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News Briefs – 10/24/2023 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”

Visit our surveillance page, the most important page on this site, and see firsthand the massive Stasi-like domestic spying operation in the US which is targeting you and your loved ones.


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DFT – Nidec Slides As Automotive Market Softens

DFT – FDA Reviewing AstraZeneca FluMist Vaccine For Self-Administration Approval

DFT – Roche To Acquire Televant And RVT-3101 Antibody Rights

DFT – Oil Stabilizes After Falling Monday As Israeli Conflict Appears Contained

DFT – Ruble Continues To Surge Against The Dollar

The World Economic Forum has calls on world government’s to make the viewing or sharing of alternative media online a ‘criminal offence.’ It will get bad. These people are no better than the worst we have ever seen in history. Whatever horrors you have seen, and thought that at least we would never live through something like that, it is probably coming. Work camps, mass executions, torture. It will start covert with the tech, but once they have complete control via the beam, they will disappear people for pleasure and sadism.

As long as we are on the subject of how bad things will get, if I ever stop posting here for a week without warning, please spread this material as far and wide as you can, and repost it wherever you like.

Trump as House speaker would be the ‘duck-billed platypus’ of politics. He means he would slip around and between a whole suite of rules which would normally apply if he were a Congressman. He would also be in line to be President.

Vox Day does a rundown on the latest info coming out of the Vax horror show. If you got the vax, and you are operational, I would not freak out. I would monitor cardiac function, maybe get a yearly EKG, with stress test, to be safe. If you make five years, I would think you are probably OK. I think a lot of these were made as saline once they realized how bad it was, and still more were allowed to degrade the LNP structures to limit how much got in cells. The body is very resilient, and can take a lot of damage. We have been developing back-up systems, defenses, cleansing mechanisms and so on for hundreds of millions of years, going back to before our ancestor organisms even exited the water. Don’t freak out, but never trust the medical establishment ever again. And you might want to go easy on the caffeine:

Mortality rates reveal four-dose Covid “vaccinated” teens & young adults are up to 318% more likely to die than the unvaccinated according to quietly published UK government report.

Several current and former congressional oversight staff have been recently informed that the U.S. Justice Department seized their phone and email records back in 2017 as part of leak investigations, belated revelations that have touched off an inquiry by DOJ’s internal watchdog and raised serious concerns about the separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches. They were spying to find out who was assisting the congressional oversight investigations of their offices, so they could thwart congressional oversight of their actions against Trump. Scary stuff. There is no law or rules, or everyone working together to make a functional government. There is only cliques seeking to seize total power and control, by any means necessary. Do you think if they could create a beam to shoot people with, which was impossible to prove, but which would let them shut down an investigation like this, they would? What about a Stasi-like domestic intelligence service, complete with civilian informers spying on citizens everywhere and files on everyone, as well as the ability to control where people worked and who they were friends with?

Flashback 2015 – How serial cheater Bobby Kennedy Jr ‘exposed himself around the house, demanded a ménage à trois with tragic wife Mary – and told her things would be easier if she killed herself after he went public with Cheryl Hines.’

Israel promises ‘unrelenting attacks’ on Hamas; US, Obama urge caution. Cabal plan to get rid of Netanyahu? Start the war, then stifle Netanyahu to make him look ineffectual by having Iran poised to jump in, as the US urges him to do nothing? Israelis here, and we have a few, need to understand the hidden hand is as much their enemy as our’s, and everything else, every enemy they are presented, is a distraction.

Biden is ‘pushing Israel to DELAY the ground invasion into Gaza to give more time for talks for Hamas hostages to be released.’

Biden hints US wants Gaza ceasefire if all hostages released. Cabal controls Hamas, assuming these are not just Cabal mercs pretending to be Hamas, so now they just order them to release the hostages, and then try to force Netanyahu to do nothing. If he does something, they cut of all aid, and maybe even assist Hamas and Hezbollah to make it a disaster. And there goes the judicial reform which Cabal seemed to need to kill. There is no knowing what this is. But clearly something is afoot far more complex than a bunch of Hamas monkeys getting over on all of Israeli intelligence one lucky night. You can only win this game, by not letting them play you, and helping to spread truth to your friends and associates.

