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NYC Mayor Adams Sues Bus Companies Transporting Illegal Aliens from Texas – HotAir

Bless his heart. New York City Major Eric Adams announced on Thursday that he is filing a lawsuit against more than a dozen bus and transportation companies that are involved in busing illegal immigrants to his city. He seeks hundreds of millions of dollars as reimbursement for caring for the illegals in his sanctuary city.

This move is the latest in his battle with Texas Governor Greg Abbott who promises to keep sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities until Joe Biden secures the southern border. Adams asked for the illegals. He campaigned on running a sanctuary city. His voters voted for it. He is unwilling to change, why should Governor Abbott?

Adams was eager to show how down he is with being a sanctuary city mayor until he actually was the mayor of a sanctuary city. Adams, to make things even worse, is a former cop. What in the world is he thinking? Illegal immigration is not law and order. It destroys communities. He bragged that NYC was ready and able to support illegals. So, Governor Abbott sent them there. NYC is a popular request from illegal immigrants given the opportunity to have free (to them) transportation to a selection of sanctuary cities. That list numbers six sanctuary cities right now. I think the governor’s list should be expanded. The list should include Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Let the Biden family welcome some buses to their community.

“New York City has and will always do our part to manage this humanitarian crisis, but we cannot bear the costs of reckless political ploys from the state of Texas alone,” Adams said in a statement . “Today, we are taking legal action against 17 companies that have taken part in Texas Governor Abbott’s scheme to transport tens of thousands of migrants to New York City in an attempt to overwhelm our social services system.”

The lawsuit argues that the companies have violated New York state law by not paying for the cost of caring for migrants, and seeks $708 million in damages that it has already spent to care for them. It cites New York law that requires anyone who brings a “needy person” from out of state for the purposes of making them a public charge to either take them out of the state or support them.

“Governor Abbott’s continued use of migrants as political pawns is not only chaotic and inhumane but makes clear he puts politics over people. Today’s lawsuit should serve as a warning to all those who break the law in this way,” Adams said.

Sanctuary city mayors – all Democrats- and the Biden administration like to troll Governor Abbott by saying the migrant buses and planes are political stunts and he’s using the illegals as political pawns. It doesn’t matter what the illegal immigrants that are moved out of Texas are called. The point is that it is working. More Americans than ever are aware of the Biden border crisis now and that is important. This is an important election year. It’s time for a lot of change and that starts at the top. We need a new president.

Why is it that the Biden administration has been bussing and flying illegals around the country, usually arriving in the dead of night so no one sees, since Biden opened the border and there wasn’t a peep from Abbott’s critics? Not until Governor Abbott got more aggressive in trying to secure the Texas border with Mexico did anyone say a thing. Send a busload of illegal immigrants to arrive in front of the vice president’s residence in Washington, D.C. and suddenly everyone has an opinion. The question people in border states have is, where have you been?

Abbott began an initiative to secure the Texas border in March 2021. It’s called Operation Lone Star and Texas taxpayers have spent billions of dollars to fund it. Biden refuses to secure the border. Texas is on its own. Every step Abbott takes is fought by Biden’s DOJ. What is Abbott supposed to do?

Adams tried to impose a short window of business hours Monday through Friday on bus drivers. He has impounded buses and issued citations. The problem with all that is that illegal immigration isn’t a 9-5 kind of job. It’s 24/7. Does he think Texas gets a heads-up on large groups of illegal immigrants as they cross the border?

The buses have been working around the restrictions from Adams. The buses are going to New Jersey and dropping off the illegal immigrants at train stations. Then the illegals take the trains into New York.

Adams was asked about the change in strategy on Thursday, and said that the city will continue to enforce the executive order and that he had spoken to the governors of New Jersey and Connecticut.

“And we’re going to continue to reach out to our colleagues in the region to say that everyone should put in place a similar EO to send a loud message that these bus operators and bus companies should not be participating in Governor Abbott’s…fiasco of really trying to destabilize these cities,” he said.

Destabilizing the cities? What about the whole state of Texas? What about Arizona? Illegal immigrants come in all across those two states. Border communities are left to handle it.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul fully supports Adams.

What is Abbott’s reaction? “We will continue our transportation mission until Biden reverses course on his open border policies,” Abbott said.

Enough said.

Did I mention that Abbott was Texas attorney general before he was elected governor?

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