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News Briefs – 10/15/2023 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”

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DFT – Michigan Gets $1 Billion Federal Funding For New Hydrogen Hub

DFT – Pfizer Downgrades Guidance As Covid Epidemic Wanes

DFT – Microsoft To Appeal $29 Billion IRS Payment Demand

DFT – US Foreclosure Activity Soars

DFT – Russian Royalty Payments To Foreign Artists Collapse As Russians Choose Domestic Artists

I was thinking, Havana Syndrome was perpetrated by a hostile, non-US intelligence operation, pretty obviously not Russia, and probably not China either. The two primary possibilities I have thought were obviously Cabal, the probably private sector, non-state, CIA-like operation funded and run by elites so rich and powerful we do not know their names, or a splinter intelligence group within US intel working for Cabal. Whoever it is operates on the streets of America with impunity. But if we look for another such intel operator, running ops against American targets, you do run into Epstein, who I think obviously was part of the  same thing running both the Havana weapon, and running domestic surveillance in the US, which seemed to scout and prep some of the young girls he recruited. Technically, if you pull at his thread, the first thing you come to is Les Wexner, and probably the Mega group, Israel’s ultra-rich billionaire Mossad intel operation. And the next thread if Ghislaine’s family.

I tend to think the issue with Mossad is the same as CIA – penetration by a hostile, non-state actor, which would view Israelis as being as disposable as we are. But regardless, it is not impossible it was Israelis running the Havana weapon, whoever they ultimately reported to. It might also mean the term “Jewish space lasers” was a well thought out term to make something real, appear ridiculous and kooky. Say a prayer for Emerald. They will be trying to drive her from the dialog.

Biden’s CIA director met THREE TIMES with Jeffery Epstein during Obama admin.

Epstein victim who testified against Ghislaine Maxwell has died—and her family wants answers. Could be as it seems, but in these situations, it will not be unusual for the asset who is in position to do the most damage to you to be the person you trust the most.

Furious Israelis demand PM Netanyahu resign over his inaction to save hostages as Israeli military confirm they have found bodies of dead captives inside Gaza. I do not know what to make of this. This could be an objective of this operation. It would make sense given the Mossad who wanted Netanyahu gone. And yet Trump seems to say Netanyahu is an enemy. Then again, everything Trump says is tactical weaponry, and it is possible he would lie to achieve some secret objective. The only thing I know is Israeli surveillance/intelligence, as with American domestic surveillance/intelligence on 9/11, had to see the attacks coming and allow them. And I only know of one organization which causes the security services of a nation made up of citizens blindly loyal to each other to allow a horrific attack on its people. It is the same thing utterly destroying the West right now, and trying to drive anyone who opposes that out of the dialog online.

Netanyahu ordered the Israeli military to STAND DOWN for 7 HOURS during the Hamas invasion.

Iran has sent a warning message to Israel through the UN saying that Iran will have to intervene if the IDF operation in Gaza continues. It fits. Whatever is going on seems like a scripted play designed to make Trump win the next election in real, pre-fraud numbers, by 94 percent to 6 percent. I assume Joe Biden is supposed to, after the fraud, get 190 million votes to Trump’s 180 million, to win it, and that will reveal the truth to us. Iran jumping in here and then blocking the Strait of Hormuz, and maybe even Saudi Arabia and Iraq getting in to drive oil to $200 per barrel and put the finishing touches on the economy would fit with that,

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh met with Iran’s foreign minister on Saturday in Qatar, where they discussed the Palestinian militant group’s deadly attack in Israel “and agreed to continue cooperation” to achieve the group’s goals, Hamas said in a statement.

IDF says it’s completing preparations for ‘attack from the air, sea and land.’ Either calling Iran’s bluff, or opening up a broad war with the Islamic Republic.

Israeli media claiming, US military will intercept Hezbollah missiles, attack pro-Iran militias in Syria & Iraq if war escalates into regional conflict; Americans supply Israel with munitions from US warehouses in Israel plus airlifted shipments. If true and not rumor, then we end up in it too.

A Tweet by Alexander Dugin which lays out this exact scenario, projecting it forward to the Muslims in Europe starting a Civil war on Globohomo, us allying with the Muslims against Israel, the Jews locally, and Globohomo, Russia jumping in against Globohomo,  nuclear exchanges, and China grabs Taiwan in the chaos while the Third Temple is built.

Bidenflation climbs to 17.0%, hurting Americans.

