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News Briefs – 11/02/2023 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”

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DFT – Vanguard Finalizing Its China Exit

DFT – Apparel Manufacturers Seeking To Exit China Encounter Difficulties

DFT – Bitcoin Rallies As SEC Looks To Allow ETFs In

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Dashcam video shows murder suspect firing gun at Illinois State Police trooper. Too violent, they will not let you embed.

Shooter was a murder suspect, wanted, cop came out of it alive. You will notice a white SUV surveillance vehicle pull in from the left side, and fake park to observe at 1:37. I think it is the same SUV, doubling back, which can be seen sitting and loitering at the intersection only to pull out at 3:15, in the earlier video from the apartment complex. Notice two cars hit the intersection and set up to film, perfectly timed to the shit touching off at 1:40.

I cannot explain that, but do not think it purely coincidental. This thing doesn’t do coincidences. It times, precisely. Which begs the question, how did they know that was when things would heat up, and not right as the cop walked up to the window a minute earlier, or maybe in 20 seconds when the cop would have asked to pat the guy down by the back of the car, or even right as the cars stopped, with the suspect popping out and blasting the cop through his windshield,  before the cop even got out of his car?

If this were organic, and you were control, the smart play would be, send one car early, have it hit the intersection, sit for thirty to forty seconds, like the driver is confused if he should drive by, then have him drive slowly, and get a minute and a half of video with that car. Then send car two, and have it park, so now it will get the rest of the big window of time when the shooting could happen. But no, they sent two cars, at the same moment, to set up for that specific moment when he shot.

I am wondering if the shooter was on an earpiece, and this whole thing was coordinated, by control – who knew when the shooting would start, because control was the one who would call when to start it. It makes me wonder if that cop was the target.

Setting that oddity aside and assuming this was a murder suspect in a random encounter with the cop, they knew who this guy was, and that he was wanted for murder (they probably watched, and maybe videoed the murder, and had been tracking this guy since then just because he had become interesting). I would assume nobody warned the cop, and it appears they brilliantly timed their little vehicular ballet to capture on video what should have been the murder of this cop – and it was not to use it as evidence, or aid law enforcement. That video would disappear into the archives of whoever it at the top of this. Another page in the scrapbook of dead bodies it seems to amass somewhere, probably a few thousand pages ahead of the selfie the surgeon took with Joan Rivers as she died, and maybe in another book entirely from the picture of Chris Farley laying on the floor of the hotel room. I can only assume these things are for the amusement of someone.

Notice the sedan could easily have turned into this guy at 1:39, gunned it, and squashed him against the car and then run over him as they scraped by, but they chose not to, and just left the cop to his fate. You will see other surveillance driving by on the main drag. One hits the intersection just as the surveillance sedan hits it while exiting the shooting scene, then another hits the intersection just as the suspect is leaving at 5:31 – and it is driving fully opposite to his direction of travel. They do that. It increases the statistical likelihood that the reason that car was coming from the left was because whoever directed it knew the shooter would turn left. It could have been a good guess by a control who knew their target that well. Or control sent the surveillance vehicle to approach from the left, because control was telling the shooter to turn left, and it was related. It sounds crazy, but the timing earlier was strange as well. I look at the video and I keep thinking, they should be off somewhere. Randomness should produce a zig somewhere, where there should have been a zag, there should be mistakes, missed moments, but they just aren’t off, ever. Statistically it seems likely something is weird there. It could have just turned out that way by chance. But it is more likely there is something else we are missing.

You have to ask, what are the chances each of these is hitting the intersection just at the right moment, but at no other moments? Perfectly timed to the moment of first shots, which should not have been predictable. Perfect directions of travel. It is weird.

