel/surveillance, to get moved to an area and planted in a job, with an expectation he would be able to use his son to definitely gain penetration into this guy’s world. Also interesting is, this guy was already pretty highly positioned, so I would think he would have at least bent a knee to surveillance/intelligence already, if not grown up as an outright member.

But I do not know. Maybe surveillance views the front face of politics kind of like being the King, and Kings are the ones who get their heads chopped off if things go south, so they look for people not in their secret club to run as marionettes, figuring if the heat turns up they will cut their strings and leave them to suffer the consequences. And until then, they just bury them under surveillance and infiltration. Regardless, the child’s sports season ended, and Cirillo was gone immediately back to Vegas, until years later, our anon was looking at Ukraine coverage, and saw the regular dude in a wig with big fake boobs pushing Cabal narratives, checked his records, and saw, 100 percent, this was the same guy.

I do not think he decided Ukraine was worth dying for, traveled there, and purely by chance, ended up in such a pivotal role. I think he got orders from this transnational conspiracy. I would love to know if it drops him off there and tells him to get to the position, and he does through training and skill, or if he goes there, and they lift him up to it. I have no idea what is up with the tranny thing. Is that him? Is it his character? With this thing you never know. I could see Cabal Intel MK-Ultra’ing its agents, to make them maximally capable in other areas, and throwing in a little Bambi sleep bimbo-tranny hypno, as who would ever think a guy who looks like that, and actually got fake boobs implanted, would be a threat, or an elite intel officer who passed all the requisite background checks. Clearly, he looks like a loon. It is a brilliant cover, but to get the fake boobs, you need the hypno and a real mental problem.

It is interesting Ukrainian intel pulled him out of his position to investigate his ties to foreign intelligence. You have to wonder if Ukrainian intel has guys who were supposed to be fantasy-camped, who really love their country, and who do not want to see all these young kids killed and maimed, in a “scripted play” put on by Cabal to trick Ukraine into depopulating itself, so it can import some other group to take over the nation. Was this dude pulled by real patriots looking to unravel what is going on, or was he just pulled by Cabal assets because he had become too much of an embarrassment? Is there a wing of Q in Ukrainian intelligence? A counter conspiracy? It would be awesome to think.

It is a shame. Every one of the kids maimed and killed in that war, Russian and Ukrainian, are our kind. These motherfuckers are genociding the very loyal, patriotic, selfless good traits of warriors right out of the nation, and using what should be the most noble organization, the military command structure, to do it. You can see, how they do that to all those kids, they have to view our kind as an enemy.

And truth be told, unless Russia decides at the last minute to just sweep across the nation, take over all of Ukraine, kill every Cabalite, and then use SVR to locate and bring back all the real Ukrainians who fled into Europe, to repopulate the country, Cabal will kill every last selfless Ukrainian who is not in the secret society, and then fill that nation with its people and take it over completely, to steal its resources and profit off its energy. And there is nothing you can do but watch.

We can not win, until people see Cabal and its secret society. If at the outset, average Ukrainians had seen Zelensky for what he was, and refused to go to war, and focused their attacks on him and his administration, I think they could easily have overthrown him and had peace with Russia, and avoided this destruction of their nation.

And never type somebody as evil or an enemy, based on their group association. I can fall for that too, it is a natural human nature – we want to fight. Nations,  religions, social groups, ethnicities, races. I am not saying build a multicultural racially diverse utopia. I am saying understand, there are our kind everywhere,  in every classification or group, and they are all being manipulated, and destroyed  by this thing which is hiding, and they are all our brothers, locked in battle with our common enemy. Don’t let yourself be drawn into that fight.

Focus on Cabal, and its machinery, and try to shine a light on it and free our brothers wherever they are. Because we all have the same enemy, and until we all band together and take it out, none of us will ever know the real beauty of this  world.

