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On The Long Island Serial Killer, Cabal, And The Police Chief Who Didn’t Back Down

One of my ancillary interests is serial killers. Recently I have been researching an active serial killer case with several interesting, Cabal-related aspects which appear apparent to me. I have seen things which informed me of the way the world works – ways most people will never be aware of. As a result of these observations, this case appears much different to me than it will to most people. Much of this will be intelligent speculation, based on things I have observed, which most people are unaware of. Most people will see this case and take it at face value, but all throughout it I see common themes I have come to associate with the Cabal which runs our government from behind the scenes, which I will frequently reference simply as the Cabal, and its domestic surveillance operations.

The case is the Long Island Serial Killer case. We will begin with where it began, or at least where it first took a turn which would bring it to the attention of the broader public.

Shannon Gilbert was a Craigslist prostitute drifting through life anonymously. On May 1st, 2010, she hired a car service to take her to a client by the name of Joseph Brewer, on the south shore of Long Island, New York. Something happened as she was standing in the entryway of that John’s house. What she saw, if it is known, has not been revealed. But Shannon began to think things were going sideways in some way. For some reason, she believed her driver and the John were somehow operating in tandem and posed a threat to her.

She panicked, escaped the house, and called 911. It is reported that she told the operator that, “They are trying to kill me.” Her call would ultimately last 22 minutes, before being disconnected, most people would assume by the loss of her phone’s battery power. She also approached a nearby resident, and asked him to call 911, but in the time it took him to turn and grab his phone, she disappeared from his front doorway, and was gone. Although the order of events has not been specifically laid out, it is not unreasonable to think she approached a nearby house, and when she failed to secure shelter inside, she fled and called 911 while on the run.

The resident of the house went outside after calling 911. He saw her driver cruising slowly up the street, and approached his car as he drew near. The driver asked if he had seen a woman, to which he replied he had, and he had called 911. The driver made a comment to the effect he should not have done that, and then fled.

Some time after these events had passed, an officer responded, conducted interviews, drove through the area, and left.

Shannon’s family subsequently received a call from a doctor who lived in that neighborhood (who just happened to be the head of Suffolk County Emergency Medical Services when TWA Flight 800 burst into flames, killing all 230 passengers on board in 1996.), claiming he had taken Shannon into a home for wayward girls he ran.

He subsequently called her family again, and when questioned by authorities, denied having called. He was later forced to admit to the calls when phone company records showed he had indeed called. Indeed it is unclear how he even acquired the phone number of Shannnan’s family, as his first call to them occurred before she had even been declared missing, and he had no obvious way of having acquired her name, her family’s name, or that sensitive phone number. Even stranger, cell phone triangulation data showed Dr Hackett had made the call after driving to a very close proximity to her family’s home in New Jersey. So he actually drove to another state, near the family home of Shannan Gilbert (both a name and home address he should not have had access to), before calling a number for them which he should not have had.

From written accounts, it appears he has never explained how he discovered her name or acquired that phone number so soon after her disappearance, and before Police had even begun to question anyone or perform an investigation. Nor can he explain why he would give her family such an outlandish story, or drive so close to their home, in another state, before doing so.

Note, one of the most definitive tells that one is  target of intelligence/surveillance activity is individuals possessing information that they have no explanation for being in possession of. Personally, I would suspect that Dr Hackett, at the least, has access to the confidential database of Cabal’s domestic surveillance/intelligence operation. (Interesting side note – Shannan’s mother, who was the only witness who could confirm Dr Hackett’s calls and the content of them, was subsequently murdered by another daughter, who had suffered a breakdown after “hearing voices” in her head.)

Months later, a K9 officer conducting training in the Gilgo Beach area coincidentally found what he thought was Shannon’s body. It turned out to be an unrelated body of another female. Subsequent searches turned up additional unrelated bodies, and eventually Shannon’s body was found in a marshy area nearby, partially unclothed.

At least that is the official story. I will postulate an alternate hypothesis and point out several pieces of evidence, which may point to another, more ominous storyline.

We will begin with the 911 call and the Police response, which was what first sparked my interest in the case. Authorities will not reveal much about what she said, beyond a report that she claimed “They were trying to kill her.” The original copies of the tapes it turns out, have been taken by the State Police and destroyed, without any technical analysis being performed, or even a transcript being made.

