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Nobody Will Tell Us When the War is Over – HotAir

The International Court of Justice at The Hague (The ICJ, not to be confused with the International Criminal Court) is currently weighing charges of genocide against Israel and demanding a cease-fire in Gaza. This will be viewed in a positive light by the thousands of pro-Hamas protesters who are currently trashing Washington and other cities. They probably shouldn’t get their hopes up too high, however. The ICJ can say whatever they like, but Bibi Netanyahu came out yesterday and told them not to waste their time. He said that his country will continue working to eliminate Hamas until victory is achieved and they “will not be stopped by anyone” including the World Court. This is what Netanyahu has said consistently from the beginning, so nobody should be terribly surprised. But the globalists do love their pomp and pageantry, so the show will likely go on. (Associated Press)

Israel will pursue its war against Hamas until victory and will not be stopped by anyone, including the world court, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a defiant speech Saturday, as the fighting in Gaza approached the 100-day mark.

Netanyahu spoke after the International Court of Justice at The Hague held two days of hearings on South Africa’s allegations that Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians, a charge Israel has rejected as libelous and hypocritical. South Africa asked the court to order Israel to halt its blistering air and ground offensive in an interim step.

“No one will stop us, not The Hague, not the axis of evil and not anyone else,” Netanyahu said in televised remarks Saturday evening, referring to Iran and its allied militias.

So what will happen if the ICJ rules that Israel is engaging in genocide? Probably not much at all. The AP generously refers to the court’s rulings as being “binding but difficult to enforce.” That’s putting it mildly. Neither Israel nor its biggest ally, the United States, are under any obligation to heed the court’s ruling. In 1998, when the court was formally created under the Rome Accord, the United States did not sign on and does not recognize the court’s authority. The same goes for Israel, Iraq, Libya, Qatar, and Yemen. (Also China.) In other words, nearly everyone directly involved in the current conflict does not fall under the court’s authority.

Further, Israel is not engaging in “genocide” against the “Palestinians,” no matter what you may have heard on certain college campuses. They are fighting a war that Hamas started so they can avoid becoming the victims of an actual genocide against the Jews. It’s true that a significant number of Gaza residents have been killed and many others injured or displaced. But as we constantly remind people, bad things happen in war.

Netanyahu has also consistently made it clear that none of this was his first choice. Another option has been on the table from the beginning. The war in Gaza could be over tomorrow if all of Hamas’ fighters and leaders came out and surrendered to the IDF, turning over all of the surviving hostages and the bodies of the rest in the process. If they were to do that, the fighting would end and everyone could move on to the next phase in this process, whatever that winds up looking like. But Hamas refuses to surrender. They pulled the tail of the dragon and won’t let go. What we’re seeing in Gaza today is the result of the choices Hamas made.

Yesterday, tens of thousands of protesters marched in Washington, London, Paris, Rome, Milan, and Dublin, demanding an end to the war. Don’t expect Netanyahu to heed them either. Joe Biden has certainly been wavering and attempting to pressure Israel in the background, but the White House is somehow still holding (mostly) firm. We also have Bernie Sanders joining his socialist friends and demanding a report on Israel’s human rights record. He wants to condition any future aid to Israel on the production of such a report. But you’ll notice that none of these concerned public figures ever seem to call for a report on the human rights record of Hamas. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

The war may drag on for months. Israel will do what it has to do to put an end to this threat once and for all. People need to get used to that reality and stop supporting terrorist organizations.

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