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News Briefs – 12/11/2023 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”

Visit our surveillance page, the most important page on this site, and see firsthand the massive Stasi-like domestic spying operation in the US which is targeting you and your loved ones.


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Spherical UFO flies by a refueling tanker fueling fighters assigned to Air Force One which just landed here at 2:24:07. I took this screenshot, it enters lower left, exits upper right:

You will see it again at 2:27:04, much closer than the tanker, here in the upper left. Go full screen for a better look:

Again at 3:14:37:

Reddit discussion here, with video beginning with this zoomed still:


So basically POTUS is on the ground, and those things are zipping around in the air over him freely, and nobody can do anything about it. And our government has said they are not our’s, and they were reported in WWII, when it would seem we would not have had the tech to make them.

So to summarize, we appear to have a rogue, maybe non-state intel op, probably funded and run by wealthy global elites, that dwarfs the CIA, it has infiltrated assets into leadership positions in just about all Western governments, it has recruited probably somewhere between 5 and 10 percent of the population into a domestic network based on the Stasi, it has used directed energy weapons in Havana attacks on CIA officers, FBI Agents, State Department personnel, White House staffers on White House grounds, and regular citizens, it may have knocked out and implanted most or all CIA and FBI personnel with some kind of chips to maintain control over them per Bill Binney, it somehow sets off mass shooters and programs humans into robots using MK Ultra techniques, it stole 9 UFOs which crashed, from the military, and stashed them with private contractors and may have that tech per Congress and David Grusch, it may have crashed and stolen some of those UFOs from the aliens themselves using direct attacks on them, and there are also aliens here, per the military, with unknown objectives, and they may also be running assets in the government. And for some reason somebody is loosening up the average citizen’s ability to get weapons in preparation for something, as we appear to head to some kind of climax. And the world pretty much went this weird in, oh, six to eight years for us, though it may always have been like this during our lives, we just never knew.

Another oldie but a goldie, former head of the LA Field Office of the FBI, Ted Gunderson, confirms the FBI is infiltrated by the Satanic Illuminati Cult involved in the assassination of the Kennedy’s, Oklahoma bombing, Waco siege, World Trade Center bombing, 9/11 and the kidnapping of children for sex, sacrifices and body parts.

David Icke on Twitter:

Of course Alex Jones is back on Twitter/X. As I have been writing here, the ‘poll’ and waiting for God Elon’s pronouncement, has all been a GAME to hijack your perception and that of the Mainstream Alternative Media (MAM). You are being had, people, but most will never get that. They only see what is in front of their eyes, not what is weaved through what they think they see.
The decision was made a long time ago and the Carlson interview with Jones was just the calculated prelude to it. The interview was the set up for what was long planned. Musk could have simply done this long ago, but the ritual had to be played out to both eulogise Musk, the new MAM God, and to put Alex Jones centre stage as a symbol of the Mainstream Alternative Media alongside Musk, Carlson, Rogan, Tate, Peterson, Brand, Vlaardingerbroek, and all the rest.
They may each have useful things to say about some ‘dots’ but they stand as a collective blockade to the deep levels of the rabbit hole within which their ‘dots’ are mere symptoms, not the cause.
These are now the MAMMIES of the New Mainstream Alternative Media, with Musk at its summit decreeing what is and treated as a God while fronting up companies, SpaceX, Neuralink, Tesla, etc, that are essential to the Cult agenda that the MAMMIES claim to oppose.
Where is the question of how someone can be officially the richest man in the world while opposing the Cult without whose support his business empire would collapse in a day?
‘Elon!, Elon!, Elon!, oh, thank you, sir!’
Where is the question about why governments that supposed to hate Musk’s ‘free speech’ would go on handing over the taxpayer subsidies on which his empire depends?
‘Elon!, Elon!, Elon!, oh, thank you, sir!’
Where is the question of why the Cult, through its Deep State, which controlled Twitter and what could be posted, would suddenly sell it to ‘free speech absolutist’ Musk who, as a result, has become the God of the very alternative media the Cult needs to direct and control so it goes here and no further?
‘Elon!, Elon!, Elon!, oh, thank you, sir!’
Where is the question about the occult significance of Musk’s obsession with the letter ‘X’ and his plan for X to become the global App for everything?
‘Elon!, Elon!, Elon!, oh, thank you, sir!’
The REAL alternative media that has no ‘here and no further’ is thus marginalised by comparison, as planned, but we are still here and still pursuing the depths of truth where the MAMMIES refuse to go.
Cue abuse from the MAMMY believers, but they’ll see. Or maybe, blinded by the light of the Elon God, they won’t.

If course, he is not talking about the surveillance, the awareness of which is the single best way to help our kind raise their children without them getting taken down by the local intel op with porn, or drugs, or other measures. You cannot fight what you cannot see, or even realize exists.

Sharyl  Attkisson sees a conspiracy:

Here’s what ought to really bake your noodle: Who has enough control over those big universities to make the presidents all give the same racist, non-answers to the antisemitism questions? The officials didn’t think this up all on their own. They were coached.

At least 5,600 federal-only ballots cast in Arizona 2020 election without US citizenship proof.

Donald Trump cancels plan to testify at civil fraud trial in New York City, says he has ‘nothing more to say other than that this is a complete and total election interference.’

Former President Donald Trump has several viable avenues to have the Supreme Court throw out federal charges he’s facing for his efforts to challenge the results of the 2020 election, several lawyers and Constitution experts told The Epoch Times.

Liz Cheney: My focus is on defeating Trump — He is an ‘existential threat’ to our republic. Who is this “our” you speak of, Kimosabe?

Shock new poll has Nikki Haley trouncing Biden by 17 POINTS in a head-to-head for the White House… but still trails Trump in primary contest by 40 points. Fake, but it is the Cabal story, so they put in a 17.

