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POTATUS to Speechify at Valley Forge Observing Anniversary of…January 6? – HotAir

I’ll just tell you flat out – I’ll be damned if I know where he’s going with this.

As if his New Year’s slap at “MAGA-extremists” in an official White House holiday greeting wasn’t disgraceful and tawdry enough, now he’s going to fling more invective fuel on the fire at one of America’s most iconic and hallowed places of self-sacrifice and service?

Biden to outline Trump’s plans to ‘destroy our democracy’ in Jan. 6 speech at Valley Forge

President Joe Biden will enter full campaign mode when he returns from his St. Croix vacation, including hosting events on Saturday, Jan. 6, in which campaign officials say he will specifically outline former President Donald Trump’s plans to “dismantle and destroy our democracy.”

…Biden’s first foray back to the campaign trail will come Saturday, the third anniversary of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, in a speech delivered near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, “the same spot where nearly 250 years ago, our nation’s forefathers transformed a disorganized alliance of colonial militias to a cohesive coalition united in their fight for our democracy,” Quinton Fulks, Biden campaign principal manager, said Tuesday evening.

“There, the president will make the case directly that democracy and freedom, two powerful ideas that united the 13 colonies and that generations throughout our nation’s history have fought and died for,” Fulks continued. “A stone’s throw from where he’ll be Saturday remains central to the fight we’re in today.”

I feel nauseous.

That place means something to Americans. And the thought of that grifting, malevolent, degenerate vegetable lecturing us about decency, democracy, and apple pie even as his Justice Department Stasi and Cabinet secretaries stomp over every last freedom our grimy little fingers cling to infuriates me.

What can he possibly hope to accomplish with this abomination of an observation, this desecration of hallowed ground for a craven political end – for no other purpose than division?

Honestly. I’ve seen some folks speculating he wants to draw comparisons between himself and George Washington. In what fashion, I have no idea, and normally I’d say even the thought was riseable, but with Biden’s complete lack of self-awareness, his ego, the fiends writing his scripts – I can’t discount it. He may well have met Washington on a train somewhere and will recount that adventure as a teaching moment, and yes – we are that far down the rabbit hole with this pretender.

There was one Joe and George angle I hadn’t considered, and I do believe we might have a winner in that feeble brain of Biden’s.


Listen to this Biden campaign operative, who I am assuming was sent out into the hinterlands with approved talking points. So this must be it.

Was the riot on January 6 not subdued? Did people not go home that afternoon and evening? Did Washington D.C. burn because they could not clear the streets of Jan 6 Trump rioters?


Gen Washington gave his mantle of command up and went back home to the farm in Virginia.

Did I miss something? Did a peaceful transfer of power NOT not happen precisely as proscribed by the Constitution?

Is Joe Biden not the president? Did Donald Trump not vacate the White House voluntarily, on schedule? Did the Bidens not get a parade exactly on the day specified constitutionally?

Well, of course, Trump supporters were still angry and destru…

My bad.

All that burning, looting, destruction, and chaos happened during President TRUMP’S inauguration.

For Democrats on Biden’s inauguration day, it was all celebrate America, “Here Comes the Sun” and?


Oh, you bet we wish we hadn’t gotten this bombastic, dementia-addled charlatan. But we know we did – peacefully and exactly on schedule.

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

A very wise, politically sage friend of mine believes his move to “observe” the January 6 riot serves only one purpose, besides making everyone even angrier.

It’s stuff like this that’s going to lead the DeSantis voters back to Trump.

That’d be a cold, nakedly calculating gamble right there.

I can’t argue with the possibility, but I hope to God he’s wrong about the effect.

Hope to God.

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