According to sources within Gaza, the finalization of a potential deal is currently underway and the Red Cross are on their way to receive a group of about 50 of the abductees with dual citizenship.

From here:

As Israel hammers targets in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, and Syria, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, aka Bibi, is getting blasted at home. On Saturday, thousands of Israelis protested in Tel Aviv, calling for him to quit, and some prominent Israelis are also calling for his resignation. Former PM Ehud Barak told the Observer, “I don’t believe that the people trust Netanyahu to lead when he is under the burden of such a devastating event that just happened under his term.”

Rapper 50 Cent sent social media ablaze over the weekend with a post blasting President Biden for taking another beach vacation in Delaware as chaos continued to unfold in the war between Israel and Hamas. “Hey Joe get the —- up, we in trouble man!”

Trump declines to endorse GOP speaker candidate for now, says he’s “trying to stay out of it.”

The Muslims turn Minneapolis into no-go zones for whites as they protest against Israel. They will arm up too, and it will get spicy. I have no idea if this was an organic emergence of what was created, or if that whole thing was a Cabal production to produce the effect you feel right now, but it probably will not matter in the long run.

Weapons are drawn at ‘Free Palestine’ rally in Oregon. Somebody shot a paintball gun at the pro-Palestinian protestors, and the cop’s guns came out as they tried to get control of the situation. I keep seeing the meme telling you to wake up from your nightmare, things just got worse.

Karine Jean-Pierre in response to concerns of rising anti-Semitism: “Muslims have endured a disproportionate number of hate-fueled attacks.” It is the strategy they used to try and make black protests get more militant. Makes me wonder if BLM is not violent enough for what they are planning for the runup to 2024. They are going to need full on Islamic terrorist attacks?

Coca-Cola has quietly scrubbed references to Hamas-supporting BLM from its website. 

Tucker Carlson says it looks like we are going to war with Iran.

Video: I’m warning you! sleeper cells are plotting something big! Our GOVERNMENT LET THEM IN -Dan Bongino. Bongino was Secret Service. I do not see how he would not know, that surveillance is on everything, and it would only happen if the conspiracy set it up. I would never write this headline, because I would view it as retarded, and as lying to you. And I think he knows more than me.

Special operations combat veteran, firearms industry consultant, tactical instructor, and YouTube personality with more than a million loyal followers, Larry Allen Vickers, pleaded guilty last week to a multi-count federal indictment that accused him of conspiring to illegally import and obtain machineguns and other restricted firearms, and conspiring to violate U.S. sanctions against a Russian arms manufacturer. My guess would be this is part of the clampdown on the online environment, and he was not an approved/controlled content provider. Basically the law says, under his ATF license situation, if a local Police Chief says he wants a demonstration of a newly made full auto, because he is thinking he may buy some for his department, the Chief gives the dealer a letter, so the dealer can import it and do the demo. Under the law, a dealer, with the letter, can request the approval from ATF, which Vickers was given here. Apparently Vickers was getting letters to do such imports, but they pulled all his text messages and showed he was going to the Chief and asking for the letter, and the Chief was giving it, but then there was no demo. Technically sounds legal to me. If the law says letter+approved request allows import, and you get a letter and an approved request, then it seems you fulfilled the requirements, but if you have a rigged jury, I guess that would be it. You would think, as a former Delta operator who shed blood for the country, and was not hurting anyone, this guy would get some slack. It is not like he is a cartel guy hurting people. But not today. Also it would seem Bruen should negate all of this. But they wanted him off the game board for 2024, as he had a million subscribers, and that was it. Something massive must be coming. Also, he had cancer, which I would assume came from his monitoring tech. I am sure all Tier One guys are blanketed.

Vivek Ramaswamy admits in NBC news interview his parents were not U.S. citizens when he was born.

After losing billions to scammers, this COVID aid program won’t require all loans to be repaid.

Police confirm existence of video and presence of Obama after personal chef’s death: report. They did not  log the call reporting the drowning for some reason.

Bernie Sanders funnels $75,000 more from campaign coffers to his wife, stepson’s nonprofit.

