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News Briefs – 12/22/2023 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”

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DFT – Angola Exits OPEC Following Disagreements On Production Cuts

DFT – Rerouted Shipping Due To Houthi Attacks To Cause Delays, Increase Port Congestion

DFT – Rerouted Shipping Due To Houthi Attacks To Cause Delays, Increase Port Congestion

DFT – Argentina’s President Employs Economic Shock Therapy

DFT – Airbnb Fined For Listing Prices In Australia In American Dollars

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Mass shooter in Prague, student kills dad, goes to his university, kills 15, then himself.

His diary site goes public, and it complains of Havana Syndrome like symptoms. “I have a ringing in my ears… like some kind of fucking fireflies. I wanted to rip my ears out.” Also at that link, if he was getting the beam, he would be surrounded by the surveillance, which means all the personal stuff he complained about people around him doing could be organized psyop.

It is difficult to talk about any of this, without sounding totally crazy. But there are times, where it feels as if whatever is happening is very precisely targeting a specific spot in the brain, most often, specifically right behind the forehead in the prefrontal cortex, just above and behind the eyes. That would accompany the high pitched piercing sensation, which is more precise and separate from the vibrations, which are mostly targeted at the body, and which give a much broader, more potently damaging sensation, with a drugged feeling afterward, when they hit the brain. If the vibrations are a jackhammer, the vibrations are a precisely focused  numbing buzz. I have wondered if that high pitched technology is not always a sort of a floodlight you turn on someone just to generally irritate or degrade them in a generalized fashion, but rather it can be delivered as a very precise, focused node of some kind of constructive interference, which they use to try and remodel the brain, maybe by knocking out parts associated with empathy or morality.

I will say, my world today is very gray, and I have become more robotic, though I have assumed that was due to being surrounded by amygdala-stimulating threat 24/7 for a decade, and the brain dialing back the amygdala manually to prevent entering some kind of mania. Rather than focus on the world around you and enter a kind of perpetual stress of preparing for battle which might burn you out after a year of constant 24/7 enablement, the brain learns to stop flagging/noticing all the significant threat-stimuli stuff to shield the amygdala, and along with it goes noticing the sky at sunset or the smell of the grass too.

But it is not impossible it is The Beam™ actually altering brain structure. I can say the vibrations can be an all-over, whole body vibration, or, if they want, they can be dialed down into a very focused sphere, 5-8 inches or so in diameter, which can be moved in real time through your body, even drifting slightly out of the body, as if by mistake, and steered back in. The sensation of that, and the perception someone somewhere was sensing where the sphere was going relative to my skeletal structure in real time as they moved it, and adjusting its course as they moved it, made me think it might have begun life as some kind of mapping tech to map out the layout of a room, which they learned had the physical effects it did when it hit a person.

All of this has, at the least, been being developed in secret for decades – and being regularly and widely field tested on regular citizens who the machine had under surveillance, and viewed as little more than lab rats, in preparation for more widespread use someday. There were no scientific papers issued by the surveillance people in intelligence on their advances over the past seven or eight decades, and they did not want the public to know how powerful their technologies were becoming, or how widely they were distributing them, because they knew the American Stasi, American Domestic Surveillance, was going to be deploying them against people. And they were terrified people would begin digging into just what they were up to.

It is interesting it is a global phenomenon. More evidence the West exists under one unified “government,” or more likely a single non-state intelligence operation funded by the elites, which has penetrated and subverted all of the governments of the West, controlling them and using them for their own ends.

It is kind of silly to think the corrupt and pathetic degenerate governmental political pogues in DC, as vulnerable to blackmail as they are, would run and control the sharks of the CIA, and not vice-versa. Seems it is like that all through the West.

CNN: Prague’s suspected shooter had a gun license and several guns. Can be like in the US, where the shooters seem to be protected by the machine, as they are guided to the shooting. Next up, did he have a therapist?

New declassified documents reveal FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover greenlighted surveillance program in Hawaii just 2 months before Pearl Harbor attack. Whenever you see stuff in intelligence like this, there is always much more behind the scenes which is being hidden, from which what you are seeing was being parallel constructed, or which what you are seeing was designed to parallel construct, should they have wanted to act on the other intelligence. I would bet their on the ground surveillance picked up something, probably with highly illegal means, which told them the attack was coming.

Japan would probably try to get an agent or two on the ground. And to local surveillance, they would stick out like a sore thumb when they moved into the local neighborhood sector, and the people responsible to know everyone caught their first glimpse of them. Then they would get buried, BURIED, under coverage, and there is no way to operate under that and not get burned.

Every major attack, major assassination, all these wars, which just butchered millions of the best young guys the world had to offer. It was all them. The face of evil in human society and throughout human history.