And thank you to the anon who gave me this comment. This is an information war, and it is difficult to tell what piece of data will prove critical in it. Every piece of information, no matter how small, is vital. If honest patriots in Ukrainian intel see this, and decide to work over Cirillo to find out what he knows about Cabal and its plans in Ukraine, and it leads to a rebellion against Zelensky and an end to the war, your comment could have changed the course of history. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Tucker says the U.S. government intervened to prevent his interview with Putin.

California school superintendent is fired days after his district was ordered to pay $27 million to family of boy, 13, beaten to death by bullies who teachers refused to suspend. Why would they refuse to suspend the bully? He was doing violence, in this environment, and it was fine with the school?

Rasmussen: ICYMI: Only 1 official ballot paper type was approved in Maricopa County AZ for all 2020 election counted ballots, yet 10 types were discovered by voter-volunteers amounting to over 200,000 ‘non-conforming’ ballots that were all counted in a race Joe Biden ‘won’ by far far less.

Bridgeport ballot fraud is a dry run for the 2024 Presidential election.

Wisconsin Supreme Court bans absentee ballot drop boxes — ‘Good intentions never override the law.’

Republicans turn the screw on Joe Biden impeachment inquiry and Hunter Biden investigation as hearings are set to start Thursday, Sep. 28.

Biden imports record number of migrants in August.

Germany: Students arm themselves in city of Halle as violent robberies soar, parents describe ‘broken police force.’ People taking the law into their own hands can quickly spiral into something magical:

“If those jagoffs in the House stop trying to shut our government down, and fully support Ukraine, then I will save democracy by wearing a suit on the Senate floor next week,” Fetterman posted on social media. Classy, high-IQ post.

Dom Lucre on Twitter: HBO is airing pedophilia. In this sex scene a grown man tells a little boy: “We have to keep stretching you open slowly, no young boy would do this for you” the young boy then kisses this man and performs the unthinkable. It is too far back to remember, but I am sure way back there was that first TV show which normalized trannies. And it led to regular people being jailed for hate if they opposed a tranny male displaying his male genitalia to 8 year old girls in locker rooms, or trannies rolling around on the floor with children. You can see where this is going.

National Guardsmen appear to give ladder to illegals during live report.

FBI sued after allegedly losing hundreds of thousands in rare coins during raid. Kind of interesting. This is that case where FBI went and got a warrant for one storage box at a company which stored valuables for people, they executed the warrant, declared since they had broken the doors to the place open, every box was vulnerable to theft, they then went and broke open all the deposit boxes, despite having no warrant, to “safeguard” the property, then they declared everything criminal and began asset forfeiture against it, $86 million in property. Now it turns out they claim there was too much property to video or photograph the hectic process of opening all the boxes and taking it, and when people who won the asset forfeiture process go to get their property, their gold coins are missing, the cash is not there, and other property is gone, and FBI says they have no record of it ever being in the boxes. All they have to go on is papers FBI filled out when they opened the boxes, since there is no videos or photos. Then later, FBI comes back, after being sued and says, “Maybe the papers didn’t say there were gold coins, but we found half of the gold coins, and we might be able to find the other half if you drop your lawsuit.” Kinda sounds like the FBI just went fully sticky fingers. If it has, at some levels, morphed into this type of criminal organization, it is not that hard to believe it would organize Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder.

Medical Examiner’s Office source: Only 1 to 2 percent of ‘COVID deaths’ were really COVID. All a psyop to get people to take the vaccine.

LATAM Airlines pilot dies mid-flight in medical emergency.

CDC refuses to release updated information on post-COVID vaccination heart inflammation.

Rand Paul: “The nation shouldn’t send billions overseas while millions endure such hardships and challenges. Taxpayer money should be prioritized for citizens.”

Elon Musk has claimed the reason so many monkeys died in his Neuralink trials was because they used terminally ill monkeys who were dying of something else, however new documents directly contradict that, and show the implants appeared to do horrible things to the monkeys before killing them. And they are recruiting desperate paraplegics right now to do it to.

Smartmatic implicated in alleged bribery scheme involving top Filipino election official.

