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News Briefs – 11/11/2023 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”

Visit our surveillance page, the most important page on this site, and see firsthand the massive Stasi-like domestic spying operation in the US which is targeting you and your loved ones.


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DFT – Ex-ECB Chair – EU Heading To Recession

DFT – Pentagon Says Funding To Ukraine To Be Reduced With No New Aid Package Passed

DFT – EU To Reopen Apple Tax-Dodging Case

DFT – Shell Lawsuit Over Oil Platform Boarding Could Threaten Greenpeace

DFT – Russia Signs Massive Grain Deal In Mideast


In Fulton County Georgia, 150,000 still secret 2020 unfolded mail-in ballots with perfect ovals filled in which were protected by court order for 3 years, may have gone missing, and the county’s lawyers have just quit.

Hunter Biden launched a lawsuit on Wednesday against former Overstock.com CEO, Patrick Byrne, for defamation, claiming Byrne falsely accused him of soliciting a bribe from Iran. Notice, if this was a real fight, and one was a good guy, and the other a bad guy, the situation would risk giving a microphone to a good guy. I have said, the man on the street never gets interviewed. Nor do I think these lawsuits are anything more than bickering between Cabal members, probably as Kabuki theater to distract us. Neither will ever warn you about the surveillance.

Alleged photos of Judge Engoron’s wife’s “anti-Trump social media posts” threaten to shut down everything.

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) filed a judicial ethics complaint Friday against the New York judge overseeing former President Trump’s civil fraud trial, claiming the judge has shown “inappropriate bias and judicial intemperance” toward the former president and calling on him to resign.

Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans are investigating allegations the Justice Department spied on congressional staffers while they probed the agency, including during its handling of the Trump-Russia inquiry, the Washington Examiner has learned. Again, I believe all of these characters know they are living like Ed Buck, with some weirdo next door watching them on the toilet. But none of them will discuss that for some reason, even as it leaves Martha McSally to be raped, and lets Steve Scalise get shot up. I do not know why. Everybody is afraid of getting hurt or dying, I suppose, and nobody has real balls.

‘Aliens,’ or a foreign power? Pentagon UFO chief says someone is in our backyard. From the piece:

“Metallic orbs” matching Kirkpatrick’s description have perplexed U.S. military aircrews for 80 years. During World War II, American aviators reported encounters with “large numbers of silver spheres.” The New York Times, Associated Press, Reuters, Stars and Stripes and the now-defunct International News Service all published stories in late 1944 describing military aircrews’ encounters with “mysterious silver balls which float in the air.”

According to the reporting, the “silver colored spheres” “hang in the air either singly or in clusters” and, with noteworthy parallels to Kirkpatrick’s contemporary UFO profile, occasionally appeared “semi-translucent.”…

… A stock image titled “alien technology in a metallic ball” is hidden in a key document outlining the office’s mission.”

FBI secretly investigated Biden in 2007 over Delaware golf club membership after rich owner waived his $34,000 joining fee – and he still plays there today.

How Joe Manchin may cause ‘mischief’ with 2024 White House run.

Ted Cruz says GOP White House race is now a showdown between Trump and DeSantis: Republican says Florida Governor still has a chance to get the nomination with two months until Iowa – and teases a future run for president himself. Oppose Trump, support DeSanctimonious, and act like he will ever stand a chance again. Never happen.

The Justice Department will no longer seek the death penalty for two alleged MS-13 gang members accused of brutally killing several teenagers in Long Island, New York. As I recall, this was part of a wave of MS-13 carnage which the local Police Chief, Burke of Gilgo Beach fame, wanted to deal with, but surveillance threw all those areas under a flag, forbidding Burke from sending in his patrol officers to tamp down the gangs. And then they got their people on the gang task force in the area to shut that down, leading Burke to eventually pull his detectives off the task force, all as he was trying to solve the Gilgo Beach killings, as FBI apparently stifled him there. I think the surveillance was running the MS-13 in the schools to take out kids it deemed a threat. As I recall there were two innocent 15 year old girls who were friends, and the MS-13 gang in their high school demanded sex, the girls demurred, so MS-13 kidnapped them and butchered them up together in the local park with machetes. A cartel video in suburban America. One of their mothers made noise, and on a trip to her daughter’s memorial, another woman just happened to be there as she arrived, tearing up the memorial. The other woman escalated the argument, got in her car, and killed the mother right there by driving over her. Meanwhile they got Burke on a set up, removed him to cover up this and Gilgo Beach, and the whole thing was covered up until Trump came in, and they pulled all the bodies out of the park, and charges started to be placed on the MS-13 animals. But none of it was as it seemed. And now they are trying to protect these guys again under Biden. These migrants are being brought in as some kind of military force for the conspiracy. You will never get out of this by voting. Either there will be some kind of counter-conspiracy in the intelligence world, ala Q, or it will eventually devolve to Civil War.

An anon on 4Chan covers s rumor going around Chinese Social media which China is trying to shut down, which says researchers working with an attenuated virus which caused cancer for research, may have had it accidentally recombine with a healthy virus and go contagious, and infect them, causing massive, rapidly progressing cancer, and China tore down the medical facility they worked in, in a matter of days as it has tried to cover it up. No news reporting yet. What is described is not impossible, though even if it happened, it may not be that contagious, and it is not clear it happened to begin with. Some think there might not even be a virus, and this could be Pfizer or Moderna seeding the beginning of a cover story for why everyone is getting cancer. That said, the very idea there is high-end bio work being done with dangerous pathogens, in the kingdom of the weekly-epic-surveillance-camera-workplace-calamity is frightening.