And the last one who turns in and drives by the flashing cruiser knows what just happened, but he doesn’t stop, pretend to be a concerned citizen passing by, and try to get the officer medical or help him, as the officer is shot and beaten, and maybe dying. He just keeps driving by the empty flashing cruiser. White SUV makes another appearance at 7:40 to survey the scene and then drives off, so I guess he wasn’t really parking to park earlier. He feels like the team leader. Then a pedestrian just happens to be walking toward the scene on the sidewalk as the video closes out, even though there have been no  pedestrians during the action, and there was just a fusillade of exchanged gunfire there as two people mag-dumped. But by all means, lets take our stroll in this direction. I think you can see another foot unit behind the black SUV at 2:25, as his flashlight moves behind the car on the ground before the video there ends. He was probably the eyes-on for the whole thing, peeking from behind the car, through the window.

That is the neighborhood crew. If I came to your neighborhood and we exchanged gunfire, and I drove off, (with a car hitting the intersection just as I peeled out onto the main drag, exactly opposite to my direction of travel), and you were sitting on your lawn with a gunshot to the leg after it, that is what you would see come crawling out from under all the rocks to happen by chance to pass you right after it, and take a look – all walking around as if they were just out for a walk, everyone by chance deciding on their stroll at that exact same moment, as the neighborhood just mysteriously came alive.

But you see now, it is more ominous. They were sent, by somebody who watches your neighborhood – and you – all the time. They are the all-seeing eye, always watching, always listening, always on call, always looking for anything unusual to document for command. And if there is nothing interesting out there, they are in their house down the street, tuning into the inside of your home with their tech, checking out what you are doing inside the privacy of your house, before moving on to somebody else’s house, until they find something worth noting. It is all they do.

I am 50:50 on this one. Either they were setting this cop up to get him killed for some reason like he knew too much about something and command decided that was it for him, or this was just these weirdos creating a really “kick-ass” video of a cop getting killed for their own amusement and entertainment. Maybe command rewards them for that. Or maybe this was all a production. Maybe the cop was an actor, the criminal was an actor, the guns were firing blanks, and the video was designed to convince us all that the world is too dangerous and we need a big Police State to deal with the savages. Maybe the surveillance was put in there like it is in the movies. I don’t know.

I keep wanting to look at this as a simple human conspiracy, and yet there is a strange, surreal feel to all of it, like they are timing things too perfectly. Almost like there is an AI directing the vehicular units using satellites or something. But it is more than that, as I do not think an AI would have known when the shooting would start. That guy could have just turned and blasted at the cop the moment the cop bent over to look in his passenger window. That is when many do it, right up front, as the amygdala finds itself unable to contain its anxiety, and just presses GO!

Their movement is too perfect, which makes it feel like it was not organic, even in the context of the Stasi conspiracy.

It feels like a high statistical likelihood that there is something which still does not fit. Some piece we are missing. If you do not see that, don’t feel it gnawing at you, watch that video a few more times. The problem is in there, and when you see it, it smacks you in the face. Even if they were just really well timed surveillance, it is statistically unlikely it should have looked like that. That almost looked scripted. I do not have an answer, though if history is any guide, we will find out and it will be weird, even by our standards.

Deranged Maine mass shooter Robert Card had repeatedly claimed he could hear voices in his head calling him a “pedophile” and was paranoid that people were “casing” his home in the months before he massacred 18 people. I showed you the surveillance on his street. I got this treatment too early on. What they do is they drive in front of your house, and come to a full stop in the road right in front of your house and sit there. It may be for a few seconds, or it may be for two to three minutes. In some cases, they have a line of other cars come up behind the one sitting, so it looks like he would have stayed there all day, were it not for the traffic coming up behind him. I was lucky to be on a road with almost no traffic during my head-games, so I can now see it was all a skit by them to increase paranoia. Initially, I thought it was Bob being a dick, though I was puzzled he always had a different car. I thought he might have been renting them for some reason. But then I put a camera down on the road opposite my driveway (the same one which caught the neighbor surveillance-kid talking to the other surveillance-kid about following me when I went shopping), and you could see different people.