Four states—Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Massachusetts—have decided to force voters with a single option for the Democratic primaries: Joe Biden.

RFK Jr. issues stark warning after Colorado court blocks Trump from ballot: ‘Country will become ungovernable.’

New Supreme Court filing seeks to strip Jack Smith of his authority since Smith was hired directly by current AG Merrick Garland, while the correct constitutional process of appointment by the President, and confirmation by the full U.S. Senate never took place.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Thursday, estimating he currently owes $153 million — an amount that will likely balloon due to several other pending lawsuits and when millions of dollars in pending legal bills are factored in, according to the Manhattan federal court filing.

Daily Mail – Rudy Giuliani has filed for bankruptcy in New York with debts of up to $500 million owed to creditors including Hunter Biden.

Nikki Haley trails former President Donald Trump by 30 points in New Hampshire’s Republican primary race.

Federal judge orders more than 150 names linked to Jeffrey Epstein unsealed, three will remain sealed. Who are the three ,and why do they get to hide?

Here at this link is an older list which is said t be confirmed visitors to his island:

Adam Perry Lang


??Al Gore

??Alan Dershowitz

??Albert Pinto

??Alee Baldwin

??Allison Mack

??Alyssa Rogers

??Anderson Cooper

??Andrea Mitrovich

??Andres Pastrana

??Angelina Jolie

??Anthony Kiedis

??Anthony Weiner

??Barack Obama

??Ben Affleck

??Bernie Sanders


??Bill Clinton

??Bill Gates

??Bob Saget (deceased)

??Bruce Willis

??Casey Wasserman

??Callum Hudson-Odoi

??Celine Dion

??Charles Barkley

??Charlie Sheen

??Charlize Theron

??Chelsea Handler


??Chris Tucker

??Chris Wagner

??Chrissy Teigen

??Cyndi Lauper

??Claire Hazel

??Courteney Cox

??Courtney Love

??Demi Moore

??Dan Schneider

??David Koch

??David Spade

??David Yarovesky

??Dolores Zorreguieta

??Donovan Mitchell

??Doug Band

??Drew Barrymore

??Ed Buck

??Ed Tuttle

??Ehud Barak

??Ellen DeGeneres

??Ellen Spencer


??Emmy Tayler

??Fleur Perry Lang

??Francis X. Suarez

??Freya Wissing

??Gary Roxburgh (pilot)

??George Clooney

??Ghislaine Maxwell

??Glenn Dubin

??Greg Holbert (deceased)

??Gwen Stefani

??Gwendolyn Beck

??Hank Coller (pilot)

??Heather Mann

??Heidi Klum

??Henry Rosovsky

??Hillary Clinton

??James Franco

??James Gunn


??Jean-Luc Brunel (deceased)

??Jean-Michel Gathy

??Jeffrey Jones (deceased)

??Jim Carrey

??Jimmy Kimmel

??Joe Biden

??Joe Pagano

??John Cusack

??John Legend

??John Podesta

??John Travolta

??Joy Behar

??Juan Pablo Molyneux

??Juliette Bryant

??Justin Roiland

??Justin Trudeau

??Kathy Griffin

??Katy Perry

??Kelly Spam

??Kevin Spacey

??Kirsten Gillibrand

??Kristy Rogers (deceased)

??Lady Gaga

??Larry Summers

??Larry Visoski (pilot)

??Laura Z. Wasserman

??Lawrence M. Krauss

??Linda Pinto

??Lisa Summers

??Lynn Forester de Rothchild


??Mandy Ellison (assistant)

??Mare Collins-Rector

??Marina Abramovic

??Mark Epstein

??Mark Lloyd

??Melinda Luntz

??Meryl Streep

??Michelle Obama

??Michelle Wolf

??Mikel Arteta

??Miley Cyrus

??Nadine Dorries

??Naomi Campbell

??Naomi Watts

??Natalie Blachon de Perrier

??Nicole Junkermann

??Olga Kurylenko

??Oliver Sacks


??Orlando Bloom

??Paris Hilton

??Patton Oswatt

??Paul Mellon

??Paula Epstein (deceased)

??Paula Hala

??Peter P. Marino

??Pharrell Williams

??Prince Andrew

??Prince Charles

??Quentin Tarantino

??Rachel Maddow

??Rainn Wilson

??Ralph Ellison

??Ray Barzana (pilot)

??Ricardo Legorreta Vilchis


??Rita Wilson

??Rob Reiner

??Robert DeNiro

??Robert Downey Jr.

