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News Briefs – 12/26/2023 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”

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Not obvious, or even provable, but for those honing their surveillance detection abilities, this next video features a surveillance vehicle doing a drive-by of an interesting scene and filling the screen in the last four seconds of the video. I see it as surveillance, because of the attitude of the passenger. A normal car driving by, as some dude has a gun out and another dude is squared off with him with a knife, would look shocked. Even I would look, and say, “OK, I am moving out of here now.” You will notice the passenger looks like she is saying, “OMG, look at that crazy Dave Robbins, pulling a gun on that guy! I can’t believe it, that is so funny!” Run it slow by pausing it and clicking on the scroll bar at the bottom to drag the circle back and forth with your mouse as she is turning and laughing and looking back. It was really the only way to do a drive-by, and sure enough they did it. I even think the two which pass at the exact moment the guy draws, with one parking, with its back pointing at where the altercation is, (but the driver not exiting and going somewhere), are both surveillance, though nothing is dispositive, it is just knowing how they operate. It would not surprise me if the guy with the gun had killed the guy with the knife, that video would have been widely disbursed through the conspiracy for entertainment somehow. This stuff is all out there, all the time, on patrol and watching in every community. It is part of a system of control we were raised to think was not possible, and yet it is operative all throughout the Western nations. And all these people know, and they keep the secret of their secret society of surveillance people:

US officials turned regime change tactics developed abroad against Trump, evidence suggests.

Neon Revolt on Gab:

Fwiw, the degenerate faggot staffer that was just filming his senate porno also had a picture of himself leaked where he says he was waiting for Lindsey Graham in the work showers.

It’s speculated that the video and images were leaked by Mossad from a large staffer group chat (where his behavior was well known) because the staffer had previously shouted “free palestine” at some event.

Rand Paul on Twitter:

I’m kidding. The war on Christmas was REAL. It was so real that Lindsey Graham tried to send it aid money.

Marjorie Taylor Greene says she was ‘swatted’ on Christmas Day with her family: ‘The 8th time.’

Man not arrested after swatting Rep. Greene, threatening to skin her alive. Curious

Elected officials across the political spectrum and local Democratic and Republican parties are fighting against ranked-choice voting (RCV) as the election system will be considered by voters in multiple states next year.

Christmas chaos in Eagle Pass as THOUSANDS more migrants cross US border into Texas after wading across the Rio Grande and wait to be processed.

Thousands join migrant caravan in Mexico ahead of Blinken’s visit to the capital. Apparently the big migrant caravan is still coming.

Tucker Carlson sys the biggest concern he has is that people in government want to bring the migrants, who we know nothing about, into the military and give them automatic weapons, and it might point to something bad coming.

Ex-gov’t official pleads guilty to issuing IDs, driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

Judge upholds Massachusetts’ ‘assault weapons’ ban.

Kari Lake is now going to have to prove the charges she leveled against Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer are true if she wants to avoid being found guilty of defaming him. I would love to say this is Q’s “How do you introduce evidence” thing, but history would indicate she could introduce video, audio, and a signed confession from Richer, and she will just get a bazillion dollar judgement against her.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said Saturday that bribery charges against Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel were possible after reports emerged that McDaniel participated in a phone call with former President Donald Trump attempting to get state election officials to not certify the 2020 presidential election results. Another Bazillion dollar legal judgement coming up.

From here, amazing article:

From 2016 to 2020, the five-year average for military members developing nervous system diseases was about 82,000 per year. Between this past August and January…, that number jumped by 1,048% to 863,013…

During that same time period… Cases of testicular cancer went up 369% (3,537 cases). Breast cancers went up 536% (4,357 cases). Stomach cancers were up 624% (4,060 cases) and thyroid cancers were up 474% (1,950 cases)…. 22,620 servicemembers developed thyroid dysfunction after getting vaccinated, a 303% increase over the five-year average. 2,750 servicemembers developed multiple sclerosis, a 680% increase.

53,846 servicemembers were diagnosed with hypertension… The five-year average… was 2,360 cases of hypertension each year… The babies of 18,951 pregnant servicemembers developed congenital malformations in the womb after the mothers were vaccinated.

… 11,748 women and 8,365 men became sterile… Another 4,086 female servicemembers now have ovarian dysfunction, so they also may or may not be able to have children.

A news report on a cop confusion as a marked unit stops a speeding undercover unit. What is interesting is they cut to the reporter for his live shots, and every time he begins a live shot, surveillance is just pulling out or driving by. But as he continues to talk, there is no additional traffic. Again, you cannot be dispositive here, but surveillance does time its drive-bys to the initiation of events. Watch the video at 10 seconds, and how traffic stops as he gets to the end of his shot. At 2:11 he returns, and one pickup is turning out behind him, and then he talks until 2:44 with just one vehicle which moves off screen, and then as he is about to close up, two move vehicles appear. I would assume at least 3 out of 4 of those vehicles are his surveillance, and it is possible he chose to shoot there because there is normally no traffic there, and all of those cars were his surveillance. Link here, embedded video follows:

Your car stores your text messages – law enforcement can retrieve them anytime, following federally rejected lawsuit.

