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Nikki Haley Dons a Sweater by a Pro-Palestine Designer on the Campaign Trail – HotAir

Nikki Haley is wearing a sweater designed by a pro-Palestine designer and her fashion choice is getting some buzz.

It may be silly and low on the priority list of the concerns of voters but fashion diplomacy is a thing in politics. The issue was very apparent during the Trump administration. Melania Trump brought a whole new level of interest in fashion in politics because she was always so exquisitely attired. A former model, she wore clothes so well and her wardrobe was impressive, despite the initial refusal of some top designers to dress the first lady.

For example, when President and Mrs. Macron visited the White House, Melania wore clothing with a nod to French designers. The same care in her wardrobe was taken when she traveled to Europe.

It isn’t just women who come under the microscope, though. Sometimes it also reaches the presidents. Remember when people mocked Barack Obama for wearing dad jeans? Or laughing at his appearance in a tan suit? Trump was criticized for his white-tie faux pas, which was a too-long vest under his tailcoat at a state dinner. But, mostly it’s women. Men have far less fashion freedom than women.

Which brings us to Nikki Haley. Nikki was seen on the campaign trail wearing a sweater with the text, “She Who Dares Wins.” No big deal, really, in and of itself. It’s a grrrl-power kind of message. Nikki is the only woman running in the GOP primary and she likes to claim her high heels can become a weapon. The problem with this sweater, though, is that the designer is a pro-Palestine activist who has posted some anti-Israel comments on social media. Oops.

Alice Temperley is the designer. The sweater sells for $235.

Temperley, a favorite of Kate Middleton and Hollywood stars, sparked outrage in October when she expressed support for a Gaza ceasefire in a now-edited Instagram message in October.

The British designer went so far as to suggest that Hamas terrorists were justified in wanting ‘revenge’ against Israel.

In the post, Temperley said ‘the West helped create Hamas through decades of torment and devastation in Gaza’.

In the post, Temperley continued: ‘If you blow kids and their family’s [sic] up and trap them in a massive prison with constant kidnapping and bombardment – then of course they are going to seek revenge and be very angry (as I would be in their position)

‘No freedom, no rights and now genocide threatening 2.2 million people who are being refused aid, food and water.

It’s standard pro-Hamas tropes. It is impossible to separate the general population of Palestine from Hamas. Hamas has controlled Palestine since 2007 and continues to handily win election after election to remain in power.

Did Nikki Haley know the designer and does she pay attention to designers when she purchases her wardrobe? Frankly, I don’t think she does. Nikki is not known as a stylish woman. She’s an everywoman kind of person when it comes to her clothes. She has lived in sweaters and pants on the campaign trail and who would blame her? It’s winter and she is in some really cold places. The point is that her clothes don’t garner much notice. If anything, progressive women mock her for “crazy aunt” sweaters.

Temperley is a celebrity designer, a favorite of Kate Middleton and Hollywood stars. I haven’t heard her name but I don’t keep up with designers. I know the big names that everyone knows but that’s about it. Regular women don’t have a closet full of big-name designers and I’m willing to bet that Nikki Haley doesn’t, either.

Haley is a staunch supporter of Israel and Bibi Netanyahu. She told Netanyahu to “finish” Hamas. There is no wiggle room in her stance in the Israel-Hamas war.

When the blowback from her post began, she waffled a little bit. And she edited her post.

The designer’s post was met with a wave of criticism, with one follower asking: ‘Are you seriously implying Hamas were somehow justified in brutally raping, murdering and kidnapping women and small children two weeks ago? Shame on you indeed.’

In response to one of her critics, she wrote: ‘If someone came and cut your child up, you would want to retaliate – is all I am saying… I can see how the 70 years has created this.’

Temperley later edited her original Instagram post to include a condemnation of any acts of violence.

She wrote that she was ‘heartbroken for the innocent lives lost on both sides of yet another tragic unimaginable war’.

The designer added that she ’empathized with both sides’ and ‘do not agree with any acts of violence’.

The sweater is made in China, which the designer’s company acknowledged.

A customer care executive at Temperley London noted when reached about the top that the sweater was ‘produced in a factory that’s a family business and our longstanding partner in China.’

The designer’s website encourages women to wear the sweater in recognition of International Women’s Day. That doesn’t happen until March 8, 2024. Haley wasn’t doing that.

All this just goes to show the level of scrutiny a candidate is under and how closely she or he has to pay attention to details. Even clothes.

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