Copies of the call kept by the local Police Department have been released to a lawyer representing her family, and although the court forbid him from discussing the contents, he has said many of the public assertions about what the tape includes have been false, and that he is allowed to refute the falsehoods. Using that legal framework, he has said, Police had said the call was 22 minutes long, however he says that is not true, though he implies that is approximate, and it may be 21 or 23 minutes. He says it is false that Shannon said she was near Jones Beach. He says it is false Gilbert was not about to be murdered, it was false she was calm on the call, he says it is false there are calm male voices in the background on the tape, it is false she was not desperate, and it is false she was not talking as if she was in danger.

So Shannon called 911, spoke for likely 21 or 23 minutes, the call ended, she approached one neighbor, hid while he called the Police, and then continued to hide while afterward he exited his house and interacted with the driver. She then fled to another house some distance away, interacted with another neighbor inside her house, producing another 911 call, and then fled again.

According to this site, Police response was about one hour, on a call from a wealthy, low-crime area, less than 10 miles from two different highly-populated suburban areas with robust Police forces, sporting some of the highest salaries in the world patrolling them. It was a 911 call, which involved a young girl telling a 911 operator that she was being actively pursued by multiple men who were trying to kill her.

Personally, if someone is on the opposite side of a car, with a knife, trying to stab me, I call 911 and tell them I am about to be killed, and we begin running around the car with my assailant trying to kill me, I am thinking that after about five minutes of running around the car, Police are going to show up. Ten minutes might be reasonable. Fifteen minutes later I would have begun getting impatient. By twenty minutes, I would consider letting myself get killed, just to end the exhaustion. And if it is a half hour later, I might as well be on my own.

And I am not even a young girl, which I would assume should expect an even faster response given her helplessness facing multiple men, and a Police officer’s natural inclination to protect the helpless.

Add to that you had an officer who responded to two 911 calls, and spoke to a resident who saw a girl fleeing, as well as an ominous male seeking her who told him he shouldn’t have called 911, and still the call was cleared, after just a short drive-through, without any resolution as to what happened to the caller. For Police, protecting a young girl would be paramount. Why would that scene have been abandoned so quickly that they never discovered the body, laying in the open a few hundred yards away?

There are several aspects of this which struck me as being consistent with surveillance activity. First was the slow Police response. When surveillance operates in an area of operations, it will place the area “under a flag” in surveillance parlance. That “flag” boots local PD out of the sector, and will often even require that uniformed units get permission before entering the area, even in emergency cases.

In a normal surveillance operation, this will be done to keep the targets from curtailing any operational activity surveillance want to document, due to fear of a Law Enforcement presence. But in modern Cabal harassment surveillance it has the additional benefit of allowing surveillance to operate freely against the target without fear of any law enforcement interference. One of the first things I noticed when my surveillance arrived, was that the local Police, which I had seen for years conducting regular patrols in my neighborhood, disappeared completely.

If surveillance were operating in this area, or had declared it a no-go zone for local Police, then when Shannon called 911 the 911 operator would have immediately seen that the area was under a flag. From there, the operator would have had to send word up the chain of command to request permission for a uniformed unit to enter the area. This site does mention the initial call was shunted from the local department, to the State Police department, rather than the local Police who would normally respond to such a call.

If the area was under surveillance, first word would have had to travel up the chain of command to a supervisor who was high enough in the hierarchy to know what was going on (the existence of flags is need to know among Police and local utilities, and usually involve being forced to sign a non-disclosure), and only that supervisor would know who to contact to request permission to enter the area.

That supervisor would then have had to make contact with the surveillance leadership, and then that word would have to travel enough through the surveillance infrastructure for local teams to redistribute exposed assets and get everyone out of the way for incoming Police. The local operatives would have to signal they were ready, and then word would have had to travel back to the local Police supervisor and back down the chain of command to allow the officer in. And even then his ability to operate would have been at the discretion of surveillance, and he would likely know there was something about that area that meant he could not linger any longer than absolutely necessary.

