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News Briefs – 10/16/2023 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”

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DFT – Dimon Says Israeli Conflict Makes This The “Most Dangerous Time”

DFT – Bloomberg Warns Of Grave Economic Effects If Israeli Conflict Spreads

DFT – British Shoppers Are Cutting Back On Spending

DFT – Argentina Hikes Interest Rates To 133%

DFT – Dutch Companies Fined For Violating Russian Sanctions

Jennifer Garner goes to something with her daughter. Paparazzi video. She and Ben Affleck get tons of surveillance, and also field pretty impressive security around themselves when they go out. I always check out videos of them at Daily Mail, to see the surveillance, and what they are doing security-wise. Video is at the link, stills follow with notes after them:

Four cars will exit that little side street in the seven seconds of video of it, the first perfectly timed to her exiting her car. How often per day do you think that little side street is just car after car? Is it chance as the A-List actress exits, the traffic begins?

As she shuts her door, a fifth surveillance vehicle, window open, hits the opposite intersection. These things are driving around all the time, all over town. I assume whoever is in all their earpieces and handling her follow is looking at all of their phone GPS locations on an overhead map on a TV, and they will call them up and swing them all by, one after another when you are a target.

Posted guy is probably her security. Second car comes out of the side street just as she rounds the front of her car. I think they time that, to have a car hit at each point. Exit, shut door, corner the front of the car, hit sidewalk, and then decide on a direction of travel on the sidewalk, and then when you are commited.

Third car just as she hits the sidewalk.

Girl down the sidewalk with the big bag might be security and watching there for anything approaching. Could even have something interesting in the bag.

I want to tell you this Asian kid is nothing, because he looks like nothing, and that would make me look reasonable to you. But I also know in surveillance you have somebody who looks like nothing do the most sensitive work, because nobody will suspect them because everyone observing is reasonable, and intelligence/surveillance wins by being unreasonable. If surveillance wanted to put somebody inside her security perimeter to watch her, they cannot really send Jesse Ventura and Stone Cold Steve Austin to stand there and glare at her. They need somebody who her security would look weird for hassling. A little Asian kid with a Slurpee, in glasses no less, is perfect to serve as a close-in redundancy, and to listen to any conversation.

Fourth car out of the side street, is looking already for the target to ascertain they have committed to the direction of travel, as it hits the corner. They knew something interesting would be there as they came around the corner.

Don’t ask me the reasoning, but surveillance will always try to have somebody exit the building just as you get to the front door. Notice, Garner is pretty, and an A-list actress, and both avert their eyes. I would not gawk, myself, but it is natural to size up people passing you, and most guys will give a momentary double take to a pretty girl almost off instinct. It apparently strikes her security as strange:

Security waits at the front door, able to enter if the people they have inside have an issue, and join outside if there is any happening there. And nobody would think he has a Level IV plate in that pastel anime backpack, with maybe a red-dot on an MPX 9mm and 240 rnds in MPX and pistol mags.

He notices the weird demeanor of the surveillance that was coming out, and keeps a wary eye on them as she enters, despite it only being a woman and a couple of kids. When you do these things, you realize, surveillance is all timed, and at that point, timing becomes a flag in your mind. Doesn’t matter who it is. You exit your car, and Mary Poppins comes around the corner or pops out a door with her umbrella, at that precise moment, and Mary Poppins is the threat, and her umbrella has a ricin-filled pellet loaded in it, ready to go. Because that is how it works.

You can see here, a short video, made like it is a pretty actress just walking into some event like she is just a normal person, but it is crammed with domestic Stasi watching her and high-end security. And the two do not seem like friends.

They roll with a lot of security, too. Which means she and Affleck do not view the surveillance as performing protective overwatch for them, or they would not need that much security. I almost get the impression her security is trying to stay between her and the surveillance. Affleck looked visibly angry at his surveillance once, watching it do its dance around him, as held the car door while J-Lo got in the car, and then he angrily slammed the door of the car closed, as if in frustration. And they apparently see a very dangerous world. That little outing for Garner would not be cheap.

The final odd thing – when you see these videos of the “Stars” I do not see a lot of normal people around. We have seen this with the Clinton video. It looks like it is all the “Star,” their Stasi surveillance watchers, and their security, on a totally empty street almost like it was shot that way on a sound stage. Or maybe their security empties the street and cordons it off before they arrive, and only the surveillance is allowed to tell the security to shove their cordon up their ass. Nobody else was going in to that event, at that moment? Maybe. It could have been a back door opened just for her, though then why is surveillance, as if regular citizens, exiting, if she is using the back door for isolation? If we keep seeing that, it will be worth thinking about further. Could these stars never go out, and this is to convince us they are out and about all the time? Why would they think we care? It is like Biden doing the green screen thing to make a video where it looks like be talked to the media, when he could just walk out the door and do it for real. Is he not allowed outside of the White House due to the Havana Weapon, or the Tic Tacs, but they are afraid to let us know that, and want us to go on as if there is no threat? And why focus on Garner given she seems to have given up acting?

