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Pro-Palestinian Protesters Drawing a Line…in the Street…Outside Airports – HotAir

This is always the most fun time of year to travel the country or world by air. And by fun, I mean entering the 9th circle of Hell kind of fun. Take the 80% of the country that is below 40 degrees out of the picture. In fact, discount weather conditions entirely, which usually is the bane of travelers everywhere with flight delays, missed connectors, or outright cancellations and being stranded at the airport. That would be normal if that’s all we’re facing these days.

Actor Rose Montoya, and I use the word actor in the classical definition of a person pretending to be someone else, a biological male adopting a public persona as a transgender female, approached the Delta gate at an airport looking to be offended three days before Christmas so he could capture the moment on video and post it on TikTok and hopefully get the gate agent fired. What happened instead was the gate attendant becoming Delta’s employee of the year, although that’s a fairly low bar.

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Airports are busy enough these days without having to waste time on silly people. And this is a silly person. But that’s not even what’s making the process of air travel miserable this season.

Joe Biden’s underground railroad of illegal immigrant smuggling continues unabated. And the irony of the comparison to the clandestine network to rescue and transport slaves out of the South and into free states and Canada for a decade or so in the mid-19th Century is that Joe Biden’s incarnation of the human smuggling isn’t even using Biden’s preferred mode of travel – trains.

When Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis began rerouting illegal aliens coming through a porous Southern Border to blue cities and states, especially areas that proclaimed themselves to be sanctuaries for these folks, the blowback was immediate and predictable. Once the people hit the streets and began applying for public assistance in housing, food and education, these progressives who thought it was the easiest thing in the world to do to claim they were sanctuaries because the politics felt good learned very quickly that economic realities dictate that this has to stop immediately. They went NIMBY instantly.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams campaigned on New York City being a sanctuary city. Now that they actually are, he’s overwhelmed. Here’s the problem. It’s much more than Governors Abbott and DeSantis sending people his way. By the tens of thousands, Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security are sending them, by air, and the results are disastrous.

We all know and love our TSA experience since the 9/11 attacks, right? Nothing makes us feel safer than to get dressed and go to the airport, get undressed in front of a bunch of strangers, have an image taken of you that could easily populate and entertain a sub-genre of sickos on PornHub, and then have to get dressed all over again on the other side. And that’s if you don’t get the extra handsy pat-down by a TSA agent. The people Joe Biden are migrating? Well, they’re getting even better than TSA-Pre. They’re a step ahead of Clear. They’re bypassing security entirely because they don’t have ID and are boarding planes ahead of everyone else. Flights from Texas and Arizona to states up north are filled with a majority of people that no one knows who they are or what they may be carrying. So why are they bypassing security for the very people that probably need security screening the most? Because there are so many of them, they’re sleeping in the airports.

Mayor Adams has tried to get an audience with President Biden to come up with a solution to this. The White House will never agree to this in a million years. It would be forced to admit that there’s a problem, which Biden will never do, and he doesn’t want to be seen, or have it be reported, that he’s telling the nation’s highest-profile black mayor no. Bad optics all the way around, so he’s stiff-arming him. Adams’ response?


If someone has a drinking or drug problem, sexual addiction, whatever the malady or crisis at home or work, there is a universal step required to begin down the road to solving or mitigating that problem. Step one is always identify the problem. I believe Mayor Adams is passionate about the illegal immigrant crisis he is facing with his city being overrun. I also believe he knows what the problem is. He just can’t speak its name, because he’s a Democrat, and the President of the United States is a Democrat. So he’s reducing the impact of his plea by parsing about some unnamed entity in federal government not being very responsive. He may be becoming a realist on immigration, but he’s still a partisan Democrat first and foremost, which hamstrings him.

The extra unscreened passengers clogging up the skies are making travel more of a mess than previous seasons, but then, there’s the chef’s kiss to top this season’s travel headaches – Palestinian protesters demanding that you hate Israel just as much as they do. They’re now blocking traffic in and out of the country’s biggest airports – LAX, JFK in New York, and O’Hare in Chicago. And they’re not just protesting. They’re attacking police who are trying to clear the runway, as it were.


I’m sure the person torn about all of this the most is Biden’s climate czar, John Kerry. He was a pacifist before he was a climate zealot hellbent on destroying the U.S. economy. He sees the protesters, anti-war so long as it’s Israel we’re talking about, keeping people off of airplanes by blocking the road, and he starts counting up tons of CO2 not being emitted. But those planes are flying anyway. And they’re full. For every person missing a flight that’s just trying to get to or from home, the federal government is there to swoop up the remaining stand-by seats, with all of us paying for it, as the entire illegal immigrant world’s travel agent. So people are still flying, which makes John Kerry sad.

Here’s the takeaway from all of this. None of it – from the petty of the guerilla trans-activist to the pro-terrorist mob attacking Christmas trees and cops at airports, none of it had to happen. And none of it would have happened were it not for one feeble, corrupt, narcissistic human being – Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.

Three years ago, we had a pandemic that scared the dickens out of a lot of people and killed way too many. It wrecked a very good economy and dismantled an otherwise successful presidency. We didn’t have the border crisis we have now. We didn’t have war in the Middle East. We didn’t have anti-Semitism rampant on college campuses.

As we head into the election year of 2024, I implore you to put your personal feelings about individual presidential candidates aside and do what Eric Adams in New York City seems incapable of doing – identifying the problem. And we have a lot of them in this country that need attention very quickly. Who is going to be best in the short, medium, and long-term to identify and combat the issues head-on? Whether you like or dislike someone is totally irrelevant. We have to take the controls of power away from the progressives at all levels before there’s not much country left to save.

Until then, I have decided on what to use my Amazon gift card – a cowcatcher for my F-150. I’d hate to scratch the paint on it by having to encourage people standing in the street screaming anti-Semitic slurs at me through a megaphone to relocate to the curb…at speed.


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