Nebraska RINO Don Bacon compares America first movement to Nazi Germany. The truth is, the Nazis were successful because the post-war government of Germany was subverting the national interest to the European elites, as they wrecked the country (with the help of Antifa), and the Nazis offered the only alternative. The choice back then was to continue to allow Europe to fuck over and destroy your nation with the help of corrupt leaders serving the foreign interests and feathering their own nests, or support the new nationalist upstart party which opposed that. Now we have corrupt leaders selling out America to some sort of foreign interests, to feather their own nests, as they destroy America, and a movement which is the only way to stop them. I believe in Trump individually. I think he is a good man. But I also know intel operations are compartmentalized, and he might not have been read fully in on what is going on. Hopefully he would have a plan to seize control of things himself at some point. I think he is only one Truth Social post from having a couple of million armed Americans willing to pull a trigger on just about anyone for him, if he chose.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Sunday that he has “completely recovered” after a pair of freezing incidents over the summer that raised questions about his health and ability to lead the Republican conference.

Interesting post on Free Republic, some of the immigrants are being brought here just to bring in as many as possible, maybe as camouflage for the Cabal operators:

My wife was born in Mexico so she is fluent in Spanish.

Yesterday she came some immigrants from Ecuador and she began asking them a series of questions. Here’s what she learned.

These people spoke no English. She said they had just gotten off the bus this week. Some people told them to get onto a bus and come to USA. They did not know who these people inviting them were or what reason they wanted them to come.

These immigrants were living inside a Holiday Inn, which of course was being paid for them. The woman from Ecuador said they they all received three free meals every day at the Holiday Inn.

My wife learned there are also many busses coming and going to the Minneapolis airport, taking newly arrived immigrants from there to different parts of the city. Apparently, there are large numbers of immigrants that sleep in the airport at night time.

Imagine how much all of that costs, when you are looking at, by their fake numbers, 2 million people per year or so, and maybe 5-8 million in real numbers. They absolutely need it for some reason. It feels like a puzzle, or an Arthur Conan Doyle novel. We have all these wild-looking pieces, which clearly have to fit together in some unique way, and will in retrospect. And they are so bizarre, what they appear to add up to clearly just seems unimaginable. It looks like war.

More illegal aliens flooded the southern border in September than ever recorded in a single month.

L.A. hotels hire migrants from Skid Row homeless shelter to replace striking workers. How are these migrants good for the unions, again?

ACT admissions test posts lowest average scores in 30 years.

Ex-NYC Mayor de Blasio deliberately held back cops during George Floyd protests, new Melissa DeRosa book claims. The degree to which they will destroy their own communities on orders from their command is astonishing.

NEMA, one of San Francisco’s largest apartment buildings, has lost almost half its value in five years as it faces an “imminent default” risk on its mortgage, with the 754-unit apartment tower, which was valued at $543.6 million in 2018, now valued at $279 million by real estate data firm Trepp, which is below the value of owner Crescent Heights’ $384 million mortgage.Do you pay $384 million to keep a $270 million property?

America’s pharmacy deserts: Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens will shut more than 1,500 stores due to crime and competition – leaving MILLIONS without access to healthcare.

A mob of looters can be seen ransacking a 7-Eleven convenience store just outside Sacramento during a “street takeover” in a shocking new video released by police.

Joe Biden moves to ban menthol cigarettes while pushing safe crack pipes, marijuana reform. It makes me think something in cigarettes may be healthy or beneficial somehow.

An off-duty pilot sitting in the jump seat inside the cockpit attempted to shutdown the engines of a plane headed from a Seattle airport to San Francisco on Sunday, at an altitude at which they could not be restarted, the airline said. You have to wonder if he had a therapist. Why not just get a gun and shoot himself? Why kill 80 people too? Moreover, why not wait until he was the pilot, and just nose in suddenly? Almost like they needed somebody on that plane specifically to die, and could not arrange one of their people as the pilot, so they had this guy do this, wind-up toy style. Remember the therapist who was doing hypnosis, and reported there are people across the country he was bumping into who are all programmed with a set blueprint for the programming, like MK Ultra, beginning in childhood, with split personalities, and code words to induce trance states, and programming to make different personalities excel at different things? He sounded nuts, until therapists all over the country reported finding the same things. He thought it was some kind of religious cult that spanned the country.