Another aspect I notice is that the area is quite isolated. Cabal intelligence operators sometimes will group their homes together in isolated areas where they can hide unusual aspects of their activities. Numerous cars filling the driveways of flop houses, frequent comings and goings at all hours, changing faces, vehicles, and license plates as some of the rotating elements pass through, sometimes bringing out of state plates with them, changing fake plates, or using constantly changing rental cars. These are all things which could attract attention in a normal neighborhood. Grouping together also allows a smaller, more focused counter-surveillance operation to track the environment around operatives, to see if anyone else is following operators home, entering their neighborhood, and perhaps trying to get on top of their operations.

Also, I notice they are by the water. There is a robust presence of surveillance wherever there is an ocean nearby. I have wondered if one justification for the massive surveillance state has been a need to secure shorelines after the war on terror. The houses in that area offer the ability to keep “pleasure crafts” (which could operate as surveillance crafts for water-borne operations), at the same time they allow the installation of tech to monitor parts of the shore with observation posts right there on the properties, to house the monitors, as well as boats to perform water-borne follows.

In short, the location has some indices of surveillance which first attracted my attention as I began to read about the case, and as I looked closer, more aspects began to draw my attention.

Another thing which caught my eye was, she was a Craig’s List prostitute, who visited a client at that location, and then went missing, at a location where numerous other such girls would subsequently be found after going missing themselves. It feels as if it would likely be related.

Cabal’s domestic intelligence operations are focused around gathering blackmail (as I have highlighted, when the governor of New York was approached in a blackmail attempt, he specifically identified the agents who approached him as either members of the New York State Police Surveillance Division, or as individuals using that agency as a cover.) Given this, it is highly likely Craig’s List prostitutes would be a focus of such an operation. Cabal’s blackmail operation might take measures to try and gain penetration around such activities, or they might even take measures to assure that only women they ran as assets, were predominant among the girls offering their services on that platform. In short, I could see domestic intelligence taking measures to remove regular prostitutes from the platform who were not their agents. Whether they would kill them or not to remove them, I do not know, but anything is possible.

Then we have the driver, who Shannon reportedly implied was in cahoots with her client in some way, at the least offering her no security, and possibly even also trying to kill her. It would seem unlikely a random driver and a random serial killer would be linked in any way.

What I notice there however, is her driver is a driver, and surveillance will often recruit professional drivers, be it taxi drivers, towncars, bus drivers, limo drivers, delivery drivers, and so on. If you want someone to operate as your eyes and ears on the street, it helps if that person works all day long on the street, driving around, and even transporting targets who might be unusually prone to need such transportation due to arrivals in new cities as they travel. In addition, suppose you are following a target who calls a cab, and you can get one of your cabs to quickly pull up and pick him up before his cab arrives, and he never knows the difference.

Now you don’t have to follow him with a train of cars, each one handing him off to another in a complicated ballet designed to keep him from seeing the same car behind him following him. He is actually riding in the car which is following him, and he cannot lose the tail. He even tells your driver the destination where he is heading at the outset, so your team can speed there, and get there ahead of him and be there, all set up, when he arrives, so he doesn’t see them hustling to catch up to him right after he arrives. And all along the drive, your operator is quizzing him and getting as much intel as he can get, under the guise of a mere chatty taxi driver. Think the chatty taxi driver is just a meme? The chatty texi driver is an intelligence agent, performing an interrogation. The meme is a cover story.

So now you have a guy who lives in an area that may be high in surveillance activity, and a driver who is in an occupation commonly filled with surveillance personnel, and Police activity consistent with a surveillance operation blanketing an area. You have multiple people who have no obvious relationship to each other linked by this event, and at least one individual with multiple pieces of information he should not have had access to. This was beginning to peak my interest, even before the word “surveillance” popped up obliquely in the news coverage to follow.

As victims were identified, it was revealed one victim’s family had received phone calls from the killer after her disappearance, using the victim’s cell phone. The phone had made numerous calls, however it was reported that the identity of the caller was never ascertained. News reports said this led Police to suspect someone in law enforcement, and Law Enforcement surveillance specifically, because when calling, the individual had used specific countermeasures to cloak the location they were calling from, which would only have been known to an individual who was familiar with how high-level Law Enforcement surveillance tracked cell phone calls, and specific countermeasures which would thwart those methods.

