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News Briefs – 10/03/2023 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”

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DFT – Germany Reaffirms Support Of Asian World Bank Rival

DFT – Italian Factories Continue To Lag

DFT – EU Moves To Implement Cross-Border Green Import Tax

DFT – Data Firm Finds Greenwashing On The Rise

DFT – Russian LNG Exports Surging

Yesterday in the news: Wells Fargo executive Greg Beckett jumped to his death from bank’s Delaware offices. Also in the article: “His sudden death made little sense to his loved ones with his life outside of work seemingly going well.”

Today in the news: 

Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) reviewed by DailyMail.com show the First Son’s accounts were being monitored as late as December 2019, after investigators found payments from Hunter and his companies to a suspected ‘Eastern European prostitution ring’.

A previously unreported document, filed to the Department of the Treasury on December 17, 2019 by financial crime investigators at Wells Fargo, picked out 25 individuals linked to the suspected ring and almost $7million of suspicious transactions, some of which included checks from Hunter that they believed may have been falsified to hide his payments to hookers from his business account.

Hunter Biden begged Joe for cash to pay for alimony, other ‘financial issues,’ texts show. Interestingly enough I crossed paths a while back with a dude who worked the local SWAT Team for the Sheriff. He said they had a guy who was moving just ridiculous amounts of Methamphetamine, and for quite a while before they caught up to him. He said they finally got the investigation to the point of taking him down, and when they did, he was living in the shittiest little trailer which was falling apart, as if he were a bum, and there was nothing of any value anywhere. He looked puzzled, saying they never figured out why he had no money and lived like that, when he apparently should have been sitting on a pile of cash based non how much product he was moving. Even cops who see weird things, cannot quite put together how things really work. All of these guys are employees, of an employer who watches everything and everyone so closely, none dare try to set anything aside for themselves. This is probably why if you were Hunter’s landscaper, Hunter would be pulling you outside of his $30 million mansion, with a brand new Porsche outside, haggling with you over the square footage of his lawn to get his weekly bill lowered $35. And if he succeeded, he would look like he was over the moon.

Trump judge faces online backlash after smiling, posing for cameras in courtroom: ‘Partisan Democrat clown.’

Judge in New York civil trial against Donald Trump invites media into courtroom to highlight circus trial and ham for the cameras.

The DEA struck a deal with Mexico’s most notorious drug cartel. There is no doubt DEA would be infiltrated by CIA, and by extension Cabal’s agents in CIA, working for Cabal, which probably recruits some of the kid spies in the schools, into ultimately going DEA just to corrupt it. I would bet there are DEA Fantasy Camp attendees who will be gobsmacked when the truth comes out.

US quietly strikes deal to send military to Ecuador amid drug cartel explosion. The Ecuadoran Cartels are probably beginning to threaten Cabal’s Mexican Cartels. Can’t have that,

J6 prosecutor’s alleged stabbing rampage exposes our failed justice system. January 6th Prosecutor got angry over a traffic thing, whipped out a pocket knife, and just ran up and stabbed a guy. I think surveillance may breed road rage in people. Before I ever knew I was under surveillance, I can remember trying to get ahead in a traffic jam in a city. I was making headway, getting away from everyone behind me, and along comes this pickup, whipping alongside my truck too close on the side of the road to get ahead of me, and he slams his side view mirror into mine, slamming his into the side of his truck. Mine was fine. “Cowboy” looked back filled with rage like he wanted to kill me, and I briefly thought he was about to get out, and we were going to go at it right there, which was odd because he was the one driving off the side of the road who hit me. I saw him later on another drive, but thought, we were kind of around the same area, though it was weird. Fast Forward, and I am knowingly under surveillance, speeding way too fast on the highway with somebody in front of me trying to keep me from passing, I peel over and hit an exit I would never normally hit, and I am gone on the new highway in a direction nobody would ever think I would go. I lost my coverage for like 10 minutes or so, as traffic thinned out around me to where I almost felt alone, before what looked like an unmarked State PD came up from behind, doing probably 100mph. He slowed and paced next to my truck, the black dude inside craning his neck to look in. He sees me, and then he is back up to 100 and off ahead of me. A little bit later I see cars coming on the entrance ramps as I pass and I am back in the bubble. That night I am sitting on the couch after getting home, and a pickup pulls into the driveway, and the driver’s window opens, and it is cowboy from all those years back, craning his neck out the window as far as he can and glaring at my surveillance camera for twenty or thirty seconds really angry, before pulling his head in, closing the window, and peeling out in a huff. Apparently he was so pissed at me not wanting to be followed and losing them for ten minutes that he had to scold me, simply for preferring freedom to this. When I drive, I want to go somewhere. But shit happens, and I get there when I get there. For them though, they cannot lose a target. They have to stay on top of them. I have no idea what happens if you slip them, but it must be enough that as I am getting ahead of him in a traffic jam without even know he exists, he is so pissed I am getting away he will hit my car, and then want to fight over it. I imagine, spending all your time, day after day, in a car, freaking out about everything somebody is doing, probably builds neural pathways, where somebody does something and you freak out. Makes me wonder if this prosecutor came up doing vehicle surveillance, and now today, something happens in traffic and his response is to get so angry he gets out stabs someone, despite how that is obviously a bad career move.