??Rodney E. Slater

??Ronald Burkle

??Rudy Gobert

??Sander Burger

??Sarah Kellen (assistant)

??Sarah Silverman

??Seth Green

??Shelley Harrison

??Shelley Lewis

??Sophie Biddle-Hakim

??Sophie Trudeau

??Stephen Collins

??Stephen Colbert

??Steven Spielberg

??Steven Tyler

??Svetlana Glazunova

??Teala Davies

??Tiffany Gramza

??Tom Hanks

??Tom Pritzker

??Tyler Grasham (deceased)

??Victor Salva

??Wanda Sykes

??Whoopi Goldberg

A former President is on the list, probably Clinton.

Bill Melugin at the border, reporting – Migrants have zero fear of deportation, and expect release into the US, and “A man from Guinea who had just crossed illegally into Lukeville, AZ tells me he plans to go to Philadelphia. When I asked why, he didn’t know, and pulled out a piece of paper w/ an address written on it he’s supposed to go to. We looked it up, it’s a local community center.” His handler in his local domestic surveillance operation in Africa, which is under the same command as American Domestic Surveillance/Intelligence, gave him the order to go there and handed him the paper. I think they have been brought here to either kill you, or force you to bow down before Globohomo as a slave.

Feds, local officials issue health alerts over communicable diseases tied to migrant crisis Concerns include polio, chickenpox, infectious tuberculosis.

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul took a victory lap as she revealed Wednesday that all eligible migrants outside New York City have applied for work authorization — but she couldn’t say how many have actually been approved.

Elon Musk: A member of Congress told me that this is a deliberate means of importing future left-wing voters. Viewed through that lens, this administration’s facilitation of massive illegal immigration precisely matches their goal. If they were looking for left wing voters, there would be a lot more women and elderly, and the military aged males would have very low fitness and appear more dysgenic. This is a fighting force.

Panic setting in among Democrats over Joe Biden, ‘It’s even worse than it looks.’ It is also scripted to be that way.

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes calls Gateway Pundit – says the Biden regime is now sending prominent J6 prisoners to mental institutions to keep them from talking like in the old Soviet Union.

Julian Assange’s team confirmed that Seth Rich leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks.

Thomas Massie and Rand Paul join bipartisan group calling to end US prosecution of Julian Assange.

Another Capital Hill sex tape is circulating. This is a male masturbating in the Capitol, and was apparently posted online. This type of weirdness is how people get into politics, and surveillance doesn’t run them off right at the outset.

The First Lady’s press secretary Michael LaRosa tried to take a date he’d just met up to his room on a secure floor while overseas in a hotel where the president was staying, insiders exclusively tell DailyMail.com. Pretty astonishing he gets that far and has zero idea of how intelligence operations would work, and so little commitment to the cause he would take risks like that. Unless he has come so far he knows everything is fake, and as a result he just has no commitment to anything. I mean how many service men (bless them) actually have died “for America?” None knew America was all fake and gay, but guys like Biden know.

Fat Leonard, who filmed orgies involving senior Navy Admirals, extradited to the US by Venezuela.

A Freeper posts – “According to my doctors office today, there will be no more standalone flu vaccinations next year. They will be combined with covid.”

How can we stop AI becoming more ‘patriarchal and misogynistic’? Women in tech explain why there needs to be more women in tech.

Maine forced to delay vote on EV mandate amid widespread power outages.

China is working on advanced ‘brain warfare’ tech including devices that send enemies to sleep, impair cognition and alertness as well as impact decision making.

This is the intel op the surveillance serves, and the command which runs it, which is not only not protecting these children, it is seeking to hand them to the r-selected migrant wolves:

It is the ultimate battle between good and evil. And given it is presently in the informational warfare stage, you are on the front lines.

Only 17% of Germans ready to take up arms to defend country, poll finds. How many percent anon?

Canada to welcome citizens’ extended families from Gaza.

Argentine President Milei approves of Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

UK, Italy agree to help send illegal migrants headed to Europe back to their home countries.

Ukrainian men between the ages of 25 and 60 living abroad will be asked to report for military service, Defence Minister Rustem Umerov has said.

Scientists discover the first new antibiotics in over 60 years using AI. Could be great, or could be a plot to kill us. No way to know today.

The RNC’s latest cash-on-hand numbers are a catastrophe, and Republicans can’t sit on their hands. Posted in the good news side of the brief, because they will all know about the surveillance, and if you mentioned it they would go wide’eye’d because they would want that secret kept hidden.

‘I want to see Trump win US election’ Nigel Farage says, ‘for the safety of the western world – we need Donald.’

‘Trump, come in here and clean this mess up!’ Seething Chicago resident explodes on migrant crisis and demands mayor ‘send them all back.’

Spread r/K Theory, because your country is fake and gay, but it does not have to be

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