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News Briefs – 12/27/2023 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”

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DFT – Micron Settles IP Theft Lawsuit To Mollify Beijing

DFT – Bitcoin Retreats, As Investors Weigh Bitcoin ETFs

DFT – Dazheng Group Consortium Looks To Buy Hollysys Automation For $1.8

DFT – Beijing Softens Online Gaming Stance

We will be moving this News Brief to the main domain in the near future, so you will find this at anonymousconservative.com, instead of anonymousconservative.com/blog I have a lot going on right now, and it will take time to make sure it goes right, so not right away. I will try to redirect people from /blog to there, but if that doesn’t work, just go to the main domain.

So I was listening to my nightly particle shower, and I was thinking, we see these shooters who complain they were getting The Beam™ and we assume this is a targeted, personalized situation, where they were getting The Beam™ as part of a planned program to make them a shooter. But then I was thinking, the brain is so complex, it would seem difficult to make a shooter that way. Then I wondered, is it possible they are just beaming so many people, that the shooters are not even purposeful, but every 50,000 people you beam, you knock out a part of the brain which restricts “shooter-behavior” and you set one off? We have a lot of people, just on this site, getting technical harassment, much of it far more sophisticated than some rando ground operative microwaving a neighbor. This program could be much bigger than anyone could imagine. I was getting this at 20, but had no idea it was not just some random quirk of the body which went haywire randomly. There could be many, many people out there who are being Beamed in the night.


I have an email from somebody who is being regularly hit by The Beam, and they say it hit their entire house at 8:15 AM in Hunter, New York, on the 25th and at 8:05 AM on the 26th. There are aspects of the account and the poster’s ID which I’m not able to go into which make the account pretty much legit. They could hear the impacts of particles on foil on a countertop in front of them, as well as feel the periodic hits dulling the very top of their head (implying it was coming almost straight down), as they were going about their day. They are unclear how it ended as after a period of getting used to the dulling, they suddenly realized after an hour it stopped. Does anybody have the ability to figure out what satellites were overhead at that spot, on those days, between 8 and 9AM, which might be capable of housing something particle-emissive? In my research, I am seeing there was a proposal to build a satellite based particle beam weapon and they even put one into space in 1989, but they claim they deorbited it, and never followed up on the research to create a permanent particle beam satellite program, so after the program ate billions and succeeded, they walked away, and there are definitely no satellite-based particle beam weapons today, 35 years later:

The U.S. Defense Strategic Defense Initiative put into development the technology of a neutral particle beam to be used as a weapon in outer space.[3] Neutral beam accelerator technology was developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory. As part of the Beam Experiments Aboard Rocket (BEAR) project, a prototype hydrogen beam weapon was launched from White Sands Missile Range in July 1989 and successfully deployed into low Earth orbit. It was operated successfully in space and after reentry was recovered intact. In 2006 the weapon prototype was transferred from Los Alamos to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.[4][5]


The misses hitting around the anon in that case made me think they wait until I am asleep, because if it is a satellite, it probably takes at least four or five seconds for a particle, even moving at 10-20,000fps or more, or whatever it is doing, to reach the target from the time they let it go. That means, if you are walking around the house, or you are lifting weights, or getting up randomly and doing stuff, making breakfast, etc, they will probably have a much more difficult time hitting you, and have to spray and pray a lot more, since they will release a particle, and at four Mississippi you lean to the side to grab a spatula, and the particle hits the floor at five. I think they didn’t really care about that anon, and were just harassing him so they hit him whenever the satellite flies over, whatever he is doing, and if they miss, oh well. But me, they want those head hits, and I may even have gotten myself a dedicated satellite re-tasking to bring it over me purposely when I am asleep. Either way, we get the satellites which are up there at that time, we could find a decent candidate and cass of satellite, and uncover something of use, to us, to the FBI, who are being hit in Miami, to the real Americans in the CIA, and to America.


I recorded The Beam for you. This is The Particle Beam, not The Vibration Beam. Maybe The Particle Beam can be tuned to become The Vibration Beam, I don’t really know. You will need good speakers or earphones, as I am just cobbling this together with what I have on hand, in this case a cell phone voice recording app, under suboptimal conditions.

So background. I am laying on my side. I have two dental X-ray blankets covering me, from foot to head, wrapping over my head, and coming under it. I have taken the phone, turned on the voice recording, killed the screen, and placed it over my ear, microphone up, under the dental blanket, facing up against the blanket. Each individual “put” you hear, feels like somebody dropped a bb on the dental blanket, though at the same time, it feels like there is no particle that you would find. The impacts clearly feel as if they are coming straight down only, and I never felt like it came from an angle, so there may be some technical reason for that, like needing to minimize the distance of atmosphere it passes through. Or the linear accelerator on the satellite is pointed straight down and cannot be adjusted side to side easily without altering orbit somehow, or expending energy they did not want to expend. But the sensation is just a very distinct impact, or rather spatter of impacts, which is much louder than you will hear with the microphone, which is not catching it like when you are right there, for some reason. Although the two particles which you will hear hit the microphone directly are louder than I heard. The grouping of the spatter is about five inches, but the impacts moves all over my head, which is why you will hear the “puts” get louder and softer as they move nearer and closer the microphone. It may be shooting tighter groups, and they were moving it around, or they shot it precisely, and wind or something else caused it to wander.