The Philippines has condemned the Chinese coast guard for installing what it called a “floating barrier” in a disputed area of the South China Sea, saying that it prevented Filipino boats from entering and fishing in the area.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) on Thursday announced it will investigate the death of Wei Hu, a 57-year-old Chinese dissident who ostensibly committed suicide in July 2021, however there is new evidence that the Chinese government targeted Hu for harassment, possibly driving him to suicide. “Suicide.” “He also said that if anything happened to him, it would not be an accident… The source said Hu told him about being followed by “suspicious people” and receiving warnings online that threatened his three children.” This does not even have to be China. If you have an intel op in your sector, you are currency. If you hold value to someone else, they could easily decide to trade you for something they want. Maybe China detained a Cabal operative, and offered to trade them, if this guy was found dead. It is not like your locals would care, its just a job.. I seriously doubt Cabal would allow China to run extensive intel operations on its territory. But I could see them killing a random plebe to accomplish something else in another country.

UK quietly passes “Online Safety Bill” into law.

Ministry of Defence offers support to Met Police as armed UK police officers hand in their weapons after one of their own is charged with murder for using his weapon in the course of his duties.

France: Foreigners commit 69% of robberies, violent crimes, and sexual assaults on public transport.

Lame Cherry makes this claim:

The latest American strike on Russia was at Sebastopol in the Russian Navy headquarters there. As you probably missed the above point, the American Air Force intelligence was tracking Russian officers at the headquarters at Sebastopol. The American Air Force upon knowing that the HQ was packed with Russian leadership, then coordinated with British and French military in Ukraine, who have control over long range missiles, and launched them, with success.

There is no hard evidence, and I do not know enough of Ukraine’s intelligence limitations to say if that is simply a logical conclusion. I am not even sure at this point Russia would allow leadership to mass, or it lost anybody. You play the intel game, you begin always looking to attack yourself and judging your vulnerability, and a massing of leaders would feel awfully vulnerable. But he says that eventually if NATO forces take out enough Russian senior military leadership, Russia’s Navy will retaliate on London, Paris, and DC. At this point, wiping DC off the map, so long as Donald Trump is not in it, might not be entirely bad. I would probably suggest they add LA, Chicago, and New York City, and be thorough about it. America would be a different nation overnight.

The scripted aspect of this stuff, like this “Hey, Ukraine is all Nazis, so there is no  chance Zelensky is trying to depopulate the nation so Jews can move there and turn it into another Jewish State in Europe” meme, is increasingly obvious. This did not happen through an oversight, or an accident:

And then they bring in the controlled opposition to oppose things, and sell the meme in a scripted show:

Now you know Zelensky is an antisemite beyond any doubt.

60 Minutes discovered the U.S. is financing more than weapons in Ukraine. The government is buying seeds/fertilizer for farmers, paying the salaries of 57,000 first responders and subsidizing small businesses. Oh, no, anon, are you being evicted? Better be sure you pay your taxes so we can subsidize small businesses in Ukraine.

Kiev suffers heavy armor losses in Zaporozhye – WaPo.

Ukrainian counter-offensive has led to 80,215 Ukrainian casualties since June 4th.

Renowned investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has claimed that the U.S.-led war effort in Ukraine is “all lies,” the war is already “over” and “Russia has won.”

The Army’s Landstuhl Regional Medical Center has quietly started admitting Ukrainian Army soldiers who were wounded in combat, most of them American volunteers.

According to legacy media, after over $100 billion in aid from the US, Ukraine’s ‘game-changer’ weapon is a kayak with a grenade launcher.

NICS numbers and gun sales for August 2023, fifth highest on record.

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) published a shockingly violent and homophobic tirade against General Mark Milley, suggesting the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff be put to death.

Oil & gas workers endorsed Trump over DeSantis on the day of Ron’s big energy speech.

Morning consult poll: Trump’s favorability continues to rise.

Biden disapproval rating hits highest mark of presidency: poll.

ABC-WaPo poll says Trump destroys Biden nationally, 52-42%.

Spread r/K Theory, because it will not matter if the election is rigged

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