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Nikki Haley Still Can’t Define the Word ‘Woman’ – HotAir

How hard is this?

There is a perfectly consistent argument to be made by libertarian-leaning conservatives that the state has no business keeping adults from mutilating their bodies however they want. After all, nobody seems interested in keeping the extreme body modification folks from turning themselves into fake lizards or even Devils.

But answering the question “can a man become a woman?” shouldn’t be difficult. It is a simple question that any 7th-grade biology student could answer, and every child instinctively understands.

Proving that the closer one gets to the cultural elite the less one understands the basic realities of the world, former South Carolina Governor/UN Ambassador Nikki Haley can’t seem to answer clearly.

It’s hard to imagine that Haley was caught off guard by the question, and just as hard to imagine that she didn’t plan on deflecting the question. She doesn’t want to answer because you and I wouldn’t like the answer.

In recent weeks, Haley has made a habit of lying about or obfuscating her prior positions. She has denied–multiple times and with great passion–that she was inspired by Hillary Clinton. This is absurd on its face because she has told the story about how HRC was her inspiration to get into politics.

Yet deny it she does. If I were her I would make a joke of it: Of course Hillary inspired me to get into politics! Didn’t she inspire you to crawl over broken glass to vote for Donald Trump in 2016? I needed to get into the arena to fight against Leftists like her!


Haley has always had trouble with questions related to alphabet ideology. When she was governor, she opposed a bill that protected young students from having to share bathrooms with members of the opposite sex and used a similar word salad to explain her opposition.

Unlike many, I don’t despise Nikki Haley or desperately hope she can take out Trump. To me, she is a better-than-average and smarter-than-average typical Swamp Creature who will continue business as usual in Washington. Better than Biden or any leftist, but more a Bush-light than the kind of reformist Republican we need right now.

In other words, she would be a disappointment to have as president, although a pretty safe choice as a candidate. We need radical reform of the government, and she is very unlikely to deliver it.

On cultural issues, she is clearly in step with the Establishment, and that is disastrous. She and Mike DeWine could spend a nice evening discussing how Republicans have too many “Bubbas” in the party, and we really need to stick to taxes and spending and let the cultural fight go. The business of America is business. Yada yada.

Yeah, well, no. The cultural communists are taking over our country, and you can’t separate culture from economics or even foreign policy. Look at what DEI has done to our country and our kids. The schools are turning them all into transgender communists who hate America, and that is what the cultural Marxists are aiming for.

America’s problems are primarily cultural, not economic, because economics and politics are downstream from culture. Fix the culture and the economics and politics will be fixable too; don’t fix the culture, and you can kiss political, economic, and intellectual freedom goodbye.

If you don’t believe that, open a bakery in Colorado and start baking cakes for gender reveal parties. Try adopting a foster child in Washington or Oregon.

You can’t even get on a plane without worrying about whether DEI turned the plane into a death trap.

It is disappointing that Nikki Haley can’t answer a simple question about biology. Not just because the question is easy to answer but because her failure to speak plainly about the issue proves that her allegiance is to the Washington/New York/California elite and the donor class and not to Republican voters.

We know how to answer this question: men cannot become women. This isn’t even a values question, but basic science.

But as with everything else these days, “science” says what the elite wants it to. Nothing more, nothing less.

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