She’s with him: Hillary Clinton steps out as a key player in Biden’s re-election effort. A Biden re-election effort which will likely see him not make it through the campaign season to the General, given Hunter’s predicament, so somebody will have to take over.

‘Deep, deep trouble’: Dems reportedly bringing in Hillary Clinton to help with Biden’s re-election.

How Hillary Clinton has emerged as key champion of Biden’s 2024 campaign. Hard to believe she would try again, but politically she is like a terminator robot. Just when you think you are done with her, she is back up and coming at you again.

Elon on Live Space:

“We are suing Media Matters in every country they operate in and all those who fund them. Let me be clear, we are going after everyone that funds them. They can go to hell”

Soros DA blasted for psychological toll on cops after dismissing 17 ‘political’ indictments against them for quelling a Black Lives Matter riot in 2020.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration could not provide information on a confirmed side effect of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, claiming in a 2021 document that one of the agency’s top surveillance systems was unable to provide details on heart inflammation after Pfizer vaccination.

Patrick Byrne claims Jack Smith was blackmailing people from his position at the Hague, and that was used to blackmail him to go after Trump. Byrne is an energy sucking vampire for our cause who throws these things out, which invariably go nowhere and suck away our energy. So I am not jumping up and down, but would just file it away. Until it shows up elsewhere, I would assume even if true, it will go nowhere. Our plan is still the same, expose the surveillance.

The National Rifle Association will be represented by frequent nemesis the American Civil Liberties Union in an appeal before the U.S. Supreme Court. Do you think ACLU would represent me in a lawsuit against illegal surveillance?

They are practicing for Bluebeam by testing out holograms at The Game Awards 2023 LA California on December 7 2023.

Queue up the Bladerunner meme where the Blade Runner is saying, “Your boyfriend was just violently stabbed to death by a homeless black schizo, yet you have no emotional reaction. Why?”:

If you remember, she and the boyfriend appeared to be following a black guy when the guy popped and stabbed her boyfriend to death before running off, at which point another black girl ran up out of nowhere, and she calmly told her to follow him, and the black girl ran off after the stabber to follow him. Apparently she is now “grieving while hot.” Her twitter is fascinating. She and the guy just look like total harmless goofs. But you know, under that facade, they were total sharks, intel operators, hand-picked after covert childhood assessments came back high for psychopathy. And they held the massive secret – that they were a part of a Rosenberg-level treason operation, an intel op taking over the country for some hidden foreign power, and all the rest of the nation was just clueless rubes who had no idea how the world worked. It is fascinating to look at in passing. I still cannot believe it, but short of them being outright aliens fresh off the mothership, I see no other explanation which fits the evidence.

NFL head coach used 9/11 terrorists as model of exemplary teamwork, and now he’s apologizing. I have told you, there is a swath of America, in the surveillance, which does not view 9/11 like you would think an American would.

Satanic display featuring demonic ram in a red cloak is set up in the Iowa Statehouse as ‘an expression of religious freedom.’

High tech migrant gangs are breaking into homes while employing jamming devices to incapacitate security systems and cellular phone communications in the target homes.

Anna Cardwell, ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ star, dies at 29 following cancer battle. They found it ten months ago, and it went that fast.

Daily Mail – A handful of Somali parents who hoped to provide better lives for their children in Minnesota are now battling it out with their public school district for teaching ‘sexualized topics’ without their consent.

Tell me who your boss is, without telling me who your boss is:

X CEO Elon Musk eviscerated the media watchdog Media Matters for America as an “evil propaganda machine” while discussing his upcoming lawsuit against them on Sunday.

Hunter Biden attacked Elon Musk, saying the Tesla CEO is indifferent to free speech, democracy and labeling him the world’s “dumbest smart person.” Musk responded, “Exactly what ‘misinformation’ is he talking about? The dude made so many videos of himself doing crime that he should get an award for cinematography!”

A 15-month-old girl from Greenwood Lake, New York, died two days after receiving routine vaccinations during a wellness checkup. Given there is an intel op which is definitely killing people, and which is focused on children as potential threats, and it has penetrated the medical establishment, in cases like these, nothing absolutely has to be chance or accident.

Diminutive and mysterious, the Pentagon’s X-37B set to launch again. You never know, this thing could be servicing DEW satellites.

American F-16 fighter jet CRASHES in the Yellow Sea near South Korea. Pilot is OK.

Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy had an embarrassing hot mic moment during an X Spaces broadcast in front of over 100,000 users when it sounded as if he had been relieving himself in the bathroom after forgetting to hit the mute button on his phone.

Genes associated with earlier and higher reproduction linked to accelerated aging.

Abu Obeida, the masked spokesman for Hamas’ military wing, threatened on Sunday to kill all the remaining hostages taken during the Oct. 7 attacks unless Israel cedes to demands for more aid and prisoner exchanges.

Javier Milei sworn in as president in ‘tipping point’ for Argentina.

President of Argentina, Milei, signs his first executive order, which reduces the Argentine government from 21 ministries to 9.

Javier Milei, the new president of Argentina, has about-turned on his commitment to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

Russian lawmaker says that the oversight and power of the U.S. is weakening, citing the recent attempts by Venezuela to seize lands controlled by its neighbor, Guyana and that other nations should consider retaking old territories that are now part of the U.S., citing the examples of Mexico and Texas, and Russia and Alaska.

President Joe Biden will host Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the White House Tuesday as discussions on a Ukraine aid deal remain stalled in Congress.

Senate Republican JD Vance says US needs to accept Ukraine will ‘cede some territory’ to Russia.

Another electric vehicle (EV) startup is touting “holy grail” charging technology – 155 miles on a six-minute charge, with production slated to start in 2024. The only question is, how long does the battery last.

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