Man accused of attacking Pelosi’s husband reportedly brought sledgehammer, zip ties, gloves, duct tape, cash, a Canadian passport, a Canadian birth certificate, men’s clothes, a video game console, and two inflatable, multicolor unicorn costumes. Search for inflatable unicorn costume produces this image, making me wish Pelosi had been home and cops hadn’t interrupted this, so we could have maybe one day seen the video her surveillance filmed from next door, Ed Buck-style, and found out exactly what the plan involved. Color me intrigued. Two inflatable unicorn costumes, a sledge hammer and some zip ties sounds like it would have been Keks galore:

Elderly Jewish guy who fell, hit his head, and died after a Palestinian protestor hit him in the mouth with a Bullhorn was also active as an Antifa protestor:

I told you, by his phone holder, he was domestic intelligence. That, or he was a genuine, 80 year old Jewish Antifa member looking to bang heads.

Democrats want to limit us to buying only 1,000 rounds of ammunition every five days.

Christian girl got $150K in a lawsuit against her school because it conducted transcendental meditation and had her begin by saying Sanskrit words which she did not know invited “entities” to “channel” her powers. Interesting too, as I get the impression it is a “guided meditation,” which can be a cover for hypnosis. She asked, “Like, I’m in school right now, why are we learning how to meditate in this way? I just knew it wasn’t right.” Channeling demons, and going under hypnosis. I mean, they are just a bunch of wolves out there, running the schools, and people are just handing their kids to them. While they are still trolling for their next MK Ultra windup toys. You see why I am so bent on having everyone spread the reality of this intelligence operation’s penetration of the nation. It is, for all practical purposes, the only threat facing our nation right now.

On Thursday, a federal judge approved the $290 million settlement of a class-action lawsuit brought by the sex abuse victims of Epstein against JPMorgan Chase—a close mutual business associate of both Gates and Epstein.

America’s frightening new bat lab: $12m taxpayer-funded NIH research facility in Colorado will import bats from Asia and infect them with deadly diseases – in project with China-linked scientists.

Michigan’s COVID-19 spending topped $18 billion. Should read, “Michigan’s embezzlement and money laundering of taxpayer funds to the connected members of Cabal topped $18 billion.”

Omaha police have arrested Dominic M. Henton of Papillion, Nebraska as a suspect in the Wednesday assault of Martha McSally, a former United States senator.

FBI agents seized the New York mayor’s cell phones and other devices in an escalation of a federal investigation into campaign fundraising, U.S. media reported Friday. I would bet had he never bitched about all the migrants, he would never have had a problem.

2.9 million borrowers pay nothing in Joe Biden’s ‘most generous ever’ student loan repayment plan.

Video: Man riding his bike erratically in traffic crashes into a naked guy in front of a store called “Killer Burger” with a giant LGBTQ flag in the window. Then they fight. This is Portland. This is the culture Democrats create when given power.

Why did Cabal import all these Muslims again,  anon:

A video going around, reportedly of migrants, on a BNSF train, which services the western two-thirds of the US:


A UK appeals court has ruled that a hospital can remove a newborn baby girl’s life support without her parents’ consent. Baby has a rare mitochondrial disease, parents wanted to try a treatment in Rome, baby was given emergency citizenship in Italy to travel there, now UK hospital says, “No, we’re going to kill her, it is best for her.” And parents get no say. I think the problem is society is too peaceful. Even the biggest pricks will get polite and respectful in a violent environment. If we can reveal the battlelines to everyone the way they have been revealed here, we could fix all of this.

Israel prepares for possible fentanyl-filled rockets from Hamas, Hezbollah. Food for thought. If you see a bombing in the US (It would be a Cabal attack, of course), you might not want to go running up to it to save any survivors. Especially if you see any dust clouds hanging in the air. For that matter if you are walking through New York City and see a white dust cloud settling from the top of a building over the street, you might want to GTFO of there.

The top US military official indicated Thursday that Israel will have a harder time eradicating Hamas the longer its military campaign in the Gaza Strip drags out and the more civilians that are killed in the process. Is there an objective behind another forever-war to clean out the K’s on both sides who might one day try to rise to power? I am disappointed in Netanyahu. This thing killed his brother Yoni. You would think he would have sworn a blood oath against it. Then again, he had a therapist. Maybe he has no idea what he is doing.

Former President Trump suggested in a new interview that the war between Israel and Hamas will just have to “play out” despite concerns about rising civilian casualties. He says Iran is behind it. Could Cabal technically be the Persian Empire, which transitioned its empire to a quasi-non-state conspiracy at some point?

Israel announces take no prisoners approach to ‘journalists’ who participated in Hamas attack. Also known as tying off loose ends.

Pro-Palestine march on Armistice Day will be one of UK’s biggest ever protests, organizers predict. Release the Hooligans! Sounds like fun.

Hungary’s prime minister said Friday he does not support moving forward on negotiations on Ukraine’s future membership in the European Union, signaling again that his country could pose a major roadblock to Kyiv’s ambitions to join the bloc.

EU unlikely to deliver 1 million artillery shells to Ukraine by March 2024.

No loan for you – Soros and Biden Admin officials hold private meeting with Zelensky in Ukraine. It is over. Finally.

There is a growing consensus that the West (meaning the United States with the help of the UK) wants to replace Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky.

Apple agrees to record $25 million discrimination settlement for hiring immigrants over US citizens.

The GOP offensive which started during the 2020 election as public critiques and has since escalated into lawsuits, governmental inquiries and public relations campaigns has succeeded in stopping almost all coordination between the government and social media platforms to censor user’s speech. Not really, but that is the narrative.

Bribery Biden’s ‘ghost gun’ restrictions are illegal: federal court.

Voters trust Trump over Biden on Ukraine, Israel and China: poll.

Spread r/K Theory, because the best war is the war that is over.

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