I do not see Law Enforcement surveillance (which is vetted even more highly than regular law enforcement due to the material you learn being, in essence, Law Enforcement’s most important and sensitive crown jewels), being involved in the murder of an innocent girl.

Cabal intelligence however, is entirely plausible, and due to Cabal’s control of the government, it is essentially indistinguishable these days. They have the same toys, enjoy the same protections, and even appear to pretend to be law enforcement, as in the case of the blackmailing of Governor David Patterson.

Of course the fact many of these victims were Craig’s List prostitutes also would point to Cabal in two ways. One, computer records never disappear. If the killer met the girls on Craig’s List, those interactions are almost certainly recorded and housed in the master surveillance database, and yet no advance in the case has been forthcoming until years later, and computer records supposedly played no role in identifying the alleged suspect.

Either the killer is brilliant in covering his tracks with computers, just as he was brilliant in covering his tracks with the phone calls, or again, Police have been ordered to drop a line of inquiry, and they complied. Both are consistent with the involvement of the Cabal’s domestic intelligence machine.

Second, as I have pointed out, Craig’s List prostitution would be an area of extreme interest to the Cabal. For that reason, I could see Cabal wanting to create the meme that dealing on Craig’s List is dangerous and seedy, so only its agents would be operative in it. A Craig’s List prostitute serial killer is an excellent meme for this, as it simultaneously gives Craig’s List an air of the seedy, due to the involvement of prostitution, and it makes it appear dangerous, as if those girls who deal on it are actively being stalked by hidden killers who can’t be caught. I am sure some girls who thought about putting up profiles would be dissuaded by that. Meanwhile, the prostitutes being run by the intel operation which sought to blackmail Governor Patterson would know they were under protection, and it was perfectly safe for them.

Whether Cabal would go so far as to actively kill several girls advertising on the platform I can not say, but given that whoever this killer is, they have intimate knowledge of cell phone tracking technology and computer tracking capabilities and how to thwart both, it would not surprise me, nor would it be inconsistent with, my observations to date of this surveillance/intelligence/blackmail machine.

As you delve deeper, you see other indices of Cabal. The 23 minute 911 call of Shannan Gilbert, the prostitute who set off the entire investigation, has never been released by Police. In it, she is known to have said, “They’re trying to kill me.” It is not impossible at some point in that 22 minutes she gave a better description of exactly who she was talking about, or her circumstances. The tape however has never been released, and when Ms Gilbert’s estate sued for it, the judge agreed and ordered first a transcript be made available and then that the tape be released. The judge was informed there was no transcript, and it appears the date he mandated the tape be publicly released by, has come and gone with no tape released.

When a copy of the tape was finally made available to the lawyer, he was only allowed to listen to it, and he was not allowed to reveal anything about the tape publicly. Similarly, he requested any technical analysis of the tape, including any copies produced with enhanced audio, and was told the tapes had never been submitted to any audio specialists for any sort of further analysis. The biggest serial killer case in the country, this is a key piece of evidence, and the originals are gone, there is no technical analysis of the tape or attempt to enhance it, and nobody ever even made a transcript.

Moreover, the media says nothing. This type of media silence is not what one would expect if a regular citizen has been murdered by a serial killer who is still at large. This type of media silence is what you see in cases, such as the blackmailing of a New York Governor, where Cabal’s surveillance is operative, and the media runs cover for the intel operation.

Then we come to the mysterious case of Natasha Jugo, who some suspect of being one of the victims of the Long Island Serial Killer. Natasha was a young girl who walked out of her apartment one day and disappeared. Her clothes and ID were found on the beach right where the other bodies of the killer were found, and a few days later her body was found at that exact spot where bodies were being dumped. Authorities say they assume her body had washed up there, carried by ocean currents. Her car was later found parked in a parking lot about a mile away.

Some say she must have committed suicide, because her family told people she had some sort of mental problems – namely in recent months she had become convinced that a large number of people in society were following her around everywhere she went, as part of a massive surveillance operation. If she was under surveillance, even if it was innocent and unrelated to her being selected as a victim and killed, nothing happened to her that was not documented in detail. Yet again, law enforcement has been shut off from that surveillance-gathered intelligence and the case was impeded. That is Cabal Intelligence/Surveillance.