Jan 6th prosecutors attack defendents for having “1776” Returns manifesto, but now it comes out FBI wrote it and mailed it to them. 

Robert Kennedy Jr admits his campaign has done polling on running independent and he takes more general election votes from Donald Trump than Joe Biden. I do not think Trump voters are like that at all. Moreover, I do not think he really believes there is an election. If he was honest, he would say something like, my polling says this, but given the substantial election rigging, I expect it would not mean much. Nobody honest would pretend things are right when they are so wrong. Moreover, I do not think the outcome from here through 2024 is in anyway prone to change by any voter. One side might outrig the other, but we will have no effect, absent acting outside of the election, like finding a way to expose the surveillance, or capturing hard evidence of election rigging that we manage to somehow send viral, forcing some kind of script change to keep things plausible.

Poll: RFK Jr. Independent bid would help Donald Trump, hurt Joe Biden.

Dick Morris: If RFK Jr. runs as Independent, Biden is cooked.

Another poll shows Ron DeSantis shedding 20% of his support after GOP debate.

“Hi, I’m a State Senator from South Dakota, I drove an hour to see you” DeSantis…. “Thanks for doing that”……and walks away. The real problem for DeSantis is he looks like a Vito or a Tony, but then he opens his mouth and his nasally voice sounds like a faggy Melvin. That weird contrast may be the single biggest problem he has.

Matt Gaetz takes the plunge: “Today I’m filing a motion to vacate against

From here:

In order to receive their help to keep his speakership, Democrats will likely demand McCarthy adhere to the spending levels he previously agreed upon with President Joe Biden, as well as ending the impeachment inquiry brought against the president, giving party members more seats on committees — including equal representation on the Rules Committee — and additional aid to Ukraine, according to Politico.

Gavin Newsom’s ‘First Black Lesbian’ Senate appointee immediately hit with scandal, cover-up underway. She is a Maryland resident. And looks suspiciously like a transgender.

EMILY’s list removes line in bio of CEO who is Newsom’s Senate seat pick which stated she lives in Maryland.

Former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly resurrects lie about Donald Trump calling veterans ‘suckers’ and ‘losers.’ If you believe what the media says, Cabal sent his son into a fake war, and got him killed. And yet he still carries Cabal’s water, and with a lie as ridiculous as this. Makes me wonder if his kid got recruited into something else, like moving to one of the underground cities or something.

Former IRS employee who leaked Trump’s tax returns faces 5 years prison.

At least 260,000 illegals crossed border in September.

Pritzker presses Biden for more help as migrant buses double: ‘Illinois stands mostly unsupported against this enormous strain.’

Mayor Adams’ chief advisor calls on feds to ‘close the borders’ amid NYC migrant crisis.

NY Governor Hochul announces 18,000 jobs available to asylum seekers and migrants as part of statewide initiative to move individuals out of shelter and into independent living.

Not the brightest man in the world:

Would you rather walk through New York City before the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965, any year, or after? Every nation has a culture. America did as well. Import every culture in the world, and that will be gone. Idiots like this love to shout these platitudes, and then 40 years later the nation is all fucked up, and they just shrug and say, “I should have been right.” The man is brilliant at acting like a parasite of geniuses. He plays the part of an intellectual lamprey that is five times as big as the fish it sucks to death, one after another. But I do not even think he does the sucking himself. I think CIA does the sucking, and gives him his lines so it looks like he is the lamprey. Between this, and having kids with Grimes, there is no way this guy is a big brain.

A troubling new peer-reviewed study has found traces of mRNA in the hearts of dead people who had died suddenly after suffering cardiac arrests.

Ohio homecoming queen contender, 17, collapses and dies on football field during pre-game ceremony.

Nobel Prize goes to scientists behind mRNA Covid vaccines.

On Sunday, Connecticut’s new gun control limiting the number of handguns a law-abiding citizen can purchase each month went into effect.

Illinois residents who own assault weapons must begin registering them now.

The US Department of State failed to implement an effective cybersecurity risk program meaning a crucial arm of the American government is potentially wide open to cyberattacks it may not be able to identify or stop, according to an audit.

New Philly car dealership has 60% of its cars stolen within a week of opening, owner says he “would not come to Philadelphia” if he could have a do-over. Again, imagine if that is controlled and being used to decide which people are allowed to own their own businesses.

Portland public safety commissioner warns people NOT to call 911 unless they’re at risk of death, as woke Dem-run city struggles to cope with slew of ODs.

Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-TX) carjacked at gunpoint at Navy Yard in DC. I get the impression the Navy Yard is Glowie central. These Navy Yards have security perimeters with fences and guards manning a gate, yet they are civilian inside, with “startups” and warehouses, and maybe things which want to look civilian, but also want the citizenry kept away from poking around. When Navy Vet Aaron Alexis decided to go after the vibration people who would not let him sleep, something in his research led him to believe it was centered at some startup at the Navy Yard there, which is where he went in with his 12 gauge and took a bunch of people out. Of course you have to be cautious in thinking he found something, as it is just as likely his surveillance/intel handed him breadcrumbs leading to there, to get him to take out something they wanted taken out.

North Dakota state senator Doug Larsen, his wife and their two young children died when the small plane they were traveling in crashed in Utah, a Senate leader said Monday, according to The Associated Press.

Some leftist journalist pwned Scott Adams on Twitter, and then was shot to death the next day:

Cernovich Tweets:

Multiple people who attacked me, including one who did a running bit “making fun” of my alleged lisp, died. That’s why I stopped getting into fights with people. I can’t explain what is happening but some forces are looking out for certain people and it’s best we try to love.

Are they just amusing themselves by doing this now? Two glowies read the tweet mocking Adams, and one says, “Man it would be funny if he got shot tomorrow.” And the two of them freeze for a moment in recognition of what they are going to do, and then slowly look at each other and laugh?

He had also mocked people concerned about rising crime.

The DoD employee responsible for C2 and communications for nuclear strategic strikes arrested for his dog fighting operations.

Rivian loses $33,000 for every electric pickup sold. Usually a good indication there is an intelligence agency somewhere involved, getting a commensurate amount of control for what they are arranging to be paid to the company to keep it afloat.

Tom Brady was paid $55 million for doing about a week’s worth of work total over a three-year period by disgraced cryptocurrency mogul Sam Bankman-Fried, according to a bestselling author.

Trans activists force anthropologists to cancel conference panel discussing the identification of male and female skeletons.

Giant asteroid, equivalent to 100 capybaras in size, set to pass Earth this Tuesday, says NASA.

Pope suggests blessings for same-sex unions possible in response to 5 conservative cardinals.

Oxford explosion: Cause of mystery blast which left sky ‘pulsating with fireball & smoke’ is revealed – lightning strike at a waste plant set off some gas cannisters.

The leftist government in Germany is furious after Elon Musk outed them for funding at least 8 German NGO ships to pick up illegal aliens off the African coast and dump them in Italy.

German mayor calls concerns over child safety ‘unfounded’ amid plans to accommodate 80 asylum seekers at a primary school.

COVID-19 vaccine scientist Katalin Kariko was listed as Communist-era secret police informant in Hungary.

Iran official admits country’s role in terror bombing that killed 241 US military members: report…220 Marines, 18 sailors, 3 soldiers, 17 US civilians, 58 French troops killed in 1983 terror attack in Beirut. If Iran was Cabal, then the bombing was Cabal.

The Iranian government has infiltrated the Biden administration and obtained access to sensitive U.S. government information, according to a coalition of Republican lawmakers who are investigating the matter. Says they have access to restricted computers and servers at the State Department. Both Strzok and Page speak Farsi, Kerry’s daughter married a high ranking Iranian government official, and Valerie Jarret, Obama’s handler was born in Iran.

U.S. officials said they are convinced that Putin intends to try to end U.S. and European support for Ukraine by using his spy agencies to push propaganda supporting pro-Russian political parties and by stoking conspiracy theories with new technologies. You can feel their word spells getting weaker. Their magic is gone.

Former UK SecDef urges Ukraine to conscript more ‘young blood’ as the average age on the front line is over 40. So wonderful of him to help.

Leaked U.S. strategy on Ukraine sees corruption as the real threat…A report obtained by POLITICO details specific plans to reform Ukrainian institutions and warns Western support may hinge on cutting corruption.

‘We can’t do it alone’: Ukrainians react to lack of additional funding in US spending bill.

Ukrainians bringing treatment-resistant infections to Western Europe. Why would there be more antibiotic resistance among Ukrainians than Europeans?

Russian legislator suspects US labs’ involvement in strange, difficult to treat infections in Ukrainian army.

Ukraine’s assassination program has gotten so out of control that some of its members are starting to speak out.

Federal Appeals Court upholds Tennessee’s ban against sex change treatments for children.

Montana bus line removes unconstitutional ban on weapons.

Judge orders New York to dole out nearly half a million in legal fees to NRA after Supreme Court victory.

US Supreme Court rejects challenge to block Trump in 2024.

Biden’s support among minority voters is plummeting as Trump gains ground.

Mark Esper, the former Secretary of Defense, is publicly fretting that Donald Trump will retaliate against those in the deep state that sought to undermine his first term as President of the United States, telling the media that he thinks those worried about retaliation have a “legitimate fear.”

Spread r/K Theory, because without magic, Cabal is just a bunch of cheating midwits

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