Joe Biden wished George Floyd a Happy 50th birthday on Saturday. Joe Biden is pandering to the black community as his approval among black voters is down a whopping 17 points since his first year of presidency. Biden-17?

Progressives call for US to take in some of the expected 1 million Gaza refugees.

Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman: U.S. should ‘welcome’ Palestinian refugees.

Part of what appears a broader propaganda wave, creating fear in Jews over the imminent embrace of Palestinian refugees in the West, and the growing anti-Semetic tendencies of Muslim migrants:

I am back to the high pitched electronic harassment, this time one which sounded kind of like the tape of the Havana syndrome, yet slightly different enough I might know why those people said it was a little different. I got off the X and moved. So understand, as we go forward toward 2024, fewer and fewer of these things you see like the above, from people who are not complaining about the surveillance or the harassment, will be regular people who are allowed to post their honest opinions as part of an honest dialog. Honest posters will get banned, harassed, and driven from the scene. All of these things presented to you, everywhere, will eventually be carefully crafted propaganda, to produce specific effects in the sheep, and control everyone. It is a dark future if the entire nation is not made aware of the surveillance, and the intel operation it is the most exposed part of. I still cannot believe so many out there want that.

House Republicans introduce ‘GAZA Act’ to stop Biden from importing Palestinians to U.S.

Rep. Brian Mast, R-Fla., wore an old Israel Defense Forces uniform he has from volunteering with the IDF in 2015 at a base outside of Tel Aviv, to work on Friday at Capitol Hill to show his solidarity with Israelis, entering their seventh day of war against the terrorist group Hamas. 

A killing  bolt will shine in the night, but not kill?:

It will start when the weather cools. Plans laid long ago, like biblical? And the red heifer is on its way. Again I am not saying the oracle was right, but rather you are dealing with a bunch of possibly seriously mentally ill theater kids who think they can script all this like a Broadway show based on the game Risk. So it could be significant to what they are doing. All of it, the prophesy on 4Chan, the red heifer, the FakeWar in Israel, about to get a lot of real young guys killed, it could all be scripted by them, entirely unrelated to the Bible, beyond the fact they think they are making it all happen.

Unsourced, but the Twitter account is Leading Report, which has historically been seen as a legit account, and IIRC correctly there was an older female DOD consultant making the rounds claiming something similar a while back: BREAKING: Department of Defense consultant says that the United States Space Force has proof that the 2020 election was stolen, but that the information was withheld in order to avoid the outbreak of civil war. Fuck Space Force. NSA has it. It will either come out when it is scripted to, or it will not. I really do not see how waiting will save lives though. By the time this is over, I think a good 30-40 percent will be dead just from heart failure from the Covid vaccine subplot. I have to think before all the migrants are moved back across the border and out of the country there will be another mass casualty period. And that assumes we don’t end up in a limited nuclear exchange with Russia, or have the lights go out in some way like an EMP, which supposedly will be a 90 percent casualty rate. I cannot see how straightening out the nation in 2018 would have been worse. A full Civil War then would probably have been far, far fewer casualties, far less suffering, and for a far shorter period.

Jeffries suggests Dems won’t help nominate ‘extremist extraordinaire’ Jordan as Speaker. So Jordan fails. If Trump steps in, essentially anyone who ever wants to get elected again will vote for him on our side, and some Democrats might just do so on the premise he motivates their base. So we end up with Speaker Trump, when Biden dies, and Kamala is found to not be a Natural Born Citizen. It could be. It is like watching a movie. I do not think to myself, is it possible John Wick can get into and out of the criminal mastermind’s lair alive? I wonder, will the writers script him getting caught, or did they write it with him getting out? Exact same thing here. All this is already decided.

Rep Thomas Massie – Enough of the secret elections behind closed doors! Jim Jordan has called for a public Speaker vote by roll call on CSPAN Tuesday. I support Jim Jordan. Does your congressman? You’d better ask, because there were about 50 who voted against him on the secret ballot.

Rep. Mike Rogers wants Hakeem Jeffries to tell Republicans what concessions they’ll have to make for Democrats to help them elect a Speaker.

Michigan AG Dana Nessel demands sensitive donor information of contributors to fundraisers for the legal defenses of Trump electors, GiveSendGo vows not to comply.

Trump is arguing that presidents, even after their term is over, are absolutely immune from criminal prosecutions arising out of their acts in office.