93-year-old George Soros spotted with his pretty buff body guards on the beach sparks online speculation: Is it security or something more? Of greater interest is I did not see any obvious weapons there, or anything within reach which could have concealed something. Maybe he has snipers, or there were other dudes who didn’t get in the photos, but I would think sniper security in Barbados, or guys with carbines a distance away, would be more difficult to get than local off-duty cops with fanny packs and Glocks. It reminds me of Jacob Rothschild, being accosted by some youtuber, as he just stood alone by the side of a street, waiting for his car, with no security. 4Chan speculated he was under the protection of the demonic. But as I find myself now lulled to sleep by the gentle pitter patter of The Beam™, now I wonder if they have some other form of security. Worth filing away for if things get spicy. If you go after any elites, your team may all have to wear a hat like this guy:

18-year-old GTA VI hacker ordered to life in a mental hospital over leaked clips. This is the kid who was being held by Police in a hotel for one hacking supposedly, and he committed the GTA VI hack using the hotel cable TV, an Amazon fire stick, and his cell phone. A legit genius, with the name, Arion Kurtaj, some are now saying he was committed to an asylum for life because his hack revealed GTA was going with a tranny theme to try and program kids to go tranny, and he spoiled the surprise.

Elon Musk’s Grok AI has begun making stuff up. That or Elon really is a pedophile. These AI’s can see things.

Harvard board under pressure to resign after standing by embattled president Claudine Gay over disastrous antisemitism testimony.

Pro-Palestinians ambushed a Christmas community fundraiser for blind children in Australia as a stage for their anti-Israel activities. Think about how this makes you feel. Now think about this. I will bet a real, average, pro-Palestinian person would not do this. And a politically savvy leader of a real, pro-Palestinian group, which wants to advance its cause, who does this professionally, would never do this. So who are these people? Well, there is this big intel op, and it wants us all fighting. And it does this so often, and we have gotten so used to it, we look at something as retarded and ridiculous as this, and we reflexively feel the way they want us to feel, despite the fact the premise is patently ridiculous. If I support gun ownership, I am not going to the fundraiser for a local child with cancer, and disrupting it with a protest.

NYPD requests Level 3 mobilization for large pro-Hamas protest in Midtown on Christmas night – Angry protest mob attacks Police, injuries reported. The op is global, and they are all calling their plays from the same retarded playbook.

Hamas rejects Egyptian proposal to end war with Israel, refuses free elections in Gaza. The same Hamas leaders Israel may let go in return for hostages.

Iran’s foreign ministry on Monday rejected Washington’s claims that a drone attack targeting a tanker off the coast of India over the weekend was “fired from Iran.”

Iran warns Israel ‘will pay the price’ after Tehran claims IDF airstrike killed top Revolutionary Guard commander. Things are not getting calmer and more ordered.

Justin Trudeau announces plans to install taxpayer-funded free tampon dispensers in parliament building’s MEN’S bathrooms for trans staffers – as critics say men will just bring them home to female partners.

Swiss city considers legalizing cocaine for recreational use in pilot program: ‘War on drugs has failed.’

Wall Street Silver on Twitter:

Germany’s Housing Bubble Just Popped:

Prices for apartments and houses have recently declined at the fastest pace in over 20 years.

The price drop in residential real estate has accelerated. Between July and September, prices fell by 10.2 percent compared to the same period last year.

The price declines coincide with ECB tightening monetary policy.

Russian forces have gained full control of Maryinka, a town in eastern Ukraine, one of Russia’s most significant gains since the capture of Bakhmut in May. I will bet the fall of Kiev is timed perfectly to the November 2024 election.

Ukraine’s front-line troops are getting older: ‘physically, I can’t handle this. I do not bullshit the readers here. I am just a guy with a smallish news website, and I genuinely believe when I go to sleep, somebody somewhere, who knows when my head hits the pillow, and who probably can hear me breathe, positions a particle beam above my house, and proceeds to drop what is most likely a non-lethal (in the short term), but degrative particle beam on me as I sleep. I showed you the video of them doing it to Bill Binney’s wife. You could hear the impacts. And I have now heard the same thing. The point being they have that kind of targeting, and the weaponry, and the technology prolific enough, just to degrade small website owners they do not like. Imagine what else they have, for shit that really matters. The whole Ukraine war could have been ended in moments, if it had to be. But they didn’t care, because it didn’t matter. The 1.2 million Ukrainian men, or whatever it is, who were killed so far, did not die to defend Ukraine. They were sent to a meat grinder, with no training, and little chance of survival, expressly because the elites in Ukraine wanted them dead. They were the real threat that the seat of power in Kiev saw, which needed to be killed. They might have fought, if the truth of what is happening in Ukraine under Cabal were known. And the elites there managed to get them to kill themselves, believing they were fighting for their nation, and even for the elites, who they thought were their own. In reality they killed themselves, because of circumstances created by the people who are really destroying the nation for real, and ho created the circumstances which will kill them. None of these lines are where we are told, or are conditioned to see them. The enemy is the intelligence op of the West which runs everything. It knows, and sees you as the real OpFor. All that is left is for our side to see the same truth.

Mohammed Al-Alawi, reporter who investigated the purchase of a luxury villa by the family of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, was killed in Egypt. Beaten to death by a large group, apparently. Don’t get caught lacking.

Russian court orders arrest of Ukraine’s spy chief for masterminding 104 “terrorist attacks” against the country.

Wyoming firearms founder makes world’s most powerful AR-style rifle. .500 Auto Max, a 500 S&W with the rim turned down. About 4,000 ft-lbs in factory loadings, they say handloaders can get up to about 4,600. IIRC, 500 Nitro Express is about 6,000 ft-lbs, and 50 BMG is about 14,000 ft-lbs.

Spread r/K Theory, because bigger is better, and biggest is best

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