Liquid cooled PC with ‘real human blood’ lined up as Diablo IV give away, Special Edition custom PC will only be offered if 666 quarts of blood is harvested in US blood drive.

For the first time in at least 20 years, the US plans to build and install over-the-horizon (OTH) radar systems – four of them, as Canada plans to acquire two additional systems for its northwest to provide an early warning capability to detect the launch and track of Russian and Chinese long-range cruise missiles – although the US does not yet have any clear plan on how to shoot them down.

Environmentalists warn of intent to sue over snail species living near Nevada lithium mine. Would some place like China fund these groups, to prevent the US from developing the ability to produce its own lithium, and force it to buy it from China alone? Has FBI Counterintelligence ever looked at them?

US conducts nuclear test in Nevada hours after Russia revokes global test ban.

China stealing technology secrets — from AI to computing and biology, “Five Eyes” intelligence leaders warn.

Manila said on Monday (Oct 23) that Chinese vessels “intentionally hit” Philippine boats at the weekend, escalating a diplomatic row over two collisions in the South China Sea.

US renews warning it will defend Philippines after incidents with Chinese vessels in South China Sea. So it is basically us, against the other two major superpowers at the same time, with most of our manufacturing capability shipped over to one of them? Not a fan of this timeline.

1 in 4 ISIS brides returned to Sweden now work in Swedish schools, shocking report reveals. I wonder if those teen ISIS brides were Cabal intelligence/surveillance, and were sent over there to get eyes inside ISIS operations. They made it back, and got cushy jobs monitoring the kids in the schools for the local network.

Sweden to make it harder for non-European migrants to claim benefits.

Germany waves “Auf Wiedersehen” to Muslim “immigrants” and the Swiss swing right?

The Garda Representative Association (GRA) has said an increasing number of gardaí are resigning from the job because of low morale, bullying and unfair treatment, and work-related stress. They are doing the same thing to the Irish Police they are doing to American Police. It is the same script, in every nation, because it is the same organization permeated through all of them doing all this. I still cannot grasp why whoever is at the top is not on a private island in Tahiti snorkeling, while everyone else is left alone to enjoy the world peacefully. To use a Rothschild analogy, how much honey do you get if you spend a couple of years beating the beehive with a baseball bat, and dousing it in kerosene to set it alight?

Turkey’s Erdogan submits Sweden’s NATO bid to parliament for ratification, presidency says.

A Swiss populist party rebounds and the Greens sink in the election. That’s a big change from 2019.

Argentina election: Milei underperforms, but sill reaches second round runoff against establishment’s Massa.

Russian premier Vladimir Putin suffered a “cardiac arrest” on Sunday evening according to a statement posted on a Telegram channel which regularly says the war-mongering leader is terminally ill. Literally, some rando civilian put up this Telegram channel, which just posts, non-stop that Putin has cancer, Putin is dying, his neurological system is failing, and on and on. It always turns out to be completely fake. But our media reports it like it was an official announcement of the Russian government. Then they tell you to take the vaccine, it is perfectly safe, and our elections were completely honest. And don’t trust alternative news.

The CIA built up Ukraine’s intelligence services, now it wonders if Ukraine has gone too far as Ukraine’s unrestrained approach toward sabotage and assassination since Russia’s invasion is testing its deeply embedded relationship with the CIA.

Ukrainian spies with deep ties to CIA wage shadow war against Russia. Big article with some of the tradecraft Ukraine used to launch attacks on Russia. Unspoken is, helping Ukraine is helping Soros and his globalist masters. It is a shame. There are not many places today where serving America is serving the cause of God anymore.

The USS Gerald R Ford, which was recently deployed closer to Israel, will reportedly be transitioning to an advanced laser defense system.

Trump says only JESUS could get the votes needed to become Republican House speaker – and reveals favorite Tom Emmer called him this weekend and is now the ex-president’s ‘biggest fan.’

Poll: Donald Trump’s lead grows double digits since June; DeSantis continues to fall.

Trump to declare ‘Joe Biden caused attack on Israel’ in NH speech demanding ‘American Iron Dome.’

Harvard Harris poll shows RFK Jr. independent run hurting Biden more than Trump. Trump  leads both.

Spread r/K Theory, because the puzzle pieces say what the puzzle pieces say

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