NYPD has reportedly begun enforcing a law against grocery stores displaying food on the sidewalk, and the city is seizing the food for illegals. City is probably running out of money.

People baffled by “glitch in the matrix” after spotting a plane that appears to be stopped still in the air. Supposedly an optical illusion which is not uncommon. But I put it there, as if we have TicTac vehicles which are using the active, LED “predator” camouflage, which projects an image on one side of the craft of what is behind it to make it appear invisible, there is no reason those LED screens on the craft could not be programmed to project a regular aircraft. And oddly enough I suspect there is ten percent of the population who would jump to tell you it is just your eyes playing tricks on you if it were that and got recorded.

Probe of Burisma in Ukraine was active when Joe Biden forced prosecutor’s firing, Hunter’s documents show, contrary to Biden’s story it was dormant and inactive.

Joe Biden on Friday evening made a mysterious trip to his Delaware home for a few hours and the White House refuses to say why.

Ex-Barclays bank chief Jes Staley insisted he had no relationship with Jeffrey Epstein—but emails told a different story and he’s now been fined $2.2m.

3 hurt, 1 person in custody after shooting at State Fair of Texas. One dude shot at another dude, and hit three people.

Neuroscientists make ‘unexpected’ discovery over cause of childhood Autism. Not that impressive, just they identified cells in the brain which will be affected by the brain inflammation they see in children with it. What strikes me is, suppose there was some organization which had an entire intelligence operation in the schools, running their kids as spies against other children, with the express purpose of determining which children would be allowed to be rich and successful, and which had to be kept suppressed. Suppose it had some way to induce inflammation at a distance, through the walls of homes, like by vibrating brains inside of skulls at 4 hz until cells burst or died? And suppose it began using that more and more, as the operation grew, and became bolder. Might it produce a curve of autism rates which looked like this (with 2023 having a rate of one in 36)?

Would the gangstalking curve look similar? I wonder if they are actually rolling that tech out in like four out of five children, but the one in 36 are the cases where the child goes to bed, the neighbor turns it on for a standard 20 minute degradation session that the child is supposed to get every night, the operator goes to get a donut, realizes their favorite TV show is on, has a few drinks while watching it, goes to bed, and unwittingly fries the child’s cerebellum down to the size of a sesame seed by the next morning. This world is much weirder than you think. I have seen it with my own eyes. Probably around ten percent of the population knows, they do not work for the “government,” indeed, that there really is not even a government, or Constitution, or laws, and the other ninety percent of the population are so clueless as to be technically delusional. They all know, the wars are fake, everything is an illusion, and none of them ever blurt out the truth. It is very strange.

This year, the House of Representatives voted to pass a new set of rules that will severely weaken the ability of the Office of Congressional Ethics to investigate members of Congress for potential wrongdoing, including stock trading.

Traces of contraceptive drugs found in fast food lab results.

Australia has overwhelmingly rejected a plan to give greater rights to Indigenous people in a referendum. In-grouping, pursuit of self interest, and ruthlessness will come back hard as K-selection returns.

New Zealand elects its most conservative government in decades.

Argentinian Presidential front-runner Javier Milei placed under criminal investigation days before election over speech — just like they do Trump! He is real, he is fake, it doesn’t matter. The fact they are doing this is strange, one way or another, because real or scripted, it looks sketchy, and normally they would never want people getting suspicious, by letting them see something sketchy. In intelligence you keep your targets blind and asleep.

World is tired of financing Ukraine, alerts finance minister Marchenko — Kiev will need 42 billion to keep budget afloat until 2024.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has allegedly ordered Ukrainian journalists to avoid bringing up the topic of corruption until the war is over (and he can no longer profit from it).

Russia intercepts 27 Ukrainian drones over border regions — MOD. The Russians were always tough, but now the West has made them experienced against everything the West could throw at them, and battle-hardened too. Meanwhile the entirety of the West, all working together, can’t even supply a small skirmish with artillery shells.

Federal judge rejects Biden DOJ’s claim that Georgia’s voter ID law is racist.

AG Jeff Landry wins Louisiana Gubernatorial race, flipping the seat from Democrat to Republican.

West Virginia Republican Gov. Jim Justice stands well ahead of Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., in the race to represent the state in the U.S. Senate.

An Emerson College polling survey found President Donald Trump ahead of President Joe Biden by 12 points in the state of Ohio. There is no way there are that many Biden supporters.

Spread r/K Theory, because there is no way there are that many Biden supporters

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