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News Briefs – 12/28/2023 | Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”

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DFT – EVs Piling Up On Dealer Lots As Consumers Buy Gas Models

DFT – TSMC’s New 2nm Fab To Be Ready Ahead Of Schedule

DFT – Oil Holds Losses As Inventories Build And Technicals Indicate Further Weakness

DFT –Cosmetics Firm Aborts Russian Exit Due To Exit Tax

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Michigan supreme court rules that Trump will stay on state ballot.

Special Counsel Jack Smith wants to prevent President Trump from blaming provocateurs and undercover agents for the January 6 Capitol riot.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger refuses to testify under oath about Secretary of State’s Dominion voting machines.

FBI shocker: Agent told boss Biden laptop could be Russian disinformation, but team knew otherwise.

Bill Clinton’s closest aide Doug Band is among those whose links to Jeffrey Epstein are to be exposed in new tranche of documents to be released in the new year.

Study finds less than 4 percent of American journalists are Republicans. I think there are three things we can bet on. One, things are turning both K and Republican now, as part of the normal pendulum swing. And two, the conspiracy is on a trajectory of exposure. And three, the new waves of Republicans will probably be conspiracy members, as it stands. Given those three things, this feels like programming, which tells people when they elect more Republicans, they will not be conspiracy, so you can relax and stop worrying about that stupid conspiracy we defeated.

Arizona border rancher who saw MS-13 on his ranch has dire warning: ‘We have cartel scouts on our mountains.’

Denver mayor: My sanctuary city is ‘ground zero for America’s migrant crisis’ — migrants need to be spread out.

Chicago Mayor Johnson: Migrant influx ‘not sustainable’ without ‘significant federal support.’

Leprosy, Polio, Malaria, TB, and Measles accompany our massive unscreened illegal immigration.

High school freshman, 14, dies after having stroke during swim practice.

CDC: 143,233% surge in fatal cancers among vaxxed Americans.

Florida Surgeon General believes when real truth comes out on COVID vaccines, Pfizer will cease to exist.

Pregnant women who take Xanax and Valium are at least 40 percent MORE likely to miscarry, new research suggests.

“Alien portal” on the Moon captured by the Apollo 17 mission. Strange photographic anomaly. These things, in this environment, even a NASA photo can be faked to support the manipulation going on. Nothing says anything is real. But even if faked to push a narrative, that there would be such a narrative would be interesting. Something big, real or fake, is coming.

DeSantis is getting reamed over his beta posture in a chair which was so big and wide it made him look small and weak. Terrible candidate.

Rasmussen Poll: DeSantis falling off of the cliff.

BART police said they arrested a man who was armed with “a concealed pistol grip AR style rifle” on a train late Christmas eve, according to a social media post. Dude was spoiling for something too, starting trouble with people.

Gaston Glock, the reclusive engineer and tycoon who developed one of the world’s best-selling handguns, died on Wednesday aged 94. His first gun utilized his 17th patent, and was the Glock 17 which held 17 rounds.

Biden anti-consumer crusade targets 4 more types of appliances. Dishwashers, air conditioners, furnaces, and washing machines. Does their opposition to washing machines mean we all have to get one of those wooden rubbing boards now, and rub our clothes on it to clean them?

Rep. Lauren Boebert announced Wednesday night that she is ditching her reelection bid next year in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District to run instead in the state’s 4th Congressional District, which is on the other side of the state and is far more favorable to Republicans.

Capitol Police, who hand all investigative work products over to FBI for enforcement, and who are totally immune to FOIA requests, are opening offices all over the country to target Americans.

One in five young Americans has a POSITIVE view of Osama Bin Laden: Disturbing Daily Mail poll results also reveal three in 10 Gen-Zers think the views of the 9/11 mastermind were a ‘force for good.’ Second time they are running this psyop. The first time they sent a bunch of videos on Tik Tock viral, where younger people were talking about how they read bin Ladin’s speech, and he was so right about everything. I think they are afraid if the surveillance comes out, more people will think they must have been in on 9/11, and maybe they even did it and bin Ladin was fake. This implants the idea he must have done it because even American kids think he made perfect sense.

WEF member: reducing human population by 90% would help achieve ‘net zero.’

The official death toll of the Christmas mass-murder on Christians by Muslims in Nigeria has risen to 198.

How China is using AI to hunt American SPIES: Beijing’s shadowy Ministry of State Security deploys powerful software to create instant dossiers on US visitors to weed out enemy agents in ‘new Cold War’ with the CIA.

Netanyahu says Western countries must ‘absorb’ Palestinian refugees.

IDF soldier dies of treatment-resistant fungus from Gaza, 10 more infected.

U.S. Navy shoots down 12 Houthi drones and five missiles in one day.

Russia’s electronic warfare tactics are helping it turn the tide against Ukraine.

Russia heading to victory in Ukraine, says former UK senior officer.

The US and the EU have abandoned their objective of “total victory” of Ukraine over Russia in favor of a negotiated settlementthat might cede some territory to Moscow, Politico reported on Wednesday citing several anonymous insiders.

NYT pollster: Donald Trump seen as the return to normalcy candidate.

Black, Hispanic, and young voters are abandoning President Joe Biden for Donald Trump according to the polls.

Spread r/K Theory, because the pendulum has swung, and will swing back

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