Prior to the start of the “puts,” I can feel like an electrical energy tingling passing up and down my body, kind of like the vibrations but very weak, maybe imaging me under the blanket. Don’t ask me where that is coming from, I have no idea. It is mildly uncomfortable, but not as bad as the full vibrations. When I feel that, I know they are preparing, and it is about to begin. There is also a little bit of the high pitched sensation/noise, which is not on the recording for some reason, so maybe that is created in your head, and not audible around you. As you wait in a minute or so, the first of the “puts” will begin to fall, and this is what it sounds like, only much louder in person, since your ear is against the blanket, they are aiming for your ear, and there is none of that background noise.

I am not sure what that background whosh noise is, maybe for the microphone it is like putting your ear to a seashell when it is pressed against the blanket. Or it may be an electromagnetic effect from whatever the electrical sensation or piercing noise/sensation is, since that persists, I assume for imaging purposes throughout the spattering. It is odd it comes and goes in the recording. I did not hear any changing whosh like that, though the electrical buzz moves around. And there was no wind under the blanket, especially between the face of the smart phone and the blanket, and I was not moving anything.

You will hear two particles directly hit the microphone, and create a “Click” noise louder than the “puts,” at 27 seconds, and at 3:23. I am not sure if those were particles which only hit the blanket right over the microphone, if they made it through the lead blanket, or if that was just a moving charge stopping in the blanket which reached through it with a field effect and the field hit the microphone. But those are particle hits, which for whatever reason were louder on the recording. I did not hear them louder when they happened. To me, I never heard any “puts” louder than all the others. Be warned, it is a bad recording and you will need good speakers, or good earphones. You will not hear it on laptop speakers. Plug your laptop into a TV and go full volume, or use headphones. If you do,  you can hear the pitter patter, which under the blanket you can feel impacting with each hit, like BBs being dropped on you.

You will not hear this if it hits you directly, without the lead blanket. You will just start to feel a numb, deadened, slightly achy sensation which goes deep, and which comes up especially in the backs of the eye sockets. You are hearing it because it is hitting the lead in the blanket and being stopped cold and its kinetic energy is being turned to sound. This is sort of like a poor man’s Geiger counter, probably for something like Mercury ions. Normally it would rip right through you, probably ionizing the tissue in its path of travel like a proton beam killing tumor cells. Unbelievably, whatever these are went through an asphalt roof and ceiling, as well as a second-floor floor and a first floor ceiling, and still hit with full force, in numbers.

This is what Bill Binney is under. I make light of these things, because it is ridiculous, and that is my nature. We are all going to die from something, and this just means I am more over the target of what is destroying America than most other sites out there. But this is a bad position we are all in. Understand, that either there is going to be a violent civil war, and a lot of people associated with this (and a lot of people on our side) will be killed, so this will be taken violently from them, or they will mass produce it, and it will be done on everyone who does not follow Ben Shapiro’s and Morning Joe’s lead, rehash whatever they say to everyone else they know excitedly, whether they believe it or not, and promote their channels. It will be mass produced, put in the hands of minor despots and bullies all throughout the country for use at the neighborhood level, and it will be visited on your children when they grow up – if they criticize anything the government does, if their fake vote in a fake election is noted by their local surveillance commander to not be the right one, if their social credit score begins to decline, if they just do too well at school while seeming too moral, and if they are not willing to torture an innocent fellow citizen with this tech, for the local Commissar when asked to. And the local brownshirts will begin running real life prisoner tests on everyone to make sure you are willing to torture innocents for them, and you are not too independent or empathetic or moral. This is the world the surveillance wants. Don’t ask me why. And it may not take until your children grow up to get there, either.

These people are not going to give this up. There will be no Congressional expose, which leads to FBI confiscating it from them, and US Marshals taking them into custody. Already, I think Miami FBI said or did the wrong thing, and you have genuine FBI agents, an entire fucking field office, going home, and they, and probably their spouses, and maybe their children, are getting this in their homes, before they return to work hung over and unable to think, all discussing their own beaming’s around the water cooler. I will be surprised if the Marshals are not next. And they can’t do anything about it.

Don’t expect Congress to have more ability and will to fight this than Miami FBI, who are having it done to them. Most of Congress probably likes this because it keeps everyone, from you to the FBI, in their place so Congress can film themselves having anal sex with each other in the Cloakroom and post it to Twitter. And don’t think you will ever see this in the media. We have left the ordered systems far behind. Those are the two options in the future – Civil War, or you will feel the electricity, and then wait for the soft pitter patter of The Beam™ to fall upon you and swiss cheese your brain, because you displeased your local neighborhood or federal masters in some way.