I hate to say it, but I think the goal with me was what you saw here. They hope at some point you will talk openly about it (to the people around you, which are all their people), and they can get you committed for two weeks somewhere, at which point God only knows what they did to this guy. CIA has had a lot of time to figure out what drugs to spike this guy’s food with, how to have the therapist get him under hypnosis like street hypnosis, and how to basically do what Derren Brown did in the assassin. Then let them get into his hearing aides, once he is programmable to follow a hypnotist’s directions. We are really in deep shit in America. These are bad people, as bad as they come, and they are in control for the time being. And the fact it is on a trajectory to exposure is good. We need to get rid of them. But it will be a dangerous period too. Like a wild animal, they will be dangerous when cornered. Once it is eradicated though, and we have a nation of decent people just interacting with each other decently, electing decent leaders, and with none of this bullshit, I imagine it will be magical. There is nothing that will not be worth that world.

Seen on 4Chan:

I was looking at this on Q’s board:

How To Tell The Covid Vaccinated From The Unvaccinated

Android Smartphone Instructions

Go to System

Go to About Phone

Go to Software Info

Go to Build number: Hit this selection many times until tells you that developer mode has been attained

Go to System again

Go to Advanced

Go to Developer Options

Find Show Bluetooth devices without names. Set it to on.

The 16-bit MAC numbers represent Covid vaccinated people

Apple iPhone Instructions

Go to the App Store and install BLE Scanner 4.0.

Click on the radar icon located near the top and right on the app.

…and I was thinking. Remember the “Oh my God, I took the Covid Vaccine, and now I have a MAC address on the WiFi network!” hullabo? How many of those people might have actually been emitting the signal Bill Binney and his wife say are being emitted by chips which are being implanted in people without their knowledge, because some night their neighborhood surveillance turned a Beam on their house, knocked them out, went in, and injected something in them, so they could keep better track of them? I almost wonder of the vax thing was just a cover to muddy the waters on where that signal came from.

Video here, Scalise starts at 4:56 – 8:01

Marine Corps Ball is cancelled. Discussion at Free Republic, conclusion is it may be an ominous sign that something is expected.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) obtained private communications and other personal records of multiple Republican House and Senate staffers who were investigating the department’s role in the origins of the Russia collusion hoax, according to former senior Trump administration official Kash Patel. What I find fascinating is there is this extreme a case of illegal spying, but nobody will mention the real surveillance, which makes this look like a kid’s spy-fantasy-camp for amateurs. Kash won’t mention the real threat. Congress wont mention it. Scalia mentioned it, but only in private to friends. I talk about it every day here. It was probably behind the Lewiston mass shooter, and I am sure they know that. Whining the DOJ looked at your phoen records is a bit like complaining about bed bugs in your room on the Titanic as the water is rising around your feet, given Kash never goes to the bathroom his observation post next door isn’t writingit down ina journal. But they will all run cover for it. C’mon guys, The Beam™ is not that bad.


Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard: Helicopter pilots were given stand down order – Israeli forces he knows personally, could hear the fighting and were ordered to stand down, and allow the Hamas attack to happen unopposed for six housr as they listened to shoooting and screams. I do not talk out of my ass here, or make things up, or try to trick you, or manipulate events, or lead you to evil. I have seen a great evil, on a scale unimaginable, which lurks among all of us unseen, and it is my mission to simply show it to you, and make you understand it and how it works. If we can show it to the world, and eradicate it from our societies, life will take on a magical quality most of us dare not even dream could be possible. But we will never do it, while chasing the enemies it makes us think we see. That will only get the very men we need to fight it, fighting and killing each other. That is how it works, and how it survives.

Judge Cannon signals she may postpone Trump classified docs trial, admonishes Jack Smith’s prosecutor.

Trump’s lawyers dropped bombshell revelations during the hearing on Wednesday, according to reporter Julie Kelly. They tried to get Trump’s security clearance pulled in June of this year, unclear if it was. Also, “Biden White House collaborated with NARA, DOJ, and intel agencies to determine which documents to include in Jack Smith’s indictment.”

Jesse Watters says CIA rigged the 2020 election because Trump threatened its drug trafficking ring. 

‘Bootgate’ and pudding fingers: How Ron DeSantis became 2024’s presidential punchline. Amazing he could not just act normal.

