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Please Don’t Rape Anybody, Or Poop on the Train – HotAir

We have officially reached the stage in the decline of civiliastion that the Metro Transit Authority is instructing people not to rape people on the trains.

Or poop. Or pee.


That will definitely solve the crime problem on our transit system.

The rules are at least pretty clear, if you can read. Not that we can assume that riders can, given how bad our public education system is and how many languages they usually use in government documents. Many of those languages don’t even use our alphabet, but unfortunately, the rules are only provided in English.

Maybe we don’t expect our “guests” to follow the same rules. That would definitely be on-brand for Leftist Minneapolis.

For the few people who actually need to be told not to take a crap on public transit, the rules are helpfully provided online as well as on graffiti-proof metal signs installed at the train stations: Not that such people are visiting the Metro Transit website to see if raping people or doing crack on the train is allowed.

Just guessing about that one, but seems likely to me that they aren’t seeking out the rules of the road on a website. For the rest of us we don’t need to be told.

Transit vehicles and facilities are shared spaces, and come with shared responsibilities. Your role as a rider applies anytime you use the transit system, and ensures a clean, safe experience for all.


Pay as you get on the bus or be prepared to show proof of having paid the correct fare on a METRO line. If you don’t, you risk being issued a citation. You can pay with a Go-To Card, a Metro Transit app ticket. or cash. If paying the fare is a burden, you may qualify for $1 rides through the Transit Assistance Program.

Just like in stores and other businesses, customers without proper attire will be refused service.

Your bag belongs on your lap, not taking up the seat next to you.

You’re welcome to bring your morning coffee with you. Just make sure it’s in a container with a sealed lid – and take the container off with you when you leave.

Pets are welcome on buses and trains as long as they are kept in animal carriers. Service animals are exempt.


Violators can be removed from transit property. Actions may result in added penalties.

Interfering with the operator / movement of vehicle
Do not bother the operator or hold up vehicles. They’re trying to get you to your destination safely and on time. This includes holding doors open on trains.

Vandalizing / littering
Respect your bus stop, station, bus, or train by putting your garbage in appropriate containers. Vandals who are caught damaging transit property can be arrested.

Disorderly conduct

Smoking / vaping / illegal drug use
It’s illegal and simply not allowed – onboard or at stops and stations – including e-cigarettes. If you must smoke, leave the bus shelter or platform area.

Threatening / spitting on others
This applies to your behavior with transit personnel as well as with fellow riders.

Drinking alcohol

Pooping or peeing
Transit property is not a public restroom.

Sexual assault
Sexual contact without consent is forbidden.

Walking on tracks / trespassing
Stay within the Paid Fare Zone at METRO stations. Tracks are dangerous and not to be toyed with; only cross at designated crossings.


Violators can be removed from transit property.

Sexual or discriminatory harassment
Do not harass anyone while waiting for or riding transit.

Phone calls or music played on speaker
If you talk on a phone, be mindful of your language, keep your voice low, and your call brief. Listen to your music but don’t share it with others; please use headphones!

Soliciting / Gambling / Panhandling / Loitering
All of these activities are prohibited onboard buses and trains as well as at stops and stations.

Flammable or other hazardous items
Metro Transit prohibits flammable, explosive, radioactive, and hazardous items onboard. This includes gas-powered scooters, car or motorcycle batteries, and gasoline/fuel containers.

Large items that block the aisle
Keep the aisles of buses and trains clear of things including shopping carts for the safety of yourself and other customers. While strollers are allowed onboard, please keep them out of the aisle while riding.

Riding bikes / skating / skateboarding
Especially on METRO station platforms.

Vulgar language
Using profanity or derogatory statements is not tolerated on buses or trains or at any transit facility.

No eating on buses or trains. Wait until you reach your destination.

You may notice that most of these rules can be summed up as BE A CIVILIZED HUMAN BEING. Pretty sure most people who vandalize won’t be deterred by a sign, but what do I know? Civilized people act civilized. Uncivilized people don’t read or obey signs.

In my experience, that is. Perhaps I am wrong. I don’t ride Metro Transit. It is filled with pooping and peeing rapists who smoke crack.

Unfortunately, we are long past the point where civilization is a value to many people. That fact includes the unfortunate reality that any person who needs to be told not to crap in public isn’t going to be deterred by a sign telling them not to. They poop in public, for God’s sake. They aren’t reading or obeying signs.

The same goes for rapists. Or prostitutes who are soliciting and or spitting on their seatmates.

Yet signs are they have. They have tried other things.

Like hiring painters:

This is what comes from living in a liberal city. I can guarantee that if you are in the suburbs and get on one of the buses there–which are not run by Metro Transit–people are not pooping, peeing, raping, or spitting on their neighbors. No crack or fentanyl, either.

Because they are civilized human beings. Unlike the open drug users who ride our light rail system here in Minneapolis.


Unfortunately, the decline of civilizations in our cities is spreading like a mold into the further reaches of our urban areas. Crime used to be an urban core problem, but not so much anymore. Carjackings have spread to the ‘burbs, and people from the ‘burbs are avoiding the city. Our urban core is hollowing out, and the transit system in which the liberals poured billions has become a crime-ridden sewer substitute.

Don’t worry, though. Metro Transit is putting up signs.

That will fix it.

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