One other thing here reeks of Cabal when I looked at the case. One of the first things I do when I think Cabal is operative in an area is look at the Police Chief, because Cabal will first look to either corrupt him or replace him, to gain control over his department. When Cabal is operating, the biggest threat is local Law Enforcement. As we have seen with the Trump campaign surveillance, the federal agencies will always be compromised at the top, allowing orders to be sent down to constrain any rogue agents at the ground level.

But local Law Enforcement is like an army, headed by a local official who can create enough headaches to make operating difficult for any outside-the-law operations. In the LISK case, the Police Chief appears to have been an interesting example of this.

James Burke was the Police Chief at the outset of the investigation. If you have viewed the Wikipedia page on the Long Island Serial Killer case, you will be familiar with the name, as James Burke was the first suspect listed in the case before the current suspect was arrested. Yes, you read that right – the Police Chief was listed in Wikipedia as the prime Long Island Serial Killer suspect, despite that allegation being made nowhere else.

As most should assume by now, Wikipedia is merely the source you go to when you want to see what the Cabal running our government wants people to believe. So what did Commissioner Burke do to gain such ire of Cabal, as to be labeled the number one suspect in a serial killer case he tried to investigate?

My impression, based on my examining other cases across the nation, and seeing Cabal operate up close, is that Burke, who was a long time uniformed patrol officer before working his way up to Chief, was probably a more or less honest cop who was displeased to begin with, having a girl report being attacked in a sector his officers had been banned from operating in, and to have her lost on his watch due to it. I disregard stories of him having a “relationship” with a prostitute on his beat as something all officers who cultivate informants can be accused of, if Cabal wants to sully their name and cannot cite an actual crime they committed. You will see he is accused later in drug charges, which appear entirely fake, so the machine is clearly falsely accusing him of crimes in an effort to rein him in.

My impression on reading the articles on the LISK case is local Cabal had also constrained further investigation within that sector when Shannon Gilbert disappeared, which is why rather than officially running cadaver dogs through the area on an official investigation, complete with grid searches, the first set of remains was discovered by a K9 officer conducting innocent “training” exercises of his dog, when he “accidentally” discovered the body.

From there, we see that Burke’s relationship with the FBI rapidly deteriorated. Burke ordered his detectives to cut all FBI agents out of the LISK investigation, and when he found out a detective had been contacting the FBI, he removed him from the case, presumably demoting him for disobeying orders. Searches on Burke also revealed this gulf widened when he pulled his officers from a gang taskforce which involved federal agents.

Note that Long Island had a long period under Obama where MS 13 was essentially rolling fully above the law, planting bodies in dumping grounds all over the Island, some even innocent teenaged girls – something which was only brought to heel once Donald Trump came to office (Note the politically active mother of one of those girls, who lobbied over the murder of her daughter and appeared with Presdient Trump, was herself killed by some “random” person who drive over her after destroying a memorial to her daughter).

So Burke may have been seeing his ability to enforce the law be eroded in other places as well, especially in combatting MS-13. I can see no reason for a Police officer, seeking to close a case, to shut out the resources of a federal agency like the FBI, unless he thought that the federal government was somehow trying to thwart his case. Of course it is natural to assume Cabal is FBI when you first encounter it, as it is so far outside our paradigm to think there would be any other organization with such power, with any other agenda beyond law enforcement. I assumed it was federal law enforcement when I first saw it.

I assume the Cabal ground surveillance claims some sort of federal jurisdiction, just as a matter of trying to keep quiet the existence of Cabal itself and to make it easier for local law enforcement to abide by their wishes. If they simply rolled in and said they were the power in the area and local LE had to submit, I suspect local LE would fight back in many cases. If they claim FBI, or DEA, or maybe even CIA jurisdiction, local LE is probably more likely to follow their orders, even if they know they are engaging in, or promoting illegalities. There is probably even some established jurisdictional mechanism they can exploit to seize power lawfully.

I presume Burke also realized his officers were bared from the area due to an active surveillance op. That meant he would have assumed there would probably be detailed records of what happened to Gilbert, perhaps gathered by trained surveillance operators with advanced tech in houses and mounted on the poles in the neighborhood where she disappeared, and those records were not being shared. To this day, a subpoena to local utilities to see what agencies put the area under a flag with them could blow the case open.