I’m a former undercover spy for the CIA – here are three steps that will help you DISAPPEAR tomorrow. I love this article. This guy is so full of shit his eyes are brown. Let me explain what happens. Imagine somehow you lose your local domestic surveillance, and you land in East Asshole, as “Bill,” with your boosted electronics. Foot surveillance and vehicular, which has gotten to know everyone local, sees a new face, and instantly you are interesting. A girl bumps into you in the supermarket and drops all her stuff, apologizes for being clumsy, and as you try to help her, she makes some jokes and strikes up a conversation with you. Now you have to date her that night, because she is making it that easy, and if you do not, you become “really interesting.” From there, you have to do a dance with her, to find a way to deliver her a cover story, which will hold up when her handler checks it out – which is nearly impossible because they will talk to people who supposedly knew your old cover, and your old surveillance would have probably seen you making a cover back then anyway.

If you don’t take her bait, then they will probably run facial recognition, get your prints, even your DNA, just because somebody in the domestic Stasi has the responsibility to know everyone in the sector you landed in, and they will not be satisfied, until they know who you are. And you have seen in my piece, those networks are in fucking Sri Lanka, driving around doing vehicular sitting on sections of tree trunk, with bicycle wheels strapped to the rear, and some kind of rototiller somebody retrofitted with wheels and a gearbox, strapped to the front to propel it. They literally were steering those things using the rototiller handles, pushing them side to side, and hitting intersections as you did on Google Streetview. It is everywhere. And it all plugs into the same network. And it has DNA, and fingerprints, and facial, probably even if you never gave your DNA, because the locals got yours at some point like they do for everyone as a procedure.

There was a case on the old America’s Most Wanted. Scrawny guy was a bank manager. He began ordering more money from the main branch each week, slowly building up a pile at the bank over months, so it looked like his bank was gradually increasing cash flow. When the cash on hand got big enough, like $1.5 million, he loaded it all in his car one morning and disappeared. But not before going  up to the security camera at the bank, and giving it the finger. So he landed in Texas with a new name, as an independently wealthy investor as a cover.

Of course banks are Cabal properties, so this was probably frowned upon more than, say, doing an armed robbery of some non-Cabal business. AMW was covering his capture when I saw it. There was an old Sheriff in town who said he just knew the instant he saw this guy, he was no good. And so he did all sorts of investigation, left and right, for months, turning over every stone, and miracle of miracles, purely by chance, this one in a million piece of info dropped in his lap out of the blue, outside of his investigation, and it ID’d the guy as a little known bank robber nobody had heard of.

I thought at the time, what Sheriff would have looked at this apparently highly educated Melvin, living peacefully and minding his own business in a residential neighborhood with the proceeds of his stock portfolio, and instantly assumed he was a criminal? To the point he turned over every rock, every day, until he could nail him? It didn’t fit. Never trust CIA.

On Psychology Today – The Threat of Surveillance for Activists in the Public Eye. As somebody in the comments said, “I am surprised they published it.” Indeed. One, things are changing. Such a thing existing is no longer unthinkable. The public’s perceptions have changed, and that allegation is no longer a cause for laughter. Two, that would not get it published by itself. I have to wonder if what you are seeing there is the first tentative controlled exposure of the domestic surveillance/gangstalking machine. Because it is now coming out. Even they have to see it. Once they realize it is unavoidable, they will try to control the exposure, to minimize the public’s outrage. Because I think the outrage could produce substantial violence. Nobody will like adults having targeted their children, their daughters. There are lines you do not cross. But either way, the public has changed. Nobody has any illusions about America, or how surrounded by enemies they are.

Like I said, it is coming out – Portland financier kills man in broad-daylight road-rage shooting before taking aim at filming bystander. “Hammond’s admissions were delivered with little remorse, the affidavit says. The businessman told officers he believed he was being stalked by groups of people.” There are a lot more of us than anyone would believe. This guy was intelligent, successful, but exposed to that level of threat, he just spiraled out. Some guys will have brains like that, and I am not sure you can blame them for going instinctual, any more than you can blame people for being gay, or being male. Update, the guy was actually a former criminal who dropped out of his old life and began a new identity.

The trust level in government is now 16%. They are ready to believe it. We might now have an idea how large the domestic informant network is.

68% to 89% of Palestinians support terror attacks on Israel in PCPO poll – Democrats want to bring one million to the US.

Breaking News: Iran is now moving “Strategic Weapons” to Syria for a potential offensive against Israel according to an Israeli Intelligence officer. The Gerald Ford Aircraft Carrier group is stationed nearby and the Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group is en route from the USA Two British warships are also heading to support Israel. The possibility of a major regional war is looking increasingly likely.