Charles Gasparino, FOX Business Network – Scoop: People close to @RonDeSantis growing increasingly despondent about his chances as he continues to languish in polls. They say he is stubbornly refusing the drop out and has enough money to stay in race hoping that something existential happens to @realDonaldTrump

House finds another “loan repayment” from a Biden family member to Biden, after they got cash from China.

Oversight’s Comer reveals Biden crime family has ‘dozens of bank accounts for each shell company.’

Joe Biden placed hundreds of dollars worth of overseas calls on a phone line paid for by his son Hunter, just days before his brother gave him a check for $200,000, according to an email unearthed by DailyMail.com.

Judge orders new Bridgeport mayoral primary after surveillance videos show possible ballot stuffing.

DC_Draino –

“80% of Texas District Attorneys are funded by George Soros”

Now you know why corrupt House Speaker Dade Phelan was trying to impeach AG Ken Paxton

The Marxist foxes are in the Texas henhouse

Props to @streitmarissa for exposing this swampy mess!

Banks closing across San Francisco area, often without warning. Made me think, you don’t see bank robberies these days. What are the chances the crime wave affecting everything would pass over the one place where all the cash is kept? In the Depression era, robbing banks was a big thing.

Mayor Eric Adams has blamed the rise in prostitution in Corona, Queens, on an influx of female Venezuelan migrants who are struggling to find other work. Even the women’s prison down there was emptied. We will probably see some pretty wild STDs begin to spread through the population, maybe with a decent amount of drug resistance.

Migrant caravan headed north swells by a THOUSAND people in 24 hours to 7,000 people as Chinese influencers are showing migrants how to cross US southern border.

Republican senators have sounded the alarm on the Biden administration’s border policies after Border Patrol agents caught illegal border crossers who were carrying explosive devices that Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) said were “tailor-made for terrorism.”

The US infant mortality rate rose 3 percent last year, the largest increase in two decades. It’s not the vaxx, but its the vax.

Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Eric Smith was hospitalized after suffering an apparent heart attack on Sunday evening, two defense officials confirmed to USNI News on Monday. If you want to be one of us anon, you will take the Vax. You do want to be one of us, don’t you anon? He was apparently jogging“Witnesses said that they saw an adult male running, then walk down the street and stumble, falling face-first on the sidewalk.”

50-year-old soap opera star dies suddenly from “cardiac event.”

Five Dutch cyclists died or suffered serious heart problems this year.

Anon on 4Chan is watching another NASA live feed of a satellite release, and an air bubble pops loose and goes riding up in the water they were shooting the video in:

You will probably have to blow the above video up in another window. You will see it best against the darker area up at the top near the NASA logo. I cut and pasted a few shots of it below:

Elon Musk unleashes in fiery Rogan podcast: Tesla owner slams George Soros for ‘eroding the fabric of civilization’, says he bought Twitter because it was being ‘controlled by the far-left’ and warns of the woke ‘mind virus.’ He is trying to lure our side to Twitter, so they can be shadow banned and controlled ahead of 2024.

The American Ornithological Society says it will alter the names of dozens of North American birds named after human enslavers and racists, starting with up to 80 of them. They will say this is just wokeness, but I would assume these are Cabal assets heading the organization who got their lines in the script, which are designed to manipulate you. Ignore them, and their lines. You have one objective, exposure of the intel op and its domestic surveillance machine. None of this has anything to do with you.

A Masonic leader was at Vatican environmental conference to promote depopulation, world gov’t.

Speaker Johnson tells Senate GOP that Israel money must move by itself.

The Democratic Party is divided over pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian factions in a major split that may tear the party apart for a “generation,” according to a recent Wall Street Journal report.

Turkey is preparing an Israeli war crimes case for the Hague’s International Criminal Court.

Biden announced that his administration will exclude Uganda from the African Growth and Opportunity Act program for alleged ‘violations’ of ‘human rights’ after the country banned homosexuality.

Biden regime and international donors send $80 million every 2 weeks to Taliban-controlled Afghanistan amidst reports of funds being misappropriated, says government watchdog.

Spread r/K Theory, because you only have one mission

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