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Never, ever fall in love with a politician. They will disappoint you eventually.

But right now, I am suffering from a man crush on Pierre Poilievre, and while I know I will get over it, I want to enjoy it while I can.

As you all know, I admire Poilievre’s distinctly Canadian way of speaking common sense with a combination of humility and sharp intellect. His low-key destruction of that insufferable reporter while munching on an apple is a delight to watch.

I’ve seen that video a good number of times and I still chuckle. An ignorant but smug reporter tosses out a bunch of “some people say” BS and Poilievre just destroys him without breaking a sweat or dropping an insult.

What do you mean? Who? Can you give me an example? Simple questions that expose the reporter as a political hack with a byline.

Poilievre has tickled my fancy again by banning connections to the WEF within his party. Politicians? Nope. Staff? Nope.

If you want to mingle with the elite, then go over to their side. The WEF isn’t on the side of average Canadians, so associating with them is a big “Nope.”

I doubt it is a big vote-getter for the Conservatives–people who hate the WEF are already going to vote Conservative, and people who don’t hate the WEF haven’t a clue who they are or are Justin Trudeau fans. So I can’t imagine that many voters will be swayed by this.

But it’s a good move nonetheless. Hang out with the WEF “cool kids,” and you start to think like them or at least sympathize with their point of view.

It’s fun to be with the “in-crowd,” but Bond villains and their minions dominate the current in-crowd. So stay away from them.

Would that the Tories and Great Britain had their own Pierre Poilievre, although Suella Braverman is auditioning for the role. I don’t know enough about her to have developed a strong opinion. I can dream, can’t I?

You may wonder why I care so much about British, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand politics. Well, it’s because I see the Anglo-American world as the most important bastion of Liberal values. Continental Europe has never been as Liberal as the Anglo-American countries–their transition to democracies was done more under the influence of the French Revolution than the Scottish Enlightenment. It’s a tradition far inferior to Anglo-American liberalism.

I also have fond memories of the informal axis of the 1980s created by Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, and Brian Mulroney.

Better times.

No doubt my enthusiasm for Poilievre will wane over time, but I am enjoying my hero worship for the moment. Yes, I am violating my own dictum to avoid falling in love with a politicians, but it happens when you get a crush.

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