And then there were all the bodies, some of which could have been dropped at a time when surveillance was tracking everything in the area, which means the killer would have immediately been picked up by an extraordinarily well funded and well manned surveillance operation. And yet, surveillance would not help. I am sure when you added a girl who disappeared there and turned up dead, who had complained of surveillance targeting her, and the use of a technique to prevent cell phone triangulation, Burke had to wonder if they were involved in the actual killings. Indeed, he may have even spotted his own surveillance.

Burke subsequently was the victim of a car break-in, by a perpetrator who, according to reports, did not break into any other cars in the area. It would seem unusual that an individual would break into a Police Chief’s car specifically, of all the cars on the block. Nevertheless, that is what happened.

On arriving at the precinct after the suspect’s apprehension, Burke confronted the perp, who promptly insulted him over pornography which was reportedly in the briefcase he stole from Burke’s car. Then the perp purposely escalated his taunts and insults, until Burke slapped him in the back of the head, and told him that as the Police Chief he could have the perp killed if he wanted.

That is inappropriate. However if, as I suspect, this is a Cabal operation, such a move would be preceded by priming the target (Burke) emotionally, and in that context, it might be more understandable. His mailbox could have been vandalized repeatedly in the months prior, he could have been subjected to threatening and harassing actions by his surveillance teams which he could not stop, his wife could have been subjected to it as well, and there could have been other stressors applied. Reportedly there are even thru-wall infrasound weapons which can alter a target’s amygdala/irritation levels without them knowing it, actually making them more prone to anger.

All together, if it was a Cabal operation to set him up, it would be within Cabal’s technical and operational capabilities to assure that when the perp accosted him, and tried to escalate it, Burke would feel an uncontrollable urge to vent his frustrations on the perp.

Strangely enough, this immediately became a federal investigation. Burke was arrested and denied any bail, despite being a veteran Police Officer with deep ties to the community. He was held incarcerated until and through his trial, through the holiday season. He was ultimately sentenced to four years in federal prison for slapping a burglar on the back of the head. While in prison, Burke was subjected to a spot check of his locked footlocker, which found a large stash of illegal drugs in it. However authorities appeared to just seize the drugs, and then released Burke. Of course, in prison, two entities have access to foot lockers, the inmate, and the prison officials who issued him his combination lock. And it would seem coincidental a search was conducted by jail leadership, right after Burke says the drugs were planted.

Another interesting aspect of the case is that even as the Police profile states the killer may be associated with law enforcement, it also notes that he would have access to burlap. There is one area of law enforcement which would use burlap, and that is surveillance, which uses it to construct Ghillie suits used in long term surveillance postings in wooded areas to camouflage the surveillance operators and their equipment. From this link,

While you may think that only the military snipers use ghillie suits, law enforcement agencies use ghillie suits on a daily basis during undercover work, surveillance and training.

Interesting as well is that one victim’s boyfriend received 30 threatening phone calls in eight months from the killer, who knew he had tattoos, and while inside the privacy of his home “was usually drunk.” That type of detailed information, of specific personal data like a phone number, as well as details regarding his appearance and daily habits while inside his home and not visible to the public, by an individual who he ostensibly had never met, would not be uncommon for someone who ran physical surveillance, and had access to Cabal’s detailed files on everyone. I am not sure some architect would have that kind of information. My own feeling would be it is most likely the phone caller was high-level surveillance, and pulled this guy’s file. The vast majority of us have files like that, compiled by the neighbors assigned to amass the files on residents in our neighborhood, from what I have seen of domestic surveillance.

Interestingly the killer also called the half-sister of another of his victims, and knew she was mixed race, as well as other private details of her life which he would not have ordinarily known. From here:

“He said that he knew where she lived, he called her a “half-breed,” in reference to the dark skin given to her by her father. He seemed to know details about her own life, details he wouldn’t have known unless he had been after Melissa for quite some time. “

I should pause here to highlight, there is an alternate theory that could fit some of the evidence. It is possible the killer was a regular serial killer, operating alone, but that Cabal intelligence was on top of him, and trying to get control of him, and turn him into an asset, or maybe even just playing with him for fun. I could envision a scenario where surveillance observed him killing, and when he went to dump the victim’s belongings in a dumpster, or otherwise dispose of them, Cabal ran in after him and grabbed up the belongings. Then, to amuse themselves, or send the killer a message, they made these phone calls to the victims, while pretending to be him.