Netanyahu tells his forces Israel is with them as the ‘fateful hour’ to attack Gaza Strip by land, sea and air draws near: UN warns of ‘spectre of death’ as enclave’s hospitals run out of medicine and crisis threatens to engulf whole Middle East. It is just like George Bush. He knows intel knew the attack was coming. He knows it was allowed. And IMO, as with 9/11, both sides were scripted by the same overseers. Hamas did it for Cabal command, and Shin Bet and Mossad allowed it for Cabal command. Whether we will find there was some limited motivation behind it, like to take Gaza, or whether this is the first step in a larger play, like setting off WWIII, I do not know. I am not sure if Netanyahu knows. But I know he should be sending those boys off to take out whoever the top of the pyramid is, who set all this in motion. And I have zero doubt he knows that too. Instead he is casting noble kids with no idea how it all works, as pawns for the overseers’ cause. Just terrible.

FBI warns public of possible Hamas copycat terror attacks on US soil. They can tell you what every person in a neighborhood has going on in their lives, who is having affairs, which kids are risks if they end up in the wrong spot in adulthood, and probably what jobs each person is allowed to have, and not have. They know exactly where any attacks would come from, and when they would happen.

Chuck Schumer, who welcomed protests outside the homes of Supreme Court Justices, has 57 pro-Palestinian protestors arrested outside his home for protesting in support of an Israeli ceasefire, including two lawmakers.

Comms? Two Polish nationals who are gas balloon pilots were in a gas balloon race, when some as yet unidentified Texans, who may have mistaken them for a Chinese spy balloon, opened fire on them with automatic weapons. They tried to do an emergency landing, but their HYDROGEN gas balloon hit some power lines and burst into flames, but they got rescued by good samaritans and are recovering in the hospital. It all sounds like something waiting to be decoded. And having seen hydrogen gas soap bubbles lit aflame, and form a gentle, rising fireball, why do photos of this thing on google look like somebody sprayed the ground, all around for thirty feet, down in Kerosene?

Jordan wants a speaker vote on Tuesday, Democrats want to team with RINOs to push for a “bipartisan” solution, they hope Democrat Hakeem Jeffries as speaker.

CNN: A senior House GOP member says he has spoken to 20 members ready to vote against Jordan and block him on the floor.

Matt Gaetz: ‘Jim Jordan will be the next Speaker of the House.’

Ohio newspaper article warns Jim Jordan will form an ‘Axis of Evil’ with Trump.

While speaking at the Human Rights Campaign National Dinner on Saturday night, President Joe Biden pushed for an “assault weapons” ban and asked, “Who in God’s name needs a weapon with 100 rounds in the chamber?”

As the U.S. birth rate falls, immigration reform may be ‘the answer hiding in plain sight,’ analyst says.

DoD settles COVID vaccine mandate lawsuits for $1.8 million.

During “lockdowns” when American parents couldn’t take their children for routine vaccinations, childhood mortality dropped by 30%?

A group of Clemson University students protested the removal of tampon dispensers from the men’s library bathrooms in response to a conservative student group’s complaints. Plot twist – it was gun owners who had been cutting them up and using them for cleaning patches. Not really. But it could have been.

Project Veritas sues to get copyrights on James O’Keefe’s books.

Woman dies after explosion at Hornady Manufacturing west of Grand Island. 

From the comments, Lake City ammo plant cancels all commercial contracts. Supplies 30 percent of the civilian 5.56, as a way to stay ramped up so if there is a war it can supply the military. Means either FedGuv is placing big orders, and getting ready for something, or FedGuv is hoping to temporarily dry up the civilian supply by buying it all up. The Hornady explosion makes me think it might be the latter. If you need supply, or maybe want to profit, now might be a good time to invest in lead and brass. Also might pay to make sure you are topped off for any coming festivities. As I have said, I don’t have massive cash to spend on stuff, and will not spend unless I absolutely have to, but I did top off a while back, if you are wondering if I am serious. I am not expecting the US to be a super-safe, super peaceful place in the coming years. And you never know what will happen.

How the army is planning for war with China by stocking up on blood supplies – by experimenting with how to store it and transport it across the Pacific.

Vanguard invests in Chinese military-linked companies: report.

UK Gov. quietly confirms Vaccinated account for 95% of COVID-19 deaths in England over the past year; 94% of which were among the triple & quadruple vaccinated.

France is set to deploy and mobilize 7,000 soldiers across the country following the fatal stabbing of a teacher in a school by a former student suspected of Islamic radicalization.

Orban says EU has ‘raped Poland and Hungary’ by forcing migration pact.

New Zealand voters decisively go conservative ‘You have reached for hope and you have voted for change.’

Ukrainian MP says Israelis will be resettled in Ukraine.

Ukraine grain is owned by Vanguard, Goldman Sachs, pension funds and more.

Ukraine’s counter-offensive is a ‘disaster’, says former Zelensky adviser.

All eligible Ukrainians told to report to conscription offices as Kiev’s much-hyped counteroffensive has run out of steam.

Anti-gunners about to meltdown after Elon Musk says ‘armed citizens vital for Democracy’s defense.’

“When Kennedy Jr. is included as an indy candidate, Trump leads Joe Biden in 5 of 6 swing states polled.”

Spread r/K Theory, because you can never trust intel, unless it is to be untrustworthy

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