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News Briefs – 11/08/2023 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”

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DFT – Germany’s SPD Party Goes All In On Redistribution Of Wealth

DFT – Central Banks Buying Gold At Record Pace

DFT – Bloomberg: UK Likely Already In Recession

DFT – Eurozone May Be About To Enter Recession

DFT – Bayer To Slash Management Layers, May Split Up – CEO

Lawsuits across the US over voter ID laws crawling on as the 2024 presidential election approaches,

Voting machines in multiple Pennsylvania precincts were shut down after they flipped cast votes from one candidate to another, the very same issue that was found to have happened in multiple states in 2020 as unprecedented election fraud gripped the nation.

Capitol Police arrested a gunman outside office buildings near the US Senate on Tuesday. He had an AR-15.

House Republicans: Biden plan to turn U.S. airports into migrant camps poses major ‘security risks’ to Americans.

Raucous crowds flood Chicago City Council, shut down meeting over sanctuary city issue.

A former CIA officer accused of drugging and sexually assaulting at least two dozen women during various overseas postings pleaded guilty Tuesday in Washington to federal sex abuse charges that could land him behind bars for up to 30 years. This guy probably would have been under extensive surveillance by the CIA, I would assume, as well as Cabal’s people. You almost wonder, did he view doing this, and providing Cabal surveillance this blackmail, as a stepping stone to the DCIA position?

Supreme Court appears set to thread needle between gun rights and limits for domestic abusers. Rahimi case may get a ruling simply that guns can be taken from people under domestic violence restraining orders, based on the questioning by the Justices. It appears the lawyer arguing for Rahimi was relatively incompetent, and had a poor understanding of his own argument, or a poor ability to articulate it.

White House rebuffs Bi.den family ‘loan repayment’ inquiry.

Attempt to censure Rep. Rashida Tlaib moves through House of Representatives.

Kind of interesting – It looks like the media ran an interview with a 9/11 Truther, who was actually a small bit-actor:

I am not sure what exactly is going on there. Maybe he is a math professor who acts on the side for pocket change, though it seems a smaller probability. However if he is getting work as an actor, I will bet he runs surveillance on the side and is in the network. I have told you, the man on the street interview is never done with a man on the street. They will never give you a microphone, even for just a few seconds. All of that is controlled with an unbelievable level of precision, and the random interviewees will be in the conspiracy.

US Senate predictably blocks bill on aid to Israel without Ukraine.

Shedding Concerns: Could you actually take a vaccine inadvertently through close contact, kissing, sexual contact, or breastfeeding? @P_McCulloughMD says, “it looks like the answer is YES. It looks like the mRNA is transferring from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated.”

YouTube removes Steven Crowder’s reporting on trans Nashville school shooter manifesto, claiming violation of ‘violent criminal organizations policy.

A professional female powerlifter announced she is facing a two-year suspension after making remarks about transgender athletes in the sport.

Glamour ignites controversy by naming transgender model one of its ‘Women of the Year.’

Fake breasts, laser hair removal, and facial feminization: California taxpayers bankroll $4 million worth of gender-affirming ‘enhancements’ for prisoners, including four death eow inmates.

According to a recent report, the Biden administration has given about $4.1 billion in taxpayer dollars to LGBTQ endeavors in countries like Serbia, Armenia, and several others.

FCC commissioner calls Biden equity plan for internet control ‘sweeping, unprecedented, and unlawful.’

Ohio passes Issue 1 to allow killing babies in abortions up to birth.

Pope has “uttered plenty of material heresies”: Former Vatican doctrinal head.

CDC says syphilis cases in newborns were 10 times higher in 2022 than in 2012.

Despite being one of the most vocal “climate change” activists, Bill Gates now owns four private jets, and calls them his “guilty pleasure.”

Smoking will be banished in Britain for youngsters, King Charles confirmed today.

Orcas sank another yacht around the Strait of Gibraltar.

Beijing is issuing guidelines on the development of humanoid robots with the lofty goal of mass producing the technology by 2025 and having a reliable supply chain by 2027.

The White House maintained Tuesday that it doesn’t believe Israeli forces should reoccupy Gaza following Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu comments that the country will have the “overall security responsibility” in Gaza for an “indefinite period” after the war ends.

German media report that the Anne Frank Daycare Center in a small German town will be renamed because migrant parents objected. I doubt any regular “normie” Jews in Europe were looking at all the Muslims coming in, and thinking it was a good thing they wanted. They were likely looking at those migrants like we are looking at our’s. The Jews doing that are something different.

Portugal’s socialist prime minister resigns amid corruption probe.

Minuteman missile failure draws Russian mockery of US nuclear arsenal.

A top aide to the commander of Ukraine’s military was killed by a grenade given to him as a birthday gift when the pin was accidentally pulled, and not in a targeted attack, the interior minister said.

Stellantis’ new RAM pickup is an EV — with a gas-powered generator in case the battery runs out.

Dr. Moshe Yatom was discovered dead in his Tel Aviv home by a gunshot wound and a letter that holds Netanyahu responsible. I used to think rich people got shrinks just because they thought it was trendy. I mean who really needs a shrink? Most of the people I cross paths with are conspirators in some shadowy secret Cabal which was almost certainly behind 9/11, and they have all come out of the woodwork of my community, just to fuck with me. I get hit in the night with some kind of weird technology/energy weapon they use to fuck with people, and I deal with it. I bide my time, look at the conspiracy, and see if I can find some chink to exploit, some way to expose it, a trigger to set off the civil war which will end it. That is basically where I am in life now. Why would I ever need to sit on some couch and tell somebody all about it? How is that going to make it better, or solve the problem? Netanyahu was in the Israeli equivalent of Delta Force. Is he emotionally fragile? What would he have done without the shrink? I am thinking the shrink is a way for Cabal to manage these people. They can get info out of them, and put info in, and give directions under the cover of how the shrink thinks things should be handled. The only question I would have is, to what degree is Netanyahu aware that the Shrink is like a Cabal controller, or to what extent is he just carrying out his shrink’s advice as advice from a shrink. Here though, you wonder if the shrink was not cool with the October 7th attacks being allowed, and when Netanyahu told him, he began to rebel, and Cabal took him out.

A commercial airing in Sweden right now: 96% of rapes are by immigrants, criminal gangs are 94% immigrants, 78% of under age crimes are by immigrants, 77% of the victims are Swedes, multiculturalism is a scam:

Alexander Soros is Tweeting that he is back at his home in Kiev.

‘Rational actors’ ready to take power in Ukraine and end the Zelensky regime — Moscow.

Zelensky: “If you can’t support us financially, fine please give us a loan and we’ll pay you back.”

Reuters poll: Joe Biden’s popularity tumbles to 39%, lowest since April.

Minority support for Biden plummets ahead of 2024.

The Gun Free School Zone Act (GFSZA) has a challenge in federal court; the case is USA v. Metcalf in Montana.

Donald Trump boasts 26-point lead in Iowa.

Florida poll: Trump at 60 percent, leads DeSantis by nearly 40 points in Sunshine State.

Spread r/K Theory, because change is in the air

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