Imagine the killer, thinking he had gotten away clean and disposed of all the evidence. He is sitting, watching the news, and suddenly it says the victim’s cell phones were making calls to the families of the victims, telling them details of the killings, and telling the victims families what they were doing inside the privacy of their own houses. What would the killer think, when a surveillance machine exposed themselves to him? He would realize all the evidence tying him to the crime had been picked up by this surveillance operation. He would also realize they could redeposit the evidence in his custody without his knowledge, and arrange for him to be arrested with it.

It might also jibe with the driver who was upset the neighbor had called the Police. Surveillance, watching the killer’s internet activity, would arrange for it to be their driver who delivered the girl, just to maintain full control and maximum penetration of the events of that night. It is even possible some spontaneous, uncoordinated interaction between the driver and the killer, which sparked confusion in the killer, was what triggered the victim.

It would also explain yet another neighbor, the doctor, calling Shannon Gilbert’s family out of the blue and trying to reassure them that their daughter was fine. Normally, such a neighbor would have no relation to the John or the driver. But if the killer were under surveillance, suddenly neighbors would have likely have common interests in what happened to the killer, and operational interests in his activities which they would normally never have.

Another interesting aspect is that Police reportedly have audio recordings made by a victim’s relative, which feature the killer taunting them on a call made from the victim’s phone, giving them his voice. From that they have reportedly deduced he did not grow up in that area, but rather was a transplant from another area, based on his accent. The currently arrested suspect reportedly was born in New York City and lived most of his life on Long Island. One victim stated he clearly enunciated his S’s and T’s, and spoke “very proper.” If they have a recording of his voice, and it is distinctive, why would they not release it to see if anyone recognized it? It is very difficult to control cops who want to solve a case, and make them suppress evidence and follow investigative paths less likely to solve cases – especially serial killer cases. And yet no cop has ever leaked those calls.

In the case of another victim, she disappeared while working the streets near the Port Authority Bus terminal – an area which would be rife with surveillance of all forms, looking for everything from criminals fleeing the city, to couriers running drugs and money using the buses as cover, to terrorists looking to inflict a mass casualty event. And yet, law enforcement cannot find a way to identify who picked her up. That is yet another Law Enforcement jurisdiction, as well. Suppressing this investigation in so many jurisdictions, and among so many agencies, would lean against the theory of this being merely the Police Chief of the local department on Long Island covering up the perpetrators of the case.

Slightly more disturbing would be this comment from Reddit here:

I live pretty close to Gilgo Beach and the most popular theory around here is that there are numerous individuals or a few of which are in (or have extensive knowledge of) law enforcement-and that they may have had “sex/kill” parties. Sick fucks getting together, doing sick things to people they feel won’t be missed. Very disturbing.

I’ve seen this theory a few times on various boards, so I assume the writer is being truthful about those living there believing that. Combined with the girl who reported being followed by surveillance at her home some 40 miles away before her disappearance, the idea of it being a large group of people, operating outside the law, who are intimately familiar with Law Enforcement procedures and surveillance capabilities, and who have the ability to suppress multiple investigations among many agencies, federal, state, and local, raises the uncomfortable question of just how involved Cabal might be, and just how organized this whole affair could have been. I have pointed out before, there is a domestic intelligence cell operative in Texas which uses their powers to break into the homes of women while they work during the day, drug their food, and return to gang rape them at night after the drugs take effect.

You have to understand, when you mix the omniscience of Cabal’s surveillance operations (which can see any attempt to penetrate or thwart their activities before it even begins), the jurisdictional authority which seemingly places them entirely above any local, state, or federal law enforcement agency, and the types of personalities willing to so completely subvert and corrupt Constitutional liberties of neighbors and community members, anything is possible.

Returning to Police Chief Burke, if you continue digging, you will uncover an interesting series of incidents, in which he and the local DA seemingly stumbled upon a political corruption ring which has eerie similarities to what we know today as Cabal. You need to read the article to understand the full scale of things. It is an interesting story of intrigue, spying and surveillance, on a central lawyer who acted as a political bagman, bringing together everyone from politicians at the state Capitol, to local functionaries, to drug dealers, to mortgage fraudsters, to armed robbers. One investigator involved said he was shocked when the investigation inexplicably shut down despite it amassing considerable evidence of corruption and criminal activity that was ongoing in government. It is worth a read as long as we are alleging a potential massive intelligence operation operative in the area which had corrupted/suppressed various agencies, and which was at odds with the local Police Chief.