Looking at the size of this site and my level of importance, I am guessing we are pretty close to that, if they are spending this on me. We are not that much bigger than the average citizen. This thing may be closer than you think.

Oh, and our Russian friends? You might want to figure out what you will do if this thing begins degrading your high IQs to weaken your nation. Because my guess is, these satellites are flying over Moscow right now, and it will be coming for your people too, starting with the best. It is really a no-cost attack. President Putin will just begin to lose his brain function, or physically degrade in ways he does not really understand, and that will keep happening to your leaders, until they get one in office they like, or even control. And the rest of SVR and FSB will not know where all the glioblastomas came from, they will just have appeared, as everyone begins to feel a shell of their old self and have trouble focusing on their job. I would begin to develop my anti-satellite tech, designed to take out satellites and make it look innocent, like they just broke down. I might even try to get one of these and expose it, to show why you have no choice but to clear the orbital airspace above you. Reveal who is behind the Havana syndrome, and you could be the heroes of the world.

We are all going to be in this together, in one big battle where the only lines will be between good vs evil, between us and Cabal.

So I put this tiny url on my Twitter, which, when I made it, pointed to my surveillance page, and when I try to load it now, it gives me some kind of error, which prevented people seeing my twitter profile, from getting linked into my surveillance page. So I suppose you cannot trust Tinyurl.

Don Jr makes it clear, Nikki Haley as VP is not going to happen.

Criminal prosecutors may soon get to see over 900 documents pertaining to the alleged theft of a diary belonging to President Joe Biden’s daughter after a judge rejected the conservative group Project Veritas’ First Amendment claim.

GOP Rep. Brandon Williams also swatted Christmas day, in addition to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jack Posobiec.

Mayor Eric Adams said Tuesday that he’s baffled he can’t get a meeting with the White House to talk about the Big Apple’s burgeoning migrant crisis.

In addition to the tens of thousands of migrants entering the U.S. without authorization each day now, a huge 8,000-15,000-strong migrant caravan called “Exodus from Poverty” is headed to the states from southern Mexico now. They can just come up here, and we will make them rich.

Muckraker has obtained multiple maps, handed out by non-government organizations across South and Central America, that detail the routes to take to the U.S. and where to cross the U.S. border.

Texas plans to send MORE flights to Chicago after city started to cite bus companies and enact ordinances to slow arrivals as tit-for-tat between states intensifies.

Biden’s DOJ instructs immigration judges to loosen restrictions on “child migrants” (migrants under 21 years of age) by ignoring the laws governing them.

17 individuals on FBI terror watch list caught attempting entry at southern border.

A lawsuit attempting to punish the FDA for denouncing ivermectin as a COVID cure could have dangerous consequences, according to leftists, who say we need to trust the authorities.

CIA accused of hiding records that analysts took ‘monetary incentives’ to bury COVID lab leak finding.

Childhood vaccine exemptions are at an all-time high. Doctors worry diseases like measles could return; Exemptions for school immunizations are the highest recorded in U.S. history.

Nevada spent millions for sex change surgery, trans-gender hormones, including minors, data shows.

Chilling’: Smart toys are increasingly recording and tracking your kids, warns watchdog.

Two girls, 14 and 16, stabbed at Grand Central on Christmas Day by man who said he hated whites.

Pope Francis wants everyone except the men protecting him to give up their weapons.

On Friday, China expert Gordon Chang joined Newsmax’s Carl Higbie FRONTLINE and said China is experimenting with what appears to be biological weapons targeting human brains.

New day, new low! China’s Shanghai Composite Index drops below 2,900, down 15% from April, highlighting a 28% performance gap. Confidence struggles amid economic sluggishness.

Argentina’s President Milei lays off over 5,000 government workers.

Khan’s London: 43 knife crime incidents recorded per day amid gang violence surge in British capital.

Christmas massacre: Nigerian gunmen kill at least 140 in ‘Christian-dominated’ regions.

Berlin police raid compound of far-left feminists accused of supporting Muslim terrorists.

US rejects Israel’s & Ukraine’s request for AH-64 Apache choppers to fight Hamas & Russia – reports.

A court in Ukraine has sentenced a member of a banned opposition party to five years behind bars for expressing pro-Russian views in private conversations.

EU readies €20bn plan B to fund Ukraine.

South Carolina divests millions from Disney over ‘structural rot.’

Supreme Court heard arguments on disputed tax provision predicted to ‘wreak havoc’ on taxes. Basically they want to tax unrealized gains, which could turn into your house appreciating, and you having to come up with the money to pay the IRS, so you have to sell and move to a smaller house to give them the money each year, until you are living in a tent.

Poll: Donald Trump leads Joe Biden among independents.

Spread r/K Theory, because your body is disposable, your honor and loyalty are not

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