My guess would be, Cabal stepped in, and made everything go away, and Burke and the DA had no choice in the matter. But it did not go away before Burke fell on their radar, and saw his file archived under the heading of troublesome little prick. And from other articles you will find if you google the local DA, you will see he fell on Cabal’s radar, and was dealt with as Burke was, as well, though he apparently escaped office without prison time. But just barely. You will recall, at the time he fled office, New York Governor David Patterson, who almost singlehandedly broke open the story of Cabal’s domestic surveillance operations, was the target or a criminal probe by none other than then NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who then went on to take Patterson’s office, once he abandoned it.

Burke has since been released from federal custody, with the issue of the Oxycodone pills supposedly discovered in his footlocker having just gone away, with apparently no culpability assigned to him.

The local legislature however has begun the process to sue him, to try and not only end his pension, but to claw back as much as $1.5 million in funds which were already paid, something which seems strangely gratuitous for merely slapping a junkie who robbed him in the back of the head when the junkie purposely provoked him. Obviously, somebody is trying to keep him on a leash.

More recently, authorities have arrested an architect for the killings, Rex Heuermann. His case is preparing to go to trial. It is possible he is somehow involved. However, notice at the exact same time, coincidentally, Police Chief Burke went for a walk in the park and was arrested by an officer who claimed Burke walked up to him, dropped his pants, exposed himself, and reportedly said, “I like to suck dick.”

The only individuals who know what really transpired there, and whether that account is correct, or whether Burke was merely on a walk when he was approached, handcuffed, arrested and that was alleged, are the officer and Burke. What is undisputed, however, is Burke is now fully discredited, and will not be able to be called as a witness to testify to any aspects of the Gilgo Beach case which were unusual as it progressed.

We also got a look at Police Chief Burke, who had been staying out of the spotlight, and who I have no doubt has spent the last few years targeted by domestic surveillance. Below is Chief Burke, before Gilgo Beach. and after:

Facing Cabal’s US domestic intel operation changes you.

You can see what just a casual look at one case will show.

My guess is Cabal’s intel operations will be thick in the areas around New York City. And given the mix of omnipotence, and willingness to subvert the normal mores of society, it will not surprise me if we find cliques here and there which have spun horribly out of control, and become criminal empires unto themselves.

The reality is that the meme of ten or twenty serial killers out in the US right now, operational, and nobody having any idea who they are strikes me as highly unlikely. Serial killing involves a raft of the types of unusual behaviors, performed while trying to hide, which Cabal domestic surveillance is designed to notice and pick up on. To my eye, it is just as unlikely there are any unknown serial killers, as it is Cabal’s sectorized, neighborhood-ized domestic surveillance op, which assigns agents in the cell responsible for a local sector/neighborhood to know everyone in that sector/neighborhood, missed the September 11th hijackers, and had no idea that attack was coming.

So the question would arise, why aren’t they all picked up, or at least forced to stop their activities. Oddly enough there have been accounts of serial killers who were recruited into organizations which have all the hallmarks of intelligence operations, where they were used to performed operations for some entity which would have maintained plausible deniability.

The deeper you go into it, the more you will hear of the nexus of Cabal being the meeting point of Cabal’s government agents and criminal enterprises. CIA was alleged to have operated with the mafia to kill JFK, the Cartels used a CIA interrogator to interrogate captured DEA agent Kiki Camarena before they killed him, MS-13 was allegedly used by a Cabal DEA agent in the murder of Seth Rich. It would be unsurprising to find out that serial killers also pass through that nexus.

As for the Gilgo Beach case, what is the truth? I have no idea. It is possible the current suspect killed some of the girls, and Cabal planted a few others there and now wants him to take the blame for all of them. Or it is possible Cabal was responsible for all of them. I do not know why they would be killing young girls, but it is possible somebody in this conspiracy had their reasons.

Nothing today is necessarily as it seems.

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